Shop Local this year! Good for gift certificates, prezzies, or just plain resting between bouts of shopping. Go forth, and shop!
  • 630 E 6th Ave
    Denver, CO 80203
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    27/11/2010 Avis mis à jour

    O Pablos, I am still a fan. If given the choice, 99.9% of the time I will get your beans above all other offerings. (Just in case you out there are holiday shopping early, you know?)

    A few months ago they removed the on-site roaster and filled up that back space with some groovy wallpaper and extra seating. Thumbs up. It doesn't bother me that Pablo's doesn't have wifi - sometimes it's nice to just have a coffee and relax.

    Pablo's not in your hood? You can get your beans (or grind) delivered. For serious. Check their website. Or, get a cuppa at these local spots: Watercourse Foods, City O' City, Mercury Cafe, Stella's, Perk Hill, Hooked on Colfax, Cafe Europa, Sputnik, Mezcal, Tambien, Squeaky Bean, Jonsey's EatBar, Sketch, and Marczyk Fine Foods. They also have a great 25% off sale going on right now through their website. Check it!

    PS Watch out for the high table immediately to the right of the front door. It is v.v. wobbly and I lost most of my chai to the tabletop this morning. On second thought, that is a good dieting strategy...hmm....

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    I've been to Pablo's three times in the past few weeks, so I think that might mean I like it quite a… En savoir plus
  • 2415 E 2nd Ave
    Denver, CO 80206
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    All I can say is, in all my treks to Cherry Creek, why the heck haven't I stopped in here sooner? Insanity, I tell you. Insanity.

    Protege extraordinaire, Katie R, and I stopped in here today for a post-lunch pick-me-up and I think their hot B+W is my new BFF. Espresso, steamed milk, black and white chocolate powder, all mixed together in hot, melty, sugary, caffeinated goodness. I may just have to shop for b+w chocolate powder, because it sounds like the elixir of the gods.

    I really like a few things about Ink: they're a Colorado company, they roast their beans in small batches, their sandwich menu looks divinely mouth-watering, and I love their instructions: 'brew coffee, drink it, be happy.' Yes! Looking at their bean guide makes me want to enroll in coffee college. Does that exist?

    The long skinny entry way felt a little disconcerting, but good news it opens up a bit on the north end of the shop with several tables.

    I'm a fan! Four caffeinated stars for you, which I expect to add to once I've returned to sample the eats.

  • 700 Tenacity Dr
    Longmont, CO 80504
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    Vic's, this will be short and sweet since I just did a drop in last weekend to buy some beans.

    Thumbs up! Love your house blend. I have been drinking this every morning for the past week, and it's a close second to my hometown fave Pablo's. Price is totally on par, too.

    Northern Co folks - this place is definitely worth a stop whether you just need a jolt of caffeine, some spectacular (looking) baked goods, or a b'fast burrito. I'll be baaaaack.

    The only thing that could be better about them is coffee bean delivery. Seriously.

  • 1229 E 17th Ave
    Denver, CO 80218
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    27/12/2010 Avis mis à jour

    I'm starting to feel like Grindhaus is my second office!

    Props for being just down the street for me, offering up endless flavors of Wystone Teas (check the daily specials), and brewing a satisfying cup of Unseen Bean coffee. There's not a ton of food options here, but if your stomach is growling you can chow on a variety of Breggos, or snacks that make you feel like a kid - canned fruit, pudding, soft drinks and water, and bagged chips and pretzels.

    There's usually some easy-to-listen to music playing (not to be confused with easy listening), reliable wifi, the bathroom is always clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful. What more could you ask for?

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    24/09/2010 Avis précédent
    I feel like every retail idea the folks from Pandora Jewelry, Peppermint Boutique and Soul Haus… En savoir plus
  • 1408 Pearl St
    Boulder, CO 80302
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    I had a revelation after I left this shop (which is quite reminiscent of Wizard's Chest in Cherry Creek, sans the costumes.)

    If my dad could be a store, he would be the Into the Wind. Seriously. This place is packed to the rafters with all the crazy gift-giving ideas that make him happy and keep him joyfully engaged in catalog shopping all year long.

    Head massagers?
    Yodeling pickles? (If you read my WC review, you know I'm a fan)
    Bacon-shaped band-aids, giant magnifying glasses, LED lights that you can attach to just about anything, invisible playing cards, fortune-telling fish, wacky board games, party rats (this may be my new favorite gift)...the list goes on and on.

    And not to mention the obvious - the kites.

    If you haven't done your holiday shopping yet - especially stocking stuffers - I challenge you to *not* find something utterly hilarious or ridiculous or perfect for gifting in here. You're never too old to enjoy a spot like this. So, what are you waiting for?

  • 1882 S Pearl St
    Denver, CO 80210
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    My love for caffeine is not limited to just coffee and diet Coke. Some days I prefer to get my octane from a nice steaming cup of tea, with a little bit of agave nectar (yeah, you read that right - down with white sugar!) and a bit of half and half. Is that weird? Well, if it is I don't care.

    I finally made it into Seven Cups recently after staring longingly through the window for many, many hours while getting my hair done at Mop Factory across the street. Although I didn't have the full-on brewing experience (next trip) I did spend some time perusing all the loose leaf teas lined up beautifully in glass jars by the front door.

    Smoke tea? Yes, it smells like smoke! Not cigarette smoke, more like "I'm standing in front of a campfire" smoke. There is plenty to choose from here, and if you're unsure about varieties, just give them a holler.  I am frequently baffled by the selection of teas when I go shopping - probably because I grew up in a household where Lipton was in limitless supply. Looking at all those teas can be a little overwhelming if you don't know exactly what you want, so just ask! I stuck with what I know - strong, black tea. I bought a 50 gram bag of organic black tea for about $7. Is that expensive? I suppose so, but it's delicious and it's organic so it gets my vote.

    Next time: A 1:1 with my laptop and some tea brewed at the table. Bliss!

  • 1596 S Pearl St
    Denver, CO 80210
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    I can't believe I waited so long to visit this place! I stopped in last week during a round of last-minute pre-vacation errands and am sooo glad I did.

    This is the type of home dec store where I could seriously get myself in trouble. I immediately spotted a ton of the most adorable things: mini cat and chicken staplers (I have a soft spot for whimsy), a bright yellow cow creamer, the.cutest.ever lunchbox-style purses shaped like lemons and watermelons (they were in the "kids" section, but who cares??), a calculator that looks like a chocolate bar, and just random, random adorable things. I surveyed their sale rack at great length, and managed to walk out with two fistfuls of custom-painted carabiners which I took with me to Greece as gifts for the group I'm meeting up with. Whimsical, yet useful, right? And what says Colorado more than a carabiner? Ok, don't answer that.

    Anyhow, I can't wait until the next time I get to visit this amazing spot and peruse the rest of the store and patio. I'll be baaaaaaaack.

  • 321 17th St
    Denver, CO 80202
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    25/04/2010 Avis mis à jour

    Such a wonderful special-occasion spot! But only if you like tea, bubbly, finger sandwiches and the company of some close friends. I haven't had formal tea in other tea rooms (yet) so I can't compare, but this experience is definitely about enjoying the scene, the beautiful interior of the Brown Palace Hotel, and enjoying some tasty bites. And the tea is, of course, strong and delicious.

    This was my third visit in just as many years, and it never has never failed to disappoint. The pace is definitely relaxed, so prepare to spend at least an hour on your tea experience. I also find it to be a fascinating people-watching experience as well, with little girls celebrating confirmations, grandmas celebrating their birthdays, peeps like me celebrating special occasions, and there always seems to be a wedding reception or big event going on when I've visited. I'm a big fan of living vicariously through others, so this works for me. But just be prepared for potential large crowds in the lobby.

    A couple notes, since I'm into that:
    - Do yourself a favor and sneak into the restrooms at Ellyngton's.
    - Don't be afraid to ask them to move you. They seated my party right next to the piano, which made it impossible to hear one another. Later on they brought out a harp player, which was lovely, but just be aware you might have a hard time conversating if you're seated next to the music.
    - For folks with nut allergies, they will happily make you a substitute plate. One of my friends got to nosh on a plate filled with mounds of fresh fruit, melon with proscuitto and gigantic shrimp.
    - Don't be afraid to ask for a to-go box! This is an expensive treat, so take those goodies home with you if you don't finish them.

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    01/05/2008 Avis précédent
    You must go, at least once, and dress up! The Brown Palace is gorgeous, it's so fun to people-watch… En savoir plus
  • 230 Fillmore St
    Denver, CO 80206
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    03/12/2010 Avis mis à jour

    I've decided this is my new favorite spot to visit when I'm having a blah day. How can you not be cheered up by the wacky costumes and hi-larious gag gifts? I mean, they have yodeling pickles, stress bananas, and bacon action figures for Pete's sake (one of which I now own. You guess.)

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    30/06/2010 Avis précédent
    Are you looking for any of the following items?

    1. Plastic pokey things (swords, chainsaws), faux…
    En savoir plus
  • 2641 E 2nd Ave
    Denver, CO 80206
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    Mmmmmmmm. Burgers. Juicy, delicious burgers. I stopped into Cherry Cricket on Monday to celebrate National Hamburger Day with some famished yelpers, and I must say....they make a damn fine burger here.  

    It can add up because all your toppings are ala carte, but when something tastes this good, you won't hear me complaining. I tried the 1/4 pound Cricket burger (a 1/3 pounder just sounded like too much) with cheddar, bbq, and bacon. I don't know what's in that bbq, but it's spicy and sweet and seriously addictive. Our table split an order of traditional fries and onion rings, and Cherie C ordered the homestyle fries for good measure. The onion rings seemed pretty greasy to me but hey, they are onion rings so what do you expect? It's not health food.

    Besides spending a wonderful afternoon with some great peeps and noshing on delicious food, I had a revelation. From now on, I can only eat either a burger OR fries in a sitting, because my heart just can't take it. Motivation to finally join the gym? I believe so.

    Another note: as other yelpers have previously stated, they don't take reservations so if you're planning to take a big group be sure you arrive early to stake out some table space. That is all!

  • 1122 E 17 Ave
    Denver, CO 80218
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    14/03/2011 Avis mis à jour

    Yep, I'm still feelin' the Talulah Jones love! And thank goodness I have pregnant friends right now, so I have an excuse to hang out in the kids' section and not feel like a weirdo for coveting stuffed animals.

    This is the type of boutique where I could literally lose myself for an hour seeking out goodies in all the hidden nooks and crannies. Every cabinet and tabletop is artfully stuffed with unique items and tidbits, and don't forget to look down because sometimes you'll even find something underneath a table too (like the red-capped felted mushroom laptop cover that I have my eye on...seriously, is someone keeping track of these things for me?)

    Don't forget to ask for gift wrapping if you're purchasing a prez for someone else. Very artfully done.

    Definitely put this store on your shopping list, even if it's just for browsing. Mmmmkay?

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    23/09/2010 Avis précédent
    The name of this shop makes me imagine some jolly, round fellow in a striped suit with a bowtie and… En savoir plus
  • 278 S Downing St
    Denver, CO 80209
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    09/11/2010 Avis mis à jour

    So it's been about three months since I stopped into Remington & Friends, and things have changed! They have trimmed down their retail and it looks like they are mostly focusing on grooming now, which makes sense. They still stock Royal Canin cat and dog food (damn my finicky felines for only liking some of the most expensive food on the market!) but for me the selection is a bit limited. Like, they generally only stock one or two types of food. And that's totally okay. I don't expect to get a PetCo experience every where I go, and I want to support the little guys.

    I think it's the owner who rings me up all the time, and he is a gem. Always, always asks what I'm up to like he knows me (which maybe after all this time he feels like he does!) and is super fast and efficient. As would be expected, there are always a ton of dogs running around and this morning there was a (newly bathed) Irish Setter behind the checkout counter going to down on a cardboard box.

    I inquired about their pet sitting services since it's now advertised on the front door, and the owner (Life's Ruff Petsitting) just happened to be there so we had a nice chat and he gave me a discount card.

    BTW: the new front door is now the old front door - go through the northernmost one.

    Note: Parking is hard to come by at this intersection, so I always illegally park at the dry cleaner next door.

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    08/05/2010 Avis précédent
    I still don't have a dog (although I'm sure my new neighbors think I do, since I've been watching my… En savoir plus
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    04/09/2009 Avis précédent
    I have great affection for the Remington & Friends location in Thornton (those ladies rock! see my… En savoir plus
  • 1822 Blake St
    Denver, CO 80202
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    14/05/2010 Avis mis à jour

    Sooo, I had a friend in town last week, staying near LoDo. Where to go for good apps and drinks, asks my friend, without driving all over town? The siren song of the honey truffle dipping sauce was calling out to me, so I had to suggest Vesta. I haven't been back here in quite a while, and I must say - hanging out at the bar for a few hours turned out to be quite a nice time. Sit at the west end of the bar, and check out the antique sangria dispenser-thingie. Rad.

    We started out with pisco sours (yummy yum yum), followed by so many glasses of wine I've lost count. I do know we sampled white, rose and red, but for the life of me couldn't tell you what's what. My friend, who's in the wine biz (so I should have no excuse for not remembering) ran into a problem with one bottle that had gone bad, and the bartender Eric happily swapped it out.

    We ended up ordering a charcuterie and cheese plate, both delish. They were out of 2 of the cheeses originally on the menu, but whatever they replaced it with was just fine with me. Everything that went in my mouth pretty much got covered with honey truffle pepper sauce, so they probably could have just served me a platter of pretzel sticks or cocktail weenies and I would have been happy. By the way, when they come by your table to ladle up the sauces into dipping bowls, just keep making the "fill it up" gesture until you get a meniscus (google it) on your bowl. It worked when I did it, at least.

    Although I'm not super jazzed about dinner at Vesta - I never settled on a meat that I really liked - I'm a big fan of the appetizers and drinks. Plus, the venue has a sexy feel to it and it seems pretty easy to grab a seat the bar for a while. Do it.

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    29/08/2008 Avis précédent
    Vesta is a bit overreviewed, but I still want to chime in. Until last night I've been feeling a bit… En savoir plus
  • 5410 E Colfax Ave
    Denver, CO 80220
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    Oh, Solera, I like you a lot. A lot, a lot. This could be the beginning of a great relationship.

    First of all, if you are able to get a table on the patio - do it. It's romantic and charming and not overdone. The little white lights strung in the trees, beautiful lush flowers, and water fountains make this a pretty perfect spot.

    Overall I quite enjoyed the meal. High points:
    - Fantastic wine list. I don't claim to know anything about wines, but my dining companion does (it's part of his job), and was impressed with the selection. He ordered us some wonderfully crisp white wine out of Austria (that I can't remember the name of) and I was in heaven. We also ordered a muscat dessert wine which was sweet, bubbly, and not too heavy. They had some interesting looking martini options that I will definitely check out next time.
    - The lamb sliders. Dddddelicious. Perfectly moist. They come with a citrus aoli sauce, which isn't totally necessary for dipping, but pretty good. An observation about sliders - why do they always come in threes? Two seems like a better option - I feel like I always have one left over.
    - The manchego tapas plate. Yummmmmm. Two substantial slices of cheese here accompanied by almonds, crackers, and membrillo, a fruity/sugary/jelly spread. Double yum.
    - Four words. Ginger Lemongrass Creme Brulee. Enough said. Save room for dessert, because you don't want to miss this dish.

    Middle of the road:
    - The stuffed quinoa crepes. Absolutely stunning presentation - colorful and artfully plated - and I wanted to love it, but must felt like the quinoa was sort of overpowering. My friend, however, was in love with this dish and about to propose, so maybe it was just me. The mushrooms inside were beautifully cooked.

    Could be better:
    - While I love, love, loved the perfectly cooked asparagus and crunchy peas in the truffled mac and cheese, the sauce was a little runny, and I couldn't taste much of the truffle flavor - although the aroma was heavenly.
    - Garden tomato salad was super salty, not sure what happened here.

    Our service was impeccable, and I like that they have a complimentary valet. Valet is not a service I typically use (mainly because I feel like all the fancy cars laugh at my poor little Saturn) but it was sure nice. Plus, I could swear the valet vacuumed my car. Maybe I just imagined that part, though.

    I will be back!

  • 1400 Larimer St
    Denver, CO 80202
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    Tamayo? I think this place should be called flame-ayo. Every dish I tasted had a bit of a kick to it, which for me was a very good thing.

    I'm glad I had an excuse to come here over the weekend for a friend's birthday celebration. We spent just a little bit of time at the bar and I scored the last prickly pear margarita in the place. It was super strong, and sadly I appeared to be having an off day in the alcohol department so wasn't able to finish it. Bummer.

    Prices are on par with other Larimer Square restaurants - you're looking at the $20+ range for mains. Since I had just come from a day of stuffing myself with bbq on the mountain, I opted for some lighter dishes. Started with a mixed greens salad. Sound boring? I thought so until I popped the first bite into my mouth and discovered a subtle spicy-hot flavor...on every leaf. Delicious. The medium guac also had a bit of a kick to it. I was puzzled by the serving display, however - a two-tiered silver serving dish plated inside a molcajete bowl. What? I also kept noticing little white bowls (like cereal bowls) being served at surrounding tables, and was interested to find they contained rice and beans for the table. Seemed like a strange presentation, but what do I know. I imbibed in the watermelon tuna ceviche, which was fresh and delicious - I just wanted more of it. Oh, who am I kidding? I was still hungry, so ordered the tres leches cake for desert, which was topped with a spicy walnut crunch that also had a kick to it.

    They handle big groups with ease, so if you're looking for a special occasion destination, I don't think you could go wrong here. Ask to be seated on the upstairs patio - there are great mountain views, and if you're there at sunset - well, more power to you.

  • 770 E 17th Ave
    Denver, CO 80203
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    This keeps happening to me - I think that I've reviewed a place, and I go to "update" only to find I never wrote anything. Well, add Marcyzk's to that list!

    Now, that said - just like Whole Foods, this is not a complete grocery shopping experience for me. Way too expensive for that - girl's still gotta get all her normal grocery stuff at King Soopers. However, when I'm in the mood for something a little more upscale, I head to Marcyzk. Great cheese and fresh meat selection, I often linger in the chocolate or coffee aisle, and you can find some yummy little prepared foods to take home and cook on your own, which is totally appealing to me. In the back of the store you'll find a little wine shop with some very excellent beer and wine selections to choose from.

    I stopped in for their "meat on the street" last night - an every-Friday-night-in-the-summer event. Although $6 for a burger (no sides or drinks included, but plenty of toppings to fix it up) you can watch them grill up the burger of your choice on the spot, and hang out and people watch in the clouds of grilling smoke. I like. Sounds like a nice summer ritual to me!

  • 101 Pratt St
    Longmont, CO 80501
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    What an accomplishment, Sugarbeet! Thank you for proving to me that I *do* like cauliflower after all. If only I knew that roasting was the key - I'll bet my mom could have used that trick a few decades ago to get me and my little sis to eat our veggies.

    Although in an offbeat location (near an overpass in a residential bordered by industrial part of town), Sugarbeet packs quite the punch. An elegant and beautifully-decorated interior, comfy bar area and a great HH menu at that. I'll let you know when I'm back to try out dinner.

    We sat at the tall tables in the bar and sampled almost all the $5 happy hour plates, my favorite (surprisingly) being the roasted caulifower because of the aforementioned #1 I don't like cauliflower and #2, it wasn't my order! Followed by the roasted pumpkin grilled bruschetta. Yum. Luckily my friend shared with me.

    I was super excited to try the gorgonzola stuffed dates wrapped in proscuitto, but surprisingly they turned out to be just okay for me. I feel like the gorgonzola overpowered the sweetness of the date, and the proscuitto while tasty was a little too thick, so it seemed slightly out of balance. Loved the rustic-style fois gras pate with cornichons and capers with crunchy toast points, though, and the roasted pumpkin bruschetta was out of this world.

    Although I didn't have any adult bev's this day, they offer $3 drafts and $4 glasses of wine during HH from 4-5:30 Weds through Sunday. In the words of the governator, I'll be baaaack.

  • 1700 Humboldt St
    Denver, CO 80218
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    Oh, Strings, how have I not reviewed you yet?

    I have visited you once for lunch, twice for brunch, and now happy hour, too. I must say, I'm a fan. The interior is quite spacious, and I love the interior courtyard, upstairs level, and the front patio which is well-shaded and nice even on a warm day. The kitchen is fairly open so if you feel like spying on how your food is made, it's all there.

    Brunch? Well, you know how to rock the huevos rancheros, which is possibly my most favorite breakfast item, and when I'm craving something sweet the crepes hit the spot. The brunch menu is actually fairly impressive and you should definitely check it out. Lunch? Steak salad all the way. And HH? Well, you have probably the tastiest sliders I've had in town and that's no lie.

    Beware of the bread sticks. These are no regular bread sticks, my friends - they are made of crack and I dare you to eat just one.

    Since Strings is super close to my hood, I think I'll be spending a lot more time here!

  • 1319 22nd St
    Denver, CO 80205
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    I would call myself a thin-crust girl most any night of the week. But when I go to BAP, I totally dig on that thicker crust 'za. Yum, yum, yum. I love that you can get olive oil as a naked-style sauce, that you can make halfsies of any of their house pizzas, and their empanadas? Fuhggedaboutit!

    On my last visit it was an empanada extravaganza, and it's hard to say which one we liked best. We sampled the butternut squash, spinach and cheese, beef, and tuna/tomato. Tuna sounds weird, right? Yeah. But it was sooo good. I also have to give a shout out to the bacon-wrapped figs in bbq sauce. Again, it may sound strange but that sauce was divine. Even though I don't typically eat my crusts, I was dipping it in the sauce and even considered asking for a spoon to get the last little bits out of the bowl.

    I've heard people sing praises about the gelato, and hopefully on my next visit I'll leave enough room to check it out.

    Note: Folks with nut allergies beware - the chimichurri sauce served at the table and with bread contains nuts. So sniff it, but don't eat it.

  • 1431 Larimer St
    Denver, CO 80202
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    25/04/2011 Avis mis à jour

    If you're a Denverite, there are a few reasons you should visit Rioja at least once. It can be spendy, so save up for a special occasion or just make sure you know what you're getting into - no reason to go to this spot and be thrifty on your order. The wine list is good, the mixed drinks menu okay, and the desserts can be good if you get the right one (and if you save enough room in your belly to truly appreciate it.) However, you can't go wrong with the:

    Tuna sashimi
    Any fresh fish on the menu
    Colorado lamb
    Artichoke tortelloni
    Pork belly
    Any kind of gnocchi

    Tip: Don't stuff yourself on the delicious bread, as tempting as it may be. Save room.

    TRUST ME. Go to Rioja. You won't regret it.

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    07/11/2010 Avis précédent
    I used to avoid Larimer Square because I always felt out of place amongst the LoDo party… En savoir plus
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    06/09/2010 Avis précédent
    One small word can send shivers up my spine. Three guesses.

    Nope, not that word.

    No, not that one…
    En savoir plus
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    13/07/2010 Avis précédent
    Rio-ja, Rio-ja, I love ya, Rio-ja, I wish I could eat here every daaaaay.  (Imagine me channeling my… En savoir plus
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    20/10/2009 Avis précédent
    Ok, I'm happy to confirm that Rioja is still one of my favorite restaurants! I brought my … En savoir plus
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    I made a deal with myself when I started yelping that I wouldn't review a place if I genuinely… En savoir plus
  • 3970 N Broadway St
    Boulder, CO 80304
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    DaGabi Cucina may be easy to miss, but not easy to forget! Although a
    little hard to find - buried in a shopping center on Broadway and Quince - it's so worth seeking out this little hidden gem! I can tell you right now: - if I lived in Boulder, I'd be a regular, no doubt about it.

    Small plates are my absolute favorite way to eat, and they do them so well here. Between 7 yelpers at office hours this week, we sampled a good deal of the HH tapas menu and the tab was totally reasonable - and we had food left over, too.

    Here's what I can vouch for:
    - House wines - I know, right? I think the perception is that house wines can be mediocre, the rioja I sampled at HH (at $3.50 a glass) was outstanding
    - Steamed fresh mussels. The spicy sauce is so flavorful, and finger-licking good. We all agreed this one was of our favorite dishes of the meal.
    - Fried calamari
    - Gnocchi with basil aioli
    - Sauteed venus clams
    - Boquerones - white anchovies with salpicon sauce over grilled bread - I could eat this every day!! That good.
    - Spiedini - grilled artisan sausages with veggies. I can see how not everyone would love this, but it was a favorite for me.
    - Desserts. Holy heck! We tried the chocolate flourless cake, which sent many of us into eye rolling bills, the tiramisu (quite good) and the creme brulee.

    The atmosphere is cool and calming, as well, with unique decor. It was too warm for me to sit on the patio, but it was packed by the time we left - quite lovely.

    Service was spectacular and attentive without being overly so.

    Five stars, DaGabi.

  • 1001 E 11th Ave
    Denver, CO 80218
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    07/03/2011 Avis mis à jour

    This is just a note to let ya'll know I'm quitting Snarf's until at least June, or until I lose 10 pounds. I even had to place reminder notes in conspicuous spots around my apartment, and I had to delete them from my phone faves. Not that they are solely responsible for me having to break out my big girl jeans, but they are certainly a contributing factor.

    For those of you who ain't scared, you can score a free drink and chips by downloading their iPhone app and placing your first sandwich or salad order there.

    And...they just opened locations in St. Louis and Chicago? Go forth and conquer North America, Snarf's!

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    02/11/2010 Avis précédent
    Ok, clearly I can't go more than a few months without reviewing Snarf's. So why the update? Well, I… En savoir plus
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    02/06/2010 Avis précédent
    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    I love Snarf's Sandwiches
    And I know you will too.

    I can't help updating…
    En savoir plus
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    20/04/2010 Avis précédent
    Oh, Snarf's. Five stars for you. I've seen the (sandwich) light and you are clearly it. Apparently… En savoir plus
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    20/01/2010 Avis précédent
    I'm not generally a sandwich girl. I mean, I have nothing against them, but if I have a choice for… En savoir plus
  • 103 Main St
    Longmont, CO 80501
    5.0 étoiles
    27/10/2010 Avis mis à jour


    So this time I actually bought some cheese when I went to the Cheese Importer's Warehouse. Two words for you: purple haze.

    Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Sounds like a strain of ganja. Well, it's not. (Actually, it probably is, but not in this instance.)  It's some damn delicious lavender and fennel cheese from Cypress Grove. Get some. And some goat cheese with honey. I'm a firm believer that honey makes everything better. As does lemon-infused green olives, anchovy-stuffed olives, and a jar of lemon curd - not necessarily at the same time. That my friends, rounds out my purchases for the day. Time to hit the gym!

    Note: they do carry much more than cheese, so please, please do yourself a favor and stop here if you're within, like, a 25 mile radius. You won't regret it. They are also now open 7 days a week, so there's no excuse for you.

    5.0 étoiles
    25/07/2010 Avis précédent
    Is is possible to fall for a warehouse? (Like that woman who fell in love with the Eiffel Tower,… En savoir plus
  • 2862 Larimer St
    Denver, CO 80205
    4.0 étoiles

    Is it weird that the two times I've been to Crema, I've ordered juice? Maybe so, but I can say hands down - they know how to squeeze some freaking tasty juice. Take your pick or make a combination from apple, beet, celery, ginger, or carrot. Although the large size will set you back $6, it's worth feeling like you're drinking something healthy and doing your body good. (Hmmm...maybe I should invest in a juicer.)

    Small space here with a raw feel to it - a few tables and a couch, but off the beaten path and worth a visit. They serve Novo and are well-touted as focusing on the art of creating an amazing cup. When I start drinking coffee again, rest assured this will be at the top of my list.

  • 1317 14th St
    Denver, CO 80202
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    11/02/2011 Avis mis à jour

    Quick update: if you've always been scared/weirded out about eating seafood in Colorado, I totally recommend that you try the seared scallops at Euclid Hall. I was grinning like an idiot eating this little starter as my lunch plate today - the combination of fennel, basil, orange slices and mustard was extremely happy-making.

    Oh, and try the red velvet cupcakes.

    You will have a good day. Especially if Ryan is your server.


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    05/10/2010 Avis précédent
    When I returned from vacation in August, I kept hearing about this new place that just opened -… En savoir plus
  • 2052 Broadway
    Boulder, CO 80302
    4.0 étoiles

    I was in Boulder last week for a meeting, and needed some coffee stat. Of course, I could always check my trusty Yelp app, but sometimes it's nice to take the recommendations of the locals you're hanging with, so that's what I did. And that's how I ended up at Unseen Bean!

    Now, I'd call this spot more of a grab-and-go coffee shop, as it's a small spot and there are only a few tables. They do have wifi though, so if you're lucky enough to snag a seat you can get some work done. I was impressed by the friendliness of the waitstaff and the fact that they carry fresh, local-made breakfast burritos - which always puts a smile on my face. My mocha was quite tasty, and I immensely enjoyed my caffeine buzz all morning.

    A little background: founder Gerry Leary has been blind since birth, and started pursuing the art of roasting beans over 15 years ago in San Fran. He tries to carry organic, fair-trade beans when possible, and if you check them out right now they are doing a special sale on Kona beans (perhaps my fave of all time.) Still expensive, but if you're in the mood to treat yourself...hey, go for it!

    Never been to the Unseen Bean? Get there!

    If you're nowhere near Boulder, you can find their beans at Grindhaus on 17th or you can order online.

  • 1542 Miner St
    Idaho Springs, CO 80452
    4.0 étoiles

    I kind of have a thing for handmade soap. So much so that many moons ago I went on a soap-making binge for the holidays. I'm pretty sure my family simply learned to feign excitement when they opened a gift from me. "Ohhh! of soap....thank you."

    That said, I don't make soap anymore but I sure love exploring shops with handmade goodies, and The Soap Shop is no exception. They have just about every 'flavor' you can think of, including scrubs, lotions and gels. Some of the more specialty soaps are on display in their uncut glory near the front counter, while the rest of the shop is mainly stocked with bins of unwrapped bars priced around $3.25 each. You'll find a few spa accoutrements as well. While my sis found the convergence of fragrance overwhelming, I found it lovely and calming. Until a gaggle of children flocked in the front door and took over the space, so I felt compelled to leave. But, this is my kind of shop and I would definitely recommend anyone stop by for a last-minute present for a friend, or yourself.

    Plus, how can you not love a shop that has a bubble maker outside?

  • 2041 Broadway
    Boulder, CO 80302
    5.0 étoiles

    My one-time visit to Savory Spice shop may have just convinced me to start cooking again!

    When I mentioned that I had pretty much retired from cooking, co-owner Dan suggested that I could probably find some spices to throw on my cheerios in the morning. I'm guessing he probably hears that excuse a lot. ;)

    All the spices are ground on site in small batches and they give you $1 off on refills if you bring in the original bottle. I really like the big chalkboard behind the counter which lists all the restaurants in town that feature their spices - what a great shout out for your fellow neighborhood businesses. At the Unseen Bean across the street, they even featured some sweet sampling spices from the shop that you could add into coffees and teas.

    I stocked up on some ground coriander, the main ingredient in my dry rub recipe for steaks....yeah, I can make a pretty mean steak when properly motivated. In need of a belated birthday gift for a family member, I spent some time perusing the spice sets, which are cleverly packaged in mountain-esque shaped cardboard boxes. You can choose from a premade set (salts, curries, bloody mary spices, great add-ins for popcorn, baking sets...pretty much anything you can think of) or you can create your own. I settled on a sugar set because...well, who doesn't like sugar?

    There are also shops in Denver, Littleton and the Springs, and they are franchising. They are definitely worth checking out!

    Commentaire de Dan H. de Savory Spice Shop
    26/10/2010 Thank you Laura.  We are certainly glad that you found our selection "motivating!"  We do our best… En savoir plus
  • 1553 Platte St
    Denver, CO 80205
    5.0 étoiles
    10/12/2010 Avis mis à jour

    Lovelies is still my fave cupcakerie in town, sorry naysayers!

    If you've never tried this place, December is a great time to give them a tasty try - you'll get a buy-one-get-one cupcake as part of a food drive for Metro Care Ring. So bring in a canned good, a bag of pasta, or even a box of cereal and voila, free cupcake with purchase!

    I heard through the grapevine they are getting primed to expand beyond cupcakes too, so keep your eyes open for that in the future.

    Although they serve a good, strong cup of Novo coffee, the wifi is pretty weak. No password required, but the signal wasn't strong enough for me to connect to a company call so I had to break out the wireless card. Something to keep in mind if you're on deadline or under some kind of time constraint.

    But with all those delicious cupcakes, I didn't really care. Sign up for their e-newsletter for discounts!

    5.0 étoiles
    01/08/2008 Avis précédent
    Out of this world! My friend and I stopped in very late in the day today and felt a sudden rush of… En savoir plus
  • 5.0 étoiles

    Want to shop local, keep your pocketbook in check, and support a worthwhile cause at the same time? Oh, so glad you asked! Hit up the Women's Bean Project and fulfill all three ideals at the same time.

    My only regret is that I didn't start shopping here eons ago. My guess is the end-of-year holidays is the busiest time for them, based on the flurry of activity I saw in the warehouse when I stopped by last week, although you can support them year round by shopping online or at King Soopers.

    You can get edibles like cornbread and brownie mix, salsa and other dip mixes (garlic, dill), exotic flavored instant teas, their signature soup packets, coffee beans, chocolate-dipped espresso beans, jelly beans, gift sets, and a lot more I can't remember right now! They also sell tempting handmade jewelry as well. As someone who (in a past life) used to make a lot of jewelry by hand, I can tell you they are high quality and well-made.

    Women's Bean is based in an old firehouse on Curtis street, which is super interesting to look at. Production happens downstairs, with the 'showroom' and shopping upstairs. You'll likely see people assembling gift baskets and making jewelry. So, grab a basket, load up, and finish that holiday shopping!

    P.S. Interested in volunteering? Check out their website and hit them up - they are always looking for help.

  • 1770 Sherman St
    Denver, CO 80203
    4.0 étoiles

    If I could be a building in Denver, I think I'd want to be the Sherman Events Center. I'm in love with this space! Walking inside almost transports you to another era and it just oozes character. Check out their website for all the deets (I won't bore you with a history lesson here) but you definitely feel like you're walking into another time as you enter the front doors.

    I spent a few hours here at the Holiday Handmade Craft Fair in early December (which, FYI, was a bit like walking into Etsy and I hope they host it here again this year!) and was blown away by the ballroom, mezzanine, lighting, simply must check out a show here sometime.

    Note: Parking can be an issue on event nights - I'd recommend either cabbing it or carpooling for a special event, or simply just preparing yourself for the adventure of downtown parking. Enjoy!

  • 1265 Elizabeth
    Denver, CO 80206
    5.0 étoiles

    These days a skateboard ain't just for getting around. You can also wear one on your ears, neck and hips. No joke! Check out Mukee Design for some cute and creative jewelry designs made from reclaimed skateboards.

    Unless you run into Mukee somewhere around town - like I did at Holiday Handmade in December - your best bet is to order from the etsy store. I settled on an oblong, intricately carved neon orange pair of earrings for my sister (which I really wanted for myself, but it's the season of giving, right?) The great thing is they are totally reasonably priced.

    My only request? Wish he would sell the reclaimed skateboard clipboards like I saw him using at the show.

  • 133 Remington St
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
    5.0 étoiles

    Equinox Brewing = another reason to love Fort Collins!

    Equinox has the vibe of a local coffee shop with the allure of a taproom rolled up in one. It boasts a cozy bar area and tall community-style table in the front room, with smaller tables in the side room. There's no food, so eat before you visit, but you can order up a bag of chips if you're feeling snacky. Need some fresh air? There's a little beer garden in the back that looks perfect for listening to music and enjoying a brew when the weather is nice.

    If you've never been, definitely order the sampler so you can try their range of flavors and tastes. And see if you can get a sample of the seasonal Midwinter Warmer, too, while it's still around. Yum. Surprisingly the darkest beer in the sampler was my favorite, I think the Jonas Porter? Chocolately and delish.

    Mushroom March starts this Thursday! Basically they'll feature a firkin every Thursday - the same base beer conditioned with different varieties of mushrooms each week. I may have to drive up March 24th for the bolete. ;)

    And...if you're feeling inspired to brew your own beer, be sure to stop by the homebrew shop Hops & Berries next door. (I remember when this spot was a hair salon, back in the day. Oy.)

    I'm a fan!

  • 1401 Duff Dr Ste 300
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
    5.0 étoiles
    Premier à donner un avis

    MouCo. A-go go!

    Well, I wish you could go and get a tour, 'cause I'd totally take it.  But since they don't offer that yet, do the next best thing and just order some cheese and eat it. You can order online (CO residents - it's about $8 for overnight delivery no matter what quantity you order), or stop by one of the few places that are offering their soft, creamy, and delicious cow's milk cheeses. Funkwerks Brewery in Fort Collins, Q's in Boulder, and Palace Arms in Denver, just to name a few.

    Last weekend I almost singlehandedly ate an entire wheel of the Truffelo, which features black and white truffles. But you can also nosh on the Camembert and ColoRouge, and if you order online there's an option to get a three-pack. Do I sound like a pusher? It's really just 'cause I want someone to keep track of my wishlist and buy me cheese.

    P.S. They offer recipes on their website too!

  • 1887 S Pearl St
    Denver, CO 80210
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    06/03/2011 Avis mis à jour

    I know, I know. How many times can you update a salon review already? As previously stated, I am quite the salon slut and I'll be the first to admit my infidelity the past several haircuts. But as you can see, I always return.

    After needlessly torturing my hair for the past year or so, I decided to give it a rest. Meaning, cut it all off and start over. Now, I had most of it sheared at a different salon, and it didn't turn out right. At all. Even after a few haircuts. If you're like every other slightly-vain woman, you know what a big deal it is to go from chin length to pixie, and when it's not done right that makes it worth shedding a few tears.

    So, now that we're all caught up, picture me showing up at Mop Factory with serious haircutting remorse. In less than five, Shanette had me under control again and smiling, with just a few snips here and there and some styling tips. Quite the feat, I tell you.

    I know Mop Factory is much lauded for their skill with wavy hair, but fine-haired girls with the stick straight stuff - know that they can take care of you, too.

    PS: Shanette is flying solo in the salon right now, so it may take you weeks to get scheduled, or you can be added to the cancellation list. Coming from someone who's been around, I can tell you it's worth it.

    5.0 étoiles
    03/06/2010 Avis précédent
    Supercalafragilisticexpia­lidocious. (Sp?)

    What more can be said about the lovely ladies at Mop…
    En savoir plus
    5.0 étoiles
    18/06/2009 Avis précédent
    How sad is it that I've had more stylists than dates since I moved to Denver? It's okay. You don't… En savoir plus
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