Best Takeout in CLE

Favorite places to pick up food after work (or for meetings) in Cleveland
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    Maha's Falafel serves the best falafel I've ever eaten. The top falafel restaurant in Cleveland.  Better than falafel that I've had in New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Washington DC.  

    The pita bread is soft and fresh.  The falafel is fried perfectly - browned on the outside, but not burnt.  Inside, the falafel is soft and tasty.  Great hummus.  Plenty of fresh vegetables.  

    I'll admit that I haven't tried anything else on the menu, mainly because the falafel is so good that I have to order it when I'm there.  Maha's alone makes a trip to West Side Market worthwhile.  Bring cash, they don't accept credit cards.

  • 13124 Lorain Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44111
    5.0 étoiles

    Best deal for Asian noodles/rice dishes in Cleveland, in my opinion.  I've been here twice - and both times, I left impressed and very full.

    Cambodian food is similar to Thai food (of which there are a lot more restaurants in Cleveland), but it definitely has distinct flavors from Thai food.  Most recently, I ordered the Chha Kreoung, which is similar to Pad Thai but not the same as Pad Thai.  The dish consists of a lot of flat rice noodles and an abundance of whatever meat you choose to order.  I ordered the beef Chha Kreoung with fried tofu (you need to pay a little more for the tofu).  The vegetables include fried onions and peppers.  Portions are HUGE.  I came in starving and was very full.  My friends took half of their dishes home.

    In the past, I've ordered the Chha Kreoung Tek Trey Phem, which is the restaurant's house specialty and incredibly delicious.

    Service was reasonable.  The waiters and waitresses are friendly.  Few critiques, but nothing that would keep me from giving this restaurant a 5 star rating.  Our food didn't come out at the same time, but I'm assuming that's because not a lot of people are working in the kitchen.  Also, the menu could be condensed.  But both times I've gotten a good recommendation from the waiter or waitress, so this isn't an issue at all.  Great food at a very reasonable price!  My super size noodle dish was only $10.

  • 3936 Mayfield Rd
    Cleveland, OH 44121
    5.0 étoiles

    This place serves one of the best chicken dishes I've ever had from a takeout restaurant.  I ordered a large jerk chicken platter with a beef patty on the side.  The large jerk chicken is big enough for 2 people to share for lunch.  Alongside the chicken is a very generous portion of rice and beans and sauteed cabbage.  The sides are very tasty and can be ordered a la carte for $3.00-$3.50.  Chopped immediately before serving, the chicken was juicy and well seasoned.  Everything is moderately spicy.

    The beef patty was also tasty and fresh.  It's not actually a patty, but more like a meat turnover.  I liked the jerk chicken better, but the beef patty is tasty and cheap.  There are other varieties of chicken on the menu (curry, stew).  I also saw a lot of goat items and fish items that I would try in the future.

    A lot of the menu items were not available when I went.  This just gives me a reason to go back another time to try some of the other dishes.

  • 13715 Madison Ave
    Lakewood, OH 44107
    5.0 étoiles

    Angelo's Pizza is the one place in Cleveland where I am willing to wait two hours to eat pizza.  I usually go with my friends for the Monday dine-in half-off special.  Everything about the pizza is great.  The sauce is delicious and the crust on the deep dish pan pizza is crisp and flavorful.  Their pizzas always have a large amount of toppings.  My personal favorites are the Acapulco BBQ chicken pizza and the Deluxe pizza.  Although the wait can be long, the service is great - the staff is very receptive in the very rare occasion a mistake is made with your order.  I've eaten deep dish pizza at the original Uno's in Chicago, and I like Angelo's Pizza just as much as the pizza I had there.

  • 5850 Mayfield Rd
    Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
    4.0 étoiles

    If you're in the vicinity of Mayfield Heights and want to buy ingredients to make your own Indian food, the best thing to do is to go to Lakshmi Plaza.  If you get to Lakshmi Plaza and realize that you don't feel like cooking anymore, what's the best thing to do?  Walk to the next plaza and try Taste of Kerala.

    The restaurant does takeout only.  Inside, there is only the register, a few chairs for waiting customers, and a display case that shows some of the restaurant's appetizers (e.g., samosas, vegetable puffs).  The owners are very friendly and the food comes out fairly quickly.  There isn't a huge selection of items on the standard everyday menu, but there are specials that change from day to day.  Today, I ordered the chili chicken special, which was delicious.   I ordered my food "moderately spicy" and thought it was actually moderately spicy, which isn't always the case with restaurants that have "spicy" food in Cleveland.  Another selling point of this restaurant is the low average entree price, which is less than $10.   All in all, this place is a great value.  I'll definitely go back to Taste of Kerala when I'm in the area.

  • 1992 Warrensville Center Rd
    Cleveland, OH 44121
    4.0 étoiles

    Quite an impressive fried catfish platter.  I had a craving for some Southern food, so I went to try Battiste & Dupree.

    The fried catfish platter came with two sides - I chose the red beans and rice and the Creole potato salad.  The fried catfish was perfectly breaded and fried.  The sauce, which is similar to a Creole tartar sauce, also tasted very good.  Only thing I would change is to have less salt in the breading.  The rice and beans had decent flavor and was just a little bit spicy.  I liked how the Creole potato salad had Granny Smith apples in it.  The potato salad overall was sweet and not too creamy.

    This place is a small restaurant in a strip mall, so there isn't a huge dining area.  There is a large bar, though, to sit at.  The dishes are moderately priced. (my entree was $15).

  • 1918 Lee Rd
    Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
    4.0 étoiles

    If you liked Mekong River, you'll like Lotus Thai House.  Same location, same atmosphere, and in my opinion the food has gotten better.

    I decided to be a little adventurous and not order chicken satay and potstickers, which is what I almost always order for appetizers at a Thai restaurant.  Instead, I started off with the stuffed boneless chicken wings.  The mussels were big and came in a tasty lemongrass broth.  The boneless chicken wings were small.  Basically they are deboned chicken wings stuffed with ground chicken, vegetables, and spices.  In one order, you get 2 wings that are each cut into thirds.  I would have preferred more wings, but the presentation was good and what we got was delicious.

    For the entree, I ordered the Salmon Paradise.  Just like when this restaurant was Mekong River, you get a lot of food.  The piece of fish was very large and was served with a lot of curry.  There was a lot of flavor in the curry and the fish, which was advertised on the menu to be "steamed to perfection", did not disappoint.

    My friends ordered the Pad Thai and the three way pork fried rice.  I didn't try any, so I can't comment on how those dishes tasted.  I did observe that their portions were also well sized.

  • 3951 St Clair Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44114
    4.0 étoiles

    The best Asian restaurant in Cleveland for large groups in my opinion in Cleveland.  There are other restaurants with more big tables, but the food is not as good.  Other Asian restaurants have much better dishes, but at dinnertime rush it may be tough to seat a party of 8.

    Not to say that the food is mediocre.  Siam Cafe serves a large variety of Asian dishes.  There are mostly Thai dishes and Chinese dishes.  I'm a huge fan of their basil beef/basil chicken dishes.  Other dishes that I order often are the sauteed fish filet with vegetable, the minced beef and egg drop soup, and the beef short ribs with black pepper sauce.  The hot plates and dishes served in clay pots are also very good.  I recently ordered the stir fried beef and vegetable over rice noodles and was pleased to see that the portion size was enough for two meals.

    Siam Cafe tries to do a lot of dishes.  If you go to an Asian restaurant that specializes more in a particular regional Chinese cuisine (Cantonese, Szechuan), you will probably enjoy the respective dishes there more.  But if you want to enjoy a huge variety of Asian dishes with a lot of your friends, this is a great restaurant to go to.

  • 13463 Cedar Rd
    Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
    4.0 étoiles

    Melt is the place in Cleveland for solid bar food.  It's amazing how many different things can go into a grilled cheese sandwich.  The portions are very large - I've gone several times with friends and have never seen someone not take part of the Godfather sandwich (lasagna on a grilled cheese sandwich) home. Every sandwich comes with a heaping portion of fries, which are very well seasoned and my favorite fries in Cleveland, and coleslaw, which tends to be lighter than coleslaw served at other restaurants.  My favorite sandwiches are the chorizo and potato and the blackened chicken sandwich.  There are also very creative "sandwiches of the month" which I often wish would be part of the regular menu.    Two pieces of advice - go at an off-peak hour, as the wait can be long during normal lunch and dinner hours.  And don't expect a salad to be a healthy option - you'll get as much bacon and cheese on your salad as you will get greens.

  • 724 Richmond Rd
    Cleveland, OH 44143
    4.0 étoiles

    Great Chinese food, huge portions, and an owner with a great sense of humor.  Hunan East may look like your everyday Chinese suburban takeout joint, but its quality definitely surpasses what you would get at your typical Chinese takeout restaurant.

    I've had 5 of their dishes now and I would say that all of them are tasty.  The large picture menu makes it easy to order items.   I ordered the hot and sour soup the last time I was there and enjoyed it so much that I ordered a second bowl.  The ma po tofu is decent.   The vegetable dishes were delicious.  If you're very hungry, go for the lion's head with vermicelli.   Essentially the filling of a chicken dumpling rolled into a meatball, one of the 5 meatballs in the dish easily had more meat than 4 normal sized meatballs.  And the noodles in the dish were good too.

  • 4.0 étoiles

    Four stars for the meat pies and the milkshakes.  This place is great for lunch - the meat pies are huge, so you will definitely leave full.  One time, I ordered the meat pie and a milkshake and it was almost too much.

    There is plenty of seating in the restaurant.  I most recently tried the Ralph.  As I mentioned, the meat pie was stuffed with food.  The vegetables are very fresh, there was plenty of cheese, and the cook definitely did not skimp on the meat.  I think the meat could have been marinated a little better, as there was a little bit of a gamy taste.  But otherwise, it was a great take-out lunch.

    Also, if you have friends who are vegetarians - plenty of vegetarian options on the menu.  One of the best selections for vegetarian food that I've seen at a restaurant.

  • 2188 Murray Hill Rd
    Cleveland, OH 44106
    4.0 étoiles

    La Pizzeria is one of the few low-priced restaurants that are within walking distance to Case's campus.  I occasionally go to La Pizzeria to pick up lunch when I need a change from Qdoba or the University Hospitals cafeteria.  There isn't much seating inside the restaurant, although there are several outdoor tables set up during the summer.  The inside of the restaurant tends to get hot during the summer, so if you want to eat there during that time of year, you will probably want to sit outside. The restaurant has very good meatballs and both the House Specialty pizza (a white pizza with chicken, peppers, onions, artichokes, and olives) and House Specialty oven baked sub (a very well-stuffed Italian sub) are delicious. Their other pizzas are very good as well.  If you're a Case student looking for a reasonably priced meal close to campus, I would definitely check this place out.

  • 1803 Coventry Rd
    Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
    4.0 étoiles

    My favorite place for Asian takeout on Coventry.  Tree Country Bistro serves a variety of Japanese, Thai, and Korean food.  So if you have a friend who wants bibimbap, another friend who wants sushi, and a third friend who wants Pad Thai for dinner, this isn't a bad place to go eat at.

    I order here frequently for work meetings.  Out of the menu, I like the noodle dishes the most (Pad Thai, Country Pad Thai, Crazy Noodles).   For the price (~$10), these dishes are a pretty good value.  My new favorite is the Indonesian Fried Rice.  Fried rice usually isn't the first thing I order when I go out to eat, but one day I had a craving and ordered it.  It's a fried rice with both stir fried chicken and chicken tempura, topped with a fried egg.  Pretty tasty.  When I order takeout for a large group, I always order it now.

    I have never tried the sushi. The curries and Korean dishes, in my opinion, are tasty but nothing special.  Service at the restaurant is pretty good - everyone there is very friendly.

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