Veggie maki, cheap & fast. What- there's another way should it be?!
  • 1600 E 8th Ave
    Tampa, FL 33605
    4.0 étoiles

    Best place in town for veggie maki and nigiri.
    Prices are reasonable.
    Service is solid.

  • 1553 W Devon Ave
    Chicago, IL 60660
    5.0 étoiles

    While I still look forward to eating in, I've ordered  takeout from Hello Sushi and Thai a number of times. I have to say that, so far, it's the freaking best.

    This would be a solid 4-star review based on the high-quality Thai noodle dishes loaded with good veg and crispy tofu (still looking forward to sampling a curry), the well-prepared and reasonably priced veggie maki, the effective online ordering system, friendly delivery staff and timely service. Oh yes.

    But Hello deserves 5 fat stars because even after I screwed up the online ordering, and accidentally marked pickup instead of delivery, I got a call 40 minutes later asking me where I was (naturally) and after sorting out the situation, received our order via very prompt delivery. Without charge.

    Try the gomae maki, avocado maki, fresh spring rolls (served with a delightful nest of carrot and scallion salad on top!), pad woon sen, and chive dumplings.

    And tip the sht out of the Hello drivers. Their service is kicking.

  • 5143 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60640
    5.0 étoiles

    No, it's definitely true, this place is delightful.
    But it's small and quiet and waaaaay up on the north side. So you shouldn't bother coming up here since I'm sure that, given the chance, you'd loudly proclaim the sushi, noodles and rice places in your neighborhood to be far superior.

    Excellent. Stay right where you are.

    You see, I want a table here when I come, and I don't want to have to give you dirty looks for neighborhood tourism, and then key your car for colonizing my snack joints.

    Don't think I won't know.

    The place is veggie maki heaven. I recommend starting with the Zinger, but the Green Giant also looks delicious. There are several other creatively named special veg rolls, many which have sweet potato as a base. Others are oshinko-based. There is also a respectable standard veggie maki on the sushi menu. They're typically covered in fun stuff like gomae, or avocado, or crispy fried tenpura bits.

    But it's not worth coming here, since they probably just ripped off that kind of stuff from your favorite Lakeview spot.

    They also offer a number of easy going, tofu-based dishes, mostly Japanese, but there is a veg bi bim bab. Substitutions do not seem to be a problem at all, which is perfect for your cattle-free jap-chae cravings.

    The ambience and decor is traditional Japanese. Perhaps it is a little overstated, but it's very comfortable nonetheless. Oh, and the lighting is perfect.

    Stay away.

  • 5951 N Broadway St
    Chicago, IL 60660
    4.0 étoiles

    One day, I will order a Thai dish here, I swear.

    Until then, I will order the salad that comes with with inarizushi & asparagus, and I will order some maki.
    Why would I do that?
    Because they have sweet gourd rolls AND the best sweet potato tenpura rolls you ever laid eyes on.

    WHAT?!, I hear you ask.
    Where is this?

    It's at Indie Cafe.

    I'll report on the Lard Nar or some Pads shortly.

  • 5058 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60640
    4.0 étoiles
    09/12/2009 Avis mis à jour

    Now offering 8 pc umeshiso maki for $4.


    4.0 étoiles
    03/07/2007 Avis précédent
    Tokyo Marina is so solid.
    Go for agedashi tofu, yudofu, kitsune udon, their impressive assortment of…
    En savoir plus
  • 37 N Wells St
    Chicago, IL 60606
    2.0 étoiles

    All told, you really have be committed to the idea of some Japanese fast food to come here. The location in the Mart is slightly better in my opinion because they will make you a roll to order. I've never been lucky enough to have that happen at this location.

    Of course, the Mart location also has the older Korean man that yells at you. I guess when you look out onto a line of scrawny, clawing fashion mavens, gnashing their teeth in anticipation of the 2 ounces of tuna they allow themselves each day, you might get edgy too.

    At either location, you will pay $5.5-6 for 12 piece veggie maki and, unfortunately, you will be able to find a better deal at Jewel for comparable quality.

    The udon(g)- yes, they write that!- soups are tasty, and the tenpura's all right, too.

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