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  • 217 rue la Fayette
    75010 Paris
    Canal St Martin/Gare de l'Est, 10ème
  • Informations de transport Obtenir un itinéraire
  • Numéro de téléphone 01 42 09 32 96
  • Site web du commerce cordonnier-paris.fr

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    Tres professionnel que ce soit en cordonnerie ou en serrurerie, serieux et professionnel quand il peut pas le faire il le dit sinon il vous le fait.

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    I was a little hesitant to bring my favorite ankle boots here for "heeling" (you get the pun, don't cha?) because I was always told that real shoe repair shops did not do keys and/or license plates, as is the case with Tan.

    But it was raining, and cold, and they were the only shoe repair in my new neighborhood and I thought I'd take a chance. The service was swift, the price right, (8.50E to replace the rubber on the heels that had worn down to the nub), and the delay average (3 days).

    When I went to pick up my shoes there was just a slight moment of panic when the owner couldn't find the shoes and asked me to repeat 18 times what they looked like. When I offered to come behind the counter she said "NO" and kept on searching. After what seemed like 20 minutes (but was more like 20 seconds), she plucked them out triumphantly. I examined the work, which well done, thanked her and left, slightly quivering with fear that my favorite boots could have gone lost..

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