Great Places 2 Buy Wine =)

Here's where I like to come alive after five!
  • 2952 El Camino Real
    Tustin, CA 92782
    5.0 étoiles

    GREAT GREAT vast selection of wines, beers, cigars, hard liquor & all different sorts of alcohol here.. =)

    The wines here are very very reasonably priced =)

    They even have a tasting room in the back where u can get daily tastings.. =)

    They even have Wine Education classes which you can sign up for if you want to learn more about wines...

    They need to have MORE appetizers (cheeses, salami & mini sandwiches available for the tastings & classes since they run out so quickly!!)…

    They also have special wine & beer tastings where you can sign up for which are unlimited tastings! Yay! =)

    The staff are very nice & helpful so if you're a newbie don't hesitate & just ask 1 of the employees =)

    Sign up for their email list so you can get their special event info. & also in the mail you can get coupons for discounts on purchases. =)

  • 1500 E Village Way
    Orange, CA 92865
    5.0 étoiles

    This place has become my #1 place to go 4 Wines.. =) the wines here are so competitively priced that it's AMAZING! =) there's such a great variety & selection of wines & accessories 4 wines here too..the people here so helpful & if you ever need anything/ have any questions, don't hesitate to ask =) I can just spend HOURS here...hahaha.. =)

    Plus, they also have daily & weekly wine tastings for very good price that comes with food too next door that they've just remodeled that's just so awesome! =) this place is a TRUE gem...check it out if u love VINO! =)

  • 1431 S Village Way
    Santa Ana, CA 92705
    5.0 étoiles

    The Tastings here are the best value that you can get for your $$, it's not over priced like other places that I've been to...

    They are very generous when they pour (I love this) =)

    Everyone who works here is very helpful & knowledgeable about wines so don't hesitate to ask especially if you're a newbie to wines & are shy about asking dumb questions...

    The place is in a warehouse like building so you can drive around looking for the place if you've never been there, just call them & ask...

    The tasting room is in a small corner of the wine store, you have to pay 1st @ the cash register for the wine tasting

    (or bring your DealPerk/ Groupon) & then go to the corner of the store for the tastings..

    You'll see the small tasting corner ( a group of people will be there/signs will tell you)

    The wines are very reasonably priced & they have a pretty wide selection of wines 2. =)

    so feel free to look around, I love browsing through their selection.. =)

    If you want to stay informed of their events, add them on FB:…

  • 1400 Vine St
    Hollywood, CA 90028
    5.0 étoiles

    I LOVE this place! =) GREAT selections of wines that you can't find @ other places! =) And the people there are nice & friendly & VERY VERY knowledgeable!...not at all pushy..You can find great wines for less than $10 to hundres of dollars.. =)

    On FB:

  • 250 Ogle St
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627
    5.0 étoiles

    This place has the MOST EXTENSIVE wine collection that I have ever seen of any wine store ever! =) All that I have to say is WOW..It even has its own wine bar where you can try their daily tastings daily..the Staff here are very informative & helpful... =) Prices are reasonable..some of the lower end wines are competitively priced but the high end ones you can find better deals online or elsewhere.. but its a GREAT place 2 visit & check out 4 its VAST collection of wine, other alcohols,etc..they even have caviar.. =)

  • 15300 Goldenwest St
    Westminster, CA 92683
    4.0 étoiles

    It's Jons NOT Vons... hahhaa =)

    This is a great little International (European) supermarket where you can find all sorts of things which you can find in your other neighborhood supermarkets...

    The meat, cheese, olive selection is great...they have all sorts from all different countries =)

    The wine, beer & hard alcohol selection here is very very international..

    I've never seen wine from Georgia, Western Europe?? But I saw it here..

    They also have a very European selection of beers & vodka which you might not find at other places & ALL are very reasonably priced too.

    If you love European beers, wines/ other alcohols then you're in for a treat here. =)

    This place is worth a try if you're in the neighborhood =)

  • 16672 Beach Blvd
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647
    4.0 étoiles

    A good selection of alcohol & cheese BevMo...over all good, not vast as the other wine places I've reviewed but it's decent.

    BevMo is good especially when you're near 1 & you have 2 get some alcohol for some occasion, this is much better than the street corner liquor store I'd say.. =)

    I come here when it''s their 5 cent sale for the 2nd bottle of wine so I can get more bang for my buck =)

    Sign up for their BevMo card & you can get discounts & all =)

    Most of the BevMos that I've been to, they're usually understaffed & this one was no exception.

    So if you need help, you have to go looking for it, hardly anyone here will ask you if you need help =(

  • 7304 Santa Monica Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90046
    5.0 étoiles

    I just LOVE LOVE TJ's! =) Great selection of stuff & cheap & good wines, chocolate, healthy foodies & NOT at all EXPENSIVE like Whole Foods where it'll break your wallet. =) The wine selection here is awesome! The people who work here are soooo NICe & helpful! =)

  • 3.0 étoiles

    Great wine bar concept...I give it a 2 thumbs up..great for a group of friends or a date ;) fun times here...+1

    This place is actually near where I used to work, I always passed by this place but never knew it was in this small plaza ;) I'm glad 1 of my friends had the idea to come out 2 check out this place =)

    They have 2 self serve tasting sections: 1 section (the big round wine dispenser in the middle of the bar section) is for the red wines & the other is along the wall for white wines...+1

    You have to buy a card which you load up & you use it for the tastings, each of the different wines has different costs for the tastings.

    Some of the more expensive tastings ($7 or $5 tastings) was a bit on the skimpy side.. =( You pay for a more expensive tasting @ least give us a decent amount.  -1

    On their website they have postings for their current events & coupons for discounts yay! =)  +1

    The staff here are very nice...they supplied us with cheese, crackers, salami, grapes..

    BUT I had asked for more cheese after the group finished it but the girl wouldn't...(2 thumbs down there) if you want your customers to come back & recommend their friends, you should just give them some more cheese when they ask for it..return business is always good business.. -1

    FYI, if you want to buy the Stella Rosa for cheaper go 2 Costco (yes, they do have it, depends on locations) or even cheaper, buy it from San Antonio Winery (the company that makes it)

    Don't go to these wine bars & expect the prices to be the same as others (or cheaper), it's like you go to Bloomingdales & expect the prices to be the same as Ross..nope not gonna happen unless they have their annual yearly super sale..thats not how businesses work.

    If you really like a wine here, just take a pic of it / make a note of it &  buy it @ Costco, Total wine & more, BevMo, WineEx, etc... =) Enjoy!

    Commentaire de JULIE L. de OC Wine Mart & Tasting Bar
    26/04/2011 Thank you so much for your detailed review! We try our best to keep our prices competitive, however,… En savoir plus
  • 10130 Riverside Dr
    Toluca Lake, CA 91602
    4.0 étoiles

    Great selection of things here I don't find at other TJs ;)

    Great service..peeps here are very helpful =)

    Small store layout but this location carries a lot of stuff =)

    Parking can be a pain but you can park in the street/ neighborhood..just be sure to read the  parking signs ;)

  • 39847 Calle Contento
    Temecula, CA 92591
    4.0 étoiles

    GREAT & friendly customer service here =) +1

    A smaller winery off the beaten path that's not as commercialized as the bigger ones in Temecula wine valley  that the tour buses don't stop by..I like that.. =) +1

    I LOVE the horses & goats that they have outside in front yard. ;) +1

    The red wines here are pretty decent & they have some interesting little snacks that they sell here too =) +1

  • 453 Laetitia Vineyard Dr
    Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
    3.0 étoiles

    Great scenic picnic grounds, bring some snacks /picnic foods  +2

    They have live music @ certain days...+1

    Bring your own picnic basket (stop by a grocery store to pick up stuff) to eat, chill, relax & enjoy here...

    Very very small pours & customer service isn't s friendly/ nice ;-( -1

    They're known for brute & white wines

    50% off muscat wines during their the Summer special..

  • 110 E 9th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90079
    5.0 étoiles

    WOWIE, what an AWESOME AWESOME WINE event!!! ;-)

    UNLIMITED tastings @ 250+ many wineries.. YAY!! =)

    OMG, OMG, I was in Wineo HEAVEN!! =)

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Katie B. for the tickets, you are THE BEST-EST CM ever & ever & never will be less than that!!  =)

    My FAVES of the Faves of the evening..Mind u, I'm a picky Wineo =) :

    Atalon winery  (the ONLY winery from Napa Valley @ this event):
    Atalon Pauline's Cuvee 2010  +9.9 pts

    Atalon Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 (10+ pts...the BEST Red wine that I had tasted @ this event by FAR...) this was so smooth, rich & many layers & flavors, it gets better & better with each sip that you take.. (they haven't yet to release this to the public yet..)  =)

    Ghost Pines Winery:
    2010 Ghost Pines Red Blend..+7 pts
    2009 Ghost Pines Cabernet Sauvignon +8 pts

    Charorange wines- yummy, fruity reminded me of vodka & Orange zest =)
    +6.5 pts

    Dr. Loosen Wines:
    All the wines featured, were awesome & great prices..great value, best best bang for your buck =)

    2011 Dr. Loosen Dry Slate Riesling +7.5pts..pretty dry...

    2011 Dr. Loosen  Riesling was sweet & smooth..just the way I like it =) +9pts

    2006 Dr. Loosen "BA" Riesling- yumm +8pts

    Dr. Loosen Riesling sparkling (more bubbles & less sweet) +7.9

    *Remember the higher the alcohol the wine, the less sweeter it'll be" =)

    "Germans will not throw $$ on a bad wine, they are frugal" (Dr. Ernest Loosen- He gave us a very detailed & fun lecture- (w/ generous wine samples) on German wines that day =)

    Also, they had a Yummy YUMMY sorbet made out of Dry Ice & Moscato / was so Delicious!! =)

  • 5115 Buena Vista Dr
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    4.0 étoiles

    Good customer service

    $5 basic wine tasting plus 3 complimentary tastings.

    Red wines were just ok.

    Beat deal was white mascato 1.5 liter bottle for $10 smooth & light not syrupy. Great for hot summer day/party.

    Beautiful vineyards & good outdoor picnic areas great for picnic baskets.

  • 532 Spectrum Center Dr
    Irvine, CA 92618
    1.0 étoiles

    Happy Hour Review Only...

    HH food menu on website is very misleading, it doesn't state on there that it's ONLY 1 item per day that they have a HH food special on. =( Boo -1

    I was very disappointed to find out that they didn't have much of a selection of drinks for HH either (mostly well drinks only) -1  

    I ordered the truffle fries that everyone was raving about, it was good but a bit on the salty side & didn't have much truffle on it otherwise. (6 pts)

    The HH special burger was very much worth it & the beef was very tender & good sized portion of beef (9 pts).

    Service was just ok, waitress was slow; she kept hiding behind the counters talking to other waiters rather than checking on our table & was no where to be found when we needed to order / the check. -1

    Plus there was a 18% tip included already because of our large party.

    I understand this is because its a large party but it shouldn't be automatically included for service that below subpar. =(   -1

    The only redeeming quality of this restaurant was the warm & whimsical decor of this place. +1

    Definitely NOT a place to go to for HH.

  • 608 12th St
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    4.0 étoiles

    Wonderful service ;-)

    Seared Scallops w lobster bisque sauce was so yummy +9pts

    Green pasta seafood de mare w/ white wine sauce yummy sauce, needed more mussels  though 9.9 pt

    Lamb shanks very tender & juicy 10 pts

    Octopus was also yummy, tender & juicy.. 9.8 pts

    They also have plenty wines from local vineyards in this area... =)

    I had told the host in the front that we were celebrating our anniversary there but she forgot to mention it to the waiter.  They did not offer any complimentary dessert for us. Boo -1

  • 3090 Anderson Rd
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    4.0 étoiles

    Free tasting w/ Yelp check in =) +1

    great outside tables 4 picnic

    Love the majestic muscat canelli here ;-) smooth, fruity & sweet

    Grace sparkling wine here, very crisp bubbly wine yummy =)

    Great 180 degree views of vineyards @ upstairs balcony area =)

  • 2925 Anderson Rd
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    5.0 étoiles

    Free tasting w/ Yelp Check In =)

    Great selection of red wines here +1

    Service was warm & sweet =) +1

    2009 cab sauvigon nebula is yummy

    2007 Mare nectaris is complex needs time to open up yummy 9pts

  • 5620 Vineyard Dr
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    4.0 étoiles

    Great wines, landscape & wine & service

    But they do not waive wine tasting fee unless you buy 3 bottles of wine.. boo -1

    Wines are good quality here, very small production of their wines here...

    Peeps are friendly & nice here ;-)

    Natalie, the wine server was so sweet & friendly here, made the visit even better.

  • 6169 Airport Road
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    4.0 étoiles

    Beautiful picnic grounds =) beautiful views of vineyards here

    Wines are very tasty here.

    Service was good too

    You pick up water canisters outside before coming inside to help keep dehydrated during your wine tasting.

    They make great reds & cabs here =)

  • 740 Pine St
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    4.0 étoiles

    Great whites here =)

    100% Viognier tastes smooth & yummy ;-)

    Cameo central coast 2008 had a yummy fruity peachy after taste. =)

    This would taste great w salads/ seafood.

    Service was warm & welcoming ;-)

    FYI, you should call ahead to RSVP if you want to stop by for tastings =)

  • 7110 Vineyard Dr
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    3.0 étoiles

    Mountain zin was the only wine that stood out all of the wines

    None of the other wines really stood out; wasn't impressed even with the big recognizable name =( -1

    Everything that  had wanted to try was all sold out =(

    Huge big & Very commercialized winery

  • 5070 Vineyard Dr
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    5.0 étoiles

    They grow everything that they put in their bottles; it's not outsourced like other wineries =)

    Great reds here even the 2009 Mourvèdre is very smooth & yummy =)

    Great place to picnic; very scenic & beautiful so bring your picnic baskets here =)

    Staff was very friendly, helpful & informative =)

  • 2323 Tuley Ct
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    4.0 étoiles

    Great little mom & pop boutique. Owners wife katie was very warm & sweet.

    Owners love for wines really showed in his wines.

    Known for their Rhone style wines.

    Great viognier & cabs here =)

  • 849 13th St
    Downtown Paso Robles, CA 93446
    4.0 étoiles

    Great variety of reds here.

    Small production of wines.

    Wine pourer was very nice, warm & informative ;-)

    $5 Tasting fee waived with any wine purchase, pretty good deal =)

  • 3333 Vine Hill Ln
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    5.0 étoiles

    Great great wines here but owner is eccentric & doesnt care to cater/ market to the public.

    Theres a long waiting list for his private wine club. =)

    His passion is in making wines & it shows.

    All of his wines are yummy & delicious.

    None if his wines of low quality; you will not be disappointed.

    So if you are a big wineo, then this is the place to be.

  • 3230 Oakdale Rd
    Paso Robles, CA 93446
    4.0 étoiles

    Great cabs here

    They sell out their cabs all the time, they win plenty of awards for their wines here.

    If u like sweet wines try the:

    2010 stiletto

    2010 sticky paws was great..smooth.. =)

    Customer service was warm & friendly. Had  a great time here.

  • 8151 Santa Monica Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90046
    1.0 étoiles

    Large variety of Russian & European goods. +1

    Service was just ok, a bit on the cold side. -1

    A bit on the pricey side.. -1

    Large variety of Euro wines here =) +1

    A lot of the foods I bought here did not turn out to taste as I expected it'd taste. I've eaten plenty of Russian snacks & foods before but this place's stuff just tasted weird... =( -2

    Definitely not coming back here again =(

  • Los Angeles, CA 90078
    4.0 étoiles

    This years' LA Wine Fest 10th Anniversary was located on the Raleigh studio & it definitely did not disappoint because it was even bigger & better than last years' event with even more wineries, vendors and breweries.

    Acura was here to show off their new TL model; they were also handing out these delicious vanilla sea salt caramel which made the experience even sweeter.

    Icelandic water was a big sponsor of this event & provided us with clean tasty water that went great with the wine & beer tastings at this event.

    Tropical showcased their delicious Mango & Passion Fruit Moscato, which was very popular with the ladies.

    Bazaar Boutique had soy candles which smelled just serene & heavenly.

    Navarro Vineyards & Winery was here to showcase their tasty wines that ranged from Roses, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay & Gewurztraminer (my favorite).

    Stella Artois was on hand to pour their delicious cider & beers.

    Laguna Salt Company, which is a family owned company displayed their gourmet, hand crafted salts infused with various herbs & spices.

    Elysian Brewing Co. was handing out very good sized pours of their beers. My favorite was the Space Dust.

    TossWare showed off their high end plastic clear, recyclable drinking glasses that's perfect for dinners, picnics, events, catering, or even whole sale distribution. These glasses come in various sizes; from tumblers to flutes and pints.

    Eppa SupraFruta Sangria uses certified organic fruit juices in its sangria.

    Temecula Valley Wine Growers brought out wines from various wineries for tastings.

    Fetzer Wines had tastings on their Chardonny, Cabernet Sauvignon. & Gewurztraminer. My favorite was the Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Overall, everything was nicely spread out & there were plenty of wineries, breweries, vendors and food trucks to check out which made this event so much fun to check out. I can't wait for next years event!

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