Artisan & Ethical Food in Sydney

Good on these guys. Ace karma, coming their way like a rainbow of love.
  • 125 Gilles St
    Adelaide South Australia 5000
    5.0 étoiles

    I love me some 'za.
    And I love me a little indie store like this one.

    Small, cosy, with the prime seats next to the big ol' imported pizza oven, warming ze cockles on a nipply winter's day has never been more delicious.

    The first thing I spied walking in was a jar of home-made chili on the table for guests to spoon liberally onto their food. I knew, then. I knew this would be a 5-star-er.

    The Napoli-style pizzas (thin, sparsely toppinged, reliant on the fresh flavour of ethically-sourced ingredients) were showstoppers. As was the little pantomime playing out in the corner table, two adults behaving like horny school children. Were they a happily married couple recapturing the zing? Was she an escort, he a sleazy businessman? Or are two adults not allowed to be outrageously flirty with one another without the rest of us bristling with cynicism?

    I voted escort. It just felt right.

  • Unit 8 10-14 Lilian Fowler Pl
    Marrickville New South Wales 2204
    5.0 étoiles
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    I got a sampling of what makes these guys suppliers so amazing at the Marrickville Festival, where they set up not 1 but 2 whole pigs on spits, and for most of the day had queues running down the street of people eager to get their hands on some of that sweet, sweet porcine goodness.

    I learned about their focus on Provenance, or knowing exactly what you're eating and where it came from.

    It wasn't just the food, though. It was the entire setup, the whole shebang. From the double-sized tent to the big, unique branding board out the front, to the lovely ladies taking orders and creating roast meat sandwich perfection, this was a place where people really wanted to hang out, it was crazy how popular it was.

    Feather & Bone are an example of an amazing local business that really understand A) their business, B) their customers, and C) what makes people happy! Next stop: Rozelle!

  • 314 Illawarra Rd
    Sydney New South Wales 2204
    5.0 étoiles
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    After years of wandering aimlessly, now I know what I was put on this earth to do: make pickles.

    I mean, it all makes sense. I love eating the little bastards. So crunchy and vinegary and marinated and UGH I want some now. But it took my brother buying me a voucher for Christmas to Cornersmith's pickle-making workshop (at their Picklery just down the road from their cafe) to unleash my inner pickle beast.

    Also I think I have a slight crush on the cafe owner/pickle queen Alex. Those big blue eyes, that easy way she has with people, her candour and uncannny pickle making abilities. Wait maybe it's not love, maybe it's just professional admiration. Whatever, she's married anyway, both to a man and her pickles. She's an awesome host though.

    In 3 hours, in small, hands-on groups, we made our own cucumber pickle, and brewed up big steaming cauldrons of peach and chilli chutney. I tell you, the feeling of world-conquering satisfaction when you walk out of there with the fruits of your own labours is something everyone should experience once or ten times in their life.

    You learn:
    - how to sterilise jars
    - how to make pickles and chutneys
    - how to salt vegetables to reduce water content and keep them crunchy
    - how to make your own brine
    - the secrets of spices
    - how to process full jars of pickles and chutneys to ensure longevity
    - ethics and sustainability
    - how to LOVE and LAUGH

    They also do bread-making, cheese-making, and a day-long tomato party workshop. Best things you'll ever do.

    PS: massive shout-out to cooking elf Maddy for all her help too.

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