Because all I care about from a Viet restaurant is pho. Yes, I am a pho king wh*re.
  • 34400 Fremont Blvd
    Fremont, CA 94555
    5.0 étoiles

    Really? I'm one of the only ones? All right, but I'm surprised that so few reviewers have given 5 stars to this pho joint. As a kid I used to go every month or so with my family to Super Bowl [lol, I know] in Milpitas which had the most fantastic pho and egg rolls. Super Bowl closed long ago and is a distant relic in my memory. Pho 99 in Fremont became the place for my adolescent pho fix.

    + Pho: I get the pho #1 with all meat parts; soup is thick and exceptionally flavorful, the most important component for me; rare meat is plentiful; noodles nice and chewy
    + Egg rolls: something about these small renditions of chinese egg rolls, coupled with that fantastic fish sauce based dipping sauce makes this an all-time favorite here
    + Iced coffee: doesn't get much better than this.

    Something as simple as pho can get highly complicated when you apply your preferences and notion of what is good pho. But in my mind, the superior soup stock makes this bowl the best I've had so far. You can't review strip mall or random remote location pho stores on dining environment or service, because quite honestly, their focus and passion is on each bowl of pho they dish out.

    I would say drop by if you're in the area, but you don't have to make it a point to come out here.. unless, of course, you want to see where teenage me once happily engaged in bowls of epic pho.

  • 4051 Buford Hwy NE
    Atlanta, GA 30345
    5.0 étoiles

    THE best bowl of pho I have found in Atlanta. Easily tied for first with my favorite San Francisco Bay Area pho joints.

    + Pho: Delicious broth base, good quality meat parts. I have never, until Pho #1, seen a pho size for "X-Large". Being a badass and a terribly curious individual, I opted for the #1 (all meat parts) pho, X-Large. Let's just say, it's enough noodles in a tub-sized bowl to feed an entire extended family in Vietnam.
    + Egg rolls/spring rolls: both are solid here, do get some and share!
    + Iced coffee: so legit here I thought my mouth was going to explode from the intensity of it all

    The owners of the place have a much harder time understanding your requests in English than other pho joints I've come across, but they get what you ask for eventually.

    Cheap, ridiculous portion sizes if you opt for it, and delicious. Come here hungry, leave with a rice noodle coma.

  • 403 E Green St
    Champaign, IL 61820
    5.0 étoiles
    15/06/2010 Avis mis à jour

    After coming back here for the pho (Vietnamese noodles), I have to upgrade the rating to 4.5 stars, or basically rounded up to 5.

    Hungover after a night a the bars, the gf recommended grabbing pho at Mandarin Wok. I never even knew that this super-Chinese restaurant would offer Vietnamese noodles, let alone if it was authentic or not.

    Surprise. Surprise.

    The pho was EXCELLENT. Far exceeding the likes of legitimate Vietnamese establishments in the Champaign-Urbana area. I would venture to say that it rivals the pho I get back home in the San Francisco Bay Area, but that's probably because my pho-addicted brain craves any substitute.. although the Yelper in me looks for quality and authenticity :]

    Soup base was flavorful, noodles chewy, meat offering varied and delicious. And they even bring the bean sprouts, herbs, and jalapeno slices.

    You will not be disappointed coming here for a hot steaming bowl of pho. If you've never had pho in your life, consider trying it at Mandarin Wok a first step to something incredible.

    *Caveat*: only order the beef pho, as according to another Yelper the seafood pho is whack.

    4.0 étoiles
    30/01/2009 Avis précédent
    I want to be gentle because in reality, I am looking for great food; service is often overlooked by… En savoir plus
  • 2061 E 4th St
    Cleveland, OH 44113
    4.0 étoiles

    Came here with my coworkers and realized that it was the first time I was the only Asian in the group, which speaks volumes to the willingness of my Cleveland project team to try new things!

    Of course, pho was the #1 thing on all our minds, so we all ordered bowls.

    + The rare sliced beef on the pho is legit
    + Noodles are not overcooked
    + Broth is flavorful enough
    + Bbq pork and shrimp spring (soft white wrapper) rolls are a MUST

    - Other parts of meat like the tripe and tendon are not as plentiful or high quality as I would expect from a legit bowl of pho

    I come to Vietnamese restaurants for one thing only, and that is pho. Rating on the pho alone, I would have to say this place is a solid 4, regardless of the fact that this is downtown Cleveland. Going to check out Pho Superior tomorrow night with the same coworkers so I'll review that when I get the chance :]

    Come here for a solid, not too filling, lunch. The location in East Fourth means it's a great bustling lunch location with outdoor seating. And as the weather gets chillier, come here for a hot bowl of the chicken pho!

  • 3030 Superior Ave E
    Cleveland, OH 44114
    4.0 étoiles

    So just came back into the office smelling like pho, but it's all good!

    After running around on the streets and in and out of 3030 Superior with my female coworker (who is a Cleveland local) fretting about her safety, we finally realized that Superior pho was in the back of the building, accessible by walking through the front and inside of the chicken wing joint.

    Ok, on to the food!

    + Beef pho [with all meat}: rice noodles are slippery yet chewy; meat is sliced so thin that it is phenomenally soft and tender, I have never had such delectable meat in my pho before; soup was mediocre, it lacked that deep dark punch of pho flavor that I depend on since I don't add lime, siriacha or hoisin sauce to my pho.
    + BBQ pork and herb spring roll: the pork is the star of this dish with a great smoky punch with the herb adding a refreshing minty taste; sauce is really condensed and is a must with the roll
    + Vietnamese iced coffee: just like my favorite pho place back in the San Francisco Bay Area, they bring the drip coffee device to your table to pour the coffee over ice at your leisure. I love this because I enjoy drinking the iced coffee at the end of the meal rather than mixing it with hot pho during the meal

    The prices are very reasonable here compared to Saigon in the heart of downtown. However, hate me all you want Cleveland-ites (?), but the pho broth at Superior Pho lags behind that of Saigon.

    If you have a car or are in the area of Superior Pho and you want a light lunch that also staves off the gusty cold of the Midwest, make a point to stop in for a bowl!

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