American Foodie In Paris!

My GO TO & Favorite Spots In Paris! For those who want to experience & dine in Paris like a LOCAL!!
  • 30 rue Gay Lussac
    75005 Paris
    5.0 étoiles


    Les Papilles, you ROCKED my bland AMERICAN World!

    After reading tons of articles and posts from local Paris Food Bloggers I decided to book dinner for my husband and I. The booking process was interesting, you are actually contacting the owner/chef of this restaurant/wine shop. Since my do you say... SUCKS, I decided to email for my reservation. After a couple emails back and forth I was able to steal a table on Friday Night.

    This place books up fast so I would highly suggest making a reservation if you actually want to experience this wild foodie ride.

    There is a certain kind of restaurant that the serious foodies are in search of while dining in Paris. The setting should be quaint and charming, rather than grandiose. The food should be high quality, but not overpriced. The waiters and hostesses should welcome and enjoy their customers. There must be simple, but rich French flavors that hit the mark.

    Set menu dinner price of 31 Euros for starter, main course, cheese course, and dessert! If you feel like drinking (and who doesn't in PARIS) you have your choice of a wide selection of wine displayed on the wall. The chef will happily help you decide and pick out the perfect bottle.

    The food is OUTSTANDING and changes every night. The staff and Owner are amazing and treat you like royalty.

    This is the one place that I DEMAND that you visit on your trip to Paris. If you want to TRULY experience Paris and it's amazing food...then do not miss out on this!

    I will forever treasure my Les Papilles Experience! :)

  • 67 rue du Montparnasse
    75014 Paris
    5.0 étoiles

    If Jesus had a favorite Creperie in Paris it would be CREPERIE JOSSELIN!

    Go ahead, roll your eyes, give me the look, shake your head.... but I dare you to take one bite of these Crepes and disagree with me!

    At first I wasn't so thrilled with this place (lots of reviews and seems to be always packed no matter the time of day or night). I am all about finding those small hole in the walls or mom and pop shop's... but there is a REASON why this place is popular!

    HOLY CR*P! I think I could live off of these things. Thank you Paris for CREPES!

    Now, there are many many many different types of Crepes so your experience could be a good or bad one depending on what you order. I would suggest to not get too crazy and stick to more bland or simple options.

    My husband and I were both hooked on 1) The Salmon Crepe (comes with some type of cream) and 2) The Bacon & Egg Crepe. I'm not positive what they were called on the menu but they do have the ingredients listed in English.  My opinion is to order those 2 and if you feel a little crazy then go ahead and try some others.

    Their Cider is also a big hit!

    I can proudly admit that in 4 days my husband and I ate here about 4 times... breakfast, lunch and one night at 10pm. Yes we are addicted, but you will be as well as soon as you try this spot.  ;-)

  • 5.0 étoiles

    Au Pied du Sacre Coeur reminds me of that romantic & hidden little restaurant you would see in a Paris film.

    Perfection in my eyes... the eyes of a laid back, simple city girl.

    This is exactly one of those hole in the walls you could NEVER find yourself without a whisper of a local. It is hidden by the stairs of a dead end street, tucked in cozy and cute. It is small but very welcoming and warm. As you enter the sound of Jazz Classics hit your ear and the mood begins.

    Perfect for a laid back date night, dinner with a girlfriend or even a place to bring the family/parents. I am so happy that we were able to find this place.

    The service is on point as well as their perfectly spoken English (not that I expect that, but it is a nice plus). They also have a English menu as well as French (if you ask for it).

    I ordered the Magret de canard au miel et fleur d'oranger, Duck with an AMAZINGLY finger licking good Honey Orange Glaze. My husband had the steak and we also shared the Foie Gras that was PERFECT!

    As always with me and my cheap self, this place was a steal and very affordable. A perfect place for dinner while in Paris. :)

  • 67 rue Mouffetard
    75005 Paris
    5.0 étoiles

    Positively my favorite little TARTE HOUSE in all of Paris!

    Just ask my husband.. I had my share of Tartes while we were in Paris. I was pretty much hooked on Tartes & Crepes like crack. Delicious crack! ;-)

    La Maison Des Tartes is a extremely tiny little cafe like spot. At first glance you might even think they are a small take out bakery with all their amazingly delicious Tartes displayed through the window.

    Besides only serving Tartes (Sweet & Savory), EVERYTHING is made in house from scratch from the woman who owns the place. She is the sweetest thing ever and does speak a good amount of English. You honestly feel like you are eating in her home (actually.. I am pretty positive it may be part of her home). When using the bathroom you are actually given a key and directed to go next door into her actual building.

    This is not fancy nor trendy, just a small little Tarte Cafe with a Country-like Paris Charm.

    Plus it's AFFORDABLE! A plus for us Americans in Paris (darn exchange rate).

  • 38 rue de Bretagne
    75003 Paris
    5.0 étoiles


    There are no others that can compare. If you want BRUNCH and you want it done right and d*mn good, then scoot your toot to CAFE CHARLOT!

    Now I am ONLY reviewing this place on their Brunch and their one MUST ORDER breakfast dish PAIN PERDU (also known as FRENCH TOAST in America).

    Thanks to a lovely Paris Food Blogger named Miss Devour I was able to find this amazing Brunch Plate.

    Pain Perdu is only ever served with the brunch plate on Sundays, a delicious forest of ramekins filled with creamy eggs, smoked salmon, herbed crème fraiche, seasonal fruit and a plum tomato salad. Pain Perdu is sweet, but not too sweat, moist and smooth like a marshmallow of brioche, cream, eggs and sugar.

    Just make sure when you arrive on Sunday to ask if they are serving food off the Brunch Menu yet. If not, take a small stroll or grab a coffee and wait.

    The picture I'm including with this review speaks for yourself.

    Stop drooling and get yourself some! ;-)

  • 2 rue de la Verrerie
    75004 Paris
    5.0 étoiles

    Macarons are Americans Krispy Kreme!

    When in Paris there are many key food items to try and one of the most popular and favorite is the MACARON.

    Think of a mini Whoopie Pies (Cookie Cakes) with better than Oreo filling! These babies may be little but they are BURSTING with FLAVOR! The perfect sweet afternoon snack while shopping in this fun & funky area of Paris (There is a rad Vintage Clothing shop next door).

    Boulangerie Heurtier has much more to offer than Macarons and they are not famously known for them but take my advice "tourists"... this is where you want to grab yourself a few.

    Your normal "Disney Land" tourists will go to the famous Ladurée or Pierre Hermé for Macarons so they can parade around Paris showing off their fancy little box they spent a fortune on.

    Is that REALLY what you want? Why not go where the locals go and grab yourself some grade A Macarons for a much affordable price!

    Plus since they are so yourself to like 12.. hate yourself later. ;-)

  • 5 rue Simon le Franc
    75004 Paris
    5.0 étoiles

    Finally a review of this place in ENGLISH! You may bow and thank me later (wink).

    Queen Ann.. you sneaky little hidden gem you!

    Find yourself strolling around PARIS and in need of an affordable and cozy lunch then this is your place!

    This kinda reminds me of the hidden laid back cafe's in Brooklyn, New York. Extremely cozy, welcoming and a small selection of great food.

    If I am not mistaken this place is ran and owned by a very friendly couple who greeted us as if we were just coming over for coffee in their living room (has that kind of feel).

    They have a great lunch selection of home made Tartes (Sweet and Savory). They come along with a fresh green side salad. They also have a range of drinks, tea and coffee as well as soup and a few other items.

    The secret is.. they have a kick a** brunch on Sunday but since this place is tiny you gotta get here early to be able to score.

    My husband and I happen to dine here on a warm weekday afternoon but I can see this place being a perfect spot to escape on a cold winter or rainy day. :)

  • 53 rue Gergovie
    75014 Paris
    5.0 étoiles

    Trendy, Funky, Local, Artistic & Affordable = I'm Sold!

    I did my share of research on Hotels from America before jetting off to Paris and this one intrigued me more than any other place I found. The colorful & funky interior and design of this boutique hotel along with the personal touch of breakfast in the common room, a reading lounge and even a garden with outside seating!

    I also like that it is a local neighborhood hotel and not in the busy madness of some of the more central locations of Paris.

    There are plenty of cafe's, restaurants, shops, banks, grocery stores, markets all within walking distance along with the train and taxi stand!

    There is only one small catch and that is there is no air conditioning (may be why it was such a great price). Usually that would not even matter in Paris but when we visited it happen to be almost 90 out every day, the nights were cool though. If you don't mind just leaving the windows open and catching the cool Paris breeze then who gives a crud about the Air Conditioning. ;-)

    Breakfast is not included with the price but it is offered for a small fee per person (worth it in my opinion). They have a wide selection on goodies for breakfast along with fresh breads and jams (YUMMM).

    There is NOTHING uppity about this Hotel. This is the type of place I would return over and over to.

  • 7 rue du Général de Larminat
    75015 Paris
    5.0 étoiles

    I can soooo imagine Audrey Hepburn at this chic boutique Hotel!

    I can see it now, on her balcony with those famous shades watching the sunrise in a silk nighty with her fancy cig holder. Well.. a girl can dream right? ;-)

    I loved Hotel Ares Eiffel and I think it was a great choice being that we were on our Honeymoon. It wasn't crazy expensive or fancy but chic and hip enough to feel like it!

    This was first class as far as I can see. Luxury Hotel with upscale and newly renovated rooms with a classic Paris charm. Furniture by Italian brand Poltrona Frau and designer tile by Versace enhance the chic accents. Very attentive staff and the most charming doorman.

    It is located in a very cute and chic like neighborhood within walking distance to the Eiffel Tower. The only downside is they do not have a kitchen (no room service as far as late night bites), but they do offer a pretty little fancy breakfast downstairs for a charge. My opinion, skip the breakfast and just take advantage of all the millions of cafe's around the corner from this Hotel.

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