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    It was a toss up between Ray's the steak or Ray's Hell burger. I was in the Arlington area, decided it's about time to check out one of the Ray's joints. Ended up going to Ray's the Steak for a post birthday celebration with my steak eating buddy. I was lucky to have retrieved the correct address for the right Ray's the Steak apparently the old one was at the different location and I was suppose to meet my friend at this one. That's one lucky streak I've had in a while. The restaurant had a stark and minimalistic decor, a nice spacious loungy area which was probably the 'wait' room for people who didnt have a table. So this one, takes RESERVATION, the old one didnt.
    The menu featured appetizers, salads  and an array of cuts of meat. You can add on anything you want on the steak including foie gras. We shared a caesar salad with anchovies - it was very delicious, the anchovies were not overly salty which was awesome it was a good balance. It would be even more awesome if they put a poached egg on top! For the steak, I ordered the 12 oz NY strip medium rare with addition of foie gras and the brandy mushroom cream. The steak came out more rare than I wanted but it's better than overcooking that's for sure. It was the most decadent experience and at about 1/3 way through my steak I was feeling full. Personally I think that the richness of the foie gras probably goes best with a fillet mignon. The NY strip was a bit on the fatty side so it was super rich. (BEST NY Strip is at BLT so far!). The sides of mashed potatos and creamed spinach were actually not bad, I felt misguided by some other reviews that reflected negatively on the sides - they were quite decent actually. After the entree, the server enticed us with the key lime pie and chocolate mousse as the celebrative part of the dinner, because we couldnt make up which one to pick, she gave us both on the house. That's was sweet. Overall, I think the quality of the steaks were average compared to the big name steak house in terms of less prime or aged, however, you get what you pay for. There were unique features about the way the steaks were served the decadent -  foie gras, the rich - sauces and the free - potato and creamed spinach. Fun place to eat steak.

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