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    Jefe's, Jefe's, Jefe's, how awesome are you!

    The food here is amazing! You must try! The burger is delish & those fish tacos are out of this world!

    No words can describe the yumminess, you must try this place out for yourself

  • 232 Miracle Mile
    Coral Gables, FL 33134
    4.0 étoiles

    Apparently the cupcake business is not the only new craze that is hitting Miami. Mobile food trucks are popping out everyday. Latin Burger seems to have a cult following. Have heard how good this place is by many many people. Never had it because I never followed them on Twitter or FB. One day I heard they were right by my job and missed them. With that said, I decided to friend them on Twitter. Heard they were at Kendall Car Wash and decided to swing by before heading to work. I am glad I did! The cult following is definintely true. There was a line but not something that will turn you away. The owner/manager/sales person was in the front and greeted every customer and asking them how they know of this place and other small talk.

    Now to the food. I had the pulled pork because thats the type of girl I am. I expected some smokey, bbq-ness sandwich when I ordered it but was surprised to open the foil to gooeyness. They mizzed the pork with one of their speciality sauces and veges and then slapped on a piece of cheese. All on sesame seed bun. I was very pleased with the outcome. The sandwich had a mild tang, which I loved.

    I can only rate it on what I ate, but if all their food is as good as what my sandwich was then I will definitely find them again.

  • MM 101.5
    Key Largo, FL 33037
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    I tried this food truck during January's art walk.

    As a group we ordered the nachos. Robert C. is right in saying it was good and cheap. The onyl down fall is that it took sooo long for our food, we expected out of the ballpark types of flavors but were not given that. Its just hard to compare with all these other amazing food trucks popping up.

  • 3401 N Miami Ave
    Miami, FL 33127
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    13/01/2011 Avis mis à jour

    I am continued to be amazed by this food truck!

    Went to Brickell Honda for the new Brickell food truck court.

    Ordered the pork croquettas, and they were prefect for a chilly night. It was an amazing croquetta with a crunchiness outside and gooeyness inside. To top it off, the sauce they serve on the side is out-of-this-world good!

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    11/01/2011 Avis précédent
    Holy amaze balls!

    Had this food truck during Art Basel and I was not dispaointed! The flavors and…
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  • 7138 SW 117 Ave
    Miami, FL 33183
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    I am so grateful to have the Yellow Submarine at a walking distance from my house. I absolutely love their hot dog. It's soo good. I haven't tried anything else because i only want the yummy hot dog. They have chairs to seat on if you want to eat there or you can take it to go. The service here is just as good as the food. If you are in the area go check them out.

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    I am skeptic on grilled cheese only because of the grilled cheeses I have had in my past.

    Had this yummtastic food truck last night, and am now a fan of thee grilled cheese! I ordered the goat cheese and prosciutto sandwich and was melting and goeey. I was once told that a messy sandwich is a good sandwich, and that rang true. It was a tad bit messy but that is what napkins were invented for.

    But what blew me out of the water were the sweet potato fries! SHUT UP! OM-EM-G! They were cut thicker than what you see at restaurants and were salted to perfection!

    Need to try them again asap!

  • 13750 SW 136 Ave
    Miami, FL 33186
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    I am a huge food truck lover so knowing that so many of them were going to meet here every Friday, was music to my ears! Lets not forget that its in my neck of the woods!

    I think this is a great idea for a chill Friday night if its with your friends or families. You have so many different food trucks to choose from!

    I do have a few recommendations:
    1. come here early people! After 7:30 this place is a jungle! there are lines for every food truck and food starts to run out.
    2. Bring chairs, blankets, or tables. This venue does not provide any seating area except for the grass. Plus, its never fun to stand while you eat.

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