• Los Angeles, CA 90012
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    5 stars all the way! the Lobsta truck and i were meant to meet! thank goodness i stuck to my guns and went through with the food truck event at santa anita. thank goodness i saw a long line and decided to wait in it. this time around trying something new did not leave a sad face!

    $12 bucks for the lobster roll with butter. $4 bucks for a small cup of clam chowder. 15 minutes later my boyfriend and i were just simply in awe! how can a food truck have AMAZING clam chowder! it's definitely one of the best we've both ever tried! i almost want to say its comparable to fishermen wharf in SF. now that's a huge compliment!
    but i can't let goodness go unknown!  it was flavorful! there wasn't a lot of clams or potatoes but the flavor made up for it! now if you were anything like me. i had leftover bread from my roll which made me dip it in the clam chowder! DELISH!! finger slicking good!

    it was so good that we walked around ate some more and came back in line for seconds! this time around we ate the clam chowder and $11 bucks for the crab roll with butter.

    suggestions: grab plenty of napkins and ask for some lemons!
    lobster roll was better but both were equally good! made with real lobster/crab meat! so i really think its affordable and it makes my mouth water just talking about it!

    this will be the first truck im following.

  • Los Angeles, CA 90013
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    Cost & toppings:
    6 bucks for a fruit waffle. comes with bananas and strawberries. i said no chocolate or else it would've been $6.50.

    *cash only.
    *they serve fosselman ice cream. Limited flavors.

    tried it at the 626 night market.

    the waffles took a long time to make.

    i love waffles and liege style waffles oh my, my stomach screams I want some! Waffles de liege was definitely yummy. i feel like it could use more fruits. But I understand that they can't go overboard because they gotta make $ somehow. I would definitely try it again.

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    Ive heard great things aBout the mighty boba truck. Just the name alone is catchy and makes you smile.

    *mango green tea was very refreshing. Asked for half sweet. Was recommended by the staff as well.  My bf liked this a lot. He was even craving this the other day. Too bad they don't have a store that we can go to.
    *boba milk tea wasn't bad either. We both liked the mango green tea more.

    Tried it at:
    626 night market.

    *there's a little cut out photo opporutity.
    *8.50 for two regular sizes.
    *check in for a special. (Kinda hard when it's at an event because of the address thing)
    *credit card accepted
    *Taiwanese food. They also serve munchies like popcorn chicken.

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    9 bucks for 2 kobe burger sliders that came with two slices of pickles. Made with the kings Hawaiian rolls.

    prices are pretty darn steep. but definitely tasty when dipped in ketchup. perfect for sharing when you're at a food truck event. Only negative is that the sliders were so small.

    no line when we were at the 626 asian night market. so i wonder why. it was pretty darn good. I would totally recommend this truck if you're a burger fan but realistically speaking you won't get full from the sliders and to get more food from this truck you're going to go broke.

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