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    I've been searching for a really good vet and found one at Woburn Animal Hospital and boy and I happy I found them.  Another vet was going to spay my then puppy on the cheap with no blood work.  I heard they do only laproscopic surgery and the spays were 65% less painful.  They quote the prices up front in full, instead of having you coming and going.  The price was much more but included NO FOLLOW UP, NO STICHES and I would probably save money when it came to follow up visits.  Less PAIN and complications for my dog!  They also insisted on pre-screen blood work for my puppy which I was told was a waste because she is just that, a pup, but lo and behold they picked up asymptomatic Lyme and are treated her thoroughly and cured her, that really impressed me.  Now I am told she just needs I am told a Lyme vaccine on-schedule every year (they keep us on schedule too!).  My dog LOVES everyone at the hospital, they are animal people.  Everyone on the staff is knowledgeable, the vet techs are top notch and don't just take your dog in back and hand it back to you.  The vet techs ask you if you have any questions or issues with your pup's (or cat, etc....) and are able to advise you and take careful notes and follow their conditions. Everyone cares deeply for animals and I felt perfectly comfortable leaving my 8 mos puppy there with the caring staff as I would with myself caring for her.  She loves everyone there!  Many people not working there in the role of vet techs ARE vet techs, like Jen the receptionist.  They have vets that specialize in different types of laproscopic surgery  This hospital adheres to excellence, do their own studies, consult with other specialists throughout the country and for not that much more than other vets who don't quote up front or do as good a job, and wack you with big bills.   They caught the Lyme my small puppy contracted with no symptoms, while an esteemed vet did not catch the Lyme in our puppy.  If your pet  is not getting the treatment they need, go here.  Woburn Animal Hospital does their very best to be personable and not rush you.  They work hard and do not want to miss things.  I heard their boarding is great, and they also have grooming.  They are VERY THOROUGH and WORRY FOR YOU ABOUT YOUR DOG.  Your best friend(s) are in good hands with these compassionate, educated, intellectual, down-to-earth hospital.  It really doesn't get much better.  Dr. Marino is a cardio specialist on top of everything and non-invansive spays (which my dog was lucky enough to have 65% LESS PAIN, no internal bruising.)   Dr. Rice is nurturing and intelligent - careful and detail oriented - cured my pup of Lyme..  She made certain that my furkid was 100% cured including an ultrasound.  I never met a vet that great!  And she is like that with ALL her patients!  The laprascopic spay Dr. Marino did on my pup went without a hitch... she healed up very quickly.  Dr. Schless is WONDERFUL, her check ups are extensive and my dog loves all of them. Each specializes in another type of non-invasive surgery.  They are remarkably SMART.  The vet techs are amazing, I know and trust them all.  The receptionists are professional and incredibly organized.  You call for Frontline, they will have your order ready when you arrive there..  Not only that, the vets collaborate as well on animal care.... there are no disconnects here... they are extremely responsible and incredibly dedicated.  They also have an online portal for the customers!  Thank HEAVENS I found this hospital after missed diagnoses on two dogs by other popular vets, one which resulted in one being in severe pain for months under their care due to an inability to diagnosis her.  My dog goes from 0 to 150 mph when we pull in the parking lot  to see her friends at the hospital and leaves in wonderful condition.  They run a tight shop, are on top of all the latest procedures and are the only hospital that offers laproscopic procedures in the areas.  State of the art.  It does not get much better than this.  They are open at nights and on Saturday, all day too.  And they don't act like they are angels of mercy even though they are.  It's set on a beautiful 5 acres of land offset from the street.  The employees and owners are the best of the best -  top notch, understanding, brilliant when it comes to animal care, knowledgeable &  kind to owners. The vet techs are amazing as are  receptionists, some are vet techs as well & soooooo helpful, they don't just take messages, they know a lot.  I've been going there for two years & am continually impressed.  The Woburn Animal Hospital takes their job seriously and misses nothing and DOES NOT COST MUCH MORE, REMEMBER:  you get what you pay for and preventative medicine is the best!!!!!!  FIVE TAIL WAGS!  They are animal's best friend!  My dog usually doesn't want to LEAVE, she loves it there!.  Check out their Facebook page:…

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