Need to grab a quick bite at an affordable price? My suggestions...
  • 1816 Tully Rd
    San Jose, CA 95122
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    There are definitely plenty other choices inside Lion Plaza so why Kim?

    1.  Iced coffee w/ milk - it's the bomb.  For $2 - you get a cup of strong coffee with just the right amount of condensed milk to give it the right sweetness;
    2.  mini eggrolls - 3/$1 or 10/$3 - it's so tasty w/ good garlicky flavor;
    3.  the many choices of foil tray of food for $10!  Yes, people - for $10 - you can bring home a tray of spring rolls (it's normally a combination of two - can be shrimp, the egg w/ chinese sausage, vegetarian, shredded pork...etc.), the thin soft white noodles w/ ground pork and wooden ear inside; a bunch of other Vietnames delicacies that I have no clue how to describe...all for $10.  The only $15 foil tray is that of sticy rice w/ plenty toppings (chinese sausage, dried shrimp...)
    4.  sandwiches available too - combo is good

    They carry so many other items - go check it out - you can bring home a lot of food with just $20 or less!

  • 675 Broadway
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    3.5 stars - great price performance.  Ok, price is as expected in Chinatown as most similar places charge alike but their overall quality is better than most.   And please, if you are too "prissy" then this place (or most other Chinatown joints) ain't for you so get over "cleanliness and service" - you are getting a full order for 1/3 to 1/2 the price!

    Back to the food - yes, their baked BBQ pork buns are the bomb!  It is packed and weights a good 1/2 pound, I swear!  It is definitely plenty for lunch.  

    Other goodies we have tried:
    shrimp dumpling - not bad
    beef siu mai - i like it, only joints like this have beef siu mai
    pork siu mai - not bad her, better than most places
    leek/shrimp dumpling - tasty
    pea shoot dumpling - not bad
    corn dumpling - not bad
    spinach dumpling - not bad
    sticky rice bun - tasty, not too many places has this - it's basicaly sticky rice in a very thin wrapper - if you like sticky rice, try it!
    shark fin dumpling - no shark fin, of course!  it's like other pork dumplings, can skip
    chiu chow dumpling - not bad, this is another special one that is not offered everywhere - besides the ground pork, the special ingredients are roasted peanuts and preserved radish
    white sugar pastry - too doughy

  • 732 Jackson St
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    30/06/2012 Avis mis à jour

    Sad to report that they are indeed closed...end of an era.

    Thank you for all the tasty treats in the past many years!

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    26/06/2012 Avis précédent
    3.5 stars

    They've been closed for a while now and there are now newspapers covering up the window and…
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    03/11/2007 Avis précédent
    3.5 stars.  Hey, I thought they were known for their sheets of rice noodles and the "salty" rice… En savoir plus
  • 1919 Hyde St
    San Francisco, CA 94109
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    02/09/2012 Avis mis à jour

    We've been back many times grabbing a slice of pizza to-go and had it delivered once.  Our favorite is their vegetarian and the Scaliano.  The crust is thin, it really is the perfect snack.

    We finally made it in recently to sit down and enjoy our pizza.  One reason was to catch the Giants game.  We ordered a medium ($21) half Moma (mushrooms, onions, artichokes and fresh basil) and half Scaliano (roma tomato, Italian sausage, fresh garlic and green onion).  Their medium is easily the size of a L elsewhere, if not an XL.  

    They have four drafts - $5/each.  

    Love their pizza.  Will have to try their Potesto, supposed to be one of their best sellers and it is great with some Sriracha.

    The staff is super chilled and friendly.

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    02/11/2007 Avis précédent
    I needed a snack and thought a slice of pizza will hit the perfect spot.  It was around 4ish so it… En savoir plus
  • 939 Stockton St
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    28/12/2008 Avis mis à jour

    Never had a chance to sit down and eat inside until today and so glad we did.  We knew we were going to one of the 3 restaurants that are side by side to each other.  We passed the first one because it seem foo-foo and we wanted soup noodles that they didn't seem to have, at least not on any of the photos they had posted on the store front.  It was then a toss up between Vietnamese or Chiu Chau styled noodles.  When I saw bun bo hue on the menu, we had to go inside to Little Paris.  I remember saying to hubby the menu outside must be very old since the price is so low...guess what, it's current!  How low you ask?  How about $4 for a bowl of Pho?  Want a large - $4.50!  

    It's a very small menu - one page laminated.  One side is all the soup noodles and the other side is the bun and rice plates.  I was ready to order right away - bun bo hue!  But the waitress said she'll need to check because she doesn't think they have it and something about they haven't served that for weeks now...NO!  Unfortunately, no bun bo hue - very disappointed but it wasn't a complete loss.  

    We ordered:
    curry duck over rice noodle - large - $4.50 - this was delicious.  Very generous in size - there were 3 pieces of duck, included a drumstick - very tender and tasty.  Surprisingly, there were also 3 pieces of blood cake there were cooked perfectly.  There were also bean sprouts at the bottom and the standard sliced onion and chopped green onion on top.  The broth was so yummy that I finished it.

    Pork feet and shrimp with lai fun (a much fatter rounder rice noodle) - large - $4.50 - this was ok.  The soup was a bit salty and not very flavorful.  The pork feet were very tender - they were thinly sliced so it wasn't a struggle to eat them.  There were 2 shrimps and 2 pieces of imitation crab.  The noodle was good but not very much of it.  

    We also ordered an iced coffee w/ condensed milk - $2.50 - very tasty.  

    All  with tax comes to under $12.  We went in cold and came out toasty with our tummies very full and happy.  We plan to return soon, very soon.

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    28/08/2007 Avis précédent
    3.5 stars - this was the first and original Vietnamese sandwich place in Chinatown that opened up… En savoir plus
  • 1159 N Rengstorff Ave
    Mountain View, CA 94043
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    You can't beat this place on price performance and the simple menu.  I like the cheeseburger and the fries.  This joint is packed all the time, even the Googlers give up the many FREE cruisines for a taste of the burger & fries...need I say more?!?

  • 500 E 3rd Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94401
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    Passed by this place too many times but never took the thank you fellow Yelpers for getting my ass in this place and I'm happy I did!

    The place is actually bigger and cleaner than I had expected.  First thing I noticed was the taped sign on the door - Open 7 days from 11am-9pm, nice!

    We sat down at one of the 7? tables and immediately felt belong.  There's something about that place, the Chinese speaking host, waiter, kitchen staff...the unpretentious atmosphere.  

    We studied the menu and decided to try the beef wonton w/ fun and the Singapore rice noodles.  It didn't take long before we were served.  The bowl was filled with fun, some napa cabbage and bok choi and topped with stir fried beef w/ onion...beef was very tender and tasty.  The wonton is ok, I understand their soup wonton is the most popoular item among regulars.  The Singapore rice noodle was really good - just the right amount of curry and the rice noodle was nice and stringy with plenty ingredients: eggs, bbq pork, green pepper, bean sprouts, onions, celery.  Thank goodness they have the better chili sauce...not the salty or sour orange crap most places serve!

    We saw a few regulars walk in with their own Pyrex containers and another couple with a large pot...that got my hubby reminiscing his childhood when he used to run to the restaurant downstairs to pick up soup noodle for his grandparents...

    At the front as you enter, you'll see a large tray of BBQ pork and spareribs and a tray of SS pork.  They make their own BBQ pork there and the host (owner?) told us their BBQ pork is very good, not dry like other places.  He then got a fresh slab and cut two large chunks out and handed to us to try.  I passed because I was stuffed but hubby tried it and said it was very good although his piece was a bit too lean for his liking - he said the pork was very juicy and tender, not dry even though lean.  We like the fattier pieces but will definitely come back to buy some next time.

    For the portion and price, this is a hidden gem (thank you again fellow Yelpers!)...  There are NOTHING over $6 including seafood!  Their lunch special is only $4.45 including soup of the day!  You can't even find prices like that in Chinatown unless you look really hard!  We are looking forward to returning and trying other dishes.

  • 711 Laurel St
    San Carlos, CA 94070
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    Tasty!  It doesn't look so great but don't let it fool you - I'm sure glad it didn't!  That thin slice of pizza w/ not much topping on has more flavors than most - it's amazing!  Pick the slice(s) you want, they throw that in the oven? for a minute or less and they come out nice and crispy...  Their special is quite a deal - I think it's $2.50? for a slice of pizza and a drink...but who can stop at 1 slice?

    I love that they have the herbs besides the cheese and pepper - so good w/ all 3 sprinkled on top of the pizza.


  • 808 Pacific Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    27/12/2009 Avis mis à jour

    They added salted fish pork patty over rice to their selection!  This is soul food at its best.  You don't get a lot of salted fish but the scent and flavor are definitely there.  The pork patty is tender and flavorful too.  

    We came here late around 2pm and there were no crowds and we had plenty tables to choose from.  Instead of the 3 carts (rice, steamed items and fried items), you order what you want and it's steamed for you.  We had shrimp rice noodle (ok), sparerib (delicious, this is a must), beef ball (again, another must), beef tripe (very nice garlic flavor), and cilantro shrimp dumpling (tasty).  All this and 3 rice to go (one each of sparerib, chicken and the salted fish pork patty) for a little over $20!

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    17/02/2009 Avis précédent
    Unbelivably cheap and always good.  No white linen here or service BUT if you want some good dim sum… En savoir plus
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    27/06/2008 Avis précédent
    They closed for vacation earlier in May and have a new price structure when they reopened - NO… En savoir plus
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    18/06/2007 Avis précédent
    Ok, you can't beat this place on price performance.  Go there for the food - period.  If you want… En savoir plus
  • 2327 McKee Rd
    San Jose, CA 95116
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    09/02/2009 Avis mis à jour

    Quite an increase in price but the food is good so well justified.  

    I was able to convince my nieces to get their Happy Meal to go so we can come here and get some real food.  There are now three sizes of taco - mini for $1, regular at $1.99 and super at $3.49.  Regular and super are basically the same size but the super has all the fixings.  I notice this time the tortilla (at least the flour and you can choose between corn or flour tortilla) is made fresh to order.  

    We had:
    1 regular each of lengua (beef tongue) and carne asada.
    1 super carnitas
    1 cheese quesadilla - $2.99
    1 medium horchata - $2.49

    The lengua was super tender.  The cheese in quesadilla was very good, my older niece thought so as she ate all the cheese and left us with the tortilla!

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    12/08/2007 Avis précédent
    Drove by this place more times than I can remember...why we never bothered to check this place out… En savoir plus
  • 1432 S El Camino Real
    San Mateo, CA 94402
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    13/09/2008 Avis mis à jour

    It's not the best but it's pretty damn good.  What else do you expect from a sandwich but bread, meat, veggie and whatever condiments it come with?  Who cares if they slap it on or gently lay each slice with love?!?  It's a deli sandwich!

    If we crave for a sandwich, this is the first place we think of in the neigborhood.  The guys there are cool although I still stick with my earlier review - it makes a difference who you end up making the sandwich.

    Our recent visit on a Saturday was good because we beat the rush!  We actually got to finish our order at one of the 2 available tables before most got their order.

    The soprano is always our favorite - everything on a dutch crunch please.  We tried a new one - forgot what it's called but it's hot link with bbq sauce and cheese.  We had expected the hot link to be whole or at best sliced at half but it was actually cut into pieces so every biteful was delicious link w/ oozing cheese and bbq sauce dripping on chin and fingers - lick!

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    01/07/2007 Avis précédent
    3.5 stars - we found Mr. Pickle's by accident...because of the line that goes outside the door.  We… En savoir plus
  • 901 Edgewater Blvd
    Foster City, CA 94404
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    3.5 stars for price performance on selected dishes.

    Some nasty reviews.  This really is not a restaurant even though there's a real menu and a dining room but the bulk of the business are folks buying stuff from the steam table TO GO!  The dining room is dingy and dark - won't recommend but if you must, you must.  Don't expect much service but what kind of service do you expect/want from a fast food place?  

    So word of advice - look at the selection and order only those that are fresh.  They have a lot of traffic so food or at least the popular ones come out of the kitchen quite often.  If it looks old - you can tell that it's just been sitting there - don't get it.  

    They sell everything by scoop, pint & quart and they do try to pack the food in so you get your money worth.

    Fried rice - not much ingredients but it's tasty
    Chow mein - again, not much ingredients but it's tasty - stringy
    mini sesame balls - 4/$1 - it's the BOMB when it's fresh - must have, just pop it in the mouth, yum!
    pot stickers - sell in quantity of 3 - ok
    sweet & sour pork - you will never get soggy ones here, why?  they separate the fried pork and sauce and only mix the amount you ordered so it's always crunchy and perfectly sauced
    broccoli beef - it's tasty - one of our favorites
    green bean chicken - it's hit and miss - i don't like the chicken, it's always dry
    mushroom, zuchinni & chicken - pretty good but don't like the chicken
    special spareribs - this is tasty stuff but only if it's fresh
    dai chin chicken - fried chicken nuggets in this sticky sweet and slightly spicy sauce - one of our favorites, get if fresh

    For the price, you can't beat it and it's quick!

  • 2992 S Norfolk St
    San Mateo, CA 94403
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    This is inside Marina Food, was previously the Japanese sushi counter.  

    Must admit we were excited to see this place, Vietnamese sandwiches in San Mateo!  I was thrilled to see they have bun bo hue BUT apparently they are not allowed to sell it so they'll be changing their menu soon.  

    There are 6 different type of sandwiches - combo, ham, bbq chicken, bbq pork, egg and grilled pork.  All at $2.50 each!  We tried the combo, bbq chicken and grilled pork - my favorite is still the combo but others were pretty good too.  The sandwiches are made to order so it takes a little is the iced coffee, it was strong and tasty!  You can get any sandwich with a coffee for $4.50.

    We also got a package of shrimp spring rolls at $2.50 and a shrimp lotus root salad for $3.99.  

    They also have the coconut (green colored) waffle for $1.

    It may not be the best BUT can't beat the convenience and price...we will return.  For those who work around the area, this is a great lunch option!

  • 2534 Durant Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94704
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    Top Dog is exactly what it is - TOP DOG!  Wow, the first time I came upon this place many many many moons ago - I was overwhelmed.  I am not a hot dog person by any stretch BUT this place is damn good at doing what they do best!  They used to have buckets of warm sour krauts for you to pile on top - I LOVE sour krauts... AND different kinds of mustard too - didn't see either last time we were there.  Nonetheless, the dog was still as good as we remembered.  

    They have a good selection of dogs to choose from and I love that they toast the rolls...have you seen the guy at the grill?  They have the system down packed!  The bockwurst and hot link are my favorites but everything are good here - you just can't walk away disappointed, seriously.  

    What better way to spend a nice afternoon in Berkeley than munching on a top dog piled with sour krauts w/ loads of mustard and relish on a doorstep with juices dripping all over you and the sidewalk?!?

    Their "six pack" of dogs is a steal - 6 dogs and 6 buns to go at $7.50?

    Love this place..we need to go back soon!

  • 648 Kearny St
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    When my family of 9 immigrated to the US many many moons ago - we met the owner on the plane.  30+ years ago, this place was the only place that had wonton noodles like HK so you can imagine how popular it was.  Even today, the aroma is still one to take you back to HK...alright, back to earth...

    It's the broth, not the wonton so feel free to have a plain noodle or fun - that's good.  Their fun (fat flat noodles) are the best, just the perfect texture - you can buy them in grocery stores.  Their beef stew is also popular but I think it's a bit lean.  The rice noodle rolls w/ just soy sauce, sesame paste and plum sause are the bomb - again, they are one of the first to serve this - another popular snack in HK.  One other item I especially enjoy is the preserved cabbage w/ shredded pork with noodles.

    This place is authentic and everything turns around quickly so be prepared to order, eat and run.  Go there for what it is or be disappointed for what it is not!

  • 2974 S Norfolk St
    San Mateo, CA 94403
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    3.5 stars - this is one of the very few spots that open "late" near Foster City so thank God for that!  It's a cool joint to just hang out and people watch.  TV is always on with some Spanish speaking programs.  

    We like their burritos, tried most of their meat selection and they are all good.  Quesadillas are good too.  Have yet to try their taco but it appears to be quite popular and it looks very good.  One of the best part about eating there is the bottomless chips, salsa, and hot can eat as much as you like and fresh ones will keep coming.  Oh, the horchata is also very good.

  • 1700 Stockton St
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    26/01/2009 Avis mis à jour

    I just want to confirm that they deserve the 5 stars.  Got there around 11am today and they were all out except pizza and raisin.  I decided to just get the raisin and the lady asked if I wanted it whole or cut?  I was puzzled - cut?  As in cut into slices?  She said yes, we will cut into 8 slices?  YES, please do!  In a few minutes, she came out with a little brown bag with 8 equal sized strips of was still warm too!

    I ran back to the car where my hubby was waiting and said he was in luck!  Before the car can take off, I already have a strip out and took a bite!  What a way to start a morning and our drive down south, delicious!

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    17/09/2008 Avis précédent
    All the 5 stars reviews are true!  Not that I really doubted but...

    We decided to pick up some for…
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    We've been on a hunt for black sesame dessert lately.  Surprisingly, very few places serve them.  We know because we have walked into or looked at just about all cafes and other possible places in Chinatown that may serve it.  Same reason we walked into this place but somehow the friendly lady behind the counter drew me in to see what else they have to offer.  Must admit that passing by in the past, this place does not attract me the least bit...I mean, a semi store with a corner serving drinks/snacks?  

    Anyway, I saw they serve "wuen jai chi" - this is the name for the fake shark fin soup that is very popular in HK for $1.25.  Seriously, that's nothing to give it a try.  If you don't know better, it may look like hot and sour soup to you.  It was not bad, I only wish it was hotter in temperature because it was just lukewarm.  I sprinkled LOTS of white pepper, yeah that's the way to enjoy this street food...of course, I forgot the other important condiments (red vinegar and sesame oil).  The lady reminded me of the vinegar but not the sesame oil.  

    I noticed she was rolling her own noodle crepe and see that they have it for $1.25.  I asked if she makes it like the Hong Kong way with the sesame paste and all...she said yes.  They are kept in plastic cup and they nuke it for you when you order.  She said just put everything in and mix it - start with a little then add whatever you feel is missing.  I asked her to do it for me - she said always add soy sauce first (make their own sweet soy sauce), plum sauce (it's diluted so not as thick and sweet), special sauce (she said it's specially made by a chef and she doesn't even know the recipe but it's the secret sauce that makes this dish tasty), sesame paste sauce (she said can skip if use the special sauce), sriracha if you like it spicy (a little disappointed that they did not use the original orange hot sauce that's made in HK), lastly sprinkle some sesame on top (if you like).  After mixing it all, it was a bit dry so we added a little bit more of soy sauce, plum sauce and sriacha and it tasted really good.  BTW, plain noodle crepe is the only and traditional way for this HK snack.  

    Curry fish balls - 5/$1 - how can I turn that down?  This was ok, it's definitely not HK styled.  They used the regular white ones and the curry sauce was not flavorful and too watery.  The best fish balls that are like those you can find in HK - we have only found them in Vancouver and Toronto and I eat them until I get sick.  

    Last but definitely not least, the tea egg.  This is my first time trying this snack.  She was saying they make it the traditional way, not the way everyone makes it - there are no star anise and another spice (forgot) - instead it's strictly tea leaves and chinese herbs.  It was piping hot and smelled really good.  This was good. The yolk inside was still tender and the egg white was flavorful.  For $0.50, this is a great snack.

    This was a great little pick me upper and we shall return.

  • 815 Stockton St
    San Francisco, CA 94108
    4.0 étoiles

    So glad we decided to walk to the end of Stockton before the tunnel to check out this dim sum place. I admit I was not convinced while looking from the outside but somehow hubby and I decided to go inside and give them a try.  

    They have a full Chinese and English menu on the wall - I studied that as well as the display case.  I noticed a dark gray colored dough like pastry and asked what it was - I think the man said "lai" as in soil in Cantonese...ok, that doesn't sound very appetizing.  He said it's traditional "toi san" pastry and nobody else makes it but them and that we should try since it's only $0.50/piece.  Hubby thinks he had it before but he doesn't recognize the name.  

    While we debated if we wanted to try that, we ordered a piece each of the shrimp dumpling, beef siu mai, pork siu mai and chiu chow fun gor at $0.50/each.  All was pretty good, I liked the beef siu mai the best.  Their chiu chow fun gor has the key ingredients - peanuts and preserved radish.  The shrimp dumpling was pretty good - plenty shrimp and bamboo shoots.  Hubby liked everything and did order a piece of the "lai".  I took the first bite and was impressed.  We had expected to be a chewy doughy piece but there's actually filling - tasty sweet filling of peanut and coconut.  The man told us the herb used to make the chewy dough comes from China.  He was very nice and thought we were tourist but we told him we are locals but never made it to this end of Stockton street.  This tasty treat was so good, we bought 2 to-go.  We did try one more item - the sticy rice bun - basically sticky rice in very thin wrapper steamed into a ball.  For $0.60, this was big and tasty especially with a sprinkle of white pepper.

    The place is a hole in the wall with 3 small tables and 6 chairs.  You can see the ladies making dim sum and dough to the left as you enter the shop.  Besides dim sum, they also serve baked buns, rice plates and soup noodles.  

    We will have to come back to get the "lai" pastry for our families to try and check out their other treats.

  • 708 Vallejo St
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    26/04/2015 Avis mis à jour

    Don't serve Bun Bo Hue if you don't know how to make it.  Giving me raw jalapeño peppers does not add to the flavor and definitely not spice level.  Sucks.  Will NEVER return.

    The combo special pho was also flavorless, little noodles & meat.

    Time to close down.  Cook what you know and stop cheating customers.

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    03/07/2009 Avis précédent
    3.5 stars - will need to try them again before upping it to 4 stars.

    Hubby tells me this used to be a…
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  • 3033 24th St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    22/04/2012 Avis mis à jour

    Whenever we have a serious craving for tacos, we make a trip here.  It's the street style that we really enjoy...and the price is still ridiculously low at $1.75 each.  

    Today we had the tripe, lengua and buche - the buche turned out to be our favorite as it was super tender.  Lengua was good and the tripe was just a bit dry...but an easy fix with some toppings and hot sauce.

    We also had a super burrito with carnitas at $5.95.  It was not bad - it was with whole beans, we really like refried beans in our burrito.  We didn't find any hot salsa and only very little avocado.  

    The horchata is still tasty.  The bottled coke is always a good choice and I noticed they have the old style bottled Fanta orange soda!  I will have to try next time.

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    29/11/2009 Avis précédent
    We tried this place back when they closed down the area for Sunday street. It was a great way to… En savoir plus
  • HRD
    521A 3rd St
    San Francisco, CA 94107
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    No idea how long this place has been around but glad we found it on Yelp - better late than never!

    Why hasn't Guy been here for triple D???  This is definitely a no-frill diner but you get great value and tasty food.  To top it all, friendly service - this is how a successful business is run - good food, good value and good service.

    We stood there for the longest time debating what to order - everything sounds good.  Ultimately, we got the combo kimchi fried rice and the spicy pork soup noodle with a can of 7-Up that came to a little over $14.

    The combo kimchi fried rice came out first - to my delight, there was a fried sunny side up egg perched on top the generous heap of fried rice with some bibimbap sauce squeezed over it.  The combo consists of SPAM, chicken and the spicy pork.  

    The spicy pork soup noodle was delicious - the noodle is the wonton styled noodle and cooked perfectly.  Besides the spicy pork, there were also 5 small fried dumplings, which was another pleasant surprise.  

    Saw this lady eating the cheesesteak with fries, it looked great with the cheese pulling...a guy eating the scrambled egg w/ bbq pork over rice, which looked good too.

    Being that it's a diner, expect to smell like food afterward - there's no way around that.  The guys were super nice - they checked on us and asked if everything was alright.  When we left, they asked again if we enjoyed the food.  

    We'll definitely be returning and likely sooner than later...

  • 86 McAllister St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
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    I don't remember the last time we drove by the area...but I was hungry and hubby wanted Mexican...what do I see as he made the turn?  Taqueria Casillo and there were parking space nearby!

    We took a look at the menu outside before walking in.  While we were debating what meat to get for our tacos - we watched the man behind the counter put together a burrito.  It was huge and it sure looked good.

    What we  had:
    carnitas taco - $2.5? - this was delicious.  the meat was crispy yet juicy and tender.  very generous portion.

    lengua - $2.5? - just as yummy, very tender pieces - also generous portion

    horchata - pretty good, not watered down like many places

  • 1400 Jackson St
    San Francisco, CA 94109
    4.0 étoiles

    I lived upstairs YEARS ago when it was ran by another family.  The current owner said she owned it since 1984, years after we have moved out.  Regardless, just being there brings back memories - good ones when life was simpler.  

    We walked in when it was right around 5pm when they opened.  The lady was still mopping away in the back.  It looks dingy but the place is well kept and clean.  Besides the menu, there are specials on the white board but I think they are in Chinese.  One item caught my eyes - beef tongue over rice.  

    After we ordered, we were given a complimentary bowl of soup - seaweed w/ pork.  It was tasty and really hit the spot.  What we had:

    beef stew wonton soup - the beef stew is tender but a tad salty for me.  the wonton was ok.

    beef tongue over rice - delicious!  the beef tongue was very tender and the gravy over the rice was super yummy.  definitely our favorite dish.

    singapore rice noodle - it didn't have the yellow color as expected and only a hint of curry flavor.  

    We already planned on returning or at least get some to go orders.  The lady is super nice and I think some people take advantage of it.  As mentioned by other Yelpers, she is very thankful to all her customers.

  • 697 Valencia St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    3.0 étoiles

    We tried the lengua taco and a horchata.  

    The lengua was ok - they heat it up when you order it.  The tortillas were stuck together and disintegrated when it is picked up, sad.  At other places, I can normally separate the tortilla.

    Taco is served with some free chips.  There are two sauces at tables you can use.

  • 1045 Stockton Street
    San Francisco, CA 94108
    2.0 étoiles

    Once upon a time, it was Gourmet Kitchen and their fried chicken drummette ruled.  I can't tell you how many times I had to order large foiled pans of those treats for my friends.

    Fast forward years later, ownership changed, cooks changed and the name changed.  While they have a lot of cooked soul food, they are not good.  They have soy game hens at $3 each or 2 for $5.  When I got one, they charged me $3.50.  How do they figure that? Can't be tax...not even worth arguing with them on it, just chalk it up as a business that is not honest and out to take advantage of anyone and everyone.

    If you want to get their food cheap, come after 5 or 6pm when they start selling them at discount.

  • 736 Clement St
    San Francisco, CA 94118
    2.0 étoiles

    In the neighborhood and wanted a snack.  Decided to hit a couple of these dim sum shops.  Here, we got one piece each of the taro pork, shrimp/ pork, shrimp cilantro dumplings.  Disappointed.  It was barely warm, the skin is way too thick, it was greasy and the filling in all three were very much alike.

  • 1975 S El Camino Real
    San Mateo, CA 94403
    3.0 étoiles

    Young cashier was trying too hard to be thorough and friendly creating the opposite result.

    Thankfully, our box of taco party pack came out quite fast.  This is such a deal - 12 crunchy tacos (you have a choice of crunchy or soft) for $10.99 - can't beat this!

  • 3.0 étoiles

    They don't have the "taqueria" smell.  Like the salsa bar.  Burrito is ok but too "loose" so it falls apart very easily as you eat so best to put on a plate and eat with knife and fork, which takes away the joy of eating a burrito.

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