Dining with a Baby - am I crazy or just annoying?

  • 2312 Bloor Street W
    Toronto, ON M6S 1N9
    4.0 étoiles
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    A new addition to Bloor West Village, the Black Rabbit Cafe is a sleek, modern, yet cozy space. The food is fresh, organic and I can verify that the scones ($3) are full of flavour and compliment the delicious coffee on offer. I was impressed with the 'kids' and 'baby' menus available. The shop is exactly what the Bloor West Village cafe scene (or lack thereof) needed - a bright, modern family friendly space with plenty of seating and room for strollers and highchairs.

  • 2199 Bloor Street W
    Toronto, ON M6S
    3.0 étoiles

    I have been to the Kennedy Public House eight times for lunch, each time with an entire table of mom's with strollers and young babies. The staff have been very accommodating to all our gear and our (sometimes) noisy children.

    They have pizzas, meal-sized salads, sandwiches, and full entrees. I have had the steak and tomato salad three times, and each time it arrives a bit differently with meat of varying doneness.  They serve fried artichokes on top, which is perhaps the best part.

    Avoid the steak sandwich unless you want to eat it with a fork and knife, the meat is far too thick for chewing through and attempts at it make for a disgusting show of mastication for your dining partners.  The mac n cheese with dried porcini mushroom is a miss in my books - i felt like i had drank a cup of cream after - not enough depth of flavour.

    Kid-friendly? During the day, it's all a go. They are waiting on a delivery of a change table for the unisex washrooms, which feature the loudest hand dryer known to man.

  • 2469 Bloor Street W
    Toronto, ON M6S
    4.0 étoiles

    I've only visited the Henry VII Ale House once, I felt bad, like I was cheating on my favourite pub only two doors down, but I have to say, while the beer selection is not as exciting as Bryden's - the food I had was much better. The burger was on the most delicious bun, the burger was cooked through (not really to my taste) and still had good flavour. The atmosphere was 'pubbish' - it was very busy, and loud, but in a good way. All in all, a great addition to the village, especially in the Summer when the Bryden's patio is full.

  • 244 Jane Street
    Toronto, ON M6S 3Y8
    4.0 étoiles

    Well isn't this a cafe from my whimsical dreams! Campy canadiana dot the walls and muskoka-like touches are found everywhere. The menu is pretty considerable considering they don't have a kitchen - sandwiches are simple, fresh and panini pressed. The eggs with my breakfast special were a bit weird, like when I was a kid and used to make them in the microwave - just a bit off in texture but the sausage accompanying it was fantastic.

    Camp is totally kid and baby friendly. There is a few stairs to get into the restaurant but it's not impossible with a stroller. They have a high chair available, as well.

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