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  • 51 Memorial Pkwy
    Randolph, MA 02368
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    My friend and I were debating on what to eat for dinner. We ended up agreeing to come here though he has been here a few times before and while the food was good, as he said, the service was not so great. He felt ignored (because he was Caucasian) while the staff served the Asian folks first.

    We decided to come here anyways because we wanted something that wasn't so American.

    I ordered the Claypot with Chicken, shrimp and frog leg. He ordered the Chowfood with sauteed Beef.

    I got my order but it wasn't in a claypot. It was a metal pot with a handle that was made of wood so you don't burn yourself. The pot was indeed hot and so, the rice was still cooking and the skin was getting hard and crispy. It was topped with a crap load of thinly sliced carrots, onions, peppers, peas, diced carots (pretty sure these two was from a frozen bag), snow peas, some mushroom, 2 shrimp, 2 frog legs and a few slices of chicken breast.

    I was so disappointed it wasn't in a claypot. It doesn't even have that taste either. The frog leg was fried and dry, tasteless. The shrimp weren't the most freshest either.

    He ordered the Beef Chowfoon and got Chicken instead. The waitress came over when we told the guy it was supposed to be beef. She said, I took your order, you said chicken. I said no, I was asking if he wanted chicken or beef and he decided on beef and that was what we ordered. We didn't want to make a big fuzz so we just took it anyways since he didn't care. Again, lots of the veggies that he wouldn't eat  and more carrots, onions and some mushroom. There was also broccoli which was fine because I ate them.

    Tea was served and refilled with no problems. When we walked in, most of the tables were filled except for the last 3 by the door. As the door opens, the room is filled with cold air so we sat closer to the inside (and yes, you can still feel the draft). The others came in just after us had to sit right by the door and man, i feel bad for them.

    I have to say though -- the place is big, open and you can see everything and hear every conversation going on. Some of the folks that came in after us were served before us. Understandable since some of them ordered Pho and those are very easy and quick to make. And others ordered spring rolls and fried rice. Again, quick to make. Asian restaurants do not operate the same as "Americans" where they served by order received.

    There was about a 20 minute wait those that came in after all the tables were taken. Later on, while a white couple was still waiting, 3 Vietnamese ladies walked in and waltzed straight to the back where the kitchen is and was speaking to them and grabbed the table right by there. The white female told the staff they've been waiting with a horrified look. The waiter told her their table will be ready in a moment which was on the other side. The folks there just left and it was being cleaned.

    So I've got some mixed feelings about the place. The food was good. Service was ok, not exactly the best but considering it's an Asian place, that's simply how it is and I can accept that. The price on the other hand was at least a buck or two more than Chinatown.

  • 58 Beach St
    Boston, MA 02111
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    I used to not like this place very much. But lately I've been here a lot - at least 2 to 3 times a month if not more. I generally love the pricing here. It's not expensive and food is pretty decent. I've tried many of the dishes and haven't had any complaints on them.

    Service is meh like any other place in Chinatown so it's not even put into the equation when tallying how many stars this place deserves.

    Foods tried:
    Scallion pancakes - good size and tastes good too.
    Wings -- SO YUMMY!!!
    3 meats with rice -- excellent (Duck, Soy Sauce Chicken and Roast Pork)
    Seafood Chow mein (HK Style) oh yea -- love it! the noodles are always crispy and the seafood on top with sauce.
    ribs in black bean sauce and beans over rice - very tasty
    chicken and salty fish fried rice -- not the best but it's def in the top 5 for me
    beef with string beans over rice -- again this is very ordinary. I enjoy the green beans more than the beef
    Beef with scrambled eggs and peas over rice -- I can't help but say it - this is damn good. I am such a sucker for this because it reminded me of my grandma making it
    Short ribs over rice
    Frog legs clay pot -- this dish is amazing!! The frog legs are fresh unlike other places I've been to. It's packed with flavor marinated and cooked with cloves of garlic.  Kinda expensive but so worth it.
    Watercress and pork soup -- so salty i thought I was going to need a gallon of water

    This is all that i can remember now. I am sure some more will surface.

  • 275 Eastern Ave
    Malden, MA 02148
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    I came here for Dim Sum with a couple of friends over the weekend. The place was very busy typical of asian dim sum in the mornings and early afternoons.

    We ordered a couple of "common dishes" and a few we haven't tried before. One of them was the Durian pastry. It was very flaky like a croissant and in the middle was gooey-like durian that didn't stink much but tasted very good. The other dish we ordered was the salted egg custard bun. This literally just came out of the kitchen so the inside is hot and goey, but the outside is soft and topped with crispiness. We loved it so much we ordered one to go!!

    Price is reasonable and same as elsewhere. The ups - there is ample parking but probably need more on days like dim sum. Down - It's cold outside, don't sit by the door!!! We sat a couple of tables off and each time the door opens, Brrrrrrrrrrrr

  • 237 Quincy Ave
    Quincy, MA 02169
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    I've been here a couple of times. The first time it didn't really impress me much but it could have just been the company I was with.

    I came back on Sunday for Dim Sum with a few friends and some people I've never met through a meetup group. It was a good balance of people, with different tastes in food. We ordered one and some two of each items depending on who liked what. I've attached a picture showing some of the items ordered.

    My favorites are still:
    Chicken feet, Tripe (with hot chili oil), Har gow. A few new things I tried were fishball on mushroom and seafood gow - like har gow except it had other stuff mixed inside. All the stuff were pretty flavorful. The tofu bamboo shoots were not as great. It's seemed to have been a bit well done. I don't care much for any dish with pork in it. For whatever reason it always seem to have that gamey smell i dislike.

    Today, the best on the table was the Egg Tart. It was fresh and hot! The inside was gooey goodness while the outside was flaky! Normally I don't order this but it was worth it.

    The restaurant is very big. It used to be a buffet place way way back. For a restaurant of this size, they could have either used better tables or put a table cloth on it or something. Our table was completely bare and it just didn't look appealing. The chairs were ok, but pretty dirty and could probably use some cleaning. The floor is such a disgrace. part of it is carpeted while the middle section is tiles. It just doesn't look clean.

    The bathroom is in a very awkward place. You have to walk by the area where other special dim sum dishes are made/served. (this is where you go to get it yourself as it wouldn't be pushed through by the carts). once you pass by you walk all the way in - on your left is where the kitchen would be and it's stacked with sodas/drinks and misc items. You'd have to turn right and all the way in than left to get to the bathroom. The bathroom was actually clean, and automated faucets and flushing so that was a positive. And unlike other restaurants of this size, such as Hei La Moon and Empire Garden, it does NOT smell. That's a PLUS! Another PLUS about this place is that if you drive, there is ample parking in the lot which is also free and KAM MAN super market is nearly next door!

    Would I return - probably... but it's too far just to come out on a whim so unless there's a special occasion, it's unlikely.

  • 801 Massachusetts Ave
    Boston, MA 02118
    2.0 étoiles

    I bought a coupon for this place some time ago and it was going to expire soon so we went to eat here a couple of weeks ago. We were greeted with a friendly hostess who showed us to our table.

    Our server came over soon after to place our drinks. She was friendly and bubbly not not very familiar with the menu.

    We ordered our food and it sorta came out in a weird order. We ordered both Chinese and Japanese menus, but it doesn't seem so.... lol

    The Chinese was MEH... It hardly had taste or flavor. But the price was a bit steep. The salads were ok except for the huge chunks of iceberg lettuce. If they had used some actual greens it would have been worth the price. I do have to say - the dressing was very good, which was probably the only saving grace for the salads we ordered (of which, one came with one of the entrees. We could have ordered something else to try instead).

    The oysters were tasteless, no flavor at all.
    I did enjoy the fried softshell crab. that was pretty good.

    The steak with broccoli on a sizzling plate was not seasoned well. the broccoli was just boiled in water and had no flavor.

    The fried fish with veggies in a clay pot was a disgrace. The fish was completed covered in batter mixed with bok choy and carots along with bamboo shoots. It was extremely dark and salty, again, no flavor.

    The location of the restaurant is sorta weird and you don't really know where to park unless you call the restaurant and ask. The sign to the garage parking with validation was weird and awkwardly placed.

    Parking was free for 3 hours with validation from the Restaurant.

    They probably get a lot of their customers from the Hospital because it's across the street and the hotel because it's adjacent to it.

    Save your money and go to Chinatown to eat.

  • 270 Babcock St
    Boston, MA 02215
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    So 4 friends and I came here to eat. A few of us have been here before - roughly a couple of months ago but of course we didn't write up a review. I would say if i had to write one then it probably would have been 2 stars and i changed it to three because i did notice some improvements while in other areas lacking.

    First, let me begin by saying there were only 2 people working. Perhaps they didn't expect a big order or not many people around since most of the students have gone home?

    Two of my friends ordered 5 or 6 items each, and I ordered 3 along with another friend. It was slightly complicated I guess. We all ordered individually using the GILT CITY voucher.

    I ordered the Braised beef with stir fry veggie (no carrots and celery) over brown rice. Also with that was the grilled salmon and a side order of sweet potato fries. I was the last to order.

    Somewhere about 10 mins or so in the lady comes over to our table place 2 burgers down for 2 of the guests. She later comes over and tells everyone they ran out of white rice because of a previous big order and proceeded to tell us that there would be a roughly 20 minute wait. When I asked her she can substitute one of the orders with brown rice so my other friend could eat, she said there weren't enough for 3 orders (2 were mine), i told her she can substitute of them those with mine and I will just wait for the white rice since i wouldn't be eating it at the store. Everyone agrees so she went back to making it. I did tell her I would like to have the sweet potatoes asap.

    My friend's food came out about 10 mins later so she was able to eat. Here I was waiting for the sweet potato fries that never came. I went to inquire if I can get the sweet potato while the other two dishes are being worked on. The cook went ahead to make it. I waited 20 mins and not fries and noticed there was a bag sitting on the counter. I asked if those were the fries and she said yes - assuming it was to go. I picked it up and they were barely warm - they've been sitting there for awhile. I informed her of this and she apologized thinking i said it was to go. She went ahead and made a new order.

    She brought it out to us promptly and gave us an order for fried wontons on the house and once again apologized.

    I probably would have given the place 1 or maybe 2 stars otherwise. I gave them 3 because like i said, i noticed some improvements.

    For one, the first time i was there, i saw they were handling food without gloves. I advised them of that and that it was unsanitary and even more so because it was an open kitchen. Today, i took notice they were handling food with gloves. +1.

    And even though service was terribly slow and agonizing if you were hungry, they did make an effort to correct the issue. I think even though our orders may have been a bit confusing, they were individually written out on paper. And as miscommunications do happen from time to time, they make an effort to correct the issue and was sincere about it. +1.

    Braised Beef was decent and flavorful. It was a small portion but it did it's job. The stir fry veggies had too much variety and didn't make sense. The onions were overcooked. The brown rice was good.

    The grilled salmon had two tiny slices. It might be equal to 3 or 4 oz at best. It was definitely overcooked and dried out. The rest was the same as braised beef.

    Would I come back? Probably not.

  • 60 Oakland St
    Mansfield, MA 02048
    4.0 étoiles

    Not your typical Chinese restaurant! this place is old school, and old decor! Love it! You won't find many places like this.. why? because most places are either NEW as in modern looking or fancy shmanshy. This place is your local mom and pops place which has been around for nearly 3 decades.

    As we sat, water and hot tea were brought to us along with a basket of bread with butter. I forget the last time a Chinese restaurant offered bread and butter. lol so i was a bit surprised but my friend who's Caucasian was even more surprised than I was.

    The food is very typical of American Chinese so you won't find anything different except it has decent flavor. My favor is the Tofu with mixed veggies - slightly spicy and the Tofu was the bomb!! Also, loved the apps - we tried Befe teriyaki, and boneless ribs. Tahana friend rice was also very good! More on the Chinese traditional style than regular fried rice.

    We also had Chicken with Broccoli - I specifically requested to be make with a white sauce instead of the typical brown (soy) sauce and easily accommodated!

    At the end of the meal, a cup of cut pineapple was brought to the table along with fortune cookies. Very nice touch.

    Owners are very cool and down to earth. Also, plenty of space downstairs for Parties!!!! with a STAGE and dancing floor!! How great is that?! There's also an old style cig dispenser but it does't work. Also a very old juke box that requires records but it also doesn't work. Pretty cool for decor though!

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