A few of my FAVORITE THINGS.....

  • 7591 W Washington Ave
    Las Vegas, NV 89128
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    This is by far my favorite date night spot with my guy!  Just a few thoughts:

    ~Never in my life have I had the owner/chef come to the table multiple times throughout the meal to check on things (he's involved with every aspect of the restaurant)!!!

    ~The food is beyond EXCEPTIONAL!  I am without words every time I eat there!

    ~My suggestion is to be BRAVE.......choose the CHEF'S TABLE!  That means you allow Chef Marc to serve you a 4 course meal of his choice.  Odd, maybe............but always, ALWAYS I am with out words!  The menu is constantly evolving.......so refreshing!

    ~RUM CAKE........off the charts! Nuff said!

    ~Servers are always polite and knowledgeable!

    I'm always say that I leave Parma as "fat and happy"!  No complaints from me!

  • 2400 N Buffalo Dr
    Las Vegas, NV 89128
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    I consider myself a breakfast enthusiast..........always in search of the BEST!  Today, along with three family members, I ate at a friends brand-spankin' NEW restaurant called Babycakes Cafe on Buffalo and Smoke Ranch.  I find myself rendered speechless; it was so FANTASTIC!
    We're a sharing family, the only way to eat out in my opinion, so I was able to try a little bit of everything.

    ~If you like a little KICK, eat the Portuguese sausage!
    ~Rick's adobo fried rice and eggs with macaroni salad.......WTF?  FANTASTIC!
    ~Perfectly cooked over-medium eggs!
    ~Hash browns.....YAY, HASH BROWNS!
    ~Benny's, oh how I love thee....!
    ~Lastly, pancakes...........my favorite food of all time!  
           *Red Velvet- Better than actual cake!
           *Bacon- So delish!
           *CARROT CAKE- (SIGH) These are hands down the GREATEST  
             pancakes that I have ever eaten!  I am without words..........!

    You'd be doing yourself a favor if you go to Babycakes Cafe!

  • 2160 N Rainbow Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89108
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    If you get down on the CRAFTS like I do, then this is the spot!
    Seriously....I could easily max out the husband's credit cards at this place!       =)
    Don't know that he'd like that.......hmmmmmm?

    So anyway, my craft of choice is fondant cakes!  Crafty to you, maybe not.  Crafty to me, HECK YES!  It's my creative freedom, my outlet, and people pay me for my designs, so why not!  Joann's has three to four aisles dedicated to baking and they ALWAYS have in stock what I'm looking for!
    My favorite part are probably the coupons........they're ALWAYS blowing up my email with a 50% off this or that!  As long as that continues, Joann's is a KEEPER in my book!

  • 4001 S Decatur Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89103
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    HOLY PIZZA.......this place is my favorite!

    So here's my "CAN'T MISS" food highlights:
    ~Fried Mozzarella
    ~Garlic knots!
    ~Steinbrenner Calzone
    ~BBQ Chicken Calzone
    ~The LOOP..............= happiness!    ;)
    ~The Skyline
    ~The Pasta Pie
    ~The MODESTO............UH-MAY-ZING!

    I've been eating here easily since elementary school and last I checked, I've been out of high school for 11 years.......you do the math!  This is my FAMILIES go-to dirty CARB indulgence!  In fact, this place is greatly in the running for the BIRTHDAY dinner next month!!!  =)  
    Don't let this particular location detour from what your stomach will thank you for.  It's OLD but it definitely has character.  The staff is welcoming and the SAME cooks have been working there for YEARS!  That in itself has to say something about the place!

    Oh, P.S.
    They do PIZZA MAKING CLASSES at their UNLV location! How cool is that!?!?!?
    Count me in!

  • 873 S Rainbow Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89145
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    25/01/2011 Avis mis à jour

    Hey YELP........can I get a 10 star rating please!?!?!?
    My "check-in's" here don't accurately depict how often I enjoy this food.  My family is now down with the BFG, and my brother brings it home REGULARLY!
    New highlights:
    ~THE WEEKLY SPECIAL.........oh my!
    This week it's chicken nachos and last week it was BiBimBap..........well done guys, WELL DONE!!!
    I can't get enough of this place!

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    Let us pause for a second.........that was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will forever be…
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  • 2160 W Charleston Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
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    I've been eating here for 28 years................literally in my mother's womb I was ingesting this GOODNESS!
    It is my go-to breakfast comfort food!  I've tried many a things but my go to favorite is the Californian omelet......oooooey goooooey jack cheese goodness!  The potatoes are my favorite in the city, even in the country, hands down no questions asked!  But the reason I continue to go here is the PUMPKIN NUT BREAD.........what!!!???!!!???!!!  I cannot get enough nor can I duplicate this recipe at home; makes for a great excuse to go back!
    The decor kinda makes me nuts........lots of STUFF everywhere, but that's not what's on my mind while I'm eating there.  And the hostess, the older woman that works during the week................LOVE her!!!  I can go six months without eating there (at one point it had been over a year) and she still remembered me!  I felt special!  It's the little things like that, that make me want to go back over and over again!

  • 3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    Easily my FAVORITE show on the strip or EVER for that matter!!!  =)
    This is a musical that I grew up singing and as I got older and began reading and playing music in school, it was something that I couldn't tire of!
    ~The costume work is AMAZING and the set design is equally fantastic!
    ~The cast is as talented as they come....true performers!
    ~The theater was built just for this show and it definitely adds to the ambiance!  In regards to seats, I suggest that you get within the first 12 or so rows for the maximum experience!  It'll be worth the money spent!
    ~CLASSIC music that you might even catch yourself humming once you leave the theater!

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this show to anyone who truly loves the theater!  Truth is, if you're a REAL theater junkie like myself, you've already seen this.......right?!?!?
    Any good man looking to impress the "new" girl, the wife, the GF, the granny, the mother or sister, this is definitely the way to go!
    I could easily see this show 100 times and NEVER bore of it!

  • 2675 E Flamingo Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89121
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    My family has been bringing pets here for 20 years. Dr. Hauck is a FANTASTIC veterinarian! He is patient and gentle with the animals, and very kind to the owners.
    They do a variety of things: boarding, spay/neutering, tail docking, ear cropping (Our Doberman), inoculations, etc.
    I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else beside Dr. Hauck!!!

    *He treats birds too!
    **The staff is very helpful and kind too!

  • 3930 Las Vegas Blvd S Ste 112
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
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    I'm going to keep this short and sweet....
    ~I've been a client of BUTCH for handful of years.  He's an AMAZING master stylist that has sliced and diced my locks into wonderful works of art!  His cuts grow out beautifully, though it probably helps that I'm not an over processor.  
    ~He uses quality dye that lasts LONGER than any place I've ever been!  
    ~The head, neck, back and shoulder massage is worth every penny that I spend.
    ~Though it might sound simple and pointless, the cucumber water is refreshing and I LOVE that they serve it there!
    ~The staff is highly trained and very polite!
    ~They have a phenomenal selection of Paul Mitchell products in salon!

    *If you want to treat yourself to something truly special, and I promise you it will be, visit Arc's Salon and ask for BUTCH!

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    Such a FANTASTIC company!  Given all the places in town I could go to become a certified EMT, I choose them for many reason:
    ~Small class sizes...
    ~Great hours for a working adult's schedule...
    ~AMAZING instructors with YEARS and years of experience...
    ~Great prices...
    ~Fantastic community of employees...

    In my opinion, if you're looking to become an EMT-B or an EMT-I, it's the place to go!

  • 6181 Centennial Center Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89149
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    This is my go-to sushi spot!
    LOVE love Love everything about it!  I've eaten sushi all over this country and I'm certain that it doesn't get any better than this!

    ~FRESH, quality fish!
    ~GREAT atmosphere........upbeat, loud music at night!
    ~Incredibly friendly staff!
    ~Garlic edamama..........what?!?!?!?!  Finger-lickin' good!
    ~Sashimi...........   =)

  • 11011 W Charleston Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89135
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    GOBBLE gobble GOBBLE...
    Whenever I get that craving for leftover Thanksgiving dinner, my go to spot is Capriotti's!
    I should probably preface this with:
    I'm a COLD, leftover food kinda girl!
    COLD pizza, COLD spaghetti, COLD anything really.......and the BOBBIE at Capriotti's tickles my fancy!
    Thick slices of COLD roasted turkey, scoops of COLD stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo, fresh bread........MMMmmmMMM, the freakin' goodness!
    Yeah, I've tried other sandwiches they make (and they're GREAT too), but my motto is:
    "If it ain't broke, don't f**k with it!"

  • 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    ~As soon as you walk into the entrance, you're greeted with pillars of beautiful, fresh FLOWERS!  Oh the COLORS!

    ~Pricey, yes.  Worth it?  OH YES!  After paying to enter and leaving a tip, my husband and I were out $90 or so (He's a large tipper, so it might not cost you as much).

    ~The  entree selection wasn't bad......
    crab legs
    smoked salmon
    sushi (best BUFFET sushi I've ever eaten, but definitely not the best I've ever had)
    make your own pasta dishes
    gnocchi    =)   ah, LOVE!
    prime rib   =)
    lamb t-bones  =)
    multiple varieties of chicken
    Asisn......YUMMY pot stickers and spicy long beans
    PIZZA.........I could have eaten that ALLLLLLLLL night!   =)
    antipasto    =)
    dried fruits and cheese     =)

    ~DESSERTS.........always my personal FAVORITE!
    HOT brownies.........taste like my mom's chocolate pixies   =)
    pumpkin pie tarts
    creme brulee
    peanut butter chocolate cake
    ice cream
    and so much more!

    ~The decor was BEAUTIFUL!

    ~The service was IMPECCABLE!

    *If you're willing to spend the money, you'll walk away satisfied!  =)

  • 9355 W Flamingo Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89147
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    As a former employee of this place, I'm slightly bias......SLIGHTLY!

    ~The food is consistently cooked the same way, YUM!  You can go to any of the three locations, order the same thing, and it will ALWAYS taste the same.  Good deal!

    ~PUMPKIN PANCAKES..........are delicious!

    ~Banana nut french  toast.......what?!?!?!?

    ~The staff is fantastic and always willing to help me modify (egg whites, light cheese, easy seasoning) as I so desire.

    ~Bloody Marys and mimosas in the a.m..........yes please!

    *It is a DO recommend for breakfast, brunch, or lunch in my book!

  • 2501 Vegas Dr
    Las Vegas, NV 89106
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    I'm desperately hoping that the CLOSED information about this school gets changed ASAP! I am so passionate about this institution, and I think that parents and student need to know!
    ATA is short for Advanced Technologies Academy!

    I began my Substitute Teaching career (let's be truthful, this is NO career, it's a "simply in the meantime" kinda gig) three years ago at the request of my highly educated, teacher of a mother after many-a-job hunts came up as dry as the desert we reside. My very first day on the job was subbing for my mom's class (she teaches World History AP @ ATA), and I was flabbergasted by these children. WHAT CHARACTER........SUCH A DESIRE TO LEARN!!! I thought to myself, "Oh heak yeah, this is what teaching is all about!" It was such a good day, and it inspired me to take more jobs at other schools!
    That SMILE could only last so long....... I was quickly disturbed by the utter lack of moral, ethical, & educational responsibility students at other Middle and High Schools had. DISTURBING!!! These children at other schools feel entitled to everything. "You owe me this!" and "I deserve a better grade!"...........where I come from, that S**T doesn't fly! YOU EARN IT, plain and simple! They think that a money tree will blossom in their yard one day and that learning is a futile concept (we all know that they didn't use the word FUTILE though!), but you get the idea. It's a ridiculous notion and it makes me both sad and scared for the future of these children. Now, this is not to say that ALL other schools are bad and that teachers and students don't care.....that's simply not true. It's just that ATA is like this hidden gem of a high school and at the end of the day, if I haven't spent my time subbing there, something just doesn't feel right.

    I want people to know about this institution and I want them to understand the depth of GREATNESS that this school embodies! ATA's mission statement reads:
    The mission of Advanced Technologies Academy (A-TECH) is to empower a diverse student body by teaching academic concepts and technological skills and by instilling in students the importance of effective, responsible application of their knowledge to succeed in a highly competitive, technologically changing world.

    Yeah, yeah, YEAH......you're probably thinking, "Lots of places attach a "Mission Statement" to their building or website, but how many actually ad hear to it?"
    THIS PLACE DOES! There are core values at this school that drive the student and teachers alike to better themselves and the people around them. Hell, these people INSPIRE ME! There's a genuine LOVE of LEARNING in this building and a desire to go off and take on the world. These kids have the moral fortitude to do what's right and at the end of the day, they understand the GIFT OF FREE EDUCATION THAT THEY ARE RECEIVING!
    Let me continue this tangent a moment longer.....
    ~These children are producing the HIGHEST Advanced Placement scores in the state!
    They are receiving full ride scholarships to IVY freakn' LEAGUE COLLEGES!!!
    ~They are ambassadors for business and travel the world on school holidays!
    ~They are National Merit Scholars!
    This year I will watch my FIRST group of students walk across the stage as they receive their diplomas..........and I feel like the proudest mother ever! Well, maybe not mother because I'm only ten years older than this group, but definitely a proud sister! =)
    To me, this is the ideal high school situation........
    ~Small class sizes (16 to 26 ppl)
    ~High achieving students
    ~Teachers that LOVE their job
    ~And opportunity to become something GREAT in an environment that wants exactly that for you!

    I don't know much, but I do know this, and I make sure to remind my students:

  • 6386 W Lake Mead Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89108
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    Door flier food......oh my!
    I typically hate and almost always never try the "door flier" food menus that end up at my house ,but MR. EATZ  is the exception!
    It's like bar food done exceptionally well, and it's the go-to spot for my husband and I when I don't want to cook and he can't make a decision.
    Here's why I like it and what we order:
    ~White pizza.....if you love cheese order this biznatch, WTF?!?!?!
    ~Meatball sub....not too saucy, doughy yet crusty bread and prefect meatballs.
    ~Garlic knots.....no explanation needed!
    ~Chicken finger and waffle fries!
    ~COUPONS galore.......great combos!
    ~Fast delivery and GREAT PRICES!

  • 8704 W Charleston Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
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    The PERFECT date night dinner........in my ever so humble opinion!

    On my first date with my husband, which was practically a BLIND date, he brought me to the Melting Pot. I had never been there before because I was the epitome of the BROKE college kid, and had succumb to the realization that I probably never would. When his invitation arose to join him there for dinner, I was beyond words EXCITED!
    As a female, you'd think I'd be fretting over what to wear that night or how my hair looked, but not I. I was worried about devouring massive amounts of food.......I had heard all about the goodness, and God knows I LOVE TO EAT!!!
    The lighting is very dim, creating a romantic ambiance, and the booths are SMALL.........you have no choice but to get close! Each table is equip with one burner, so if you're not a sharing person, this might not be your cup of tea!
    We shared the BIG NIGHT OUT.....it consisted of a cheese fondue, salads, entree and DESSERT. Holy heck, that was A LOT of food! I seriously could have stopped after the cheese fondue, but then the salad arrived and it looked so fresh and appetizing. After pacing myself, the entree portion was placed in front of us. There was a variety of veggies, meats and seafood to choose from, plus six or so dipping sauces! Dessert.........my absolute favorite part of any meal.........didn't disappoint! Different varieties of chocolate to choose from, plus pound cake, bananas, strawberries, rice krispie treats and brownies!
    *Let me take a moment........................SIGH!*

    I love this place! I love the atmosphere.......I love watching my food cooked in front of me.........I LOVE THE FOOD..........it's simply just GREAT!
    We don't get back often enough, but that's alright by me. Eating like that should only happen during the holidays! :)

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