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Sober Ride Vancouver Designated Driver Service offers designated drivers to drive you and your vehicle home. Our service is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and can drive you anywhere from Whistler to Maple Ridge.

Our drivers all have their class 5 licenses, have many years of safe driving experience, and can drive manual and automatic transmissions. Our drivers are trained to be professional and courteous, and strive to provide the best and safest ride home in your car to you.

Our service provides the designated driver you need. Hire us and we will drive you and your car home safely. We aim to arrive within 30 minutes, however please call earlier during busy times such as bar close (2am - 3am). We encourage you to make a reservation and pre-book your ride.

The cost is about $10 more than a taxi for short runs and comparable to a taxi for longer runs.


Fondé en 2012.

Since the tougher drinking and driving penalties took effect in September 2010, it has been more difficult to dine out and enjoy that glass of wine.

Sober Ride Designated Driver Service was established in April 2012 to get you and your car home safely.

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Jason W.
Jason W.
Gérant de commerce

Jason started designated driving for Coquitlam-based Sober Eyez and drove for them for about a year. However, as he lives in Vancouver it made sense to start his own company in Vancouver.

So in April 2012, he gathered drivers who also enjoy designated driving, and Sober Ride began.