California Coastal Trip

California Dreamin'! Don't forget this if you're taking the magnificent Highway 1
  • 9135 Hearst Dr
    San Simeon, CA 93452
    3.0 étoiles

    First of all, I only paid $100 for a kings room, and I am being reasonable with what I've paid for. Otherwise, I would've given it 2 stars.

    The room was so paisley/flower: dark fabric and feeling depressed and old.

    The pillows were sucky: they were flat and old. We definitely needed 2 more, at least.

    The semi-outdoor pool was actually great. It was small but since no one was there during that cold night, it was fun swim under milky way. The water could be a tad warmer...

    Staff was generally friendly, but nothing exceptional overall.

    There was a back door that provide quick access to parking lot if you happen to stay on the south wing (or left wing if you're facing the building).

    Breakfast was lame. There was no toast! The baked goods were totally sad.

    But I paid only $100 bucks for my king's room without a reservation, remember!!! Oh, just so you know, it was not during the peak season.

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