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They're egregious! Places around the country which are shockingly bad.
  • 7801 Col H Weir Cook Mem Drive
    Indianapolis, IN 46241
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    We waited in line for an hour to pick up our already reserved car. Customer service was not only slow but unfriendly and inefficient.

    Unlike Hertz car rental, if you prepay for gas but bring back the car with the tank mostly full, you don't receive ANY reimbursement!

    I would never recommend Thrifty Car Rental to anyone!

  • 2702 S 3rd St
    Terre Haute, IN 47802
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    Super unfriendly and unhelpful! We had to carry all the boxes in ourselves at the drop off and the woman there just stood there and pointed where we should drop things off, rather than helping. We would never recommend them nor return!

  • 3303 SW Bond Ave
    Portland, OR 97239
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    This review is in response to OHSU's Fertility and Reproductive Endocrinology department, which is part of OHSU's Center for Women's Health.

    If I could give them 1000 minus stars, I would. It has taken me almost a year to write this review because it is so emotional and personal. But, I think it's important because I don't want what happened to me to happen to you.

    I'm writing this review not to goad more anger or hate, but as a means to offer protection to women, men, and couples undergoing what can be one of the most amazing AND one of the most vulnerable times of your life: trying to have a baby.

    When you are scared and hopeful, there is a need to have someone set the structure, tone, and provide accurate and knowledgeable care.

    This did not happen at OHSU's fertility clinic, which runs a lot like a puppy mill.

    I saw a different doctor each time, despite having a main doctor. All the tests and procedures were done in different buildings, meaning that I had to keep track of which building, and drive to that location.

    I couldn't schedule an appointment with my doctor, even a 15-minute phone appointment had to be scheduled 1-2 months in advance!

    OHSU uses an email system, which meant they often delivered messages, but without the explanation of the medical/lab terminology. At one point, given their sloppiness, I was told I had an STD, which was incorrect, but this speaks to how disorganized their system is. I felt like a number with a wallet.

    We were treated as though we weren't a couple because we were gay. Each time I called to make an appointment, I was asked if my husband was coming. Even if I were a single heterosexual woman, this would feel invalidating. Only my photograph was taken, and there was no acknowledgement that I have a partner.

    Lastly, and most importantly, I was given the sense that I could have a child, if I just tried hard enough. It was suggested by the nurse not the doctor that I do IVF, but the doctor said I could do either. There was no direction. I asked for an ultrasound to make sure I had enough follicles (for eggs), and I was told OHSU only offered that procedure to people undergoing IVF.

    After a year, I switched doctors at OHSU, and though my doctor was sweet and gentle (unlike the female OBGYN, ironically), he was equally unavailable, and also gave me the sense that I could have a child.

    After nearly $8,000, and a year and a half of testing and procedures, OHSU finally performed an AMH test on me. It turns out that I was not given all the fertility tests when I first went to OHSU.

    My FSH level was tested without my AMH level being tested (FSH is a blood test while AMH tests the number of follicles you have to produce eggs).

    Many experts say that AMH is the Gold Standard for fertility.

    I was in my mid-late 30's when I went for my first appointment at OHSU, and never had an AMH test! This was a gross error.  

    Because no explanation came with my lab results at OHSU, despite calling and emailing them for over 2 weeks, I decided to get a second opinion. I went to Oregon Reproductive Medicine, THANK GOODNESS, where they told me that I had more chance to win the lottery than have a child, even with IVF!

    I had been doing the least invasive form of fertility, IUI, and was being told by the Number 1 place in the country for IVF, that my AMH was too low to have a child using the most invasive form of fertility treatment! (My AMH was .001, and it has to be at least .3 for IVF).

    Nonetheless, my doctor at OHSU emailed and said that he still thought IUI would work, and did I want to have an ultrasound? Now. After nearly 2 years of asking to have an ultrasound, he offered it. He also suggested that I should have hope.

    This is brutal for someone trying to have a baby.

    I tried to file a complaint with the OHSU patient advocacy chapter, but my case was ruled that the doctors acted properly, despite the fact that I didn't have all the tests done in over a year and a half.

    I spent nearly $8,000 on procedures not covered by insurance which wouldn't have been spent if only OHSU had done the proper testing. And, it broke my heart.

    I ask you to ask yourself: where do you want to be treated with care, as a human being? If you want kind, thorough care with a structure and doctors you can actually access, don't go to OHSU.  I highly recommend Oregon Reproductive Medicine.

  • 175 Berkeley St
    Boston, MA 02217
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    Avoid Liberty Mutual at all costs!
    It's radically, awfully expensive!

    We paid $3,551/year ($295.00/month for two cars in a safe, residential area), + a fee of $468/year (which was to be on the insurance for 3 years!), for an accident that happened as I backed up out of a space (read: I was going 2 miles per hour and tapped an SUV).

    We also had flood insurance for $405/year, + home owner's insurance at $95.00/month, which was supposed to bring the costs down.


    Though their customer service is awesome, their prices are obscene!

    The upshot? Life is unequal, but you don't have to choose your inequality.

    Stay away from Liberty Mutual!

  • 164 High Street
    Greenfield, MA 01301
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    17/11/2010 Avis mis à jour

    Four new claims later (since the last review), Baystate Franklin Medical Center's Claims Department is corrupt.

    We moved to Portland, Oregon, but they misfiled claims for months now, and sent both my partner and I bills which they said they were going to send to collections if we didn't pay them!!!

    They had billed them wrong. We literally spoke with 5 people about these claims and all 5 said we were in the wrong!

    Here's why:

    1. Baystate Franklin Medical Center's claim department sent us a bill for $212.00 but only billed the insurance company $80. When asked by us, they denied the different billing. We talked with them on 4 different occasions, and the kept telling us we needed to pay the bill or our credit would take a nose dive.

    ** HOWEVER, When asked by the insurance company, they conceded the point. **

    2. Baystate Franklin Medical Center's claim department told us that the insurance company had rejected the claim, but the claim was never sent!

    But, this was denied to us over and over again.


    These people are scum. The lowest of the low. They were trying to take us for money that they'd never asked from the insurance company.


    People, the reason I put this on here is because this may happen to you. If you get a bill from Baystate Franklin and it looks high, call your insurance company. Chances are, they have not filed the bill correctly, and are trying to charge you more money than is due.  

    Fax the information to your insurance company, explain that Baystate Franklin Claims Department is unethical, and have the insurance company deal with them.

    Do not give up!


    Do not trust Baystate Franklin Medical Claim's Department!!!

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    17/08/2010 Avis précédent
    This review is regarding the Patient Billing Services at Baystate Franklin Medical Center. The… En savoir plus
  • 3029 SE Division St
    Portland, OR 97202
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    It is with great sadness that I write a negative review of For Paws. We specifically went to For Paws because we wanted to support a local pet supplies store, and it's nearby, and because it's gotten great reviews on Yelp.

    We had bought our leashes there, which were great, but more expensive than say, Petco or other mass-market places, but we liked supporting a local business.

    We went back to buy a dog bed.

    The said dog bed ("large") was actually  very flat, not cushiony, and it was $51. It was not a good deal, but as mentioned, we wanted to be supportive of local businesses.

    Upon opening the door and looking at our 50-lb dog, Guinness, we realized it was too small. So, back in the car it went, and we tried to take it back (two days later, when we had time).

    The customer service was deplorable! The girl behind the counter didn't smile, didn't explain why, but said that they only give store credit rather than money back. At no point in the transaction, or in the store, or on their website, does it say that they don't allow returns.

    She also reminded my partner that she shouldn't lose the gift card or she wouldn't get anything back!

    We spend hundreds of dollars in food and toys and daycare on our dogs every month. We were excited to buy our food from For Paws, but now we won't be.

    So, we now have a $51 store credit to a store that wasn't kind to us, and a great disappointment in our hearts.

    Store Owner: Is $51 worth being unfriendly and unkind to would-be loyal customers?

  • 2245 Etchepare Dr
    Cheyenne, WY 82007
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    We stayed in the Comfort Inn in Cheyenne, WY on a roadtrip. It's very close to I-80, and therefore convenient. Our room was expensive (over $120/night), dated with broken VHS/DVD player, old bed sheets, and a strong smell of dogs of years past, and housed fleas of weeks' past, I assume... My partner and I ended up with flea bites after we stayed here, though our dogs were fine (THEY have Frontline!). ;)

    This motel has a designated pet room area, and the rooms are all very close together with thin walls. We could hear every dog in the place, which made our dogs irritated and barky. One of our dogs (both rescues) was so distressed by all the barking and the layers of doggy smell which permeated our room, causing over-stimulation, that he couldn't stop barking. He and my partner slept in the car all night!

    This was the worst night's sleep we'd had in a week of driving.
    This is a stinky, dirty place, and, I would not recommend it to anyone.

  • 93 Market St # 3
    Northampton, MA 01060
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    Very, very snotty service! I called to ask about buying some of my vintage and used clothing, and explained I'd heard about Uncle Margaret's on Yelp.

    The woman answered me by asking, brusquely, "Were you that person who called a few days ago and left a message with a number that didn't work?" It was kind of shocking.   Not to mention unprofessional!

    Clearly, she thought there's only one person reading Yelp! Boy, is she wrong!!!

    And, I wasn't that person.

    I explained I was looking to sell some of my vintage and used clothing. She explained that she only bought "TRUE vintage, not 80's or 90's clothing." I explained, (somewhat defensively), :) that I had TRUE vintage clothing from the 70's and 60's, and read off the labels. "I don't know them," she said, and asked, brusquely, "No dresses?" I was offering pants and shirts. She said, "No. I'm not interested. I can't help you."

    Thanks a lot.

    Clearly, the owner must be doing really well to treat her customers (or future customers) so poorly!

    If you want respectful, professional customer service, Uncle Margaret's is NOT the place to go!

  • 50 Downing Two Park
    Pittsfield, MA 01201
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    Not reliable with estimate, why should they be reliable with the move?
    I booked my free estimate 2 weeks in advance. The day before they were supposed to show up for the estimate, I received a call that they had another engagement. They asked to reschedule for 4 days in advance, when I would be gone, and then couldn't do it for another few weeks. My move would have come and passed.

    This company did not honor its commitments, and I wouldn't trust their services.

  • 135 Woodlawn Ave
    Northampton, MA 01060
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    My female partner and I met with Mr. Nuttleman himself for our wedding flowers. He appeared completely indifferent, uncomfortable, and barely said anything in the 10 minutes we described what we wanted. We tried to bring our enthusiasm to the table; he was unmoved.

    Later, I heard that despite Nuttleman Florist's location in the lovely gay town of Northampton, Nuttleman's Florist is old-school in creation (which we didn't want), AND in attitude. Perhaps Mr. Nuttleman's cold indifference was really homophobia.

    Regardless, his customer service skills are completely lacking, and,  I would not recommend Nuttleman's to anyone wanting a vibrant, fun wedding flower experience.

  • 540 Northfield Rd
    Bernardston, MA 01337
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    We just moved into a new house and our heat ran out. We called Country Oil's answering service who called a a driver who called us back. We explained we were new customers and we were without heat. The driver said he could deliver it with an additional $120.00 emergency fee that day, or he promised he could deliver it the next day, even though there was a big storm coming; my partner asked, and he said, "yes."

    We called back the next day, and  an older lady rep was very rude about the whole thing, even though our landlord has had an account with them for years, she stated that we're new tenants, therefore, they don't deliver in bad weather (it's not snowing now, and the roads are being plowed!), to new customers; she went on, exasperatedly, saying did we know it was going to cost x number of dollars? And, did we really want that? YES, we told her. We're out of heat! It's cold outside! She sighed with exasperation. We had to call back to give the location of the fill-line; when we did, a young woman rep, Maggie was super nice, but couldn't do anything to expedite the service call.

    We have a wood stove but the house is big, and we didn't have heat upstairs. We'd been without heat for over a day.

    We found Sandri Oil, who is also a family-owned business, who has a $60 (as opposed to a $120.00) emergency charge, and who was willing, unlike Country Oil to deliver in an emergency.  Thank goodness!

    Country Oil was unreliable and rude. I would not recommend Country Oil to anyone.

  • 2440 Se Cesar E Chavez Blvd
    Portland, OR 97214
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    "Oh, you want them all?" the Rite-Aid pharmacy guy asked with surprise about our medications after he'd filled only HALF of our order. He then proceeded to wait on others (after us) and he asked that we wait for our order to be filled again! This was after 20 minutes of waiting for him to fill an order that had been ordered 5 business days before!

    It's really bizarre and almost comical that Rite-Aid pharmacy doesn't know to fill the whole order, or bother to have it ready (all in one package) as other pharmacies do.

    Couple that with bad customer service (in the pharmacy - not in general), and we will never go back.

  • 6411 SE Milwaukie Ave
    Portland, OR 97202
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    03/04/2014 Avis mis à jour

    QFC, which is owned by Kroger, has a class action suit filed against them because their so-called "humane" and organic Simple Truth chickens are from Purdue Farms.

    Purdue Farms is known for having very inhumane treatment of chickens (no food or water in the trucks; if their necks miss the blades, they are drowned in tubs of boiling water, too many confined in one room, shackled, and electrocuted).

    What they're calling humane is that the chickens not caged; however, the USDA does not permit companies to put chickens in cages. So, it's not like Simple Truth is doing anything especially humane.

    Reading about it has been enough to make me go almost-vegetarian.…

    This is cruelty at its worst, and, I never enjoy hypocrisy! Honestly, why have a line devoted to organic and humane if you're not?

    QFC's Simple Truth = Lies!

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    07/01/2014 Avis précédent
    QFC is getting better! They've added a whole line of organic products, including dairy, meat,… En savoir plus
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    13/10/2013 Avis précédent
    QFC is a mixed-bag. I guess you could say, a mixed grocery bag ;). I know. That's bad.

    As someone…
    En savoir plus
  • 8306 SE 17th Ave
    Portland, OR 97202
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    13/04/2013 Avis mis à jour

    Their Irish Oatmeal cupcake is gluten-free and vegan, and you'd never know it from the taste: it's amazing! Cuts all cravings for deliciousness!

    I also love their chocolate cake with Chantilly cream.

    As mentioned in my previous review, some of their frostings are made with crisco and therefore not the denseness I like, but the above two rock my world!

    The interior is weird. It's crowded and dusty with odds and ends like an odd antique shop, and they play the radio, complete with commercials, loud.

    They charge $10 just to write, Happy Birthday, which is truly odd.

    But, man, are the cakes good!

    3.0 étoiles
    12/04/2012 Avis précédent
    Piece of Cake offers moist cupcakes, decadent frosting, and gluten-free options. Great flavors. I… En savoir plus
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