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  • 884 Arnold Commons Dr
    Arnold, MO 63010
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    15/01/2010 Avis mis à jour

    Update on the mattress situation (like you care...I know):

    the initial mattress we purchased - something from the Sealy Hotel Collection, I believe- was too big to fit into our apartment. No shit. The delivery guys tried their hardest and it just wouldn't work.

    Because this is a mattress warehouse, Mattress Source has a "this is what you get - no refunds" kind of store. They could have easily told us to figure it out and it's not their problem. But being the nice guys that they are, they allowed us to pick out a comparable mattress.  

    Lucky for us, this one did fit through the door and up the two flights of stairs, so when I get home from San Fran this week, I'll come home to a brand new bed. Can't wait!

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  • 7077 Chippewa Street
    Chippewa, MO 63119
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    At first glance, it appears as if Value City Furniture is offering great deals. But for the quality of furniture you get, it's just OK.

    I purchased a very cute sectional from there about a year and a half ago for about $1,200. It was my first new couch! After using it for 6 months, it looked like a 500-lb trucker lived on it. Really lumpy, sad looking couch! Definitely not worth $1,200.

    Lucky for me, I had a warranty and was able to get in touch with the store manager and explain my situation. He was extremely understanding and offered a full store credit. The manufacturer of my sad sectional is now out of business and they had a bunch of complaints about that particular model. So I recently went back up there and picked out a brand new couch and love seat. This time, I was careful to look at the frame and cushion to see if it could withstand my 120 lb frame :) And kudos to the customer service team there, they are extremely nice and gave me absolutely no hassle with the return.

    The furniture at Value City is just OK. They carry a few lines that look like something you could buy at Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn, but the quality leaves something to be desired. Many of the pieces look flimsy or poorly made. So yes, you might be paying less for what appears to be a nice piece of furniture, but it will not withstand the test of time. If you really want to buy your furniture there, definitely purchase the warranty.

  • 2332 Millpark Dr
    Maryland Heights, MO 63043
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    My boyfriend and I just bought our first piece of furniture together from Carol House. Brook Dubman must have been out of town, because we got a deal!

    No seriously, we did get a great deal. If you are in the market for new furniture, get on the Carol House website and sign up for their internet specials. We got an email in September that offered us 0% interest for 24 months on anything in the store, sale or regular price. We found a really cool armchair and matching ottoman that will be delivered in the next week or so. Very excited to add it to our living room.

    I've shopped around St. Louis for furniture quite a bit in the last few months and Carol House seems to be the best value in my opinion. They have a nice selection - they offer very traditional furniture (which I'm sure is pretty popular in this part of the country) as well as some more contemporary pieces. Our chair is mid-century modern and I haven't seen anything like it around town, especially for such a good price.

    In the next few years as I "move on up" and buy more new furniture, I will definitely continue to shop at Carol House.

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    11/11/2010 Avis mis à jour

    What a bummer!

    Since this thrift store has moved from the CWE to Florrissant, it's gone seriously downhill. I used to count on this particular shop for fantastic used furniture and the occasional party dress. It seemed like little old rich people donated their awesome wares here upon moving to a smaller home or after they passed away. Morbid, I know, but that seemed to be the case...

    While in the market for a new dresser, I though, "What they hey?" and drove up to Florissant to look. Such a disappointment! The store up north is tiny and has more used, crappy TV's than anything else.

    On the SVDPS website, they've indicated that a South City location will be opening soon. Hopefully it's an improvement from their other new store.

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  • 1233 Harting Dr
    Florissant, MO 63031
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    02/10/2010 Avis mis à jour

    They came back to clean my sofa and it smells SO much better. AND they cleaned it for the same price as the love seat.

    My living room is liveable again!

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    23/09/2010 Avis précédent
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  • 1012 Loughborough Ave
    Saint Louis, MO 63111
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    This store rocks!

    I recently purchased a queen size mattress to go with my bedroom set. It took just a few minutes to pick out the one I wanted and the transaction was super easy. Once you've purchased a mattress from the store, you have to call the warehouse to schedule delivery. The gal at the warehouse, Amber, is very cool and we made all the arrangements earlier this week to deliver on Friday.

    The delivery guys came right on schedule and did their damndest to get the queen box spring up the stairs. No luck! They apologized profusely and suggested I call the warehouse to see what could be done. Mattress Source does carry "split" box springs that work just fine. Amber made arrangements for the delivery guys to come back later and bring those to the apartment so I wasn't sleeping on a couch or the floor for another night.

    Total cost for a Laura Ashley queen mattress, delivery (twice) and a new box spring was less than $600. And I had a great night's sleep on my new bed. Score!

  • 1550 17th St
    San Francisco, CA 94107
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    Do you like antiques? Not the kind your granny shops for, but just really cool, old shit that you can't find just anywhere? Then go to Big Daddy's.

    I write this review begrudgingly, not because I don't like Big Daddy's, but because I don't want anyone else to find out about this hidden gem. Then it won't be nearly as cool... Everything from the submarine hanging from the wall to the variety of dining tables and shabby chic burlap chairs is aesthetically pleasing. This is no easy feat since this warehouse is filled to the brim with furniture and collectables. However, when it's all said and done, each nook and corner keeps your eyes entertained.

    Have been to one event here so far for SF Cocktail Week and it was pretty rad. A little crowded for my taste and it made me nervous to see people setting down their drinks on valuable furniture. However, that being said, if you have the chance to visit Big Daddy's for a party or just to stop in and gaze at the cool stuff inside, definitely do it. There's no other way to explain this SF gem.

  • 1145 S Bascom Avenue
    San Jose, CA 95128
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    Upon moving out of my apartment, the property management group informed me that I was responsible for patching all holes, along with paint touch up. Not only that, but I was responsible for paying for the paint on my own. Lame! They did, however, provide the paint brand/formula, which was Kelly-Moore.

    Since I wanted my deposit back, it only made sense to haul ass over to Kelly-Moore and get some paint. Two small quarts and a very helpful salesman later, I was good to go. He even walked me out to my car (though the paint cans were very small!).

    Yeah, the paint is more expensive than what you'd pay at Home Depot, but oftentimes these guys know more about paint. It's worth the extra few bucks!

  • 1700 E Bayshore Rd
    East Palo Alto, CA 94303
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    I lost my virginity today. My Ikea virginity, that is. How is it that I could live 29 years without ever stepping foot inside an Ikea? It's almost as bad as Steve Carrell's predicament in "The 40 year-old Virgin".

    So anyway, I went to Ikea today. As many had warned me, it was a little overwhelming. You have to go in there with a list and a game plan, or you'd spend an entire paycheck on mirrors and cutting boards.

    My intent was to buy curtains and I did find exactly what I wanted. And I didn't buy a bunch of other crap that I would regret later.

    Will be coming back after my stuff arrives and I have a better idea of what I need.

    Stay tuned!

  • 956 Cole St
    San Francisco, CA 94117
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    One of the nicest hardware stores I've ever ventured into... That's saying something too, since my Dad used to drag me around to many of them as a kid. He's quite handy and built many things around the house in which I grew up. Unfortunately, this skill set doesn't genetically transfer, but I do know the difference between a Phillips and a flat head screw driver.

    Was waiting to have brunch across the street at Zazie (review to come) and since it was a cold, foggy San Francisco morning, we ducked in to Cole Hardware to take shelter. You can tell that it's in a fancy neighborhood, considering they offer the brand names and items beyond the typical hardware store offerings. Japanese lanterns? OK. Every type of Tupperware that you could think of. That's cool. Novelty grilling aprons? Funny. Mustache magnets? Sure. 12 different kinds of incense? Come on... Are Cole Valley people that pretentious? Can't really say since I don't know anyone who lives here, but judging by the hardware store, yes.

    We ended up finding some hooks to hang pictures in our apartment, so not all was lost! And right as we exited the store, our table for brunch was ready. Yes!!!

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