Best Food Lakeway/Weslake/Bee Cave/Spicewood

  • 11905 Bee Cave Rd
    Bee Cave, TX 78738
    4.0 étoiles

    Yes, this place could really stand to hire another waitress since the service is hit or miss depending on how many customers they have when you go in, but their food is great. The best Italian I've had in the Bee Cave area for sure. The Alfredo sauce was the richest creamiest I've ever had, their bread "sticks" (they're actually formed into circles) are excellent (much like Reale's on 183), and their pizza had just the right amount of crisp and soft like a new york style should. Both my husband and I agreed their house italian dressing was odd as it tasted like marinara, but everything else has been good. A very homey place.

  • 2501 Ranch Rd 620 S
    Austin, TX 78738
    4.0 étoiles

    Some things to know:

    - Their booths are horrible as you'll feel every move of the person behind you. Grab a table or sit outside.
    - It's a pizza place. Don't expect fine dining. Or quiet kids. Kids like pizza...
    - My heels always slip on their floor. Walk gently.
    - their patio has a FABULOUS view. We went several times before realizing this.
    - In my book, their pizza rolls are only worth it when they're half price (monday?)
    - The pepperoni pizza is the bomb-diggity

    We love their pizza and this place is our current "fall back" when we want pizza in the Lakeway/Bee Cave area.

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