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  • 4110 Pennsylvania Ave
    Kansas City, MO 64111
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    I definitely enjoy Buzzard Beach.

    This divey bar has a low key and laid back atmosphere. This is definitely a place to come if you're wanting a more intimate atmosphere.

    I've been there on different nights of the week, including the weekend and I always enjoyed myself and the people. The bar-goers are easy going and very very friendly. I went there with my friend once, but she had to leave and I still had beer left, so I stayed and hung out. The bartenders made me feel welcome (and not like a lonely alcoholic) and people came up to me and chatted with me a lot! Of course, they wouldn't chat with you if you weren't open to people coming up to you. I even stayed for a few more drinks! Something I would never do at another bar!

    Upstairs they have live bands sometimes, but there's a downstairs you can go to. The downstairs holds a few games: pool table, foosball table, shuffleboard, and a few video games, as well as another bar.

    The bar may be categorized as a "hipster/hippie" bar (I honestly don't know the difference; people are people, in my opinion), but I'm not the stereotypical "hipster/hippie" and I feel absolutely comfortable in there. ... Have I mentioned the staff? Just awesome, down to earth, friendly people! They are welcoming and not intimidating at all! AND go ahead! Buy them a shot! I know you'll get something good out of it!

    The only bathrooms are upstairs by the door and they are super tiny, luckily the bar isn't usually very packed so it's easy to get in and out of the bathroom.
    The smell..... is something you either get used to, ignore, or put up with. It's just very musty, but there is a deck on the top (main) floor you can hang out on (where the smokers go) and there is a small patio on your way out of the basement.

    Overall, I really really enjoy this place, not everyone's cup of tea, and on the outside it can seem intimidating, but go on inside, they won't bite. :)

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    17 E 8th St
    Lawrence, KS 66044
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    I LOVE the Sandbar. Such a fun and exciting place! My friends and I make sure to go to the Sandbar when we go out! How fun is it to get toys and little surprises in your drinks?! (Fun surprises, not the kind you don't like, of course :P ).
    The Sandbar is a great place. They have fun drinks and a kick ass atmosphere. Some people say that it's "an old people bar", but I don't see that at all. There is a full range of ages there and we are all just there to have fun and drink fun drinks! I love this place.

    Also! If you're there around 10 or 11 (or whenever someone buys one), they have a "Hurricane" where their big tiki head blows out lots and lots of bubbles and wind. That's seriously my favorite part, besides the toys the come in their signature drinks! :) AND if it's your birthday, you get a crown, what up, Sandbar?!

    Just make sure, if it's a Friday or Saturday night, get there early! I've been there past 10 and there's a dang line outside! Definitely worth the wait.

    On Thursdays they have an awesome deal. Buy a $5 glass (with a drink, and you get to keep the glass that has the Sandbar logo) and your drinks for the rest of the night are $2! How awesome! You get the glass, AND all of the toys that come with your drinks! Plus, they'll give you a clean glass before you go home so you don't have to take the sticky mess with you!

    They used to have a really cool dart board that chooses your drink for you. And every hour they have new specials, which is chosen via "Price is Right" wheel. Pretty cool.

    Oh! Guys, if you're looking to pick up chicks, this is the place. It's usually an older crowd and young women. I'm not sure why, but I rarely see younger guys there unless they are with their girlfriend or girl friends. So.... go for it! It's a fun place and very very intimate! Especially when it gets crowded!

    P.S. If you ask nicely (and if it's open) there's a really cool upstairs with real sand. :) I've been up there quite a few times!

    P.P.S. Buy a Shark Attack. BUT don't forget to dump your shark (mouth first) in to the "water". Pretty awesome, pretty tasty, and you get a cool shark!

    Bonus: They have free popcorn!

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    1307 W 7th St
    Lawrence, KS 66044
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    Every time I go here it surprises me. I always think "This isn't going to be fun", but Louise's is full of surprises! It's such a laid back place and a great location! It's a great place to sit back and relax with a beer after a long day. For a more exciting atmosphere, just go upstairs! It's more upbeat than the downstairs, but either upstairs or down, you're surrounded by fun and interesting people!
    I always manage to get to Louise's when I go out!

  • 6721 W 121st St
    Leawood, KS 66210
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    Oh, Kanza Hall... How many nights have I spent there?

    When I lived in OP, this was the closest and most fun bar.
    The bartenders are fun! Especially Scuba Steve! There's another one who also does really fun tricks, like the human torch-thing (dude, I don't know what it's called) and different ways to open a beer bottle. Usually I'm against exploiting humans, but.... I exploited him. haha. I asked him to show my friends and I so many tricks, I'm sure he was getting irritated with us, but he did it with a smile on his face! It was very fun and I could have watched him kick bottle tops off all night, but there was dancing and fun to be had by all!

    There's a huge dance floor and many booths and tables around. Just don't take any drinks on the dance floor! That is a huge NO-NO!

    The crowd is definitely a mixture of people, I never know who I'll see from cowboys (fake ones, of course), REAL farm boys (dirty boots, baseball cap), older people, young people, different races and genders, bachelorette parties, etc..... I even met a dude from the Real World there! Can't remember his name, but my friends knew who he was (or else I wouldn't have known), ... he had a huge head....physically and characteristically.

    Get there early on certain nights and you can get free line dancing lessons and you'll be able to pull out those moves later on in the night when they play the song!
    They usually have a great DJ (he's from one of the country radio stations) and some Wednesdays they have concerts (of course, you have to buy your ticket).

    The only negative thing I have to say about it is that you aren't allowed drinks on the dance floor.... how are people supposed to know I'm drunk! I can't be seen dancing while sober!!! And there are a few creepy dudes (at any bar) there who take advantage of the dance floor set up, which has a railing all the way around it... kind of like a corral... Be sure to watch your drinks and be safe. And watch the railings, you can tell which guys can be creeps, usually just staring in to the dancing queens, deciding which will be his next target. :P

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