• 9400 Club Hill Dr
    Raleigh, NC 27617
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    What a great venue!  I had the pleasure of attending a networking event, Linkedin Live in Raleigh, that they sponsored, and the event was very well attended.  
    The meeting space was very open, airy and elegant.  Some of the food served was: shrimp, chicken skewers, fresh veggies and lots of varieties of cheeses, etc.  
    Pleasant service for the passed Hors d'œuvre servers and bartenders.  Nice set up completely.  I would highly recommend this facility to any event planners!  
    Only thing being for me, it was definitely a hike to get to, unless you are in that area.

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    Went to a meeting yesterday for Article writing.  The BNC of Cary is  a good place to network, poken! and get some good information for strategies for your business.  

    They also sell discount wines there!  They buy it in lots at wholesale prices and sell it pretty cheap!  I bought a bottle of Big Sky white Pinot Grigio and it was only $4.99 for 1 bottle!  I got some for the holiday's!

  • 150 Fayetteville St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
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    Beautiful view overlooking the back end of the city of Raleigh.  Of which, I wish was on the other side to see downtown Raleigh more.  

    Anyway, just the same, I thoroughly enjoyed The Loft for happy hour on Thursday's.  Lots of professionals enjoying the after hour time and meeting colleagues for a bite to nibble on.

    The Cardinal Club has lots to offer by way of events, meeting space and special event space.  And the best benefit of being a member is being able to also visit the Capital City Club.  Both facilities make sure the staff is inviting and friendly and there is always something going on.  Great place to network and meet other professionals in a large selection of groups.

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