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How many times have you run into an old classmate/lover/colleague/all three and suddenly caught yourself saying, "Let's do lunch?" ... but never followed through? Never more. Take a looksie at my simple lunch list for some great, easy and cheap eats.
  • 3815 Westheimer Rd
    Houston, TX 77027
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    Central Market deserves five stars for their hot sammies. Oh Jebus. Who goes to the grocery store for dinner - and dessert? I sure do.

    I could spend hours in here, shopping around for uber fresh and exotic fruits, 700+ cheeses, wines, breads, seafood. Trips to the grocery store is no longer a choir, but a fun activity.

    Though I always avoid CM on weekends, they do have live music on Saturdays and Sundays for those who want to make a day of it. That's awesome. I rec you check out their blog and follow them on twitter.

    About their cooking classes, I've been attempting a sushi class for years now, but they book up so fast! I wish they added more classes.

  • 2000 Bagby St
    Houston, TX 77002
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    I think a lot of bars have their share of particular crowds during certain hours, and Christian's is no different. Yes, frat-type bois (helloooo) flock here on weekend nights, but I've never experienced that because, well, I choose not to frequent this place during those hours.

    I do, however, come by on weekdays, lunch and/or happy hour. I finally decided to delve my fat face into their famous burgers ...

    Tommy P and I started our lunch with chips and queso. They don't look too appetizing (see pic), but trust me, they are. They remind me of the stadium nachos/Frito pies from high school. Perfect. Famished, we were ready to destroy this bad boy, but our burgers were made so fast, we only enjoyed a few handful of chips. (note: good place for a quick lunch. Your food will be ready fast, but it's made to order, so it'll be hot and fresh.).

    Tommy ordered the 1/2 lb Famous Burger, I had the 1/3 lb mushroom Swiss burger. In the words of Rachel Ray, "Yum-O." Juicy, flavorful, no need for any sauces ... (Though the mushrooms were a bit too salty). Fries were great, ate 'em all.

    I ate all that and washed it down with a guilt-free Diet Coke. God bless America!

  • 414 W Gray St
    Houston, TX 77246
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    14/08/2008 Avis mis à jour

    You can never go wrong with Barnaby's. Whatever the entire gang wants for a typical lunch--sammies, burgers, meatloaf, lasagna, etc--you can find it at this place.

    Today, I was in the mood for a giant deli sammich, but after looking over the menu, the pesto chicken salad sandwich with artichoke AND the Albacore tuna with pecans--lots of pecans--sounded great. Good thing I have my lunch bud Vanessa R with me. We got both and share, because sharing is caring. (we switched out the chips for fries ... and vowed to run 6 miles at Rice tonight). Both sammies had a bit much mayo, but no complaints because it tasted oh-so good!

    Service, as always, was great. I heart you, Barnaby's.

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    19/05/2008 Avis précédent
    I've always preferred Barnaby's over most lunch spots due to many factors. But what I love most… En savoir plus
  • 2400 Times Blvd
    Houston, TX 77005
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    When I'm on a first date/group of gals/casual Italian kind of mode, Colinna's is the first place I think of.

    Had I written this a year ago on my first visit where our waitress forgot everything we ordered, switched out items--you name it, she did it wrong--I would have given this place fewer stars. But I've come back to this place because I'm sure that was just a one time deal. Wonder where this girl is now...

    I came here for lunch today with my lovely sis, craving a carb-o-licious slice of warm and crisp peeksa (pizza). Other than the fettuccine Alfredo and pizza, I haven't really delved into the menu. Mmmm. The peeksa.

    Knowing that our meal would be bread-heavy, we didn't opt for apps, but I have had their artichoke dip (yum-worthy) and calamari (tasty, but not the best in H-tizzle). The pizza menu varies from the typical margherita to the Primavera--fresh spinach, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, garlic, red and green bell peppers, and carrots. You can also build your own pizza with your choice of three toppings.

    We had our eyes set on the Mona Lisa (fresh roma tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and feta cheese) and the Abruzzo (marinated artichokes, basil, various cheeses in a white cream sauce) ... so we did a half order of each ... and we added chicken.

    The server was supper attentive, which, for me, is a first for this particular location.

    I have to say that I have brought my own bottle of wine here (it's BYOB), but have also opted not to come here on certain occasion because I didn't have a bottle in my car (You can't go to a BYOB without alcohol, people!), but surprisingly, they do offer a wine list. Didn't know you could do that.

  • 607 Richmond Ave
    Houston, TX 77006
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    I apparently just learned that the beer and Honey Bun diet is an old wives' tale. Ack! Time to hit Rice.

    The last thing I want to do after a great workout is refuel on cheese fries and Fudgsicles. Thank goodness for healthy eats like Bowl.

    Walking in, we were immediately greeted by the tall, dark and handsome owner, Ralph, who was working behind the salad bar. He gave us the skinny on how Bowl works: pick 10 (or less) toppings, a cheese, dressing and--if you're so inclined--a protein.

    Andrea R is right about the decision-making factor. You'll be stuck asking yourself, "would strawberries go with feta? How about mushrooms and pineapple." But Ralph was helpful with his suggestions.

    I highly recommend the cilantro OR the tomato dressing!

    If you're not a salad person, like Jenny W said, there are sandwiches to choose from. I'm sure I'll be munching on one next week ... or the next time I go for a run. Let's hope I don't wait that long.

  • 5922 Hillcroft St
    Houston, TX 77297
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    The Hilcroft area is plenty in options for Middle Eastern fare, but when I'm craving Persian food, Bijan is the first and only place that comes to mind.

    It's right on the corner off 59, so it's easy to spot--keeping an eye out for the huge (and covered) outdoor patio deck filled with palm trees, a fountain and festive Persian music gets me shamefully giddy.

    So, if you're not familiar with Persian food, most of it is comprised of meat (lots of kebab), white rice, saffron, potatoes, grilled tomatoes, lentils and much more. Nothing is spicy, but I do love how Bijan caters to us Texans with bottles of Chinese hot sauce on the tables.

    They start you off with Barbari (Iranian flat bread), and plates of mint, cheese, raw onions, radish and lime.  

    For apps (though, you might want to skip out on because the entrees are so huge), you can start with an order of Tadig (golden and buttery crisp part of rice scooped from the bottom of the pot--sounds strange but is so delish!), a side dish of Maast-o khiar (cucumber- and mint-infused yogurt) and if you choose, some shirazi salad (not the best I've tasted here. I, actually, make quite the shirazi salad, my friends!).

    For an entree, I like to order the beef and chicken koobideh (about $11), which is basically juicy, seasoned ground meat served like a kebab. Sitting next to a heaping serving of long grain rice, grilled tomato and some raw onions. Don't forget to slab butter on your kebabs--you'll be in Paradise.

    I haven't tried their desserts, but I end my meal with hot tea (don't ask for milk--they only serve this "Persian-style").

    The staff, which I believe is mostly family, is sweet, not intrusive but sometime forgetful.

    For added entertainment, there are hookah outside, along with occasional belly dancers. This is a great spot for groups and/or a first date.

  • 7849 Harrisburg Blvd
    Houston, TX 77012
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    28/06/2009 Avis mis à jour

    El Jardin ... why oh why must you disappoint when I bring an out-of-town guest?

    Feaning for fajitas, I went with the combo platter ($14.99) for one. Chicken and beef fajitas and all the fixins (guac, pico, etc), two grilled jumbo gulf shrimp, frijoles a la charra, rice and my choice of homemade flour tortillas. The food was five-stars all the way (and my leftovers taste better the next day, if that's even possible). But the service? Sheesh. What does a girl gotta do to get a glass of water in this joint? Man, that salsa was hot, and I think Jesus was upstairs laughing at this poor gal attempting to put out the fire.

    The first time she brought back Sprite in the water glass. The second time it was Sprite in a soda glass ... the third time? Sprite again. I finally kindly asked her again in Spanish. Bingo bango she got it right. I probably should have asked her in espanol the first time, but didn't want to be rude in front of my guest Nikki B. Oh, and don't expect a happy hour rita one minute past the 7 oclock mark. For realz?

    But don't judge this 3-star rating. (Wait, am I making any sense here?) The food and atmosphere is top notch, you'll either catch mariachis or a trio swing by and perform for a small tip (on this occasion, both groups came by).

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    25/06/2008 Avis précédent
    Take that, Nifa's!

    This 30-year-old establishment has been serving up the best fajita parilladas for…
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  • 2808 Milam St
    Houston, TX 77006
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    This place is pho-king great. Pho-nominal. One of the best ... pho realz, y'all!

    I went today during peak lunchtime; the parking lot and restaurant were full, but we immediately snagged a table. Strange thing, though, the lights and A/C off--doors were propped open--but the register, soda cooler and kitchen (obviously) were up and running. Guess they had a generator.

    We (Crystal L and I) both ordered the same small beef pho with an order of spring rolls (great peanut sauce, and I'm more of a fish sauce kind of gal).

    My only complaints were that we were brought fried Vietnamese egg rolls at first, and the food rusher said they were out of spring rolls, but we saw a waitress with a plate of spring rolls. He quickly fixed that. And our plate of greens was missing bean sprouts. We didn't bother asking because by the time we realized it, we were full.

    I highly recommend this place for pho. I think I'm gonna go on a Vietnamese diet where all I eat is pho. All those fresh greens (bean sprouts, mint, cilantro), light on meat, lots of broth ... I'd be Keira Knightley in no time.

  • 7340 Washington Ave
    Houston, TX 77007
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    19/02/2009 Avis mis à jour

    Wait! Before you read any further, let me just say that despite me giving Totem's a 3-star rating, I still think they have a good burger ... somewhere there in the mid to high ranks of burgerdom in Houston. But it's still no SmashBurger ... or Tailgate for that matter, which is funny to me because I just found out that Totem and Tailagate are under the same ownership.

    So, for my update, I came here last night with my friend Tommy P and his roomie Andrew. We hightailed it over to Totem because the dame on the phone told us they stopped taking orders 10 til 9. Brownie was in turbo gear, and we made it just in time to throw in our orders. Phew.

    The guys hadn't been here before and were excited to see shuffle board, projection screen and a sign that displayed their Tuesday night $1 draft special ... Yup. One hundred pennies will get your a pint of Coors, Miller Light and some other brewskies that I forgot to remember.

    Tommy somehow managed to scarf down his POUND burger, fries and onion rings. I finished my burger as well, sans the fries. And Andrew? Well he ordered a chicken sandwich combo (gasp! Who does that at a burger joint?!), and couldn't even finish it. I told him he couldn't sit with us anymore.

    It was a hefty and fresh burger, but didn't retain as much juice as I like, nor did it have much spice or flavor. Like I said, I found that odd since the burgers at Tailgate are insanely juicy. You see my pics I posted?

    Regardless, I'll be back. The atmosphere is there, drink specials are great and the food is still something to Yelp about.

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    01/10/2008 Avis précédent
    I love it when I can't find obscure, hidden places; that's how you know it's gonna be good. No need… En savoir plus
  • 1606 White Oak Dr
    Houston, TX 77009
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    17/08/2009 Avis mis à jour

    I came here again today to do some brunching on the patio in this hundred-plus degree heat.

    I got my usual: California Eggs Benedict. Of course, the menu hasn't changed much, but they now offer brunch on Saturdays ... unless I never noticed that on the menu before. I will say that I'm mainly writing this update because King Biscuit will no longer be pet friendly. Good thing Tex got to experience his first and last taste of the Biscuit today. Such a shame since their staff is so sweet to pets, offering free hugs and pats, along with many water bowls sporadically laid about the patio. But it's not their fault; our waitress said it's due to health codes and other blah stuff.

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    10/10/2008 Avis précédent
    When no one can decide what they want for lunch, I bet you nine times out of 10, they'll all agree… En savoir plus
  • 3231 Southwest Fwy
    Houston, TX 77027
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    I was obssessed with Jimmy John's back in college at UT, and I was so delighted to hear that JJ's was making it's way to Houston a few years back.

    Today I revisited the famed sandwich shop and got my favorite, The Beach Club. Turkey, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, avocado and cheese on a warm loaf of French bread. For the sandwich, chips and a large Diet Coke, it came out to about 8 bucks. Not too bad. But could be better.

    Service is always friendly, the place is always clean and if you ask for pickles they scream "PICKLES!" Best of all, they have day-old French bread for just 50 cents. Oh yea, and free Wi-Fi. And delivery within a certain radius. Woot.

  • 2621 S Shepherd Dr
    Houston, TX 77098
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    25/01/2011 Avis mis à jour

    Lunch here is one of the best bargains in town. They have 31 lunch specials to choose from, all under $6 - offered 11am to 4pm, seven days a week - served with your choice of hot & sour or wonton soup, a crispy spring roll and fried rice. (For those on a health kick, sub the fried rice for brown rice!) And the lunch portions are enough to guarantee you leftovers/"dinner."

    I rec the assorted dumplings of eight. When I dined-in this last time, we couldn't decided which one of the steamed dumplings was the best - beef, pork, shrimp or vegetable - but the skrimps and the spinach were both possible contenders.

    I've gotten delivery from here twice and dined in once, and can't stress to you how much you should take the time to visit the restaurant. It's cozy inside and the kitchy Asian decor makes it a pleasant visit. Sure, they've got the menu on the website and a user-friendly online ordering system, free delivery, and small $12 minimum, but your food will arrive cold and reheating dumplings can morph into a bowl of blech. Dine in, and it's completely worth every penny. And you only need a couple, aight?!

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    24/11/2008 Avis précédent
    I ordered delivery from Auntie Chang's today. Don't know what to think about it just yet. I've had… En savoir plus
  • 2710 Montrose Blvd
    Houston, TX 77006
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    09/12/2009 Avis mis à jour

    My initial five-star review of the Mad Hatter Salad is certainly in need of an update. And you know what? Still five stars!

    I have many reasons for this. I know this menu pretty well. I've enjoyed most of their menu - salads, po-boys, daily specials, breakfast, and catering - and have dined here at all hours of the day and night. I think I should have my own parking spot. Once, I came here three times in a week, in which the same waiter outed me on that. Yeah ... you guys are good.

    First off, no other roast beef po-boy can top BB's Midnight Masterpiece. Order this day or night (no need for the "midnight" order), and if you're low-carbing it, they can sub the po-boy for a wheat wrap. And the shoe string fries top it all off.

    Chicken gumbo? Yes please. Breakfast with a side order of cheese grits and fresh, giant biscuits? I'm obsessed! Don't forget the red beans and rice with jalapeno sausage (filling for two people), and the Loaded Pollo Bullets: juicy all-white meat nuggets of tender chicken seasoned and stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. And a side of dipping sauce to drown those bad boys in.

    A new item Nish N and I had the liberty of trying is the Tex-Cajun Virgin, which is a giant platter of shoestring fries dressed in gravy, roast beef and the answer to all life's problems: queso! Yes, queso-feins have a new dish to try. (And a hit of hot sauce on this makes every calorie worth it.)

    Now, for the catering. This Thanksgiving '09, my mom didn't want to go to any trouble slaving over the stove for a day and half, so I agreed to buy a fantastic turkey and volunteered my sisters to each bring a few side dishes. I heard BB's was selling 10- to 12-pound turkeys around $50. After calling around, I finally spoke with BB's owner Brooks over the phone, and he also mentioned the baked, smoked and even "Cajun-stuffed turkey," which he recommend and I opted for. We certainly had something to be thankful for. This Cajun-stuffed turkey was smothered inside and out with wild rice, herbs, garlic, celery, spices ... everyone at dinner could NOT stop talking about it. Even my dad, who rarely eats meat, what carving into his bird like it was gonna fly off his plate, repeating over and over how fantastic it was. HUGE success and I recommend anyone hosting (or attending) a dinner to skip the hard labor and impress your party with this. Just order, pick up the day off (or day before if it's a holiday, like Thanksgiving) and follow their re-heating instructions. I also purchased a quart of Cajun dressing and gravy, but they run about $15 and $9, respectively, which adds up when you buy multiple orders.

    Other reasons why I can appreciate BB's: clean restrooms, courteous staff, they offer NOLA and Texas beers, Mexican Cokes, high boys, low boys and outside seating, boosters for the kiddos, good hot sauces, daiquiris to go, and they're open late night. Like late, yo.

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    26/11/2008 Avis précédent
    All I can say is: I can't wait to go back!

    I visited BB's earlier this year for their 1st Annual…
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  • 5109 Kirby Dr
    Houston, TX 77098
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    Goode Company is, well, good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. (Sorry, I like saying that. Complete inside joke only Dallas CM Melody L will get.)

    I'm one of the *very* few native Houstonians who's never eaten at Goode Co. I've done take-out/friends brought home some Goode-stuff, but never actually stepped foot inside the restaurant. So, after picking up the ever-so-lovely Tiffany C from IAH, (I'm an idiot and actually went to Hobby. Poor gal was probably starvin' when I finally scooped her up) I asked her, "When you come to Texas, what something you just have to eat?" Her answer: barbecue. Goode Co it is.

    It was a cold night, but families where still on the patio enjoying the heat lamps and picnic tables. Ordering inline, cafeteria style, we both went for the two meet dinner plate (~10). I chose brisket and chicken, along with my sides of potato salad and baked frijoles ... and their famous jalapeno bread.

    Mmm, the brisket was absolutely amazing Sauce: spiced and tangy. Chicken: all white and juicy. And I could have made a meal of the sides. By the time I was half-way through the meal, I was already stuffed. I'm guessing I should go with a smaller plate next time--or not.

    My only complaint is that seating inside is limited, and if you're in the middle and have to get up, patrons dining next to you might get irritated with you forcing them to get up as well. Space is tight.

  • 2604 Dunlavy St
    Houston, TX 77006
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    24/01/2012 Avis mis à jour

    After a few awful experiences with service, I vowed never to return to Brasil. But it's been a year now, and so I decided to give 'em another chance. Glad I did because the two employees working the bar/counter were so incredibly friendly.

    I've always loved the food, and the place is walking distance to my place, so I'm thankful that I can return and actually enjoy myself.

    Things I missed and am excited to enjoy again:
    Roasted beat sammich
    Beer battered fish tacos
    Black bean burger
    Blueberry muffins (lots of 'em)

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    09/07/2010 Avis précédent
    Rules of etiquette:

    When someone says "thank you," you say back to them "you're welcome."

    And when…
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    07/01/2010 Avis précédent
    So I promised myself to never return to Brasil. I failed myself. (But, I found my tummy grumbling at… En savoir plus
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    20/01/2009 Avis précédent
    I knew this was gonna happen. "As soon as I post a favorable review of Brasil," I thought, "I'm… En savoir plus
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    08/12/2008 Avis précédent
    Brasil is another local haunt I frequent when looking to get some work or reading done. Lately, the… En savoir plus
  • 812 Westheimer Rd
    Houston, TX 77006
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    08/12/2008 Avis mis à jour

    My heart literally sank when I heard Biba's was closing, that is, until I got the full 4-1-1 and it turned out they were just relocating. Still, I was a bit sad. I've have many o' great moments at the old West Gray location: laughing it up with my gfs in the ladies restroom, post bday late night celebrations, running into Catino Mobley and Scarface (twice), intellectual (and somewhat intoxicated) political debates, snuggling up with friends in the giant booths, working the register for KK when the credit card machine went bazurk... sigh.

    But it's good to know they moved on to bigger and better things. Located in the old Rogue's Lounge spot, One's A Meal is working on their liquor license and will soon feature a full bar menu and a banquet room. I visited One's A Meal a few weeks ago just to check it out. I wasn't hungry, I just wanted to check it out. So I ordered part of my regular deal: number 45, along with a side of Tzatziki sauce. Service was good as always; that Louanne is a doll. Can't wait to come back and re-experience the late night shenanigans.

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    29/07/2008 Avis précédent
    I'm probably going to get a lot of flack from my fellow yelpers for giving Biba's five stars. So,… En savoir plus
  • 417 Travis St
    Houston, TX 77002
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    23/03/2009 Avis mis à jour

    So I figured something out: Frank's during the daytime is a hella lot better than at 3am.

    I ordered a few rounds of pizzas a few months ago during our pre-show meet-up at Charbar before the OYE with Broadway Across America. I think it was about 70 bucks for 5 pizzas (3 pepperoni; 2 plain cheese). Straight from the oven and piping hot, I was truly *shocked* at how much more amazing it was. My friend Marisol B was raving about how much she loved Frank's and how it was one of her favorite lunch places downtown, but I had no idea. My only past experiences were standing in the late night line at 2am and whining over the slim pickings (they always run out of spinach!). Glad I was able to try it out during normal eating hours.

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    16/12/2008 Avis précédent
    Frank's Pizza is the perfect spot for a grab and go downtown lunch or a "late night" bite. I use… En savoir plus
  • 7811 Main St
    Houston, TX 77030
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    Premier à donner un avis

    December 23 is going to be a big day for Houston. No, we're not getting city-wide free Wi-Fi, local tax breaks or Skittles rainbows. Houston, SmashBurger will open its doors to the public. (Please do NOT hold the applause.)

    Ever since I first sunk my teeth into their juicy patty at the December 2 Elite Event, I've been craving SmashBurger every day. (During this month's Mirror Ball, my bud and I detoured over to the SmashMobile in the parking lot even before checking in at the door.) It's that good, Houston! So when I was invited to visit the highly anticipated SmashBurger today for a sneak peak, I gave a solid "COUNT ME IN!"

    It took me a while to find it, as I only knew it was on Main and Kirby. For those who know the Med Center area, it's in the small, new AT&T shopping center that sits across the street from Kroger. So, I parked my car and hightailed it inside, making my way through the side patio.

    It was difficult deciding to either try their famous Classic SmashBurger or go with something different like their Hebrew National, all-beef SmashDogs, SmashChicken or SmashSalad. I couldn't resist re-experiencing the sweet bliss of the Classic SmashBurger, so Classic it was. I did, however, try their onion rings, ahem, "Haystack Onions." I suggest getting those AND the SmashFries.

    Along with sodas and such, you'll be pleased to find that SmashBurger also has shakes, bottled (and buckets of) beer and wine (only house red and white, $3.99. Super affordable). They're working on partnering up with a local brewery to feature local beers. Kudos to that!

    I'm a simple gal, and I'd recommend ths to anyone who's looking for a filling lunch or a cute little date spot that still holds a modern and edgy atmosphere. Prices are inexpensive, ingredients are fresh and the grub is presented in trendy little metal trays.

    Yes, SmashBurger is a chain, but they maintain their high quality and service to a T. It's the first in Houston (second out-of-state location from their home of Colorado) and within a few years, this city will be lucky to have more than 30. I know of a lot of people who've eaten their words as fast as they did their SmashBurger when they said they "don't do chains." I'm looking forward to coming here pretty often to appease my burger fix.

  • 3030 Travis St
    Houston, TX 77006
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    These aren't the friendliest folks you'll ever come across, i mean, when someone stares you up and down after you ask for a container of hot pepper sauce with your takeout, you know you're not in Kansas anymore. But the food trumps the 'tude, well, kinda.

    I went to Cali's on Thursday to pick up some lunch for myself and yelper Mandy G, and since I didn't know where this place was, I used my handy GPS system. Soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I was like, "duh." it's right across the street from Whiskey Creek.

    So, like I mentioned, I grabbed some banh mi for takeout: one barbecue pork sammy for Mandy, one grilled chicken for me. A few bags of potato chips (the fried egg rolls were tempting), and we were in bizz.

    The menu also had other traditional Vietnamese dishes like pho, hot rice plate dinners and dessert drinks. I like how they also had pre-wrapped meals on display for the busy, lunch-on-the-go people like myself.

    Though the food was good and insanely inexpensive, I only gave them three stars because, well, the waitress and cashier were stiff, and there are other places you can go for the same grub and deals all served with a gracious smile.

  • 1611 Lamar St
    Houston, TX 77010
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    I've been to The Grove a good handful of times, but I just so happened to visit two times this past weekend: once for a nice dinner date with a friend, and the second, birthday drinks with a group of 40 or so. I'll break down my review according to my most memorable visits.

    It was February 2008 when my friend Nik and I did "date night." Basically, it's an excuse to get dressed up, have dinner and drinks and talk about failed relationships and our other friends (I'm kidding about that last part, kinda). It was a Saturday night and just two months into the opening of The Grove, we were still able to get a table by the bar with no reservations. I opted out of a large meal and went straight for the ceviche and duck meatballs (which, as of date, are not on the dinner menu), along with a few lychee martinis. Nik inhaled his steak, moaning the entire evening--out of enjoyment, that is.

    I really don't want to Yelp this past week's dinner, not because it wasn't memorable, but because I was on a date ... and who Yelps their dates? Oh, wait, me. Jokes aside, all I'll say is that our server John was soft spoken yet very attentive; go for the first syrah on the menu, it was the most fragrant and palate pleasing wine I've had in a while; and the chocolate cake was worth every calorie and then some.

    The cocktails are impressive: try the Champagne Mango Cosmo or the Ginger Margarita (it has a spicy bite to it that'll clear your sinuses). But what really impressed me this weekend was a lovely cocktail waitress named Susan. It was a group of no less than 40 people that infiltrated the downstairs bar (it was a bit too chilly at The Tree House), and this young gal was able to take drink orders and serve them up like no other. Before I left, I approached her to let her know she was doing an amazing job; she busted her tail, and I didn't want that to go unnoticed. And it didn't. Everyone was pleased.

    If the weather permits, make it upstairs to The Tree House. There's a serene view of the next door Discovery Green's along with a view of the skyline. Plenty of seating, a few wicker couches and a bar make it a great spot to kick back with friends. The unfortunate side of the bar is that I've yet to see any cocktail waitresses each time I've been there; hopefully when things pick up in the spring, they'll have that service available. Also of note, if you're a tequila drinker, they have an extensive menu with tequila flights. And on weekends--and I think Thursdays, too--they have a DJ upstairs spinning house beats.

  • 5230 Westpark Dr
    Houston, TX 77056
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    I would like to buy a hamburger.

    No, ordering my burger was not that difficult here at Bubba's Texas Burger Shack; I'm just reminded of that little scene every time I go out for burgers.

    I came here today after a second attempt to grab lunch with a kickass friend of mine. I've always been interested in checking out Bubba's--yes, because of the reviews I've read on Yelp, but mainly due to the fact that I love the name "Bubba." I've always wanted to date a Bubba, and I decided that if I ever have a redneck child or even get a dog or a pig, his name is going to be Bubba. Moving on...

    "Turn right, merge left, hang a right. There! Where the American flags are." Navigating through West Park, I found Brownie (my rig) parked under 59 on a graveled parking lot next to a shack, properly named Bubba's Burger Shack. Why do I always feel at home at places like this?

    Ordering at the window, I was unsure if I should go with a full buffalo burger, as my bud suggested. I mean, I've had buffalo (jerky) before and wings (I know, doesn't count), but the thought of chowing down on a slab of these cute mammals kinda freaked me out. Has anyone not seen "Dances with Wolves?!" I knew I'd regret not ordering one, so I did. Besides, isn't buffalo leaner than beef? After a week of gorging on cupcakes, mac 'n' cheese and Chips Ahoy, it was best if I sacrificed some cals.

    So one buffalo cheeseburger with the works, including jalapenos and chips please! I also noticed they had root beer, so I was sure to ask if they carried diet. They sho did! Thankfully that didn't offend her (as I did at Lankford Grocery & Market when I once ordered a chicken sandwich and diet Coke. That woman nearly clawed my eyes out.) She noticed how I did things the healthy way (today), so she also kindly asked us if we wanted wheat bread too. YES PLEASE! I sounded overly excited answering that question.

    Two burgers, chips, an order of their famous jalapeno potato salad, a soda and H20 all for under 15 bucks. Ya hear that boys? How 'bout surprising the little lady with dinner here on V-day. If she's really cool, she'll love it. Just my opinion. BTW, ladies, this is testosterone town. I was the only chick out on the deck for most of lunch. Holla.

    So, the buffalo burger was *tasty.* (That's an inside joke to by lunch date.) Jokes aside, it wasn't greasy as I expected/kinda hoped for, but nonetheless it was a hearty, warm and filling burger complete with crisp veggies, just like the burger pops makes on the backyard grill. For the buffalo burger fans, they also sell them frozen in case you want to impress the Joneses at the next block party.

    One suggestion I have for Bubba's is to start offering fries. And not just any ol' fries, the good stuff: waffle fries. Better yet, *seasoned* waffle fries ... that are also curly ... if that's possible ... drenched in cheese ... and ranch. Oh man, you see why I ordered the diet root beer?

    But it's my assumption that Bubba's doesn't do fries because, well, fries are French. With the American flag flailing high and mighty over the shack and a small--but also mighty--American Flag toothpick holding my jumbo burger together, it'd just be very un-American of them.

    God bless America, and God bless Bubba's Texas Burger Shack!

  • 4302 Richmond Ave
    Houston, TX 77027
    3.0 étoiles

    A few weeks ago, I went to Rajun Cajun for the first time with some friends hoping to cure a hangover. In search of fried oysters, the cashier pointed us over to the fried menu. Our mouths instantly dropped in awe and breeze of silence passed us by. Any restaurant that has an entire section in a menu reserved for fried foods deserves a handful of stars from me.

    Since then, I've been back and sampled only a few other dishes.

    When in season, crawfish is a must. My first visit, these badboys were somewhat small to average in size but spiced up to my standards--and that's hot, but not so much that it was unbearable. There's no fun in eating like that. (Howevs, I did spot a disgustinlgly fat man soaked in sweat. I had to turn away.) Other visits, though larger because we're getting closer to the season, the crawfish was bland. That's when I have to go back in that long ass line and ask for a side of extra seasonings. And the price went up too. Earlier this month it was $18.99 for three pounds; two weeks later it's now $21.99. Boy do I miss the $2.99-a-pound days.

    I suggest trying their new crawfish balls. It's a mix of cheese, spices and crawfish balled up and deep fried and served with a tangy dipping sauce. The gumbo is less to be desired. It needs to be kicked up with more flavor.

    What I do admire about Rajun Cajun is the atmosphere. There are family photos spread throughout, and Louisianna-related posters and signs, along with local stuff like pics of the Houston Rockets Powerdancers and other sporting items. One thing that I never noticed is their patio, which is where I like to eat my crawdad on a sunny spring day.

  • 3111 Chimney Rock Rd
    Houston, TX 77056
    4.0 étoiles

    I realized last night that every time that I've been to Big Woodrow's, it's been a rainy evening. Maybe it's something about the damp weather that makes me crave crawfish.

    A group of 20+ yelpers came here last night for Mike W's wild, "Freakin' Fun Ass February" UYE. With $2 pitchers of beer, $5.99 a pound crawfish and two fried platters of fried pickles, cheese sticks, catfish, fries, onion rings, wings and cheesy, crabby potato thingies. The crawfish was incredibly spicy and definitely kicked Rajun Cajun's keester. I'm proud to say that I popped Emerson F and Logan H's crawfish cherry; the fellas are from Chicago and Nebraska, respectively, and never tasted these mighty little mudbugs. Emerson gave up on one, but Logan was shuckin' and suckin' in a matter of moments..

    Service was friendly and pretty on top of it, considering our large group. I'd recommend coming here on a sunny day or during a game because they have plenty of TVs, seating and ice cold beer. This also makes a great Fat Tuesday spot, so bookmark it for next week! But watch out. I went last year and things (ahem, gals) got outta hand. Some chicks will do anything for five cent beads.

  • 3.0 étoiles

    I too dream of half-star ratings.

    Aztecas is one of those places that you should mainly go for the drinks, music and patio, but if you must eat, the menu isn't half bad.

    Their salsa is served warm, which is how it's supposed to be served, y'all. Lunchtime specials are almost unbeatable. I've only ordered the enchiladas espinacas (spinach enchiladas) made with fresh spinach and chihuahua cheese--only $4.95; The plate was steaming hot, rice was freshly made and just a few bites and I was full. I think my tab came out to around $7, including my tea.

    Happy hour is Monday through Saturday, 11am-8pm; and fill your pitcher with margaritas for 10 to 15 bucks (and cheaper during HR.)

    Wed-Thurs is karaoke
    Fri: live music
    Sat: International rock and pop
    Upstairs Thu-Sat you'll find Top 40, Latin and dance

  • 2704 Navigation Blvd
    Houston, TX 77003
    4.0 étoiles

    My dad used to tell us stories about buying tortillas from Mama Ninfa herself off the freeways. He'd point to a corner, and say, "Right there. She used to sell tortillas right there." It's fascinating to know that was the simple beginning for a now famous local chain.

    I finally made it to the historical "original" location the other night after weeks of craving buttery, handmade tortillitas and sizzling fajitas.

    Walking in, I too was a bit thrown off by the tiny entrance and "no real waiting area." Boo-hoo, yelpers. There's really no need to complain about that. It was a late dinner, around 9 pm on a Wednesday night, and I was seated immediately as I awaited my guest. Chips and salsa were at my table in a matter of seconds, and a cheerful, bubbly waitress to. Mexican soda, por favor.

    I had plenty of time to overlook the menu. Noticed they had a fun twist on brunch menu and the usual of flautas, tacos and such. I've had the ceviche (meh) and Xochtil soup (recommended) before, but this time I wanted fajitas. When said friend finally arrived, we ordered the mix platter which came out steaming hot in record time.

    The ambiance was good--the homey feel, clanking of glasses and sounds of laughter and conversation; service was top notch and the food was just as other reviews (Sergio S, Adam O, Travis D). I love how they have valet and self parking ... *and* they have security patrolling the lot in a golf cart non-stop. (I know this because I sat in my car waiting for the rain to stop when I got there. This man was on a mission!)

    The only reason why I knocked off one star is because the beans didn't have the *true* homemade taste. Don't get me wrong--they were good. But very few restaurants in the city actually serve up what my mama/abuelita/tias can do. And, I wish the sides for the fajitas (guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo) included shredded cheese. I know, very unauthentic, but hey, I'm American and I like my cheese!

    Highly recommend this place, especially for out of town visitors. Can't wait to go back to sit out on the patio and try their famous margaritas.

  • 2712 Blodgett St
    Houston, TX 77004
    3.0 étoiles

    If I dined at This Is It often, than IT (my ass) would be THIS big.

    I came here today for lunch with Miss Vanessa R; neither of us had been here before, and we wanted a new place to yelp.

    No menu, platters or prices were on the walls, so as we approached the buffet line, I asked the fella behind the counter, with my big cheesy smile, "How do we do this? This is our first time here." "Pick three sides and a meat," was his answer.

    We were deeply saddened to find out that chicken fried steak was not one of today's options (they have a limited selection each day), but the peppered steak wasn't half bad. Mac 'n' cheese--yum-o. As were the mashed po-taters. Other items on the block include: fried catfish, porkchops, ribs, ox tails, chitterlings. Chitterlings? Ah, you mean "chitlins!"

    For me, the Southern fare is around the 3.5- to 4-star range  ... but the Southern hospitality? Non existent.

    I couldn't tell what the main dishes were, so when I asked the server, she ignored me until I asked again. Sorry for the inconvenience, ma'am, but nothing's labeled. She also scolded the gentleman next to us for talking on his cell phone while ordering (yes, signs requests guest not to do so, but no need to call a brotha out); and when V asked for her cornbread, "She has it right there," pointing to me.

    My apologies to the staff. I accidentally walked home with their plastic cup and didn't notice til it was too late to go back. We also noticed that V's zipper was down the whole time and my shirt was inside out. Not very Useful or Cool content, but Funny, no?

    Oh yeah, free fountain drinks on Mon-Tues; that's Useful.

  • 5704 Richmond Ave
    Houston, TX 77057
    4.0 étoiles

    Leave it to Danielle S and the Lunch Bunch crew to pick a great UYE (unofficial Yelp event) eating spot.

    It was a miracle, because I beat everyone there. I had about three different servers approach me, ready to seat this poor "party of one," but slowly our "part-ay" of 10 trickled in. We all chatted for a few good moments, until someone bravely made the first move: "shall we hit the buffet?" Oh, wait. That must've been me.

    While in line, Dolph W and Sam V made fun of me for grabbing two plates. Pfff. Amateurs! The food was hot, fresh and delish. But I can certainly tell it's more Indian than Pakistani, because it wasn't spicy for me. Can this Mexi-Pak get extra hot sauce ... or how about some jalapenos?

    Compared to the large selection as seen on their website, the lunch buffet was limited--but still plentiful ... if that makes any sense. My fave, as with any Indian/Pakistani restaurant, was the saag paneer, daal, and chicken corma kashmiri. And I think I ate an entire basket of naan, but that didn't keep me from indulging in a sweet gulab jaman. Surprisingly, I didn't suffer from a painful food coma.

    Service was excellent; everyone always had a full glass of H20, the naan kept coming straight from the oven, and paying with multiple credit cards was no problem-o. If I'm in the area again, I would do lunch here in a Mumbai Minute, but I mostly look forward to trying out their hefty dinner selection.

  • 2109 Dunlavy St
    Houston, TX 77006
    5.0 étoiles
    16/06/2015 Avis mis à jour

    Señor Diaz is a true gem and treats his patrons like compadres.

    I dropped in to order some take-out for a relative in need of comfort food, and as I sat there waiting for the order, sipping on their bomb-diggity cinnamon coffee, Señor Diaz walked over and brought me a canela-filled churro on a plate. "You can't have coffee without a churro," he told me.

    We started talking about their Mexican Coffee which comes straight from the mountains of Puebla, so I agreed to buy two bags. "Make sure you give her a discount," he reminded the cashier.

    We then began talking about his mole - which I've yet to try at La Guadalupana or anywhere else for that matter because I typically only like my Abuelita's - but he insisted I try his recipe. He brought out a small dish with their mole sauce and a side of bread. Yes, I'm definitely going to order their famous mole enchiladas next time. The sauce had a hint of spice, sweetness and had a light and fluffy constancy to it - and it wasn't greasy!

    I've been a longtime fan of their breakfast - the Vampiro is perfect for hangovers - but this last visit gave me warm fuzzies. It was nice to have the owner sit down and join me for cafesito and talk about the Motherland. :)

    5.0 étoiles
    24/04/2009 Avis précédent
    ¿Gorditas para las gorditas? ¡Si señor!

    Guadalupana owner Mr. Diaz didn't actually call me and…
    En savoir plus
  • 910 Shepherd Dr
    Houston, TX 77007
    2.0 étoiles
    24/09/2013 Avis mis à jour

    C'mon, El Rey. Get it together - you're slippin'.

    The coffee is still some of the best in Houston, but 1) still no splenda and 2) still no soy milk. I know, it's a Cuban-Mexican spot condiments like that don't belong in that type of restaurant, but, this is Houston and the competition is tough. So please add those options.

    Secondly - I think I'm done ordering food. The tortilla soup used to be my favorite in Houston, but the last two orders I had - especially today - pissed me off. I ordered a large to share and only 1/3 of the tub was filled with the chicken and all the trimmings. The rest? All broth. And they even forgot the cheese and were super stingy with the avocado slices. FAIL.

    3.0 étoiles
    14/05/2012 Avis précédent
    We all can get a bit lazy, and when it's late night, hungry strikes yet I don't want to get out of… En savoir plus
    3.0 étoiles
    29/04/2009 Avis précédent
    When I first started using the WaMu across the street three years back, I wondered what this El Rey… En savoir plus
  • 3704 Main St
    Houston, TX 77002
    4.0 étoiles

    Can I move in, please? I don't snore, I'm very neat and I don't eat much ... well, unless we're talking about Tacos A Go-Go.

    This place has the welcoming warmth, feel and look to your tia's house in Mexico. Bright colors, fun, kitschy decor and the Virgin Mary staring right at cha, making you feel really guilty for the unholy festivities that just took place next door ... to the left and right ... and once across the street.

    I've been to Tacos A Go-Go on a few other occasions but never yelped my experience because, well, let's just say I was post-Continental Club, and my memory wasn't "all there." But this past Friday night, after a rainy evening at the Crawfish Fest and only two glasses of cheap wine from the Big Top, I had my yelping hat on.

    My friend John K and I sat at the bar at Big Top, as we debated when Tacos A Go-Go closes. 3am! 2am! 3am! 2am! Hey dumb and dumber, why don't you just call? 2am it was, so we had 10 minutes to close out our tab and run over there before we looked like complete jerks for ordering at 1:59am.

    We ordered two breakfast tacos ($1.59 each, served all day!) which come with our choice of two toppings ($.25 for extra items). John's a copy cheater, so he got what I did: egg, cheese and pappas breakfast taco and juicy barbacoa taco ($2.49). And we couldn't resist an order of chips and queso ($2.99). With the salsa bar right behind us, we piled on that hot sauce like a Korean and Paxican should. Not only were our eyes much larger than our booze-filled tummies, but the tacos are hefty in size, so there was much left on our plates/paper-lined baskets. Oh, and because I remember seeing their add that says to tell the cashier you're a yelper, I got a 10% discount. Woot.

    For me, Tacos A Go-Go is a good four to five solid stars: The food, service, atmosphere and even the location. I love that it's right off the MetroRail and tucked between some of the best bars in town.

  • 5.0 étoiles

    I'm not tofu-ling you. This place is the bahn! ...I mean, BOMB!

    In this 90-degree heat, I was running up and down, in and out and all around this fine city. Three o'clock passed and I realized I missed lunch. So since I was cruising down Midtown, I thought of Cali's ... no. Givral's. I've never been, and I wanna yelp it. (Why every time I think of bahn mi and pho, I think of Gretchen P?)

    Parked my ride, walked inside and checked the menu for tofu. Score. They've got it. (I'm kinda grossed out by beef and chicken lately... ) I so badly wanted to order two, but thank goodness I didn't. These badboys are huge. And the tofu? Oh. My. Buddha. The best tofu bahn mi I've *ever* had. It was fried tofu, granted, which I shouldn't be eating, but I inhaled my sandwich and chips as soon as I arrived to Antidote. Yep, I got my sammy to go with a side of that hot red pepper in oil sauce. Folks over here at Antidote look really jealous of me.

    I think a lunch UYE here would be killa.

  • 3.0 étoiles

    Because of all the great reviews on Yelp, I was supa dupa excited to come to Teotihuacan. So, on my breakfast taco kick (currently off the queso) and trying to cure a hangover, my friend Tommy P and his roomie came for a little lunch break.

    It was a lovely day, so we sat "outside" in the covered "patio," which is essentially a large stucco building with over-sized open windows, plants and birds fluttering in and out to much on pieces of tortilla chips.

    The chips came out hot, and stayed that way til they were all gone. And the avocado-infused salsa verde, I must say, is better than El Tiempo's. That--along with the colorful menu with pictures!--was the highlight of my lunch. Because my actual entree was disappointing.

    I ordered the spinach enchiladas, and the menu described (again, with pictures) it having a white-based sauce with green salsa. It came out with just plain red sauce. This has happened to me on more than one occasion. Maybe they ran out of the original sauce? If that was the case, they coulda told me, cause I would have ordered something different. Grrr.

    Needless to say, I barely touched it (I don't like being a complete d-bag and send things back), and instead munched on some tres leches. Not the best in the world. If you like drier/less milky tres leches, I'd recommend this one for you.

    I'll still give it another chance, because I know they've got better grub. How, you ask? I was eyeballing Andrew's torta the entire time. Poor me.

  • 4.0 étoiles

    It took me close to forever to get to Ruggles Green. After reading so many reviews, I had my heart set on it, but the construction! Oh the construction in the Westheimer-Kirby area. But braved it. And yes, it was worth it.

    The first time I met my roomie for lunch. I was *craving* a chicken salad sandwich, but sadly, they didn't have it on the menu. So I went for the thin-crust pizza margherita--the my table of friends were eying my pizza, which was large enough to share.

    My other visits, I tried the spicy fish tacos, grilled, which I highly recommend. Most places serve it atop a few heated corn tortillas, but Ruggles toasts them to where they won't crumble and break with weight of the fish and toppings. The shrimp pizza is another goodie. It comes with seasoned jumbo shrimp, garlic and hints of fresh jalapeno. Because they have a great selection of pizzas on the menu, Ruggles should start putting the crushed red pepper out on the condiments table. I hate having to go back and ask for it, especially during the lunch rush where they're swamped. If you do wing by for lunch, go around the 1:30 time. You just might find parking, and there is plenty of seating in or outside.

    The only reason why they didn't get that fifth star was because on my last visit, they brought out two wrong entrees before getting it right. By the time my grub came, my lunch date was already finished with her meal.

    But I do love that this restaurant is conscious of their carbon footprint and take great responsibility in recycling, conserving, serving organic food and also supporting other local green organizations.

    I'll be back to check out those famous salads everyone raves about, as well as the many bottled bevs that sit so nicely in the tub of ice at the counter. Could see myself sipping on those in the patio and taking advantage of the free Wi-FI.

  • 4.0 étoiles

    I've only been to Ziggy's Healthy Grill twice, most recently this weekend for dinner. (After a weigh-in at the doc's office, this was the only "dining out" option for this tubbs)

    We actually had our eyes set on the Fairview location, but they were hosting a private party. However, the good news was that if you mentioned the Fairview thing at the W Alabama location, dessert was on the house as a small apology. YEAH! Oh, wait. remember tipping the scale, Farrah? No dessert for you!

    Since Ziggy's is pet-friendly, Tex tagged along, and we snagged a seat outside. Nice breeze, not many others out, and even a three month only shitzu was dining with its rents too. (I figured this out as my chair was dragged across the patio. Tex was tied to my chair. Total scene out of the movie.)

    Our waiter took our drink orders and also brought out a bowl of H20 for Tex. Love it.

    Chips and salsa are a way to go. The salsa is fresh (wonder if they make that in-house because it tasted homemade) and the chips are crisp with a light and fluffy texture--kinda like a crossbreed between a corn tortilla and pita chip.

    Burgers are always a safe bet, but this time I got the tilapia and for my two sides, sauteed spinach with mushrooms and the baked squash with green apple slices, pecans and honey. This warm delight was a wonderful sweet treat--a dessert substitute if you will. My guy's garlic mashed potatoes were flavorful, and the mac n cheese? Could give Beaver's a run for its money.

    The only reason why I rate Ziggy's a four rather than a five was that my guy's sides were less than warm. Also, despite me wanting to lower my calorie intake, I wanted to try the chocolate martinis since I've heard Ziggy's has some good ones; but they didn't have any chocolate for the recipe. Sigh. Also, our waiter--though friendly and prompt to refill our drinks and Tex's water--was a bit in a rush, thus making me feel a bit rushed to order, eat and leave. He was all over the place and said they were short staffed, which I believe, I just don't like dining and feeling like I'm inconveniencing someone.

    I'll return and check out the rest of the menu in the future...especially those chocolate martinis!

  • 1103 S Shepherd Dr
    Houston, TX 77019
    4.0 étoiles

    How did I ever miss Backstreet Café? Maybe because it's on a back/side street on S Shepherd, or that a forest of greenery engulfs this cozy building housed in what I assume *was* a house ... or perhaps I was too busy downing pitchers of sangria at Tila's. Regardless, it was overlooked, but glad that Yelp "showed me the way."

    For my friend's hubby's birthday, she wanted to surprise him with a brunch accompanied by all of their friends. I sent her over a few talk threads and "brunch" searches from Yelp, and Backstreet is what she chose.

    Surprisingly, our group of 12 arrived on time for our 1:30 reservations. As each person arrived, they were escorted upstairs to a large table, window-side. Water glasses were already filled, table set, and slowly those famous scones and mini muffins made their way onto the table. Good thing because--despite the fact that I asked my date to snack before brunch ... which he didn't--he was hun-gry.

    I read *all* 40+ Yelp reviews before we came, so I had trouble deciding what to eat and drink. I wanted it all. But I started with the Wild Berry Mimosa (indeed, not too sweet). It was served rather warm; I suspect the Champagne wasn't quite chilled, so I had to add a few cubes of ice. Down it went. Delish. But then I tried the Pear Mojito. "Oh Mah Gah." Give me a pitcher of this! The mint was pummeled to perfection; every ounce was refreshing and sweetened with the pear flavor. I longed for another, but since I like to try out menus, I went for the Backstreet Sangria. It's a red with mango, pineapple ... and some other of my favorite fruits that I couldn't pass up. Not many sangria recipes call for pineapple (that's how I make mine), so I was instantly a fan.

    Torn between brunch options, I ordered the Backstreet Benedict: two poached eggs (not too runny) over cheese biscuits (I canceled the ham), a side of grits and asparagus. Another favorite amongst these Yelp reviews. It came out a bit below warm-temperatures, but for large parties like this, it can be expected. I ate *every* last bite of my dish. Unfortunately, dessert was out of the question. But the peach cobbler that my girlfriend was noshing on looked delectable as the steam and aromas wafted over to my sensitive nose.  

    Service was on top of it and very accommodating to our large party, without being intrusive. It did get a bit hot upstairs, but as our party got louder and guests started to flee, it was brought back down to something more comfortable. Or who knows? ...Maybe it was just me and my three orders of Jesus Juice.

  • 1209 Montrose Blvd
    Houston, TX 77019
    4.0 étoiles

    I got carried away working today and noticed I hadn't had a lick of grub since lunch. I was starving--but car-less. (Yup, still). But with a quick search on Yelp, I found Khun Kay Thai Cafe.

    It was 20 'til closing. Still worth a shot, right? Yes, I could still order; yes, they delivered to my 'hood; and yes, I could pay via credit card, but the delivery the minimum was $15.

    So checking out their menu online, I filled up my order with the beef pad Thai with medium spice ($7.95). Spicy, indeed, with lots of beef and not much egg, which I prefer. And the peanuts were all crushed up, so there was that added crunch in every bite. I only noshed on a few bites of this because I filled up on a few of my steamed chicken dumplings (5 for $1.95!), egg rolls (2 for $2.50) and Tom Yum soup with tofu ($3.25). That soup was bold, full of spice, twang from the lemon, meaty chucks of sliced tofu and fresh mushrooms. I could go for another serving this week! And those egg rolls? Certainly homemade. These were the only egg rolls I've ever had that tasted like my mama's. I think it was the generous use of rice noodles ... or maybe the wrap: thin, flaky and crumbly with each bite. They were still piping hot even after I ate a few bites of the dumplings and soup--and I'm a seriously slow eater. I had more than enough to share with the guy, too.

    I also want to mention that the woman I spoke with over the phone was really sweet--considering I ordered right before closing (but I tipped well), and it turns out that *she* was the one to deliver my food. All my years ordering delivery, from pizza to Chinese, I've never come across a female "delivery guy."

    I don't know much about Thai food, as I've only had it a handful of times--the first time in NYC last summer--but I must say that this meal and all around experience was boarding five stars. I look forward to actually venturing to the restaurant location to check out more dishes, some Thai ice tea and the $2 wine Taushah C raved about.

  • 2424 Dunstan Rd
    Houston, TX 77005
    4.0 étoiles

    It was nearly 3 o'clock when I realized I hadn't had a bite to eat all day. Since I was in the area doing Yelp Eats errands, I pulled into Antone's for a quick sammy.

    Quick sammy indeed. I walked in, grabbed a Diet Coke from the cooler, walked over to the pre-made sandwiches and snagged a tuna po-boy, paid and was out the door.

    This tuna was rockin': pickles, spiced up tuna with a cajun kick, and no overload of mayo. It had a slice a cheese, which threw me off (fish and cheese freak me out), but I was so hungry, I ate it any way. And you know what? It wasn't bad at all.

    I want to stop by another time and take look at their cheeses, hummus, and creative wraps. Thanks for feeding my belly, Antone's.

  • 8200 Wilcrest Dr
    Houston, TX 77072
    5.0 étoiles

    I'm packing my bags and moving to Alief, y'all.

    We had two round tables *covered* in plates of pho, eggplant, beef dishes, egg rolls, spring rolls, summer rolls ... I think I want to do a somersault!

    The pho was phonominal, pho-antastic. Pho Saigon can stand next in line after Que Huong. I actually enjoyed eating the noodles, which I hardly ever touch. I'm a broth lady. And thanks to Cindy P, our Vietnamese princess, she tipped us off to ordering the beef raw and on the side to put into the broth to slowly cook, avoiding overcooked meat. I normally get it like that in to-go orders, but never figured that an option for dining in. We also shared the beef rice paper rolls. (Err, number 90 of 300. Yes they have 300 items on the menu!) I could only manager to eat two of these.

    With our huge group, service was not only well-equipped and staffed, but friendlier than other Vietnamese restaurant experiences I've had in the past. This is out of the way, but if I'm ever craving either of the two dishes I had, I wouldn't hesitate coming back here.

  • 5.0 étoiles

    A taste of N.O.L.A. right in EaDo.

    Hanging around the parking lot for tonight's art opening at Aerosol Warfare Gallery was near torture, as all I could think about was the sweet aroma of Cajun fare fluttering about the air. Alas, when the event was over, I darted next door to Calliope's Poboys.

    You can sit down and order from your service or at the register, as I did, for my to-go order. It was a tough call between all of the entrees, but the owner Lisa, helped me out, suggesting many of her faves. I went for the shrimp poboy--fully dressed with mayo, lettuce and tomato--along with an order of their sweet potato fries with a side of honey for dipping. I also got a serving of an off-the-menu item, crawfish ettoufe. Expect that hearty dish on their menu soon!

    Also in the coming months, or at least during Lent, their gonna start up their crawfish nights complete with live entertainment.

    And you can't beat the service here. Lisa is the face of the restaurant, and this young, hot mama is all smiles and incredibly thankful for all her loyal customers. Be sure to check out their customer rewards card, which is a fun Bingo card that you stamp out if you, say order a shrimp poboy, bring a friend, etc. As you stamp out boxes, you can win up to five items per card! I've got mine safely tucked in my wallet and am gonna start working on my wins ASAP.

  • 9797A South Post Oak Road
    Houston, TX 77096
    3.0 étoiles

    This is definitely not the Luby's I remember as a kid. This "fancy" Luby's, features outdoor seating, spacious inside, flat screens, colorful balloons, a multitude of windows, and a bar. Not sure if they serve alcohol, but there was a seperate "bar area" with a server and all.  

    But everyone is right. We want out condiment table! We want our condiment tay-bal!!!

    Seriously. I come to Luby's for two things: mac 'n' cheese and hot rolls with honey butter. And here are two things that went wrong: sloooow check out service so that by the time we sat down, the grub was less than warm, and we had to wait even longer for that sweet butter. Oh wait, they don't have butter. They only carry margarine now! So it sucks that you now have to ask your hard-to-be-found server for things like butter, ketchup, hot sauce and straws.

    But I'll still go back. They've got this buy-one-get-one-half off deal every night after 4:30pm Mon-Fri, which is not bad for a simple dinner in Uptown.

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