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  • 2675 Gateway Rd
    Carlsbad, CA 92009
    3.0 étoiles

    My husband and I have been going here for quite some time. At first I was a little surprised by the comments left about this place. But as I sat down and started to write the review, I realized that I actually agree with them more and more. For Indian food it's not the best, but it does fix the craving (if you have one.) I think I've had almost everything on the menu and it's all fairly good. It reminds me more of fast food Indian food. The Naan bread is really good and the spicy condiments are delicious. I will have to agree though it does seem to have more an American Faire to it and the place really isn't very inviting. The service is ok, but the store itself is not that inviting at all. It is ALWAYS cold when we are in there, so I hate sitting and eating there, my food seems to get cold a lot faster because of it. The portions are fair and it's not too badly priced for what you get. Overall it's not bad, but if a better Indian restaurant was in the area I would probably go there,over here. Oh, but really the best part is the cheesecake, if you haven't had it yet, GET IT!!! It's some of the best I've ever had. Light and creamy with some great flavors. When I think about it they should probably do the cheesecake thing over the Indian food.

  • 214 N El Camino Real
    Encinitas, CA 92024
    4.0 étoiles

    My husband and I got a recommendation to go here from a friend of ours. He said it was some of best sushi he has ever had, comparable to some of the more expensive places he had been to. I wasn't too sure about this looking at it from the outside. And the inside looks like you typically sushi place.
    We got here kind of late and they were still very nice about sitting us quickly and at the sushi counter. The guy doing our sushi (we had no idea) was actually the owner. He was in a conversation most of the time with other customers and really giving everyone in the small restaurant his attention, which is quite amazing. To break the ice with my husband he gave him a shot of sake. That's all it took, we soon became apart of his many conversations with other.
    With all this going on before we had known it we eaten 5 rolls. They were all so amazing and I had no clue what we had ordered, by the end of it all. Most  of me didn't care, because I knew the food I was eating was truly wonderful and company even better. This is truly our new sushi hang out. Papa John is the man and it is no wonder why people have been coming here for years. We are going to be regulars too. So come here if you are looking for an interesting date night, want some good company or just looking for some good food in general.

  • 3904 Convoy St
    San Diego, CA 92111
    4.0 étoiles

    This place is SO AMAZING!!! I have never been to anything like it before. My brother decided to take me here for my birthday and he truly could have not picked a more fun and delicious place. They have some amazing food offerings. There's everything from beef tongue (my favorite, not kidding so good), chicken hearts (no thank you) to japanese egg plant. The kimichi tastes homemade (we had 2 orders of it)! They also have these things we call chicken chips, but it's deep fried very thinly sliced pieces of chicken breasts. I know it sounds crazy and I have no idea how they even begin to do this, but they are sooooooo delicious. Seriously you can not just have one again we had 2 orders of those. I highly suggest getting the beef tongue, live on the edge a little, the tongue isn't chew it tastes exactly like good quality beef. Also they have this pork wrapped with kimichi and it was just as amazing. My husband got the soba noodle soup (I know kind of random at a skewer place), but it was so good too, the broth was the best broth I've ever tasted for a soup like that. Honestly I didn't have one thing there I would not recommend.

    I will have to say this place is hopping, so making a reservation is really important or else you are going to have to wait quite sometime. Also food is a little slow to come to the table, so order a few things to start with and if you want more then order more when your first round comes, because trust me you are going to want more of everything. Oh don't forget to get some saki or beer because you honestly need to have a shot of milk to go with it! (They say it helps with the hangovers, I don't know about that), but do it, it's all part of the whole experience of being there. The parking lot also gets really full due to the other restaurants that are in the plaza too, so make sure you leave time to find parking (like always in kearny mesa).

    All-in-all though, you need to check this place out. I promise no matter whom you go with everyone (or yourself) will find something that they like on the menu. I also highly suggest that you be adventurous here, the price is low so it won't break the bank if you don't like something. Enjoy!!!

  • 485 S Melrose Dr
    Vista, CA 92081
    4.0 étoiles

    This place is awesome! We actually decided to go here after driving past it a few times and looking up their reviews on Yelp to see what other people thought. It's not too much to look at on the inside, but once you get the food you will understand why this place gets busy. The pho here  is so fresh and so light. Often times you can get a heavy feeling after eating pho at other place (I call it a "pho baby"). Not here though, I felt amazing after eating their pho. We go the #12 it comes in a Large and Regular. Large is a normal size at most other pho restaurants. I got the regular it was a lot more noodles than broth, but still very good. The one thing that really stood out to me was they used a lemon instead of lime, like most other pho restaurants. The lemon changed the whole dynamic of the broth, it was sooooooo much better!!!

    If you are looking for a new awesome pho place in North County, this is it!

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