When the girl says we need to make changes I try to make better choices. I can always find something tasty and meatless on the menus at these places. Seafood and fish are meatless to me as well...
  • 4661 Park Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92116
    5.0 étoiles

    After the girl tells me we have to stop eating so much meat my life crumbled a little but then I saw Ian C. and Paul C. Post all this goodness about plumeria.  I had to try it!

    Julius and I ventured in and were drawn to these frilly little flower cups.  Oh my goodness it was goodness in a little crispy flower.  Definitely recommend those!

    We both had different dishes with the fried mock duck that was super tasty.  I had the sew ee.  Yeah I'm pretty sure that is spelled wrong but you get the gist.  Julius had some spicy number that burn something awful but it was so damn tasty!

    The spice is spicy don't let the sweet flower cups fool you.  They don't mess around with their heat.  I've gone a few times and each time I have been pleasantly satisfied with my choices.  Meatless may not be so bad.  I think I'll still sneak out to have a steak once and a while.  Bad mom I know.

  • 9159 Mission Gorge Rd
    Santee, CA 92071
    5.0 étoiles

    After having not so great Thai food at another restaurant that will remain nameless I had to eat something good.  I have been to the original sab e lee and fell in love! I had a good feeling that the travel to Santee would pay off.

    Upon arrival the restaurant was empty.... not always a good sign but it was during the Charger vs Raider game so it was probably that or people just don't know about this little hidden gem that delivers yeah I wish I lived in Santee.... let me take that back I wish they opened a place in Chula Vista.  

    The girl and I were greeted by a very friendly gentleman who was attentive and helpful.  The girl ordered a chicken dish that she loved not spicy at all.  She forgot what it was called or just didn't want to tell me because she knew I'd yelp it darn kid!

    I ordered my favorite Tom Yum soup.  I was not disappointed this time.  I was finally satisfied! The soup was so flavorful and had just the right amount of spice (I order it spicy about a 6).  My drunken noodles were so good I once again fell in love.  

    While inhaling our meals Ron the chef came out to chat with us! He asked if the meals were too spicy or not spicy enough.  I said I was content and told him about the other Thai place on my birthday.  He said if it's your birthday to let the staff know and they will make you a special dessert!  Ron made a friend for life I heart him.  Let's say this is one happy monkey! Sab-e-lee please keep working your magic.

  • 4237 Alabama St
    San Diego, CA 92104
    5.0 étoiles

    So after my friends graduation she wanted to come here to eat.  I was stoked because I had gone a while ago and loved it wanted to go back.  I went in and spoke with Lara who was manning the cash register.  I asked her what was people loved there and she gave me a few suggestions.

    I ordered the chicken shawarma plate, babganoush to share.  The boy had the kids chicken and rice that he enjoyed.  My chicken was freakin awesome.  Very tasty and tender not dry at all.  My friends ordered the spinach and cheese pie and the tabouli.  I tasted both of course and it was super good.  I didn't try anything I didn't like.  The boy wasn't a fan of babaganoush but he is 10 who knows if I would had liked it at 10.  

    My friends mom is from Lebanon and loves the food here so I believe her when she says this is as good as it gets.  Unless we go to her house and have her cook for us.  We were quite content with Mama's thank you so much we will definitely be returning.  Thank you!

  • 4225 Convoy St
    San Diego, CA 92111
    3.0 étoiles

    Birthday lunch.... was ok.  I ordered the panang curry and tom yam soup as listed in menu I always thought it was Tom yum soup ha ha.  My daughter got some noodle dish, boy got sweet and sour chicken, Amiga got the Thai fried rice.  

    The soup was not so great.  The broth was flavorful but just not what I was expecting.  The mushrooms didn't look fresh at all and the serving was small.  My panang chicken curry was quite flavorful but a small portion came with white rice.  It was actually not a bad amount of food but if you plan on sharing don't order the lunch portion maybe its bigger.  

    Chicken noodle dish the girl loved it and said she would order it again.  I though the noodle dish was just ok.  

    The sweet and sour chicken was a dud.  The boy hated it ate my soup, rice and some of the girls noodle dish.  Too sweet for my taste.  

    Thai fried rice was the winner awesome flavor I would order this again...probably only this with some water because I like it spicy.

  • 9928 Mira Mesa Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92131
    4.0 étoiles

    So this isn't the closest place to my home but it is worth the visit when I am around them parts.  I decided to hit this place on my way home from a visit.  I checked in on yelp and got a 10 percent discount.  Yay! So I splurged and got the Thai coffee with my meal.  Awesome idea.

    I ordered the barbecue bowl and a Thai coffee.  The place was pretty hopping for a weekday but the staff was pretty cool.  I received my coffee and food rather quickly.  I was very happy with everything except the fake meat protein strips.  They were weird.  I now get my food without them and am happy as a clam.

    Crispy rolls are to die for and a must have.  I also had the drunken noodles and heavenly salad.  Drunken noodles were quite tasty.  I like cabbage but I'm not a fan of the heavenly salad its just ok and may not be so heavenly to me.  I do like the big green salad from the other location though : ) This place will definitely see me again!!

  • 2400 Historic Decatur Rd
    San Diego, CA 92106
    4.0 étoiles

    I went to Tender Greens with the familia and a friend.  It was packed : (  The food was great and worth the drive.  We ended up outside on the patio it wasn't a cool night so it worked out.  

    I ordered the flank steak with mashed potatoes and a side of mushrooms.  My steak was quite red which I don't mind but everyone else at the table doesn't like.  I was in heaven with how everything was cooked and spiced.  I would have to have the kids cooked a little when we go back.  

    The ordering was a little chaotic as well as the cafeteria style food pick up.  Just a little too much for me on a day I just wanted to sit and eat.  I know to go when I'm prepared to deal with it.  The food was definitely worth going back and I will be returning.

  • 1905 El Cajon Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92104
    4.0 étoiles

    Loving hut is tasty and safe being that it is MSG free :-) Not sure if the crispy rolls are a regular menu item but if they are GET THEM! So crunchy and flavorful in your mouf.  Definitely worth getting. They came with a sauce but I inhaled them sauceless and they were very tasty.

    I was afraid when I started making changes to be healthier that I'd end up eating card board and lettuce. The lettuce part is true but the green salad comes jam packed with fresh carrots, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, red bell pepper and avocado. The dressing is simple and sweet some type of balsamic house goodness.

    I have had nothing but goodness from loving hut.  The one in Mira Mesa has Thai iced coffee that was amazing and I was sad they didn't have it here since I picked up on my way to work.  But It won't stop me from coming back :-)

  • 2805 Emerson St
    San Diego, CA 92106
    5.0 étoiles

    Crab Samidge mmm with a side of sashimi.  Real crab and not skimpy a lot of it on sourdough bread.  With a smidge of tartar sauce.  So happy there is a huge dispenser so I can get carried away with it.

    I usually squeeze some lemon and slather some tarter sauce on for crabby good samidge.  I have heard the scallop samidge is good too.  That will be next on my list.  

    On our way out we were entertained by a lazy seal posing for us to take pictures of him.  I love me some San Diego! : )

  • 15732 Highland Valley Rd
    Escondido, CA 92025
    5.0 étoiles

    I needed a little bit of light as I had a rough week and my friends decided to surprise me with a day trip to Cordiano Winery.  WIN! The winding rode to get there was worth it.  

    When we got there I said wait this looks like a house my friend smiled and said that's the best part!  We walked around the house to the back patio.  It was empty but you could see a few people in the house at the bar.  We enjoyed the view for a few minutes and headed inside.  

    Inside we were met by Rosa who welcomed us and made us feel like we were at home.  We decided to do a wine tasting and were chatting with Rosa about the amazing pizza her husband makes.  I asked her about it and she rushed him to get moving and make one for us.  It was cold and windy but he braved the weather to get ingredients for our awesome pizza.  

    He made us a special concoction with artichoke hearts, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, onions, and squash.  It was great! He also made us some  breadsticks while we were waiting for our pizza.  

    Both Rosa and her husband Gerry were very hospitable and make you feel like a part of their family.  I will definitely be back!

  • 10450 Friars Rd
    San Diego, CA 92120
    3.0 étoiles

    Hot is surprisingly spicy.  Basil chicken was good but didn't have much chicken a lot of veggies.  I should have probably gotten veggies only.  Brown rice was yummy.  It's a good place when you want something fast besides burger or taco joints.  I'll be harassing this establishment again!

  • 314 Highland Ave
    National City, CA 91950
    4.0 étoiles

    The boy and I were hungry and I wanted shrimp. Jessica A. raves about this place all the time so I had to try it. Glad I did! Jess you didn't let me down!

    Boy was being weird and just ordered consome (fish based broth) and a quesadilla. I went crazy with the tacos. I got a gobernador, camaron enchilado and a perron.

    Gobernador was not my favorite. The shrimp was plain and it had bell pepper bits in it which is not my favorite. Camaron enchilado is my new favorite taco! Yes I said it FAVORITE! The shrimp is so flavorful and is set off with cheese and creamy goodness. Yes I will be back for this one.  Last but not least was the perron. Marlin, (Xan calls it Bacon fish) shrimp, cheese, stuff and cheesy goodness. I loved it as well. Xan ordered one with just Bacon fish.

    I will definitely be back for more tacos and hopefully next time for a nice michi they looked quite good! The people were very nice but its definitely a place for adults Friday nights.

  • 4718 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92117
    4.0 étoiles

    I chose my 200th review to be a special one.  We visited this restaurant for my beautiful cousins birthday feast. We had a great time!

    Boy did she pick a great place! I had no clue what I was getting into when we got there.  Dinner was not only tasty but oh so fun too! We ordered half spicy (my favorite) and half mild (for the sissy lalas) the broth was super flavorful and complimented the meats and veggies quite well.  We had meats, meats, meats, some balls and veggies.  By the end of the meal there was food everywhere, chopsticks and tongs saying everywhere and NO GARLIC to be found (Krissy and Andrew!)  I had one two after they mentioned that you have to taste them when everything else is gone.  They were cooked to perfection!  Oh we also had some grilled lamb skewers that were quite tasty.  

    The staff was always helpful and made sure the broth never got too low and our drinks were constantly being refilled.  Which was good if you were a sissy la la and dipped into our spicy goodness soup.  

    Not everyone would be comfortable eating here it can get messy and you must give everyone if sharing a scolding about double dipping.  It isn't allowed yuck!  Besides that it is such a fun event.  Can't wait to go back.  I will probably take my lovely cousins advice and take the boyfriend ; )  Love you beautiful Belle Happy Birthday!

  • 416 University Ave
    San Diego, CA 92103
    5.0 étoiles

    Stuffed french toast was awesome.  Get a side of bacon with it.  You can't go wrong with bacon!  Coffee was good.  Girl got a sandwich of some sort that was tasty but I'm there for breakfast!  I loved it.  I'll be hitting this spot again.

    Park in the bank lot and validate your parking at the restaurant.  Join the email club.  I like it!

  • 5119 Cass St
    Pacific Beach, CA 92109
    4.0 étoiles

    Phenomenal bananas foster French toast! Friend ordered it I drooled! I ordered an omelet that was pretty good. Very tasty but it wasn't the French toast. The regular coffee was a little weak. Service was great :) Food arrived rather quickly as well  I'll try the Mexican mocha next time.

    Next trip will be the stuffed French toast it sounds awesome! Thank you fig tree for the great breakfast!

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