Desserts to Diet for

See what I did thar? Okay nevermind...
  • 1732 NW 16th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73106
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    Who doesn't like lists? Jerks, that's who.

    [] What's Perfect []

    The customer service is... On. Point. I mean... What is up with the employees at this place? They're so happy. And not in a phony way. They're genuinely happy and kind people. Their personalities fit so well with what one would expect from a place like Roxy's. The employees also serve to remind me how other places are just as kitschy and fun looking while having begrudging, and resentful service. ::cough::Pinkitzel::cough::

    KeepItLocalOK: They take it. Get an extra punch on some card thingie. I doubt I'll be filling that up any time soon because... I like not having Type 2 diabetes. I'm kidding. This place won't give you Type 2 diabetes. However, your need to eat an entire pint of ice cream by yourself on a regular basis might.

    [] What's Ever So Slightly Off []

    The Graham Cracker is really good. So is the Salted Caramel. The Coffee and Cream is okay. They're all mostly good. But... That's it. They're good. I don't know... Maybe I was expecting it to change my life based on some of the reviews. Regardless of what you get though, they all melt really quickly. Gobble that business up quickly.

    The price is... ::makes scrunchy face:: Yeah, yeah, homemade ice cream, fair market price, et cetera. But the prices still cause some brain freeze. How do I explain my issue in a way that makes sense? Okay, so here are some prices for comparison:

    - Talenti's Gelato is $8/pint.
    - Capogiro Gelato is $10/pint.
    - Braum's Ice Cream is $1/pint.
    - Roxy's Ice Cream Social... $9/pint.

    Maybe when you're ordering a single serving at $3, you're not really thinking about how expensive this ice cream is, but... This is stupidly expensive ice cream. Not gelato. Not custard. Ice cream. I mean... I'm not saying I don't like Roxy's. I like it. I do. Is it better than Braum's ice cream? Yeah. But I'm not sure it's thaaaaat much better...

  • 746 Asp Ave
    Norman, OK 73069
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    Have you heard of the Round Down Rule?

    Probably not, because I made it up.

    It's simple. When you're eating something of a finite shape and size (for example, a delicious donut), you cut it into three equal-sized pieces. Now, eat only one of those three pieces (give the other two to friends or family). You've now eaten 1/3 of the food item, but that's under 1/2 of the food item, so you can round down to 0 and it's like you didn't eat the food item at all.

    Now do this with the multiple flavors of donuts found at Hurts Donut Company, and you'll get to enjoy a lot of the things without consuming any calories. I have not eaten three donuts already in the last 24 hours. It's all about tricking your stupid brain with math. Believe it or not, I actually did really well in my undergraduate math classes...

    The different types of donuts offered by Hurts Donut Company gives me joy. It's the simple things. Like bacon. Or Butterfinger®. Or bacon. On donuts. It's kind of beautiful. Or evil. I haven't decided yet. There are a lot of variations of chocolate cake donuts, which I totally dig. I'm also a little curious about this donut shake thing. It sounds dangerous, which fascinates me all the more. I have a desire to have a milkshake made using the Andes mint donut. The cereal covered donuts though? Nope. I have no desire to try any of them, especially when it's flavored cardboard cereal like Froot Loops. It doesn't even sound like it would be fun to eat those things.

    Oh. And open 24-hours? That's kind of brilliant.


    - The decor/design/furnishings are very college appropriate but the chairs are not comfortable. Which... in my humble opinion is an important feature that should be offered to the customer; a comfortable chair for my derriere. This is especially important considering that you're playing an active role in making said derriere larger with the products that you sell.
    - Some of the donuts are... dry. Womp.
    - Placards with details on the donuts would help.
    - The Jesus donut is... kind of wrong. 1) it doesn't make sense, and 2) it's not a "perfect" donut by any stretch of the imagination.
    - Prices are kind of steep. I doubt that will change, but whatever. I get that it's the novelty of unique donut combinations that gets people in the door, and because of that I'm mostly a fan.

  • 3601 S Broadway
    Edmond, OK 73013
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    A (Mostly Sort of) True Story:

    Jeff was hungry. Famished even. It was somewhat early for lunch (right before 11 a.m.) and a lot of the restaurants were still closed, but Jeff couldn't wait any longer. He had been up all night studying for an exam, and his intestines were writhing in pain from too much caffeine and too little sleep. He had to eat. He had to eat now. His impatience was palpable as he drove South on Broadway. Through the haze of hunger, there was a moment of clarity when he realized that City Bites was already open. Brakes slammed, tires squealed, an abrupt turn was made into the parking lot, and Jeff had to hold himself back from bolting into the restaurant[1].

    It didn't take him long to order. BlackJack Chicken on 'Everything Wheat' bread practically screamed at him from the menu, so he screamed it back[1]. He also ordered a pumpkin cookie for good measure. There was a sigh of relief that escaped his lips when Jeff realized that he was just moments away from quieting the beast growling in his innards. That's when He walked in.

    He was a rosy-cheeked man with a mustache and a baseball cap. He seemed to be heading for the path to Type 2 diabetes[1] (assuming his feet weren't already squarely planted on it). He walked up to the counter, and Jeff glanced at him in passing, their eyes meeting ever so briefly. Jeff didn't realize at that moment that he was looking at the enemy. The opposition. The adversary. The villain... The man ordered the Baja Chicken Tacos without hesitation. He then told the attractive young woman at the counter his name. Joe. The name that will be seared into Jeff's brain for at least a week, maybe two weeks[1].

    Joe sat down. Silence followed. More silence. Occasionally, the silence was broken by the bustle of the kitchen as they prepared the food. Then Jeff heard it. His name. "Jeff, your order is ready!" exclaimed the attractive woman. Jeff sprang to his feet and walked to the counter, but feelings of excitement quickly turned to confusion. His food wasn't on the counter. He looked around uncertain about what just happened. And then he saw his sandwich, his love, his BlackJack Chicken. It seemed to cry out to him as it entered the mouth of that villain. Joe!

    Jeff stood there with his mouth agape, a silent scream caught in his throat[1]. His ears pounded. Was this actually happening? "Did this obese, florid-faced man just pilfer my sandwich?" he thought incredulously. Then the attractive woman's voice was heard again as she said, "Joe, your order is ready!" Joe looked up, eyes wide, and mouth jammed with a sandwich that wasn't his. His face was red and sweaty with excitement, and maybe a touch of shame. He averted his eyes from Jeff's and kept eating, pretending he didn't hear his name. Jeff turned to the attractive woman and pointed out that the Baja Chicken Tacos weren't his. All of the employees looked on, stupefied as Joe continued to stuff himself in a fearful frenzy, disturbed by the notion that the purloined sandwich would be snatched from his grasp[1].

    There was a sadness in her eyes when she realized the shameful event that had taken place, and the young woman apologized, and informed Jeff she would rectify this heinous action. Jeff sat back down. He felt tired. Defeated. Joe continued to avoid eye contact, abashed by his stupidity. "How could I have confused Jeff with Joe? Did my tiny brain forget that I ordered tacos and not a sandwich?" Joe interrogated himself. But it was too late. He had done the unforgivable and stolen another man's food. He would carry this moment with him as a badge of dishonor. His children would feel shame, but be unable to explain why. But they would know. They would have an indescribable awareness that their father was a terrible human being.

    The attractive young woman walked over to Jeff and placed a new BlackJack Chicken sandwich near him. With tears in her eyes[1], she apologized for her part in this terrible deed. Jeff was astounded that the young woman was apologizing for something that wasn't her fault. He wanted to ask her for her name, maybe reach out to her and let her know that her kindness would not be forgotten. But she was gone. Like a ghost. A shadow. A whisper[1].

    Okay, I'm bored, this story is taking too long. The sandwich was delicious. The cookie was delicious as well. ~$6.00 for the two.

    [1]Note: Exaggeration.

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    Order the Fleetwood.[1]

    Pick your choice of bread.

    When they ask you what kind of sauce you would…
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  • 150 S EK Gaylord Blvd
    Oklahoma City, OK 73104
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    Pinkitzel phones it in. It's like watching a teenager being forced to work a summer job by her rich parents who are hoping to teach her a lesson about... Something and... You know what, this is a terrible analogy. Start over.

    Pinkitzel tries to get by on the Disney-esque aesthetic, but the cupcakes are definitely lower-tier (and small) for this city. Also, it being located across the street from the Chesapeake Energy Arena means that me telling you that this place is average (on a good day) will make absolutely no difference to their bottom line. And good for them for managing to be successful while not having anything particularly good. I guess it's the same way that Toby Keith's I Heart This Bar & Grill is a thing that manages to succeed despite being something dreamed up by Toby Keith. Fornicate the haters (including me). You do you, Pinkitzel. Live the American dream. Get by on your well-planned, strategically-placed mediocrity.

    That aside, there's nothing special about them. And did I mention expensive? Because everything in here is that. None of it is particularly good either. I prefer Lolli and Pops. They're just as expensive as Pinkitzel, but at least they have some unique, and delicious confectionery offerings. Pinkitzel has three focused areas: (1) average (at best) cupcakes, (2) expensive truffles, and (3) meh saltwater taffy. Well four focused areas, if you include the overpriced puzzle games for children.

    But still, they have cupcakes. Which is better than... No cupcakes, right? I mean, we're talking about some major first world problems if overpriced, disappointing (and small) cupcakes are the worst things we have to deal with in our pampered lives.

    Also, customer service can best be described as... Cold? Unfriendly? Resentful? Like a teenager being forced to work a summer... Right, I've already mentioned this part.

    Also, the fedora part of the uniform; I can't tell if the owner is a Redditor trying to be funny, or if they genuinely thought fedoras were a good idea...

    [*][*][*] because Disney-esque kitsch, and not entirely terrible (but not particularly good) cupcakes. And they're small. And overpriced. In case I forgot to mention that...

    P. S. So, Pinkitzel is setting up shop in Tulsa too. Right next to the BOK Center. Genius. Kudos once again on the strategic placement. Now spend a little more time on your food and customer service.

  • 2520 W. Memorial Rd.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73134
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    One individual describes his amazing experience when he first realized that the dessert he was eating was from Nothing Bundt Cakes.[1]

    "Well, I walked up to go get me a dessert, and then I thought somebody was baking. I said, "Oh Lord Jesus, it's a Bundtini!" Then I ran to it, and I didn't grab no napkins or nothin' Jesus! I ate for my life, and then the sugar got me! I got Type 2 diabetes. Ain't nobody got time for that!"[2]

    The Chocolate Chocolate Chip. The Red Velvet. The Lemon. The Carrot Cake. The Cream Cheese Icing. Do I need to start doing the "Oh Lord Jesus, it's a Bundtini!" thing again? Because I'll do it for bundt cake. In public if I have to.

    Get it. Get it now. It doesn't even matter how much it costs (around $17.00 for a dozen; supposedly there are frequent Groupon(ish) deals for NBC, but I've never found them). They're so moist. So delicious. There's a moment, when your tongue touches the cream cheese and soft cake, and you'll think, "Yup. That's it. Right there."

    Okay, that's a bit dramatic, but it really is one of my favorite cakes in the city.

    [1]Note: This review will have maximum impact if you understand the reference.…
    [2]Note: I did not get Type 2 diabetes. No offense was intended if you have diabetes. It's a serious malady. I wasn't trying to make light of it, but it was sort of an oblique rhyme to "bronchitis."

  • 1021 Meyerside Drive
    Mississauga, ON L5T 1J6
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    Apparently it was amateur hour at Old Mill Toronto thanks to Buttercream Temptations.

    When you take money from a customer, I think it's safe to say that you're expected to produce something reasonably close to what was agreed upon. When you produce something that was not agreed upon, you then try to fix it. If you can't fix it, you don't then ignore all of the (15+) phone calls from the wedding coordinator and others who are panicked and wanting your help in trying to fix what you made.

    I don't even know what to say beyond the fact that the wedding cake was kind of ugly, and about to topple over until the staff at Old Mill stepped in (with the caveat that they couldn't be held responsible if the cake toppled over while they tried to prevent just that). The Old Mill staff managed to dowel it up and make it look very similar to a sad, melty Leaning Tower of Pisa. I don't think there were any dowels in the cake to begin with, which blows my mind. Why would there be a multi-tier cake made without dowels? Buddy Valastro would have an apoplectic fit.

    We basically had to change the reception's order of events and immediately head for the cake to cut it once we walked into the hall, so that it could be moved out of sight quickly. I kept lying to everyone who asked about the cake; that it was supposed to be crooked... Like a tree, you guys... because the wedding theme was all... woodsy and stuff, I dunno. So of course it's not supposed to be straight you guys... Right? Yeah, I don't think anyone bought it...

    I will say this. It tasted pretty good. Well one of the flavors did, while the other one was really dry. So props on that end. It looked a bit like something from the mind of Tim Burton, but it went down nicely to hide the somewhat bitter taste from the whole experience. She may not be as expensive as the professionals who know what they're doing, but considering the shoddy work, I suppose any money we had given was actually wasted.

    I get that things happen. Murphy's Law is in full effect on one's wedding day. But maybe follow up when things happen? Maybe own up when something goes wrong? Maybe don't go into hiding while people are trying to get a hold of you? Maybe respond to messages sent after the wedding? We still haven't gotten hold of her, and the wedding was more than a month ago. She's choosing to simply ignore us. We would have excused the sub-par final product if she had taken the time to talk to us after the wedding. But the fact that she's pretending we don't exist is what really takes the cake (terrible pun intended). It's safe to say that you shouldn't trust her to do much of anything properly (let alone acknowledge you) after money has exchanged hands.

    tl;dr: she took our money, gave a disappointing finished product that almost fell over, and disappeared after that. Furthermore, she isn't responding to our messages. It is my personal recommendation that you think long and hard before considering such an unprofessional dilettante for your special event. The cake did taste good though.

  • 1117 NW 25th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73106
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    I first heard (amazing things) about Banana Island a few years ago. I meant to go to this establishment sooner, but something always came up (usually, that something was my inborn laziness and a conveniently located Chick Fil-A near my house). My friend took me here one day against my wishes. At the time, I was on a hardcore diet/exercise plan that limited my carbohydrate intake. Going to any Asian restaurant and expecting to order off the menu while adding the caveat, "No delicious carbs please" is practically asking for failure on your part, and open ridicule from them. But I have a terrible friend who seems to enjoy watching me fail.

    However, I was determined not to fail, so I asked if it was possible to replace the side order of rice with some steamed veggies of their choosing. He initially seemed confused at the request, but then he apologized and told me that such a substitution was not possible. I shrugged my shoulders and was resigned to just leave the rice alone when it came. My mother would have yelled at me; something about poor kids in India, Africa, some country where rice is lacking. However, when the food arrived, there was no side order of rice to be seen. They must have felt bad for being unwilling to satisfy my earlier request, because while the rice was missing, the food on my plate was stacked significantly higher than on my friend's plate and we had both ordered the exact same dish. I thought that was rather generous and considerate of them[1].

    Now on to the food: I got the Indian Chili Chicken. Extra spicy. It was incredibly filling, really delicious, they did not skimp on the meat, and they took my spicy request seriously, which makes me quite happy. The description does say that cinnamon is an element in the dish, and it is pretty evident; more so than the average Indian dish I've had over the last two decades (I'm Indian, I know), but this is Malaysian food after all. The gravy could have been thicker, but that's more personal preference, and it didn't really detract from the meal itself.

    The excellent service, and delicious meal left me with a warm feeling (or that could have been the searing heat in my throat). The prices are fairly reasonable (the dish I ordered was around $8.00 I believe). I will definitely be back. For some carbohydrates.

    Also, while I have not had the noodles at this fine establishment, I have seen them ordered as takeout by friends, and they look just like noodles that I've had at other places where they were mindblowingly delicious, so I'm sure they taste just as good here. Try this: Stir Fried Flat Noodle (Chow Kuch Teow). Actually, I would vouch for most anything on the menu because it all seems very similar to a place in Philadelphia, which I loved.

    [1]Disclaimer: Don't go in and say you don't want a side order of rice just to see if they'll give you more food. I can't promise it'll happen.

  • 5740 N Classen Blvd
    Oklahoma City, OK 73118
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    I'm going to say something very un-American.

    Is it possible to have smaller sizes for the milkshakes?

    Gasp! Portion control. What a concept. $3.99 for a milkshake seems steepish, but it's fairly sizeable, thick, and delicious so I suppose you're getting your money's worth. But it's (imho) way more milkshake than any one person should be consuming; not unless you were recently dumped or something. When you're eating, there's a moment where you go from thinking, "This is an enjoyable experience!" to, "I'm a horrible human being and no one should love me."

    Tucker's lack of size options leaves me feeling like a horrible human being, so I try not to make a habit of it. But I'm also someone who's satisfied with a junior milkshake from Braum's (the tiny pink cup); that way I get my sweet tooth taken care of without feeling like a manatee after.

    After going to Tucker's last week and ordering a chocolate milkshake, no amount of running later that day could undo that heinously unhealthy (albeit delicious) choice. And I tried. Lord knows I tried to run myself into the ground out of guilt. Get the milkshake only if you have someone with you to split the delightful dessert (ask for an empty cup or something), or if you're someone who is used to feeling terrible about yourself on the regular.

    The burgers are consistently delicious (get the single onion burger with extra onions, and jalapeños). The fries are less consistent, but they are fresh and the noticeable flecks of sea salt (or whatever it is) is a nice touch.

    The food is 4-stars. The customer service is 5-stars. Seriously. Such wonderful and kind people that it makes my heart ache. But that could be all the sugar. Food and service weighted equally would be 4.5 stars, and I round up instead of down.

    P. S. Use your KeepItLocalOK card. If you're going to be a fattie, at the very least save yourself 10%.

    P. P. S. If you're into shameless self-promotion, write your Twitter handle on the blackboard.

  • 7300 N Western Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73116
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    It's not often that an establishment can claim that they're battin' a thousand, but All About Cha (AAC) is doing just that (with me at least). Other than AAC, I can think of maybe two other places where I've never had a bad experience. Ever. Like... Ever...

    The Nichols Hills AAC seems larger than the Edmond location, although that could be some visual trickery because of the layout. Perhaps due to the layout, this AAC doesn't feel as cozy as the Edmond AAC. Then again, the Edmond AAC also has more college student squatters (you know who you are, you jerks who take up a large table with all of your study materials) than this AAC.

    Order everything. It's all amazing.

    Okay, maybe I shouldn't say that, because I haven't tried "everything" but I will vouch for the following drinks:

    - Cocoa Latte Freddo
    - Yuja Lemon Blend
    - Yuja Lemon Freddo
    - Caffe Latte
    - Caramel Macchiato
    - Caffe Mocha
    - Cafe Latte Freddo
    - Cafe Mocha Freddo
    - Green Latte
    - White Mocha Green Freddo
    - Black Royal Chai

    If nothing else, you're now aware that I spend way more money than I intend to at All About Cha. On that note, nothing is cheap. I've come to terms with that because at least everything is delicious, and the portions/sizes are pretty good.

    I would suggest ordering "Love" instead of "Passion" because, all you need is love, love. Love is all you need. Passion is a bit much for me personally. If you're not satisfied with Love, I can't imagine Passion will do much to fill the void that you're desperately trying to cram with T2 diabetes-inducing beverages. I started out talking about drink sizes and ended up wherever this is... Sorry...

  • 1425 E Southlake Blvd
    Southlake, TX 76092
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    I have nothing major to add. I just came by to throw a few stars into the mix because I love this place.

    But it's a tempered love. Because it's a love that I can't afford.

    Central Market is what Whole Foods wishes it was. Central Market is Jayne Mansfield being side-eyed by Sophia Loren as Whole Foods. No, that's an insult to Sophia Loren because she's amazing too. Whole Foods is Kristen Stewart watching Jayne Mansfield on television, and wishing she could be as interesting. This analogy got confusing...

    I imagine that one day, in the not so distant future, I will become a high-falutin' executive by day, and powerful superhero by night (hey, it's my imagination, I do what I want). And when that happens, I will be able to afford to shop here more than once in three months when I'm in town.

    For now, I have to be satisfied with the $5 Caffe Mexicana (or whatever it's called). Best coffee(ish) beverage I have consumed thus far in my relatively short life. Along with the random, delicious foodstuffs that we occasionally purchase to take back to Oklahoma City (but usually end up finishing before we even get to Oklahoma City).

    Also, that gelato though...

  • 3300 Nw Expy
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
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    Starbucks coffee that doesn't taste like Starbucks coffee?[1] Check.

    La Baguette desserts? Check.

    Excellent and expeditious service? Check.

    When asked if I want to go to Perks, the answer is almost always, "yes please."

    It's somewhat hidden especially if you don't know the way around, but it's on the Concourse level of Building A. This means you have to go downstairs to the basement, then wander through the maze-like halls until you're close to the door that leads out to NW 56th St (or thereabouts). Then start screaming, "PERKS! PERKS!"[2] and see if someone will point you in the right direction.

    If you're an INTEGRIS employee, the discount is a delightful bonus.

    [1]Note: that is to say, it doesn't taste like burnt, horrible, low quality, crap coffee that is synonymous with Starbucks as a brand. Come at me, Starbucks bros!
    [2]Note: you should fall on your knees, and raise your hands in dramatic fashion when screaming.

  • 1845 Northwest Expressway
    Oklahoma City, OK 73118
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    It's becoming increasingly difficult to defend Whiskey Cake (WC). The restaurant, not the dessert. The dessert can handle itself. In fact, the dessert is pretty much the only reason to stop at WC nowadays. Well, the service is really good, so there's that also.

    Beyond that, it's not fun to eat at WC. Every time I grab a burger at WC (and it doesn't matter which burger, because I've tried them all now), I'm left wondering if the line cooks have a 4-inch paintbrush from Home Depot that they dip into some melted (organic, grass-fed, obvi, because... come on...) butter, and they then use said paintbrush to coat the buns. The food is nothing short of sloppy. Your cloth napkin will end up looking disgusting by the end of the meal because there's no clean way to eat the food.

    Then there's the borderline-stupidly overpriced menu. Which wouldn't be a problem if, you know, things tasted good... Every burger tastes like mustard and nothing else. The Turkey Burger is about the only decent thing in the sandwiches category (and even that's unpredictable). And if I can't get a burger done right at $13.50 (e.g. "OMG Burger" probably better named "OMGYEven"), like hell I'm about to spend $17-21 on the "Main Plate" items. If this is the best that farm-to-fork can do, then freaking sad panda.

    Our most recent visit involved a different dessert offering than the usual: Peach Pecan Upside-Down Cake (PPUDC) or some such... The family sitting next to our group asked us about WC's desserts, because it was their first time. I recommended the namesake dessert, but they ordered the PPUDC instead. Then I (creepily) watched them eat the PPUDC. They apparently loved it. They were going "Mmmmm! Sooooo Gooooood!" even on their way out the door (but I also noticed they didn't finish the dessert). So when it was our group's turn to order dessert, we got some whiskey cakes and one PPUDC.

    And. It. Was. Terrible. It had no peach or pecan flavor, and it was also dry, semi-burned, hard, and every other unpleasant texture you can think of. It was so hard that trying to cut it with the spoon resulted in the slice bouncing around on the plate. If it was an animal it would be put out of its ever-loving misery, because it was clearly suffering. Breaking hearts and teeth all at the same time. We flagged the nearest server and said, "Ummm... We don't want this." I can't remember the last time we've sent food back. Then I realized that the family sitting next to us had walked out saying that POS dessert was good. So one of two things happened:

    1. They have terrible taste. Which is certainly possible. Or more likely,
    2. There was some serious cognitive dissonance from having wasted $8, and they were trying to convince themselves that the PPUDC was enjoyable. A few days later they probably went, "Man... that was really not good, you guys." And they were from out of town, so they'll go back home and tell everyone, "Those OKC-folk have this odd obsession with this place called Whiskey Cake. And there was this one brown guy watching us intently as we were eating this awful dessert."

    Get the whiskey cake. [*][*][*][*][*] for that. And some of the appetizers. Having now spent a few hundred dollars in WC over the last couple years, I'm definitely over the rest.

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    A Haiku:

    Divine whiskey cake
    That is all you need for that
    Sublime sugar spike

    I can't say enough about…
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    The English language is failing me at the moment.

    There's a Portuguese (or Spanish) term that comes…
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  • 5840 N Classen Blvd
    Oklahoma City, OK 73118
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    I wanted some dessert, and a milkshake from Tucker's seemed a good way to go. Then I saw the sign for Green Goodies on Classen Curve. I was reminded of a very favorable review by Meg W. involving a Vegan Cookies & Cream cupcake. "Well by golly!" my brain said to my brain, "I'm going to give it a shot!" Tucker's was forgotten.

    When I walked in, I was kind of hit in the face with choices. Gluten free choices. Vegan choices. Organic choices. Fancy colored choices. I only learned later that fro-yo and other such things are also available. Also, the pretty girl who walked up to the counter didn't seem overly patient (not that she was rude by any means) so I panicked a little and picked the first thing I recognized, which turned out to be the Vegan Cookies & Cream. It was $4.00 (after tax and such). Umm... Okay... More on that later.

    So when I have someone tell me that they're a "Vegan", my brain automatically files that person away in a special part of my brain. In that part of my brain, I also include people who only buy organic food, wear clothes made out of hemp, drive hybrids, feel very strongly about composting, and are from Northern California. Basically, my brain rolls its eyes; my occipital lobe starts spinning.

    But lately, I've been trying to be open to new things. So I thought I'd try this Vegan nonsense, and if it's delicious, I can stop assuming that Vegans are sacrificing flavor for the sake of... whatever it is that drives Vegans to limit themselves that much.

    First off, when I picked up the cupcake, I thought, "Hmmm, this cupcake is kind of heavy..." It's a dense cupcake. Almost muffin-like. Then I bit into it.

    ::pantomimes mind being blown::

    I don't know what I was expecting really; maybe for it to taste like cardboard, or uncooked oats, or other non-delicious things? But it tasted like a cupcake. A dense, decently flavored (albeit not too sweet with just the slightest hint of bitterness) cupcake. The icing was... meh. Vegetable shortening is the best way I can describe it. Also, do the Oreos on top count as being Vegan? $4.00 for a cupcake though? Yeeeesh! I cringed at that. I'm still cringing.

    I'll be honest, I think I may be ranking the experience higher than it really is just because it caught me off guard that Vegan anything can taste good. The cupcake is like a 3, and the price is like a 3. I would say it's definitely not anywhere near the best cupcake I've had. But, it is nice to know that if I'm ever in the mood to do something nice for the food sensitive friends that I've filed away in the recesses of my brain, I am now aware of a place where I can get them something that doesn't taste like utter bull plop. So it's a 3.5 rounded up.

    I just now realized that there's a KeepItLocalOK discount. And I didn't use it.

    ::rages for the next ten minutes::

  • 2421 N Council Rd
    Bethany, OK 73008
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    25/07/2013 Avis mis à jour


    I just had dessert. I'm in a good mood right now. Correlation is not causation, but the consumption of a (large) dessert, and the timing of the happy happy joy joy feelings shortly thereafter leads me to make the scientifically unsound statement: Sugar = Happiness.

    HOMG cheap prices!

    So. Many. Things.

    Also. Stuff.

    So there's this bakery with all kinds of things and stuff. Today I walked in and the guy at the counter pointed out the table with yesterday's baked things and stuff for a super discounted price. You know, for the poor peoples. There were packages of cookies (assorted varieties; none of them looked special though) for around $1.50 or somethin', and other pastry dealies that were all... pastry-like; they're some amount I can't remember. But it was hella cheap. That's right, I'm pulling out vocabulary from circa, 2001.

    The guy working was brilliant. Hella brilliant. I started kind of manhandling the different bags of things and stuff, and he asked if he could help me differentiate between the things and stuff (so as to possibly prevent me from continuing to grope haphazardly). I took him up on his offer.

    "What's that?" I asked.
    "That's a wah spice wah bar", he said.[1]
    "And this?" I questioned.
    "That's a wah wah wah fruit bar", he explained.
    "What are those things?" I pointed.
    "That's a wah wah cookie", he responded.
    "Is it good?" I queried.
    "To be honest, I haven't tried it so I can't tell you", he replied.

    You young sir, do not have a future in politics.

    Also. Friday. After 7 pm. Every dessert is half off. That's only $1.25ish for the bars, and the cake slices will be in the $2.00+ range. When hearing this, the fattie and the miser in me hugged, then cried, then danced in circles.

    Regarding the cherry cake bar thing[2] that I bought; I don't care for cherry filling, but the sample that he let me try was quite good so I bit (figuratively, literally). However, the purchased portion was massive and it became a bit too much sugary sweet richness by the end. Would I get it again? Probably not. Would I be willing to try something else? You better believe it. I will be there on Friday at 7:01 pm.

    I want to punch something, that's how strung out and excited I feel. Okay, this has to be more than sugar. Also, the Turkish macaroon is several kinds of delicious. Easily my favorite thing in the bakery as of right now.

    Random: the lighted sign is broken (I think it's the T that's not working), so at night, it reads "INGRID'S PANRY" (actually, now it reads "INGRID'S PAY"). I suppose it's better than if only the (second) R was broken and people confused this place for a German adult store or something.

    [1]Note: A lot of words were said. I don't remember many of them. I'm imagining Charlie Brown's teacher.
    [2]Note: Not actual name of food item.

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    26/05/2013 Avis précédent
    Any time people mentioned "Ingrid's Kitchen", I'd get confused because of this place.

    Ingrid's Pantry…
    En savoir plus
  • 7301 S Pennsylvania Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73159
    4.0 étoiles

    For the longest time, I thought this was like a poor man's GNC or something.

    I was wrong on both counts:

    1. It offers more than a GNC would. It's a grocery store that could probably make even a pretentious celebrity like Gwyneth Paltrow sort of (but not entirely) happy.
    2. A poor man could not afford to shop here frequently.

    I'll be honest, I don't know much about organic anything. I'm not someone who shops at Whole Foods or Akin's often enough to where I could tell you if the prices at HFC are significantly better or worse. However, I will admit that when I saw a gallon of milk for $8.00, you could actually (not really) hear the sound of my brain shattering.

    Also, random thought but if the entire store is full of organic stuff, why is it necessary to emphasize that it's organic on the signage for every product? Organic frozen pizza, organic bread, organic vitamins, organic peanut butter, organic burrito with organic lentils covered in organic paper, etc. We get it. It's organic. Wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to group together the (few if any) items that aren't organic, and have signs that say, "We're not sure why these non-organic abominations are in our store"?

    I was surprised (not really) to discover that HFC customers do not in fact:

    1. wear clothes made of hemp.
    2. look down on you for being a Philistine that works for "The Man."
    3. have issues with glaucoma.

    The Coconut Hut has become my go-to place after a workout, whether it's for a smoothie or some pretty yummy (slightly overpriced) food. The smoothies are not overly sweet, but they are filling. Recently, I ordered a small smoothie ($4.32), and it was nearly 20 minutes before I received it. The guy who made the smoothie apologized and gave me a large smoothie (~$1.00 more) as compensation for the time I spent idling. Now if someone asks me what my time is worth, I can tell them it's apparently $3.00 an hour.

    Most. Useless. Review. Evar.

  • 309 S Bryant Ave Suite 230
    Edmond, OK 73034
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    29/06/2015 Avis mis à jour

    Have I mentioned how much I like Coffee Commission (CC)? I'm sure I have.

    After my last visit (and subsequent review), I got a message from the owner letting me know that some new coffee/espresso options were available. The new options were: Colombia La Rochela Geisha (what a mouthful) from Case Coffee Roasters, and a Rwanda something or other from Mariposa Coffee Roastery. I think I saw both the Case and Mariposa on the menu, but we figured we would give the Mariposa espresso a fair shake. So, two lattes were ordered. It was like... $7.53 after tax/tip? $7.54? $7.52? $7.50something.

    And those lattes... were... legit. It was... Smooth. It was so smooth that I'm going to pronounce it as "smoov." It was a lighter roast. And smoov. Smoov, you hear me? I still give the slightest edge to whatever I've had at Elemental or Grey Owl, but I am excited to come back to CC and spend more of my money, especially on the coffee from Case.

    Additional legitness worth noting is the excellent customer service. They are incredibly friendly baristas who don't act stuck up. Take that every other uppitty coffee shop in greater Oklahoma City (you know who you are, jerks). I think the friendly customer service even ends up affecting the customers positively, because everyone is all like:

    "Hi there!"
    "Beautiful day isn't it?"
    "Why yes, yes it is!"
    "Have a great day!"
    "You as well!"

    And to reiterate to reviewers stating that CC has a Slayer Espresso Machine; that's a fallacious argument and isn't necessarily an indicator of a good coffee shop. An indicator of CC being a good coffee shop is the coffee being so smoov. The Slayer is more an indicator that whoever financed CC was able to afford an espresso machine that's worth more than my car. I'm not even kidding.

    P. S. Also, no more issues with the menu prices being off. Cooooooool.

    P. P. S. Live music on Thursday evenings. Cooooooool.

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    07/04/2015 Avis précédent
    Unlike some (many) of the other coffee vendors in the Oklahoma City metropolitan service area,… En savoir plus
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    18/04/2013 Avis précédent
    Go to Coffee Commission (CC).

    Unless you don't want to go, then don't. Who am I to tell you what to…
    En savoir plus
  • 3272 S Broadway
    Edmond, OK 73013
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    I always go to All About Cha when I'm in a hurry, so I never get a chance to sit and relax inside. It's really too bad, because I love everything about this place. It's got a contemporary vibe that avoids being uncomfortably pretentious.

    Go-to drink is the Yuja Lemon Blend. It's a hot tea that is delightfully sweet. In fact, I got one today because it was cold, and I was feeling under the weather.

    Other equally enjoyable drinks:
    - Caramel Macchiato
    - Green Latte
    - Black Royal Chai

    The last one is pretty comparable to the Indian-style Chai that I'm used to and I recommend that everyone try it at least once. Ask the friendly staff if you have questions.

    Food: I can't vouch for it, but I look forward to trying some of the wraps. They look amazing, and according to the other reviewers, they taste as good as they look. The desserts are so nom-worthy, and incredibly decadent. I've tried a couple but the names escape me. Also, they have macarons (which are different than macaroons)! There aren't many places here in the 405 that offer macarons so that's just fantastic.

    Prices may make some squirm; as a broke grad student, I get it. But if I wanted regular caffeinated beverages, I'd have gone to Starbucks, or even the nearest 7-11. Those places will get me a cup of coffee on the cheap. However, if one is wanting some unique flavors, one has to pay a little extra. Also, the names for the cup sizes: Passion? Love? Dumb.

    On an unrelated note: there are some incredibly good looking patrons in this place. Is there some unspoken rule that says you have to be attractive to frequent this establishment? I'm not even trying to be self-deprecating, but I was easily the most unattractive person in the place. Even the old people are good looking!

  • 3814-3868 NW 39th Expy
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
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    Premier à donner un avis

    Indians. We have some yummy food (I'm biased, I'll admit it), but our execution is atrocious. We don't understand how to create a welcoming environment that makes people want to try new things.

    Case in point: Rasoi Chaat Cafe. It looks like a high school cafeteria duked it out with an old diner. And they both lost. The plastic table coverings would have been hideous even when they were purchased 40 years ago. Everything else in here is entirely bare. The menu is terribly designed with so many spelling and grammatical errors that an anal-retentive person like me has a minor stroke from looking at it. Can we at least line up the columns/prices neatly on the menu? Seriously, Rasoi. Give me two hours and I can update everything about your little cafe to not look so... Indian. And by Indian, I mean cheap.

    Customer service is somewhat lacking. This shouldn't be too surprising; I don't think they're used to having customers. The only people in here usually are the employees from the Indian grocery store right next door. Stand by the counter and wait for them to come to you. Don't sit down, because they won't know you're there.

    For those of you who don't know about Chaat, they're savory (usually fried) Indian snacks. Think of them as the Indian equivalent to American appetizers, or finger foods. Sort of. It's actually a nice change of pace from the stuff that you get from Indian buffets (which seems to be the only Indian food option available in Oklahoma). It's relatively cheap too, so you can enjoy a variety of different snacks, and get full while not spending more than $5.00-$7.00. I personally go for a Vegetarian Samosa (or two), which is 99 cents each. Throw in a small cup of masala chai for $1.30 or something (significantly cheaper than the masala chai from T: An Urban Tea House), and I have a nice afternoon snack/drink for $2.00-$3.00.

    Avoid the Ras Malai. It's not bad, but it tastes store bought, and it's incredibly tiny, even for the low price of 99 cents. If you have questions about what some of the menu items are, ask them. Actually, the menu doesn't describe anything so Google is your best friend when you're looking at the menu. I'd tell you what each of the things are but I'm completely blanking on what's on the menu. I can (almost) guarantee that anything with the words, "aloo" or "puri" is something you'll enjoy. Because it's seasoned potatoes, and fried bread. Who doesn't like potatoes and fried bread? Jerks, that's who.

    It's not a mind-blowing chaat experience, but it's all we have for now. For that, I'm pretty grateful.

  • 1806 SE 59th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73129
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    I research. A lot. Maybe it's because my professors were constantly shoving APA down my throat, or because it's now a part of my career, or I'm just innately curious? Regardless, when I'm interested in something, I start digging for any related information that I can find. In this case, I was (really) interested in a coffee shop and the town it resides in.

    Valley Brook, Oklahoma:
    - Total Area: 0.3 square miles[1]
    - Total Population: 765[1]
    - Total Households: 242[1]
    - Median Age: 32.3[1]
    - Median Household Income: $26,500[1]
    - Individuals below poverty level: 30.3%[1]
    - Business and Industry: A lot of strip clubs[2]
    - Additional Information: Valley Brook, OK is considered its own municipality, and is not part of Oklahoma City; it has its own mayor, police department, police chief, etc. This is due in large part to zoning laws that are unique to Valley Brook.

    Joe's Addiction showed up on my radar quite a while ago, but I forgot about it until they were on the news recently. The location of Joe's Addiction is both a negative and a positive. The negative: it's located in Valley Brook. It's out of the way for me; I have to make an earnest effort to go to this coffee shop, because there's really no other reason for me to be in this part of town. The positive: it's located in Valley Brook for good reason. The owners apparently set it up as both a coffee shop, and a ministry/mission to help various marginalized individuals in need (the homeless, drug addicts, so forth). That's a level of altruism that wouldn't come naturally to me, and I can appreciate the efforts made by the owners to bring light to an otherwise dark part of Oklahoma. The statistics above kind of give you an idea; it's not a great area, and the main sources of business are the nekkid women. Strip clubs are taken very seriously here. If Walmart did strip clubs, they would probably look like the ones in Valley Brook.

    The coffee shop is the highlight of the town (for me; probably not for others). The inside is very random in a hipstery, bohème sort of way. The customer service is on point, albeit a little slow. The clientele are a little rough around the edges, but they're good people; nothing that should have you concerned for your safety (unless you've never stepped out of Nichols Hills in the entirety of your Wonder bread existence). The coffee is pretty good but nothing unique enough to make me get it again.

    The chai latte is amazing:
    (a) It's huge. It's one of those venti-sized cups and I think even after tipping, it only cost me something like $3.00.
    (b) It's quite delicious.
    (c) The only downside: the last time I had it, it was so scalding hot that I couldn't hold the cup even with a sleeve on it. I waited 25 minutes and it was still hot, but drinkable at that point.

    They also have food (which I haven't tried). My mouth dropped open a little at the prices. It was something like... $2.50-$3.00 for burgers and such. That is so unbelievably cheap that even if it's entirely awful, I wouldn't feel bad about spending the money.

    Check this place out. What they're doing is brilliant. The quality of the products provided is all the more impressive because of how little they charge for said products. Also, this place may not be here much longer so it could probably use all the support you can give. I'm not one to push my opinions on people (says the Yelper pushing his opinions on people) but any time someone asks me for a new coffee shop to try, I always tell them to go to Joe's Addiction just to experience something unique; and get a good chai latte in the process.

    Also, watch the speed limit when you're driving on 59th; Valley Brook cops. 'Nuff said.

    [1]Source: United States Census Bureau, 2010.
    [2]Source: Jeff M. Census Bureau, 2013. Not a reputable source of information.

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    29/01/2013 Avis mis à jour

    Chocolate. Mousse. Cake.

    Get it. Get it. Get it. For the love of all that is good in this world, get it!

    Get a slice for yourself. Maybe another one for your loved one. Then eat that second slice in the car. Then go back and buy the full 12" version of it. It's only like $40.00.

    OOOOOHMYGAWWWWDGETITNOW! Well, they're closed now but they open at 8 am so hop to it.

    Their sandwiches are also yummy.

    Oh, and their bread pudding is decent, albeit really heavy (not necessarily in a good way).

    Get it. Get it. Get it.

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    21/07/2010 Avis précédent
    This is a review of the bakery and only the bakery. I can't remember my previous experience with the… En savoir plus
  • 3721 NW 50th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
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    I would love to meet the person who said, "Hey guys, these pie crusts aren't unhealthy enough. Let's fry them."

    The crust combines the best aspects of butteriness, flakiness, and adding to your fat thighiness. The filling is filling. Altogether, it's quite delicious, and there are so many varieties that even the pickiest of individuals should be able to find at least one personal favorite. If you don't find one that you enjoy, it's less likely that the fried pies are bad, and more likely that you're not a fun person to be around. My favorites are the savory breakfast and lunch fried pies.

    Look out, here comes Debbie Downer: The prices are kind of high relative to the product. And I say that despite really liking the product. It's a (significantly) more delicious (and slightly larger) Hot Pocket of sorts. But they charge $4.00 for the savory versions, and most of the fruit/dessert versions are $3.00. Actually, $3.00 for the breakfast/lunch ones would be reasonable. But if you're wanting to be full during lunch, be prepared to spend 9.00 or more. Which may not seem like much, but remember, you're eating what is essentially, state fair snack food. Spending $9.00 for some yummy Hot Pocket(ish) items may seem like a good idea, but it will almost certainly leave you wanting more.

    However, the silver lining in the prices being slightly high is that it stops me from eating here all the time. It's hard to be all hot and in shape and stuff if you're eating fried pies every day. Also, if I decided to fried pie myself into a myocardial infarction, there are two hospitals nearby; good on Arbuckle Mountain to think about their customers by choosing such a great location.

    P. S. Customer service is awkward. No small talk (or even... talk); straight to business with the tiniest of smiles if you're lucky.

    P. P. S. Grab a fork. The crust is really flaky and trying to eat it with your hands (while driving for example) will only result in a mess because the filling is barely contained by the delicate crust, especially if the pie is freshly fried. Wait until you get home.

  • 14101 N May Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73134
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    My mother in all of her motherly kindness randomly decided to bring me a cupcake one day. I'm going to assume that it's because I'm her favorite son (which is true as long as my brothers don't join Yelp). I took this delicious offering from my mother, and proceeded to forget about it in my car for half a day. You know a cupcake is impressive when it sits around for a long time, and it's still delicious when you get to it. Other than the icing melting (because of the Oklahoma heat) and looking a little ugly as a result, the cupcake held up nicely. Not only did it hold up, it tasted amazing. The Mississippi Mud cupcake was the best of a brownie combined with the best of a cake. It was rich, decadent, dense (in a good way) and quite impressive in every sense. I'm not a fan of marshmallows, so I tossed that aside. If the icing:cake ratio was a little closer to 1:1, the cupcake would have been perfect. Fact: Gigi's uses way too much icing. You're essentially paying for a dessert that's 2/3 icing. If other cupcakeries are using just as much icing, I'm either not aware of it, or I haven't been there yet. My whinging aside; thank goodness the icing is delicious. If you don't feel like you may develop Type 2 diabetes by the end of eating it, you aren't doing it right.

    I am not a fan of how unpredictable their cupcake variety is, depending on the day of the week. I think I get the idea on why they do it that way (variety, spice of life, all that nonsense) but, it makes it kind of hard to just randomly show up one day at Gigi's without planning in advance and checking their website to see if they will have your favorite cupcake available on the day you're visiting. On the other hand, you can use that as an excuse to try something new every time you're there.

  • 7 NW 9th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73102
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    31/03/2015 Avis mis à jour

    I don't have lactose intolerance, but I could see myself developing it if I were to visit Sara Sara Cupcakes more often.

    The milk bar is kind of amazing, and kind of dangerous. I mean, $3 for milk seemed like a bit much, until I realized that it was unlimited milk. Then I was hit with a flood of memories of my childhood where I would take a bottle of Nesquik® and make my milk super chocolatey, or super strawberry-ey, or super T2 diabetes-ey. The frosted glass is also a nice touch. I feel like the milk bar alone is worth a visit to Sara Sara.

    But the cupcakes? Meh... Some are good. Some are not so good. Some are really not so good. The apricot something-or-other cupcake I had the other day was dense. Like... Christmas fruitcake dense. Like... almost bent my fork dense. I didn't finish my cupcake, if that tells you anything. While the cupcakes are are slightly bigger than most of the other cupcakes in the city, they're not worth the $4 price tag.

    The location is nice, and it's a great place to end a fun date. But as far as cupcakes go, this isn't the best that the city has to offer. Also, if you're anything like me, you're going to become a giant man-child when given the opportunity to consume unlimited servings of strawberry or chocolate milk. I can't imagine your date is going to end well if she sees you getting unnecessarily excited over milk of all things.

    P. S. Oh yeah, Keep It Local OK will net you a 10% discount on the cupcakes. But not on Sundays, because the cupcakes are 20% off on Sundays.

    P. P. S. Oh yeah, one more time. Pierre Pierre being a part of Sara Sara does make it an interesting place to try out, not just for cupcakes, but for crepes as well. So... there is that.

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    01/07/2010 Avis précédent
    Good freakin' cupcakes in heaven, I feel like a manatee right now. My coworkers decided to surprise… En savoir plus
  • 7640 NW Expy
    Oklahoma City, OK 73132
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    Sing to the tune of "Imagine" by John Lennon.

    Imagine there's a Subway®
    It's easy if you try
    But no limited menu
    And meat piled to the sky
    Imagine all the people
    Really having it their way[1]

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you will join us
    At Ray's for meat in a bun[2]

    Imagine there are no limits[3]
    It isn't hard to do
    Sure the menu's confusing[4]
    But you somehow muddle through
    Imagine all the people
    finishing with cheesecake

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you will join us
    For meat in a wheat bun

    Imagine customer service
    I wonder if you can
    No need for cash only
    They also have pizza, man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all this food

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you will join us
    For meat in a wheat bun

    Yes, I'm well aware that I just butchered a cherished (imho, incredibly overrated) song for a Yelp review of all things. I did it because I like destroying things you care about.

    [1]Note: Oh man, I'm mixing up fast food slogans.
    [2]Note: Okay, so it's bread technically, but do you know how hard it is to rhyme with "one"?
    [3]Note: Alright, so there are limits, but they really do give you a whole lot of meat.
    [4]Note: There are different prices all over the place, yet all of the sandwiches (on the far left side of the menu) are $5.00. I don't know why they do it that way.

  • 2320 NW 23rd St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73107
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    It's amazing. So light, fluffy, and Krispy-Kremeish while not being excessively sweet.

    I ate three. I feel like a fattie.

  • 7518 N May Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73116
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    11/10/2013 Avis mis à jour

    Is there anything more refreshing than an iced Moroccan Mint Green tea?

    If there is, I don't want to know about it because it may make my head explode from all the greatness.

    On second thought, please, please, please tell me about your favorites. Describe them in vivid detail and explain the flavor profiles. Otherwise, every time I go, I'll stand there for 15 minutes hemming and hawing while trying to decide what I should get.

    I still think it's kind of expensive for what you're getting; I frequently try to calculate what the profit margin must be when you're charging $5.00 (after tip) and all you're using to make your product is water and some tea leaves. But then I take a sip and it zaps me into the "Dannnnng that's good stuff" frame of mind.

    Also, the chai beverages as mentioned in my previous review are amazecups.

    Chris N. has a mission to try every tea in the place. I find that to be an admirable goal, but I can tell you that such a goal will never be achieved by me because every time I try something new at T:AUT, I end up loving it. Then the next visit, it makes it that much harder to pick something new because my list of favorites keep growing. It's like asking me to pick my favorite (hypothetical future) child. It's kind of impossible. But in the end, I end up picking the good looking one that doesn't leave a bitter taste in my mouth. The tea I mean, not my (hypothetical future) child. I don't even know... What I'm talking about right now.

    Also, the ugly, heart-eating monster painting is gone. Now it looks like a tea shop. No more nightmares after drinking my delicious tea!

    Keep it local, mmmkay?

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    27/02/2013 Avis précédent
    I avoided T:AUT for a really long time. I think the hype made me nervous. However, the main reason… En savoir plus
  • 4101 NW 39th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
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    A Braum's is a Braum's is a Braum's is a Braum's. Except this Braum's has exceptionally good customer service. We have a tendency to complain, or voice our grievances about a business when they screw up, but for some reason we're less inclined to commend a business when they rectify a mistake, or go out of their way to let you know that you matter as a customer. I figured I should take the time to rave about a business, since I'm certainly not against ranting about a business when it's necessary.

    Well done, Braum's #005.

  • 1201 Health Center Pkwy
    Yukon, OK 73099
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    The service is pretty slow, and if you place an order during peak times or ask for modifications on your order, you're guaranteed to frazzle the poor ladies behind the register. Also, the menu isn't particularly expansive; it's mostly just a grill, and the food is very grill-like ("Café" is kind a misnomer). Lastly, the hours are fairly limited and they're closed by 1:30 pm every day.

    Despite these minor issues, I'm a fan, and it's because of the following:

    1. The food is really cheap. The burgers, sandwiches, fries, desserts, etc. are all pretty economical and you can get a filling meal for $5.00 if not less.

    2. They have cakes. A lot of cakes. I'm a cake fiend (seriously, it's a problem) and every day that I walk into Café 1201, I say to myself: "I'm not getting cake today, I'm not getting cake today, I'm not getting cake today, I'm not... Hey I haven't seen that flavor before!"

    I've had chocolate zucchini, pumpkin, oreo, strawberry, some others that I've forgotten, and they've all been yum. The flavors seem to depend on the whims of one of the ladies who works there, so that's kind of exciting. Or maybe a little saddening because some of it is clearly seasonal; I haven't seen the pumpkin cake since October. The cakes will run you in the $1.50ish range. They have a lot of icing too. Dia-bead-us, here I come.

    3. While the service may be slow, they are generous and kind people; they are to me at least. Supposedly there's someone who works during the week who is kind of a [expletive] but I've only interacted with two ladies, and they've been wonderfully, and stereotypically Oklahoman in their interactions and idiosyncrasies.[2]

    [1]Note: Full disclosure; I get a discount on the food. The prices mentioned above are not discounted.
    [2]Note: They're really nice.

  • 9201 Lake Hefner Pkwy
    Oklahoma City, OK 73120
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    15/11/2013 Avis mis à jour

    I discovered recently that Hefner Grill is one of the many restaurants under the umbrella of the Hal Smith Restaurant Group. Some of the restaurants are pretty impressive (e.g. Upper Crust, The Garage) while others are about as exciting as a box of butter knives (e.g. TK's I Heart This Bar & Grill, Charleston's, Mama Roja, Wes Welker's, etc.).

    Hefner Grill would fall more into the former category as long as you pick the right items. It is possible to go there, spend a large amount of money and walk away disappointed. It is also possible to spend not a large amount of money and walk away thinking that it's a place you would enjoy returning to very soon.

    First off, avoid the items with the "HG" stamped next to it. They're referred to as being the "Hefner Grill Favorites" but I can't figure out if they're favorites because they're the more expensive items on the menu, or they jacked up the prices on the stuff that people kept buying because the descriptions sounded good. Either way, they're not my favorites and I have been consistently disappointed when I've eaten them. There are other items on the menu that are better, and cheaper. The HG Blackened Tilapia is one of the cheaper HG options, but the scallop tastes old, and the brown butter sauce has a weird sour taste.

    But enough about the unimpressive food. The Fish Tacos are pretty yum, and the Catfish Platter is a safe bet. If there's one fish that landlocked Oklahoman restaurants can't mess up, it seems to be catfish. The Baby Back Ribs are pretty good, and the price isn't bad either. The sandwiches are all good and filling, while the rainbow trout was better tasting than the tilapia (for me). Even for a lunch menu, you get quite a bit of food, which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the person.

    If you have any choice in the matter (and you don't care about silly things like BMI, body fat percentage, and triglycerides), get the garlic mashed potatoes as one of your sides. Mmmmmmmm complex carbohydrates that really aren't that complex. If you're a special kind of fattie, get the shoe string fries AND garlic mashed potatoes. All of the sides are good (with the mashed potatoes being several kinds of good), although I'm deciding not to try the Squash Rockefeller because it's an HG and I'm tired of being disappointed by what Hefner Grill touts as being delicious.

    I've mentioned it before but the desserts are kind of insane. If I see you eating the 6-layer chocolate cake alone, I'm going to assume you're trying to eat your feelings from getting dumped/divorced (I'm sorry for your loss), losing your job (you no longer have a steady income stream and you decide to spend $9 on dessert? That doesn't seem smart), or you're out for a last hurrah before joining the Biggest Loser. I like to make up stories for strangers in restaurants. Great date restaurant with recessed and secluded booths to allow for private conversations and canoodling (please don't). When the weather is nice, you can sit outside and enjoy the view of Oklahoma's 30th largest man-made lake. Well, they're all man-made so I guess that's an unnecessary qualifier.

    3.0 étoiles
    02/08/2013 Avis précédent
    The last time I was at this establishment (before this recent visit that is), there used to be a… En savoir plus
  • 109 NW 142nd St
    Edmond, OK 73013
    4.0 étoiles
    20/11/2015 Avis mis à jour

    Credo House is likely to close its doors in a matter of days. I can point fingers at a number of things that probably contributed to this:

    1. The borderline ridiculous location. Too far South and in the middle of nowhere for most Edmond-ites. Too far North and in the middle of nowhere for most OKC folk. All around terrible placement with no obvious signage.

    2. The customers. Myself included. When I first found out about this place (several years ago), I was a college student, and I was cheap as... well cheap as an Indian... And I would buy one drink (priced at $3-4), and then sit around for 4-5 hours studying and taking advantage of the really fast wi-fi. That's not sustainable. A business can't be expected to succeed if customers take advantage of said business. You can get away with the all-day squatting nonsense at Starbucks (or Cuppies & Joe and Grey Owl because they're close to universities), but it doesn't work otherwise. If you consider the most popular coffee shops in town (Coffee Slingers, Elemental, Evoke, etc.), you'll notice they all do certain things to increase customer throughput:

    a. Loud music: They want to make it difficult for you to carry a conversation, so they drive you away by blasting your eardrums out through your head
    b. Uncomfortable chairs/seating: If you're butt-hurt (literally), you're not likely to stay planted for hours at a time
    c. Limitations on wi-fi: Because... Obviously...

    Credo didn't give us tinnitus, it gave us comfortable seating, and it set no limitations on the wi-fi. And we took advantage of them for it. I'm fairly certain that Coffee Commission closed for the same reasons. There was even a lady who walked into Credo once a week, never bought anything, and used the building as her own personal farmer's market to sell her eggs until she was told to stop (I mean... chicken eggs, not her... personal...). That's a new level of inconsiderate.

    3. Credo was not coffee first obviously. The ministry worked well for a certain subset of the population (and will likely continue to work). But the coffee house didn't draw people from outside of that somewhat limited sphere. So I suppose it didn't matter that the product and customer service was good. It wasn't meant to last. And that makes me tremendously sad.

    4.0 étoiles
    25/10/2014 Avis précédent
    It's been months. Actually... it's been more than a year. My last experience didn't necessarily… En savoir plus
    3.0 étoiles
    27/09/2013 Avis précédent
    I first discovered Credo House in 2011. I even wrote the first review on Yelp, and then deleted it… En savoir plus
    5.0 étoiles
    07/03/2013 Avis précédent
    I'll admit it. I may have an unnatural obsession with this place. So much so that I forgive them of… En savoir plus
    5.0 étoiles
    16/10/2012 Avis précédent
    My knowledge of coffee is so deficient that I feel sheepish even giving an opinion about this place.… En savoir plus
  • 1529 SW 89th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73159
    3.0 étoiles

    Location: Braum's. SW 89th & Penn.
    Time: 12:00 p.m.

    [Jeff]: Hi. I'd like a small Chocolate Toffee milkshake.
    [Assistant Manager]: Small English Toffee milkshake.
    [Jeff]: No, a small Chocolate Toffee milkshake.
    [Assistant Manager]: Chocolate Toffee sundae. You want one scoop or two?
    [Employee]: He wants a milkshake.
    [Jeff]: Yeah. Small Chocolate Toffee milkshake.
    [Assistant Manager]: Small English Toffee milkshake.
    [Jeff]: ... Yes... Except the one with chocolate.
    [Assistant Manager]: What size?
    [Jeff]: Small. Chocolate. Toffee. Milkshake.
    [Assistant Manager]: Okay, that's $2.05.

    You better believe I was watching her the entire time to make sure she picked the correct ice cream...

    Get the Chocolate Toffee milkshake. It's yummy. It seems to be an option at random Braum's locations. Probably a good thing... I'd get fat(ter) if it was available everywhere.

  • 2425 W. Memorial Rd
    Oklahoma City, OK 73134
    3.0 étoiles


    It's fine. It's a standard chain, but I've always been impressed with the service.

    Distrust the opinion of anyone who thinks really highly of the pizza. It's not bad, but you should stick your nose up snootily at anyone who tells you that this is the best pizza they've ever had.

    Your best bet is the Pizookie®. It's about the only thing I get when I go with some friends who are unnaturally obsessed with this place. They will let you split different flavors in one pan (in my personal experience anyway), so that's always useful if you want to try a couple of different things. Red Velvet. Triple Chocolate, etc. Refuse to share. Tell your significant other to get their own damn Pizookie®.

  • 3.0 étoiles

    That meatloaf sandwich nonsense (it's new, see their website) being pushed currently is crap. This is even more true when I think about how it's nearly $5.00 for the rinky-dink, overly ketchupy sandwich alone (no fries, no drink, etc.).

    Supposedly, "it's the sandwich that fueled the dreams of the greatest generation." I'm not sure what it says about the dreams of the greatest generation if that awful sandwich is representative of them. My grandparents deserve a better sandwich to be associated with them.

    Get a burger. Get some fries. Get a vanilla concrete (with brownies). But whatever you do, do not get that meatloaf sandwich.

  • 8419 S Western Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73139
    3.0 étoiles

    They have cake. The cake tastes like cake.

    There's almost a boxed mix (Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker, etc.) quality to the cakes I've had. It's not bad, but nothing that would make it distinguishable from stuff that I've bought from a grocery store, or dare I say, made myself.

    2.5 stars, bumped up because I'm not persnickety enough to bump down.

  • 3301 NW Expy
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
    4.0 étoiles
    18/01/2014 Avis mis à jour

    I asked, "Do you know what a Double Dirty Chai Frappucino is?"

    The lovely young lady didn't blink and said "Yes."

    Then I ordered that in a Venti (personally, I think the two additional shots of espresso taste best in a Venti). Then I drank it. They made it really well. And quickly. I was in and out in under three minutes.

    If you want to be a diva, order a "Venti Double Dirty Chai Frappucino with Soy Milk."[1]

    If you want to be a WWE diva, order a "Venti Super Cream Double Dirty Chai Frappucino with Soy Milk, double blended."

    If you want to be an utter jackhole, order a "Venti Super Cream Double Dirty Chai Frappucino with Soy Milk, double blended", then pay with rolls of nickels.

    Please don't do that last one.

    Coffee purists (reading this review) are having apoplectic fits right now.

    As mentioned in my previous review: The drive-thru. It's a trap!

    [1]Note: Be careful. You're looking at an $8.00(ish) drink. I use the drink as a meal substitute sometimes. Don't do that. Do as I say, not as I do.

    3.0 étoiles
    22/04/2013 Avis précédent
    Once you pull into that drive-thru, you're committed. There's no backing out. Literally. Not unless… En savoir plus
  • 1841 Belle Isle Blvd
    Oklahoma City, OK 73118
    4.0 étoiles
    14/03/2014 Avis mis à jour

    [] In Brief [] Pay attention. Verify prices. Don't order fries. Eat burger. Leave satisfied.

    [] In Length [] I'm a fan again. Sort of. No, I'm a fan. Mostly.

    I've decided that to have a decent experience, one must avoid the oversalted fries.

    Stick with the burgers; beef is at least for me, what they do best. The veggie burger is enjoyable (although the texture may take some getting used to initially; it's kind of mushy). As are the chicken sandwiches, although I'm not sure I understand how a chicken sandwich (which is smaller than the beef Smashburger, and a cheaper meat) is more expensive, but whatevs.

    Recently, I ordered an Oklahoma burger. I remembered that the last time I purchased the Oklahoma, the fried pickles were mushy and gross, so this time I asked them to leave the fried pickles on the side. Apparently, the computer didn't understand my request (or the guy didn't) because I was charged 80 cents to move the pickles next to the burger. I only realized after I had paid; the girl who helped me the second time was apologetic and really quick to correct the problem, so it's all good.

    Really, it sounds like I'm complaining but I'm not. I like their burgers (now). They're not terribly priced (not amazingly priced either), but only if you're careful about what you're ordering or any changes you're making. My vegetarian work colleague (work colleague who is a vegetarian is probably more accurate) ordered a veggie burger, and somehow the price ballooned to $8.00 something, when there should have been no price difference between switching out the regular beef patty with a black bean patty.

    Customer service is just as yummy (if not yummier) than the burgers.

    3.0 étoiles
    05/05/2013 Avis précédent
    I've come full circle.

    The first time I had Smashburger was in New Jersey. I thought it was just…
    En savoir plus
    4.0 étoiles
    15/02/2013 Avis précédent
    This review is brought to you by the letter "D", and the number "15."

    I had my first Smashburger®…
    En savoir plus
  • 4559 NW 23rd St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73127
    3.0 étoiles
    10/06/2015 Avis mis à jour

    8 out of 12 Indians agree that this restaurant is best described by a shoulder shrug.

    I didn't make that up. That's an actual statistic. I counted the Indian(ish) Yelpers that have reviewed Gopuram so far. Only one (out of two positive reviews) thinks it's absolutely amazing. Another two think it's downright terrible.

    You can do better. You can do worse. Gopuram has a reasonable buffet if you're trying to take someone with limited knowledge about Indian food. We all know the person that I'm referring to. The person who scrunches his (or her) nose and says things like:

    a. "I don't like Indian food. There's too much [insert spice other than salt or pepper]. It should be creamier and not so spicy. Can we go to Olive Garden instead?"
    b. "Why is it that color? What's in it? I can't eat it if I don't know what's in it. Can we go to Olive Garden instead?"
    c. "I love that Naan bread! Let's get some Chai Tea Lattes after. Or how about some Olive Garden?"

    Go for a lunch buffet during the week. It's busy enough where nothing sits for long periods of time. The selection is average, and it's not as spicy as some of the other Indian joints in town. The customer service ranges from mediocre to above average. Overall the entire experience is... ::shoulder shrug::

    3.0 étoiles
    05/08/2013 Avis précédent
    Time to downgrade.

    It tastes fine, and I stand by (most of) what I said before. But something is…
    En savoir plus
    4.0 étoiles
    07/01/2013 Avis précédent
    Let me pull out my "I'm an Indian, so I know about Indian food" card here. And this should probably… En savoir plus
    4.0 étoiles
    13/07/2010 Avis précédent
    This is not the Gopuram that I knew and disliked. They had stuff there that I haven't seen in Indian… En savoir plus
    2.0 étoiles
    24/04/2010 Avis précédent
    As an Indian, I find myself easily annoyed when people tell me that I should eat at Gopuram because… En savoir plus
  • 5600 N Penn Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
    3.0 étoiles
    25/09/2015 Avis mis à jour


    Is the number of items on their Yellow Pages version of a menu.

    This doesn't include desserts. Desserts number 56.

    I counted.

    Why? I don't know. I think I was trying to prove a point to my boss. And that point was that everyone can find at least one thing that they like at the Factory. Where willpower and waistlines go to die.

    I had decided a while back that I was too good for Cheesecake Factory. Mostly because the customer service was consistently terrible. And it was about the only thing that was consistent.

    But a business vendor was treating us, and my disdain for Cheesecake Factory doesn't go so far as to turn down free food... And the service was actually pretty decent. Decent enough that it warranted a second work lunch a few weeks later. But it was less decent the second time. But then decent again the third time. So... Apparently it's about what one expects from a place like Cheesecake Factory.

    The meatloaf + mashed potatoes + carrots has become my go-to option. Get the lunch portion though. If you are able to down the dinner portion in one sitting, I would be genuinely concerned for your heart or stomach. Because one of those two things are going to explode soon enough.

    Oh right. The cheesecakes. Huge fan of the tiramisu, red velvet, and... Who am I kidding? I'm a huge fan of all of the sugary variants.

    2.0 étoiles
    21/06/2010 Avis précédent
    Two and a half hours. That's how long it took for what was supposed to be a simple lunch with… En savoir plus
  • 727 NW 23rd St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73103
    3.0 étoiles
    16/05/2015 Avis mis à jour

    I can hold a grudge with the best of 'em. The last time I went to Cuppies & Joe (C&J), it was for some cuppies but not the joe. My experience was bad enough that I didn't feel inclined to return. And I didn't for three years. Then I got a C&J gift card. I actually laughed when I saw the gift card. There are many places that I would have loved to get a gift card from, but C&J was not on that list. But, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, even if said horse had bad cupcakes the last time I ate from it (my metaphor went wrong somewhere...).

    In my humble opinion, Nothing Bundt Cakes whips the donkeys of most every cupcakery that I've tried thus far in this city (their bundtinis are in little cupcake containers, so "Yuh-huh!" to people trying to tell me that they aren't cupcakes).

    For this recent visit, various cuppies were purchased, as well as some joe. The first cup of joe was quite delicious. The second (two refills are free) was not, and had coffee grounds in it. The cuppies were pretty good. Not amazing, but decent enough for me to understand why people like it. I'll be honest, I don't remember all of the flavors, but the red velvet was one of the better red velvets I've had in town. The cuppies being kind of small(ish) isn't a problem either, because the prices are lower compared to other local cupcakeries.

    Oh right, we showed up around noon on a... Saturday? I think? Monday? Some day... Regardless, it was around noon. Maybe because it was noon, we actually found a table for our group of three adults and one baby. But it was only one table. All of the other tables still had the same issues that I've dealt with in the past: One person (wearing headphones) + a lot of study materials + little to no foodstuffs/drinks to be seen. Freaking. Squatters. I hope you forget everything you've studied when it's time to take your tests, jerks.

    Also, the tables and chairs were so rickety that I was actually concerned for my butt. We nearly spilled everything that we had bought because our table was unstable; I ended up shoving my flip-flops under one of the janky legs to stabilize it. It could be argued that they're going for a Boheme/Shabby Chic vibe, but it comes off more as being too cheap to replace what seems to be a lot of mis-matched Craigslist curb-side furniture.

    [] Summary [] Some good. Some not so good. Still overrated.

    2.0 étoiles
    25/04/2012 Avis précédent
    I'm kind of scared to write this review... No, not really.

    I get it; why people like Cuppies & Joe.…
    En savoir plus
  • 325 Outlet Shoppes Dr
    Oklahoma City, OK 73128
    3.0 étoiles
    Premier à donner un avis

    When people say they really like BJ's Chicago deep-dish pizzas, what they actually mean is they really like (overly starchy and doughy) bread, with some toppings for the sake of color. What they have at BJ's isn't pizza. It's a way to carbo-load prior to a marathon.

    The Moroccan Spiced Salmon (or something) was not entirely terrible. Well, that makes me sound snooty; it was actually pretty good. The roasted red pepper sauce was kind of watery, and not spicy enough for my tastes (remedied by liberal amounts of red pepper flakes), but there were bites where I was reminded of my mother's cooking (she's not Moroccan, but some of the spices used in Moroccan food is similar). The pickled cucumbers on top were quite yum, and there was the occasional crunch of toasted almonds, which was surprisingly pleasant. But it was something like $13.00-14.00. Not at all worth that price point.

    Personal pizza + Moroccan Spiced Salmon (+ a drink maybe?) = $32.00+

    Worth it? Sort of? Maybe? Not really. I probably won't be back for a very long time, but if/when I do, I'd definitely get the Salmon again. If you're a big fan of of overpriced and sub-par pizza, small portions, or shopping at the Outlet Shoppes nearby, you'll probably love BJ's pizza. Okay, that time I meant to sound snooty.

    Get a Pizookie®. If you're going to get fat, you may as well enjoy yourself.

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