The first rule of Brunch Club is you don't talk about Brunch Club.
  • 116 S Addison St
    Richmond, VA 23220
    4.0 étoiles

    Ob. Sessed. With. Lamplighter. So. Much. So. That complete sentences. Seem. Meaning. Less.

    Went here this morning for a teary farewell brunch with one of my favorite people ever, but the ambience and libations made everything seem a little brighter. I had the Cappadonna sandwich and I loved every bite of tender capicola, gooey, delectable brie, and crisp pear. The bread was awesome too; it was soft and warm and hadn't turned into a hard black rock during toasting. (My mouth is watering as I type this, can you tell?) My companion had an egg sandwich with havarti, asparagus, and tomato, which she thoroughly enjoyed as well. Our drinks were nice too, served in icy mason jars. I got the housemade ginger ale, which was refreshing and super gingery. Friend Eryn ordered an iced coffee. Mmmmm.

    Also the staff was super nice (slightly awkward and gawky, but nice) and we didn't have to wait long for our food to arrive at all. The decor, furniture and ambience was also lovely.

    One star off for price--almost $9 for a sandwich? And also for the lack of air-conditioning/sunlight in that creepy enclosed patio.

  • 2.0 étoiles

    I had a breakfast meeting this morning at Cassatt's. I was the first of my party to arrive, so I explained to the waiter that 2 more people would be joining me. My companions, like most people, occasionally run late, so I was probably sitting there alone for 10 minutes at a table for 3, getting an unfriendly vibe from the waiters on duty. One of them even came over to ask me if I'd like to move to another table! Um. First of all, I'd only been sitting there for 5 minutes, second of all, it's not like you have 20 people waiting to be seated for breakfast on a Tuesday!

    The food was fine. Just fine. Nothing terribly special. They were nice enough to make me a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, as opposed to the one with sausage on their menu. Flat white was super strong and made me kind of jittery. However, everything was over-priced. My two companions each paid $7.50 for a bowl of chopped fruit that was on the small side. A bagel and lox will run you $10.50.

    Oh and also they will kick you out in the middle of your meeting. Thanks Cassatt's.

  • 2043 W Broad St
    Richmond, VA 23220
    5.0 étoiles

    This place. THIS PLACE.

    UNF. I can't say enough good things. I've been here several times before, but went here today and decided it was finally time to give it a good Yelp review. Nay, a SUPERIOR Yelp review. The owners are super kind, very passionate, and very helpful. Just make the time to talk to them and they'll want to talk to you.

    Everything in this place is locally sourced. You can get most everything gluten free, vegetarian, pescetarian or vegan. It's awesome. A good friend (my brunch buddy) and I were pleasantly surprised to discover their $20 mimosa pitcher special. It yields about 4-5 mimosas per person, which ensures you'll really enjoy your brunch. I mean, the brunch is superior whilst sober, but who doesn't love $20 mimosas?

    I ordered the Salmon Eggs Benedict, which was practically perfect in every way. The salmon is PERFECTLY house-cured and served over biscuits (excellently made) and eggs perfectly poached and a delectable hollandaise. My dining companion got the loaded breakfast crepe and a cappuccino and was very happy with his choices, too. Yes, the portions are smaller than you're probably used to, but they're still filling and definitely worth the money.

    Just get yourself over there. They just won a Travel Channel commercial so they're going to get a ton more popular. Seriously, you won't regret it.

  • 27 W Broad St
    Richmond, VA 23220
    3.0 étoiles

    Bistro 27 was the site of the 3rd meeting of Brunch Club. We like our drinks strong and our meals delicious and affordable. And most importantly, we do NOT talk about Brunch Club.

    Luckily, it won't be too hard to *not* talk about Bistro 27. The meal started off really well, with kind staff who probably thought we were on a date. The homemade biscuits and jam they brought out were nice and fluffy, they reminded me of the ones my dad makes. We both ordered blood orange bellinis, which were yummy, strong, and not too sweet. Good start. Those were the best parts of my meal. I ordered salmon eggs benedict, but the burnt English muffin and bland eggs made me long for the delicious rendition at the Empress. I wish they'd served it on those yummy biscuits!! My companion ordered steak and eggs. The steak was nicely cooked and seasoned, but his eggs were also pretty unexciting. Both plates were accompanied by hashbrowns and fruit. I liked that the fruit included blackberries and cantaloupe, but the hashbrowns tasted like they'd been frozen and were also pretty bland.

    I do hope Bistro 27 can give me something to talk about in the future. But maybe for lunch or dinner.

  • 182 8th Ave
    New York, NY 10011
    5.0 étoiles

    $15 for brunch with a cocktail and a cup of coffee? And the food is actually good? AND I'm still in New York? I believe I've died and gone to Brunch Heaven.

    Quick, what is Brunch Heaven made of?
    A. a sandwich made with succulent roasted Niman Ranch pork, oooey gooey cheese, zesty peppers, and fresh made guac, for one
    B. Bloody Marys with real horseradish that shoots up your straw when you sip
    C. a mushroom omelette your foodie companion deems among the best she's ever had
    D. all of the above, plus a bunch more delicious sounding options

    The correct answer is D, as in I DO believe I'll be returning to see if Rocking Horse can transport me to other unearthly rewards, such as Lupper (Lunch + Supper) Paradise or Midfast (Midnight Snack + Breakfast) Nirvana.

  • 375 Greenwich St
    New York, NY 10013
    2.0 étoiles

    Oh Robert de Niro. I expected more from you. I guess when you have such a prolific acting career, you can't really devote as much time to a restaurant. Sigh.

    My sister, her manfriend, and I went her for brunch on one of those perfect New York summer Sundays. Sadly, our brunch was less than perfect. The place (very neatly decorated, I'll give it that) was fairly deserted, but it took FOREVER for our waiter to drop by our table. When he brought our drinks, he spilled probably an ounce of my sister's on the table and didn't offer to make her another one. I mean, that's probably about $3 of the $14 cocktail! They were good though--I had a twist on the Pimm's cup with cucumber and orange, Sister had a sort of fruity martini, and Manfriend had a mimosa made with gin. My chorizo eggs benedict had a perfectly poached egg and a divine hollandaise, but there was twice as much English muffin as there was egg or sausage. Sister's banana french toast had three slices of banana over four large pieces of bread. And Manfriend's biscuits and gravy consisted of two teeny biscuits, probably three inches in diameter.

    Sorry, Bobby. I don't think a Taxi Driver will be taking me to Meet the Parents with my Goodfellas here anytime soon.

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