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These are just my "go to" places. May not be the best ever but I sure do like them.
  • 637 N 3rd St
    Philadelphia, PA 19123
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    22/11/2008 Avis mis à jour

    The Abbaye is easily one of my favorite spots in the entire city.  I've made so many new friends here and have had so many thought provoking conversations with people.  I don't know what I would have done if I didn't find the Abbaye!

    More and more people are discovering Abbaye and making it a meeting spot for bar hoping in No Libs.  Funny thing though is that most end up staying the whole night because they feel so comfortable here.  The amazing food doesn't hurt either!  

    Best chicken tenders in the city.  One of the best burgers.  The grilled cheese with tomato soup is to die for!  Be sure to check the specials board!

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    08/06/2007 Avis précédent
    I just recently moved to NoLibs and quickly by-passed the other more popular places for The Abbaye.… En savoir plus
  • 801 E Passyunk Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
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    My friends and I decided to check out Cochon's New Year's Eve Pre Fix menu for $65.  We arrived about 30 minutes after our reservation at 6pm but there was only one other group eating at the time.  A couple hours later and the place was packed - not too difficult with seating for about 45.  I don't recall there being any issue with people talking too loud or anything, it was just right.  The background music, ranging from classical to Sinatra could have been a touch louder.  

    The wait staff was rather attentive and super friendly - aren't we all during the holidays though?  They had a nice sense of professionalism but not too much as to be snooty.  
    With the friendly staff, the semi close quartered seating and the open kitchen in the dining room, it was a rather casual affair I felt so there's no reason to feel any intimidation over this "french bistro".  I've read that Cochon is considered to be french peasant food and I would agree that the ingredients are left simple but the attention to detail in presentation and even more so in the blending of many flavors is really what I found to be the most exciting thing being offered here.  Peasants have never eaten so good!

    Dinner started with a small appetizer of garlic sausage and white beans.  It was delicious but lacked and garlic flavor.  My salad of choice was a frise umbrellaed by a poached egg.  So delicious!  This was followed by the main appetizer in which I selected the Scallops and Pulled Short Rib.  One would wonder about the combination of seafood and a deep hearty pork but I have to insist that this was my favorite part of the whole meal.  I like food, I like to try new things and discover the alternate personalities of each ingredient as you use it in various dishes. This was a very remarkable combination that seemed to go so perfectly together I had begun to let me mind wonder about how the chef came about this dish.  

    My main entre was Skate stuffed with crabmeat.  It was swimming nicely in a bit of yellow risotto adding a nice texture to the fish.  A very excellent dish, but I probably wouldn't have it again.  My friend on the other hand had some filet minon which is perhaps the best I've ever had in my life.  Buttery for sure!  

    After the main course, we all received a petite cheese dish with a few chips of toasted bread, a slice of pear, I believe a half a walnut and of course the Roquefort cheese.  I could get very used to eating in french restaurants!  For desert we had a choice between the home made crme brle or the Gran Marine cheese cake brought in from another bakery as most of their desserts are.  I believe it was Delicia's but maybe it was Denise's.  Either way, I had the cheesecake.  Definitely my favorite cheese cake ever.  As many people choose their favorite place for pizza or their favorite place for a cheese steak, cheese cakes makers also create their own fan base.  For me, it was always Michelle Lori in Trenton.  This Grand Mariner cheese cake though was beautiful light and airy, not the dense slab of cheese typically encountered with most other bakers'.  Mmmm Mmmm!  The crme brle I tasted was very good as well.  I typically don't like crme brle because usually it's sort of gelatinous and eggy.  Again, very light and airy and not overly sweet.  Bravo!

    Although the portions were on the medium to small side, there were enough of them that I was plenty full after leaving a couple hours later.  I'm really looking forward to going back and trying a full menu to see what other tricks Chef Gene Giuffi has up his sleeve!!  Check out a real review here

  • 2nd & Poplar
    Philadelphia, PA 19123
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    There's a glimmer of a movement here in Northern Liberties of the Midnight Food Cart.  Dapper Dog isn't just the pioneer of the 2nd Street Weekend Street Food, it's The Best.  If you find yourself in Northern Liberties on a Friday or Saturday night, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not stopping by this late night food cart.

    Look, the dogs are CHEAP, they're DELICIOUS, and DD has come up with some of the most mind blowing concoctions known to hot dog eaters world wide.  My two favorites are the Jersey Dog and the Chicago dog, but don't let me opinion stand in your way.  Besides, it's 2am, I know where you've been.  You want a mac and cheese hot dog or a pepperoni , tomato sauce and provi hot dog, RIGHT NOW.

    Most notably, the guys running this cart are super awesome.  

    Get there before the bars let out to avoid the wait.

  • 1180 S 10th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
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    26/02/2010 Avis mis à jour

    I finally made it back to Slice and had a chance to sit in and eat there.  The dining area seats maybe 20 people and they have waitress service and they suggest BYO.

    I sort of went against my better judgement and ordered one of their special tomato pies.  I think it was garlic, tomato, ricotta and spinach.  Next time I'm going to stick with a red pie and build my own.  I just wasn't totally impressed with a pie that they're pushing as something special. It was definitely on the bland side.  The crust was fantastic though having the perfect thinness and crispiness.  The addition of garlic and olive oil was very welcome.  There was a lot of potential.  

    I also had a spinach salad to start off with.  I'm not sure about the other salads but I would not suggest this one.  It was pretty expensive for a hand full of baby spinach leaves and some balsamic dressing.  

    It's been quite a while since I had a plain pie from Slice so I'm sure if I give them another shot I'll be happy.  I'm not sure I'm going to order one of their specialty pies again though.  I'll give some other salad a shot in the future too.

    I would definitely suggest going in to eat if you can.  The staff there is very friendly and happy to help you.  Slice actually has a nice old school pizza parlor feel to it contradicting the fancy interior design and flat screen tv on the wall.

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    17/12/2007 Avis précédent
    Although I have not been here, my room mate has brought their pies home on a number of occasions and… En savoir plus
  • 342 W Girard Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19123
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    Trios Trattoria is just a block away from me.  Walking over and placing a order and walking my Rustica pie back home wasn't a problem even in the snow.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a good amount of people in there at 3pm during the week during a mild snow storm.  That's a good sign!

    Having grown up for 30 years just a couple miles from Trenton, and tasting the best Trenton has to offer, I'm not sure I would agree with their claim of "Trenton Style Pizza".  But then agin, it's not like anyone else in Philly has much of a clue, so Trios DOES come pretty close.

    This pie is the kind that I can eat on any given day of the week.  It has a nice warm cozy feel to it.  Not buried in 3 different kinds of cheese, not soggy from too much red sauce and not so many toppings that it would strain this delicate and delicious crust.  This is really close to how tomato pie should be done.  They've perfected the art of composition and construction but I think my pie needed another minute in the oven and I wasn't crazy about the dry spices added for me.  Some minced garlic would have been nice too.

    I've been in pain for the last few hours because I couldn't help myself from eating the whole thing!!  It's light and delicious and easy to shove down the ole food chute.  

    You can compare all you want to the other purveyors of pizzas in the neighborhood, they all have their place no doubt.  But I'm going to call Trios Trattoria my home town pie - because although they didn't nail it, they did a great job bringing a good tomato pie to Philadelphia.  Finally!

  • 937 E Passyunk Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
    5.0 étoiles

    Each of the three times I've been here so far has been mainly to eat with a small group of people.  I have to say the food is really REALLY good.  It's your typical gastropub fair but nothing too over the top or fancy, it's just done the way it should be... ok, maybe even better than it should be!  Definitely a great place for a burger.

    The few encounters I've had with the wait staff and bartenders has always been really wonderful.  They breed a happy helpful bunch here and would enjoy hanging out with them after hours anytime!

    The beer selection is always a treat ranging from local to belgian to west coast brews.  It's hard to go wrong here!

    You should put The Royal on the top of your go to list for sure!

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