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Places in the NYC area that have Gluten Free eats...
  • 2911 Broadway
    New York, NY 10025
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    I came in with a group for happy hour, and the service was great. We were seated immediately, and the service was great (orders taken quickly, water kept filled, food served quickly, and we split the bill with multiple cards).

    I ordered the "Melted Latin Cheese Dish" off the tapas/appetizer menu. Picture a mini cast iron skillet filled with melted white cheeses, topped with seasoning and spicy diced chorizo. This would have been perfect as an appetizer for a normal group of 2 people...but for me, the cheese/meat lover, this was the best ~$10 item that filled me up and quenched my thirst for melted cheesy goodness.

    Instead of the bread that comes on the side, the waiter was able to substitute in salted plantain chips and it was YUM.

  • 132 W 23rd St
    New York, NY 10011
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    My favorite macarons: White chocolate and the caramel are sooo rich and decadent!

    The coffee is also awesome!

    Upside/Downside: no wifi
        -upside: for quick in and out enjoyment, prob easy to find seating as no one lingering with a laptop
        -downside for those wanting to eat lots of macarons and do work all day


    macarons are mostly gluten freeeeeeee! weeeeeee for meeeeeeee!

  • 220 Vley Rd
    Scotia, NY 12302
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    23/01/2012 Avis mis à jour

    Wished I could have visited Laurie's store on a Sunday, but it was closed... Coincidentally I happened to stop by Just Me! Pizza in downtown Albany, NY...and I was BLOWN AWAY! This pizza place uses Laurie's crust to create the most delicious gluten free Sicilian pizza! The crust is thicker than any other gluten free pizza and fed 3 people! I am extremely excited to see Laurie's goodies in more restaurants around the country!

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    06/11/2011 Avis précédent

    Could it possibly be? GF everything bagels?!?!? Why yes, the seasoning is…
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    I absolutely freaked out and wanted to dance an Irish jig in happiness over the gluten free chicken and waffles. Not only is this a cute brunch place in Chelsea Market, but they have such an extensive gluten free menu full of yummy things I miss. The fried chicken was incredibly moist and PERFECTLY seasoned. The cheddar waffle had a wonderful consistency and I actually had to double check with the waiter to make sure it was gluten free, because the waffle didn't have a gritty consistency that I'm used to with gluten free waffles! The spicy honey dipping sauce really sealed the deal, and now I crave spicy honey whenever I think of chicken...*mouth is watering*

  • 145 Main St
    Highland Falls, NY 10928
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    We visited Hacienda on the 11 year anniversary a few days ago, and we had such a wonderful visit. There was a mariachi band going to each table, free chocolate mousse layered cake to go around, and the service was impeccable. Everyone was so proud and happy to get there to celebrate, and we felt happy to be a part of their celebration

    Chips and salsa:
    The chips were served warm (and they kept coming!!!)...and the salsa was chunky, flavorful, and had a spicy bite to it...

    Lemon/Lime Margarita on the rock:
    Only way to go...nice portion...avoid the strawberry, its too sweet

    My combo platter:
    I got a combo platter with a chicken suiza enchillada, chile rellano, and chicken tamal...including a handful of salad, rice, and beans on the side.

    As a native Texan and die-hard Mexican food fan, I really enjoyed every morsel and cleaned my plate. Sometimes we forget the difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican food...this is definitely like eating homemade Mexican food. The tamal was still moist from the steamer and topped with a red sauce. The chicken suiza enchillada was topped with green salsa and a dollop of sour cream, although I might have enjoyed it mixed together as a sauce. The chile rellano was EXACTLY like my Mexican friend's mom's chile rellano...which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The pepper was even moderately spicy and nicely stuffed with ground meat.

    It was a rich, creamy flan with a healthy amount of the usual caramelized sauce, whipped cream, and sliced strawberries...we ended up ordering 3 of these for 6 people! YUM!

    Room for improvement:
    1) the salsa would make me feel warm and fuzzy if it was served warm with the warm chips...might also have a spicier kick served warm
    2) the suiza sauce could be built upon...into another option...of a creamy suiza sauce that would be a verde sauce + cream + white melted cheese...mmm just think of the creamy/cheese goodness

  • 200 Columbus Ave
    New York, NY 10023
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    Gluten Free Diners:

    The main gluten free item on the menu is the flourless chocolate cake. It was a cupcake-like portion, super rich in chocolate, and I had to drink 2 glasses of milk to finish it off.

    For some people, eating a rich chocolate item like this is a breeze. But I would have loved the offer of an icing of my choice (even if it costs extra). I could imagine a cream cheese or butter-cream frosting really making this chocolate overload into a treat that gluten free diners don't normal come across. Next time I walk by, I'll check in to see if Magnolia is willing to top off my cake with some frosting...I'll report back!

  • 1239 Amsterdam Ave
    New York, NY 10027
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    I came in hungry for lunch, and was completely full and satisfied.

    I ordered the lunch portion of tebsi (cubes of beef with tomatoes, jalapenos and berbere). It was served with greens and another veggie side on injera. The kitchen also sent out an extra side of injera. The portion was perfect for me and my hungry tummy.

    The restaurant was clean, the waitress was quick and made sure my water was filled. Thank goodness, she brought me plenty of wet wipes before and after my meal.

    Injera is typically made from teff, a gluten-free grain. I had no intolerant reaction after eating the injera at Massawa, but if you are extremely sensitive, perhaps check with the staff to make sure their injera is made without wheat as a filler.

  • 826 9th Ave
    New York, NY 10019
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    My family and I visited Aaheli on Diwali for dinner, and we were so satisfied with the experience.

    Because it was Diwali, we decided to stick to vegetarian food for the night, but we are all excited to return and try out some of the seafood and meat dishes.

    Thanks, Aaheli, for making us feel like we were at our Mama's table at home on Diwali.

    Getting a Table:
    There is limited space, but we came on a week night around 8:30pm and had no issue or wait time.

    Our servers were quick and never let our water or wine glasses go dry.

    There was no corking fee, and there are plenty of wine shops in the area.

    Free Papaddum - I always love having our Indian version of "chips and salsa" as I look over the menu. The chutneys were great (green mint/jalepeno/cilantro, brown date/tamarind, and red tomato/onion), and the papaddum wasn't overly spiced with cumin...just right.

    Appetizer - We LOVED the aloo tikki (potato fritter). I don't remember if it was described as chaat, but it had channa (chickpeas) and an excellent chutney kick to it. There was plenty for the 3 of us to share, and I would definitely order this one again. It reminded me of my favorite samosa chaat.

    Dinner - The three of us each ordered one entree each, shared them family style, and still were not able to finish everything. Each dish was YUM and complimented the others.

    Mattar Mushroom (this dish won out of all three...had a creamy curry with peas and mushrooms with a rich garlic base...we couldn't stop eating this one and would order it again definitely)

    Saag Paneer (classic Indian dish with homemade cheese and spinach...beautifully executed...fresh spinach...tender paneer)

    Kashmiri Vegetable Korma (nut and cream based curry with fresh vegetables)

  • 162 W 23rd St
    New York, NY 10011
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    27/07/2011 Avis mis à jour

    Again, this time I needed something delivered close to Garden of Eden and Al was more than willing to walk me through some choices, describing sizes and prices for cheeses, gluten free crackers, and gluten free cakes, etc.

    Within 15 minutes, again, the order was delivered!

    I was so thankful to have worked with Al...he was patient and understood that I was relying on him to make this delivery in a timely manner with quality items.

    Thanks, Garden of Eden!

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    03/04/2011 Avis précédent
    I wanted to have something delivered to someone that lives close to Garden of Eden, so I called up… En savoir plus
  • 77A W 85th St
    New York, NY 10024
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    How can anyone NOT give a gluten-free speciality store that has fresh baked goods a 5/5? It is true, they do not have every single product you want stocked, but there are so many items that the kind woman has recommended that knocked my socks off, specifically, Laurie's Gluten Free Goodness gluten free everything bagel seriously made my eyes water and the fresh stocked gluten free bagel-rolls.


  • 52 S Pearl St
    Albany, NY 12207
    5.0 étoiles

    I happened to stop by Just Me! Pizza in downtown Albany, NY...and I was BLOWN AWAY!

    This pizza place uses Laurie's crust to create the most delicious gluten free Sicilian pizza! The crust is thicker than any other gluten free pizza, the sauce had a robust and hearty flavor, and the pepperoni was right on.

    The staff was incredibly kind. The restaurant was packed, the only remaining table needed another chair, and the observant staff noticed this and brought me a chair from their office.

    I would honestly go out of my way anytime I am near Albany just for this pizza.

    If you are gluten free, this is a rare delicious find...don't pass it up!


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