Yeah, sure there's water, but there's also these little gems!
  • 3001 RR 620 S
    Austin, TX 78738
    4.0 étoiles

    I was able to take LOLF here for lunch last weekend.  While we bemoaned the fact that one of our favorite restaurants, Mizu, was no longer here, we're always excited to try new places in Lakeway.  The Grove got off on a great foot by sitting us promptly right by the huge windows over looking the valley and the putting green (?).  Anyway, nice view.

    The first server that approached us was apparently our Wine Advisor.  When I said we were looking at flights to try, he very sweetly advised us to get a bottle for a much cheaper price in the long run.  He was so right!  Whereas flights run $12-15 for 3 small pours, we got plenty to drink with lunch and the rest to go for LOLF with a  $30 bottle.

    Then a completely different server waited on us for the food.  LOLF is "eating right for her blood type" which apparently is pasta and cream sauce (I want that blood type!) and I ordered the Miso-Hi salmon salad (my blood type at this point was A{lcohol}++).  After having consumed SO MUCH CRAP during the holiday season, I thought I would pay penance by ordering a salad.  Wow!  Was I so happy I did!  The salmon was plentiful and piled high on a bed of greens with fresh cucumbers, bell peppers, haricots verts and salty fried onions.  The miso dressing was lightly applied, almost to the point that I wondered if there was any, but I didn't need anymore.  The salad stood on its own.  Dressing. Schmessing.

    As long as LOLF's blood type is cheese and carbs and mine is WineO +, we'll be happy returning here for more goodiness.

  • 919 Ranch Rd 620 S
    Lakeway, TX 78734
    5.0 étoiles
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    Disclaimer:  I have never used this bank personally.

    Many of you have read my Lil Ole Lady Friend (LOLF) stories in my reviews.  She's always good for a laugh for sure, making jokes and acting silly.  What most people don't know is that this amazing lady, despite her normal sunny cheer, is struggling daily to make ends meet.  I have so much respect for her that at the age of 74, she can keep an optimistic view of life and refuses to give up when making rent and buying groceries every month seems insurmountable.  

    Chase bank is her bank.  She keeps a measly amount of money in an account here, dropping off small increments, $20 or $50, as she gets paid for her odds and ends jobs that she scrounges up.  Yet, the other day, she teared up at these people's kindness to her.  As she states (in her distinct S African accent), "I'm a pauper, but when I go in, the other customers must think I own the bank."  They call her by name, chat and joke around with her, have done everything within their means to help her financially, and the manager, Randall, has even called Social Security with her on several occasions when they failed to direct deposit her check (and btw, calling SS is no picnic!).  

    I just find it amazing that a branch of a huge national conglomerate of institutions can be so human and caring toward the poorest of its customers.  With all the horrible inhumane injustices going on in the world, it's easy to get jaded about human kindness.  This Chase Bank has reminded me that there are still folks out there with morals and compassion.

  • 2422 Ranch Rd 620 S
    Austin, TX 78738
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    Took LOLF (Lil Ole Lady Friend) here for lunch last weekend.  We'd been to the Steiner Ranch location and I remembered it to be an a-ok 3 star visit (thus never reviewed....3 stars are so harrd!).  We both really liked this location tho.  It's in the spot that the Spicy Parrott was in altho you would never recognize it from the inside.  Gone is the loud tropical dineresque decor, replaced by sleek wood and clean lines.

    Taking LOLF out in public can be a bit of a crapshoot.  She will talk to anybody and generally be silly, whether it's complaining there's not enough booze in her drink and demanding another after draining it,  or ordering a tall, dark, handsome man off the menu, or just rubbing her prodigious bosoms against a cute waiter.  I will probably be just like her in 30 years :)  Anyway, on this particular day it was the teapot, the heavy cast iron teapot they served her hot tea in.  She made it very clear to the waitstaff and I think, the manager that she intended to steal it, even tho she could barely lift it.  We had already speculated on its many uses as a doorstop or bacon press.  The waitstaff here were totally sweet to her and laughed at all her jokes, which is always a relief.   So much better than the uncomprehending, slightly condescending stares we've gotten elsewhere.

    As for the food, I was very pleasantly surprised by how good it was.  We both got the snapper katsu or some such.  It was a very large filet of snapper, crispily battered and on top of sauteed veggies and white rice.  Everything had great flavor and the veggies were sauteed just right, still a little crunchy.  We also shared a spicy escolar roll that was really good with fresh cool cucumber offsetting the heat from the spicy fish.  

    LOLF and I were both impressed with our lunch and will no doubt be back for more food, and we'll bring a bigger bag for that teapot!

  • 1310 Ranch Rd 620 S
    Lakeway, TX 78734
    4.0 étoiles

    I met a Fun Guy yesterday.  Actually Lisa M had raved about this Fun Guy before and I knew I had to try him out.  So when I took LOLF (Lil Ole Lady Friend) here, I was delighted to see huitlacoche on the half priced HH menu (HH everyday 4-6).  The Fun Guy was available in several ways so I asked our waitress her recommendation and she volunteered the huarache (? the online menu is missing aLOT) which is a corn masa "boat" filled with beans, huitlacoche, corn, and topped with sour cream.  The flavors were very interesting and I certainly wouldn't turn down a future date with the Fun Guy, but personally I think he would be more appealing in a sleeker, less corny vehicle like the quesadillas.  

    We also ordered the guac ($2.50 at HH!) and it was really good and arrived on one green lettuce leaf, so I didn't have to go postal over a crappy iceburg base.  Our $4 house margs were very tasty as well.

    For our meal, we decided to split the cochinita enchiladas.  Now,  I don't want to be too graphic *ahem* but the first bite I took went straight to my nether, I didn't spill it.  But it was so flavorful and good, I told LOLF I wanted to roll in it like a dog in roadkill.  Some girls get that seratonic, feel-good feeling from chocolate.  I get it from pork apparently (well, and chocolate.....and wine......and whip cream....and strawberries.....and....sigh, I'm easy).  This cochinita was shoot-the-chef good (Johnny Depp in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico": you really must try this because it's puerco pibil. It's a slow-roasted pork, nothing fancy. It just happens to be my favorite, and I order it with a tequila and lime in every dive I go to in [Mexico]. And honestly, that is the best it's ever been anywhere. In fact, it's too good. It's so good that when I'm finished, I'll pay my check, walk straight into the kitchen and shoot the cook. Because that's what I do. I restore the balance to this country.)  And just a side note: the rice was fantastic!  Not that yellow Spanish boxed shit.  This was white rice, subtle in flavor with carrots and peppers (serranos?) mixed in.

    Believe me when I say, there's a shortage of great restaurants in Lakeway (btw, the map here is wrong..they are located between Lakeway Blvd and Lohmans on 620), especially ones that are open on Sunday, especially Especially ones that offer HH on Sunday.  So LOLF and I were thrilled to find this gem where we can get our drink on for cheap and indulge in great pork done right.  We'll be back (which may or may not be good news to our little shy Austin born waitress that my LOLF kept trying to speak Spanish to....she thinks everyone that works in a Mexican restaurant speaks Mexican).

  • 103 Yacht Club Cove
    Lakeway, TX 78734
    5.0 étoiles

    Ever had one of those days where everything just comes together perfectly? I took lil ole lady friend here for lunch. She's on the prowl again and was hoping to meet a rich boat owning playboy (no such luck, sad to say). I looked into this place thanks to Tara M's review and saw they have HH from 2-6 EVERY day and "Early Dinner" (smaller, cheaper versions of their dinners) starting at 3:00. Perfect for me and LOLF and our Sunday get togethers.

    The weather was a perfect sunny 80 degrees. Driving to the spot was half the fun, winding thru Lakeway's gorgeous homes. We weren't sure, upon arriving, where to park as there were several lots and no signs. We picked a lot and had no sooner gotten out of the car when a guy pulled up in a golf cart to shuttle us in. We chose to walk tho, it being such a nice day. I can't explain the beauty of this place. If you've always wanted a Mediterranean vacation but didn't want to blow $10K, you can fill up your tank for $30 and drive out to Lakeway.

    We got a seat on the gorgeous patio overlooking the lake and the negative edge pool surrounded by palms. Our waitstaff (yes we had 2-3 people come by our table) were courteous and laid back enough to handle my LOLF's quirks. The breeze was wafting through and we were sipping our $3 house chards when I heard this:

    "One loooove, one heart....let's get together and feel alright..."

    Oh, I immediately felt I was on vacation. We ordered some half price apps, stuffed mushrooms (yum!) and fried pickle chips (greasy but tasty, served with a horseradish dipping sauce that was not to my liking and then easily replaced with a pesto ranch) and sipped our wines til 3:00 when we both ordered the "Early Dinners" of ginger snapper (in a buttery sauce with crab meat). Whatever you do get the mushroom risotto as a side....phenomenal!  Then I heard:

    "Sailing...takes me where I always heard it could be...."

    I swear they were brainwashing me into a blissful vacay state of mind and what's more I would, and did, pay them money to do so.  

    LOLF and I were quick to notice the lift that went from the restaurant down to the marina.  Like a coupla tourists, as soon as we payed our bill, we hopped on to take a ride.  We speculated how all those "rich folks" probably took this fun and excitin-for-us event for granted, as well as the beauty of the place in general, and we decided we didn't want to be rich if it meant not appreciating the little things in life.

    I dropped LOLF off at home and realized soon after that friends should not let friends drive blissful.  The car windows were down, I was a little buzzed from cheap wine, I was fresh off the high of a great lunch, and when Maxwell's "Pretty Wings" came on the radio, my eyes rolled right up in the back of my head.  If I had wrecked right then, God forbid, I woulda died a blissful woman.  And it all started at the Grille at Rough Hollow.  I swear that place could be the *ecstatic* death of me.....

  • 101 Lakeway Dr
    Austin, TX 78734
    4.0 étoiles
    13/07/2009 Avis mis à jour

    Again this is a Live at the Lake pool review and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to knock a star back.  Lots of changes this year and I'm assuming management has its reasons, but in this case, change is not good.  Now there's a $5 cover which is minimal and I'm not strictly opposed to that, but they are also only doing this once a month now so I guess they gotta charge cover to make up for those "down" sundays?

    What really wadded my panties was now you have to purchase tokens for drinks.  That means you have to do some serious math and be able to predict how much you're gonna spend while there, cause you can't cash these babies in if you have em left over.  Each token is worth $2.50 and there's a sign that says what each beverage costs and I was silently trying to carry the one and decide if two or three drinks were gonna do me and what is the pre-made vodka drink they offer, was a bit overwhelming.  Also thank God hubby had board shorts on with pockets.  Me in my tiny bikini?  Where exactly do you want me to keep my now large booty of coins?  I already got a large booty taking up space, no room for two!  It was inconvenient to say the least and I have to wonder if the bartenders are losing out too.  They say their tip is built in to the system and it is (a glass of wine is now $7.50 in tokens as opposed to $7 last year) but I would much rather overtip if I want (and usually do after a few!)

    But it's still a fantastic event to chill at the pool, hear a great band while the sun goes down over the "lake" (chain of islands), look at some great bodies, and you can make tons of new friends who are more than willing to apply your sunscreen (aww, so sweet!).  Hopefully they will work out the kinks and keep this place super cool in the pool!  We will definitely be back for the Bob Schneider show in August!

    **sidenote:  also great seeing Yelp represent there with their coozies!  Everyone in the pool had em!  Brilliant Kevin!***

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    02/12/2008 Avis précédent
    So here it is, the chill of winter is upon us and I find myself looking back fondly, just 5 months… En savoir plus
  • 900 Ranch Rd 620 S
    Austin, TX 78734
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    Walked by this little place on my way to the Spicy Parrott last nite for little ole lady friend's birthday.  I was Astonished that we, as Professional Drinkers, had never noticed this little place and then seeing it had never been reviewed either, I assumed it had just opened.  

    Nope, the nice man behind the bar said they've been open for FIVE YEARS!!  I need to have my wine bar radar maintenanced!  The place was crowded as they were having a vintner's tasting but we wedged into a coupla stools at the bar.  Immediately this place reminded me of a Vino 100.  Lots of bottles for sale along the walls but unlike V100, whose bottles were all $25 or less, there is a wide range of prices here.  You can also drink by the glass or by the "taste", a 2 oz pour.  

    We each had one glass of wine and I grilled the barkeep about the biz as is my Yelp right.  They have an ingenuous device set up with spigots for the wine that keeps the O2 levels in opened bottles just right.  They also do frequent tastings, including every Sat and Sun (these are for a fee tho).  

    We enjoyed our wines (a Riesling for LOLF and a Tempranillo for me) and our conversation with the barkeep, who was very nice and tolerant of LOLF's quirks.  

    We'll definitely come back, maybe sit outside and have some wine and a cheese plate or panini now that it's on my radar!

  • 4919 Hudson Bend Rd
    Austin, TX 78734
    3.0 étoiles

    "Why does this happen everywhere I take you??"  is what I asked the universe when I walked into this little dive restaurant with my lil ole lady friend and a waiter immediately came up and hugged her.  She had actually never been to this restaurant but this waiter had worked at another Mexican joint in Lakeway like 6 yrs ago and remembered her.  She's kinda hard to forget, it's true, but it's so sweet to see grown men just throw their arms around her.  Did I mention she's my hero?

    Anyway, I'm always on the lookout for new restaurants to try with her on our semi-monthly outings.  True, pickins are slim in Lakeway.  After a Yelp search I chose this spot and I'll tell you why.  Like Johnny Depp in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico", I am always hunting for the best Cochinita Pibil (when he found it, he immediately shot the cook so's never to share that perfection with others).  Ever since they closed my beloved Curras North, I've been lost.   All you South people are lucky to have such succulent pork in your 'hood.  It is the standard by which all tasty pork is judged, imo.  I read on Yelp that they got it good at Los Pinos and upon sitting down I hardly cracked the menu.  I asked our new best waiter friend if they had it and then ordered it.  Lil Ole lady did same (she forgot her glasses and couldn't read the menu anyway).

    Was it the best CP ever??  Hardly, in fact I'm not sure it was Cochinita Pibil.  I've never had it with the pork in chunks in a rioja sauce  and served with chunks of canned pineapple before (and none of those yummy pickled onions I love).  Granted it was tasty, just not what I was expecting.  What blew my GD mind, as KK would say, was the super hot housemade white corn tortillas.  Holy mole they were good!  Also the rice was surprisingly tasty and the refrieds screamed yummy lard and bacon grease.  The margs were house tequila and meh as expected but the house salsa was good, a little salty and vinegary but that's how I like it.  

    I would definitely go back and crack the menu next time for other options.  The chef who cooked this Cochinita Pibil will get to keep his life I'm sorry to say and my hunt for the best continues.

  • 900 Ranch Rd 620 S
    Austin, TX 78734
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    24/07/2009 Avis mis à jour

    Your face hurt???  That was a running joke in my family growing up cause there's no good answer to it.  You were sick or fell down, someone (dad, sis) would sympathetically ask that question, and if you said no, they'd say, Well it hurts me!  hahahahah  And if you said, yes, they'd say, Huh, hurts me too!!!  hahahahahah

    Unfortunately my face did hurt all weekend (double sux that I taught hubby that joke a long time ago.  shit never gets old).  I thought it was a reaction to the makeup (airbrushing) from the fashion show.  Then I took a closer look at the cleanser I had just bought from this Spa, on the recommendation of the esthetician that did my facial, and read in the ingredients "lactic acid".  We literally had spent an hour discussing my face and sensitive skin (and rosacea) and when she picked this out for me, I asked again if it was mild enough to use every day.  She assured me it was.  Two day, three uses later, I had just taken off the whole top layer of my skin.  It was like a chemical burn that did not react well to sweat or heat, which is unfortunately what it was exposed to all weekend.  So I'm knocking off a few stars for that experience.

    I'm puttin one back on cause I called the spa on Sunday and they had me come in right away.  Their other esthetician looked me over, made me up a vial of soothing solution and swapped out the "resurfacing" cleanser for a gentle everyday one.  I am still dealing with this but it's much better thanks to her.  

    Does my face still hurt???  Not like YOURS hurts me!!  hahahahah

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    16/07/2009 Avis précédent
    You wanna know how my spa day went?  How much time you got?  First let me say, Yelp, I love/hate you… En savoir plus
  • 2121 Lohmans Crossing Blvd
    Lakeway, TX 78734
    3.0 étoiles

    Poor Thai Spice.  If I didn't have a Thamnak Thai by my house I would have nothing to compare their Pad Kee Mao with.  As it stands, it's okay.  Thamnaks noodles are thick and big and I guess I prefer them that way (stop snickering Butthead!).  

    Thai Spice has a lunch deal where you can order a dish off the menu and it comes with the salad/sushi bar.  I have to say I was impressed with the salad bar.  They had fresh greens, red bell peppers, mushrooms and broccoli.  And they have some kinda spicy ginger dressing that I would happily bathe in.  The sushi was meh.  Standard California rolls and something else I couldn't identify also some skinny spring rolls and tempura veggies.  Again, meh.  The pad kee mao was tasty but had to add chili to it.  At Thamnak, it will singe your tastebuds off all by itself (…).

    Our service was fine.  We sat at the sushi bar and apparently my lil old lady friend frequents this place so they were used to her nuttiness and humored her.  I guess what I'm saying is it's not bad.....for Lakeway (they don't have alot of options sadly).

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