Occasionally I leave my beloved city and explore other places.
  • 4508 State Route 64
    Canandaigua, NY 14424
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    Wow. This place was the best. This was my first experience at a B&B and I think the Acorn Inn will be hard to top.

    After my wedding my husband and I took a "mini-moon" to Canandaigua. It was far enough from home to be a new place, but close enough to make a 2 night trip worth our while. We arrived Sunday afternoon and were very impressed by the secluded feeling of the inn. It is a few minutes outside of Canandaigua, but allows for really beautiful serenity you can't get at the lake.

    The check in process was simple. We stayed in the Hotchkiss Room which is the only room downstairs. Everything was impeccably clean. The bathroom was luxurious - whirlpool tub, awesome toiletries, very soft towels. And of course our room was lovely. An impressive partial canopy queen bed, a loveseat and beautiful antique furniture. The decor of the inn is a perfect mix of modern comfort with antique style. Our room led out to a lovely patio which had an awesome view of the well maintained gardens. And a hot tub!

    Sheryl, the innkeeper, is a really sweet woman who is great to talk to. She makes sure her guests are always taken care of. And she totally achieves the goal of "thinking of everything first." In the flurry of packing after the wedding excitement, we forgot toothbrushes. We'd settled in for the night when realizing, but of course Sheryl had toothbrushes and paste, among other necessary toiletries.

    The hot tub was really awesome, also very clean, and easy to access. We really enjoyed our time spent in the tub! Such a luxury.

    Breakfast is served at 9:00am, which was sort of tough for us honeymoonin' youngin's to wake up for, but it was well worth it. We were served a fluffy baked egg with cheese, sausage, biscuits and fruit on the first day. The second morning we were treated to some excellent French toast, fresh berries and sausage. Everything was beautifully arranged and the meals were tasty.

    I was a little nervous about staying at a B&B, I thought it could be uncomfortable staying in a strange home with strangers, but it was lovely. Sheryl does everything she can to help you feel comfortable and at home. I so enjoyed our stay that I hope to make the Acorn Inn a tradition. It was an excellent place for us to celebrate the beginning of our lives together, forever!

  • 215 Park Ave
    Rochester, NY 14607
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    Secret: I love gift shops. Unnecessary knick knacks, cards, jewelry, miscellaneous goods, overpriced bath care products. Love it. I can spend days inside these types of places. I could probably spend a pretty large chunk of change if I was permitted.

    But at the end of the day I don't have that kind of cash to drop on a novelty journal and foot cream. This shop was incredibly adorable and really well merchandised. I kept finding new rooms, new displays, new items to desire! Lots of high-end gifts were to be found here as well.

    I ended up folding and bought myself a very adorable Vera Bradley iPhone case along with some special moustache and photography themed gifts for a close friend.

    Not a place to go if you're feeling like some retail therapy, but lots to browse and helpful staff.

  • 895 Broadway
    Albany, NY 12207
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    Although Albany is my hometown I am not familiar with the nightlife. So glad my friends introduced me to this place!

    After exploring Pearl Street (which was so not our scene) my friend remembered that she had heard of this place before. We drove through a part of town that looked a little unloved, but I don't know the city that well so it could have just been the combination of being unfamiliar with the area and it being dark out.

    The bar is super adorable, a beacon of light on an otherwise dark street. It looked like the front of the building opened up to a neat patio, but inside the bar was still happenin' I do sorta like places with peanut shells littered on the ground because sometimes being messy is fun and free peanuts are awesome.

    They have a great selection of German beers, all served in proper glassware which I think is awesome. They have a few nice, real dartboards in the back. We played a couples match of cricket, of course my fiance and I were victorious. The bar closed a little early for our late night tastes but it seems like a solid spot for a good night out.

  • 1100 Madison Ave
    Albany, NY 12208
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    Again- I was stuck in Albany with no place to go. After my family went to sleep my fiance and I wanted to hit the town! Paint it red! We were on vacation after all. But then I realized all I ever did here was get someone to buy my friends and I gross, cheap beer and drink it in someone's basement. I've since evolved and grown to enjoy the finer things, so I took to Yelp and looked for a place to check out.

    We were going to drive to Lark St. because I figured we'd find something there, but then on Madison I saw this spot and remembered I read great things on Yelp. So we came here and ditched the efforts to head to Lark. The place was bumpin', lots of trendy young professionals were packed in here enjoying drinks and some tasty looking 'za.

    We both ordered cocktails- I got a special, some redheaded something. (not a redheaded slut... I told you I have evolved!) It had ginger vodka (I think), raspberries and lemonade. It was so refreshing, although a bit sweet. My fiance got an old fashioned because he is boring. He enjoyed it, they ask you what kind of whiskey you'd like in it which is a neat touch. My next drink looked and tasted like a refreshing forest. This is a positive thing! It had pimms, cucumber, hendrick's gin and pickled thyme. It was delightful. I'm such a gin-lover so I am smitten when places use a nice gin like hendrick's. Again, a very refreshing drink but with more complex flavors. No memory of what my man ordered next- clearly refreshing paired with strong! Haha.

    The patio is lovely, a fair amount of seating and tables for everyone. If I find myself lost in Albany once again I'll certainly make a point to stop here. (hardy har)

  • 672 South Ave
    Rochester, NY 14620
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    Okay Rachacha, you've got some pretty sweet stuff. Literally. Like Hedonist. A Yelp comrade from our sister city mentioned this spot while we were planning a trip to the city. I found their biz page on facebook and was tempted for about 2 weeks by amazing photos and flavor combinations that were announced all the time!

    So Hedonist was a "must" during my daytrip. I'm so glad we managed to make it. It's a small, sparsely decorated space but filled with people, MmmMmmming audibly.

    They allow you to sample a bite on a spoon which is great. I tried some of a special flavor, strawberry balsamic goat cheese. It was very complex and tasty, but a bit too heavy for me just then. I opted for a lighter, peach brandy blackberry sorbet. It was awesome. Icy enough to be a sorbet but not crunchy, perfectly sweet and natural flavors. All right. My fiance tried one of their more popular flavors, the salted caramel. It was rich, creamy, salty and sweet. So excellent.

    I will certainly be adding Hedonist ice cream to a "gotta have it" category on any of my future visits to Rochester. Any Rochesterians are welcome to join!

  • 208 S Commerce St
    Lockhart, TX 78644
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    Occasionally I consider dabbling in the world of vegetarianism. But then I catch a wiff of some tasty meat cooking and that thought vanishes from my mind. Like the sharks in Finding Nemo after Dory cuts herself.

    My Mom lives in San Marcos so whenever I go to visit her I always have a sampling of BBQ. Smitty's was the first place I tried and I go back every time I'm in town.

    Walking in the back door it is suddenly very hot... watch out because right around the corner of the entry way there are smoldering logs. You order your meat by the pound (or smaller increments). They rip off pieces of paper for your "plates." Pick crackers or bread. You can get hunks of cheese, onion, beans or potato salad as sides.

    Then you sit, and like ravenous animals, eat all that meat with your hands.

    The ribs are the best I've ever had. The pork chop can be a teensy bit dry, but the flavor is amazing. Gimmie some more of the beef brisket, please. I love the sausage too, a very satisfying "snap" when you bite into it.

    I love Texas BBQ and don't really love BBQ sauce, but if you're looking for saucy 'que get outta here and save it for me!

  • 18300 FM 1826
    Driftwood, TX 78619
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    There are a lot of reviews for this place.

    Readers digest version:
    -Sausage here is the best I've had out of many central Texas faves
    -The sides are awesome, the slaw was so super fresh
    -Family style is a nice feast but a little pricey
    -It is BYOB so do BYOB!

    Yum. A good place to bring out of towners (like me, but I like Smitty's better :)

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    While visiting my mom, who lives in the outskirts on San Marcos, we tried lots of spots she had been to. I wanted to impress her with my Yelp prowess and picked out this spot which was in "downtown" San Marcos.

    Charming interior, I loved the artwork on the walls and wish I had a few extra G to buy one. We tried the house brewed beer, a pale ale and the light brew. Both were surprisingly tasty!

    We shared a bruschetta bread appetizer with pesto that was very fresh. Had a nice small salad with the entrees. My mom got the Mediterranean pork which was very good. A pretty small portion for the price, but the flavors were tasty. I had a spring special, a fried lemon zest pork cutlet with brussels sprouts. The dish was good, albeit a little oily, and a little "blackened."

    The waiter was friendly but maybe a little strange. Other tables who seemed to order at the same time were served earlier!

    I'd definitely go back and try more of the menu!

    Commentaire de Chris C. de The Root Cellar Café And Brewery
    07/06/2013 Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for the great review! We're always looking to improve so we will take your…
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  • 2760 IH 35 N
    New Braunfels, TX 78130
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    Definitely 5-stars for being a gas station minimart. But not really mini at all, this place is redonkulous.

    Enormous selling your average gas station treats alongside a full service jerky and fudge counter and selling lots of overpriced merch/home decorative items.

    The jerky is actually very good. I am fond of the hill country turkey jerky, bohemian garlic jerky and the sweet and spicy. Yum.

    Always make it a point to stop by Buc-ee's when I'm visiting for a variety of snacks for my flight home.

  • 17033 San Marcos Hwy
    Martindale, TX 78655
    4.0 étoiles

    When I was visiting my Mom in San Marcos TX in April I saw this place on Yelp. We didn't have a chance to check it out during my visit, but said "next time." Lucky for me I ended up visiting again this past weekend.

    This place is adorable, easy to miss when driving by the busy road that it faces. Cute interior and nice service, I could have done for a friendlier server but that's pretty nitpicky. The menu offers pretty standard lunch fair with some entrees thrown in.

    I ordered the Island Spiced Pork Chop, my Mom got the meatloaf and my husband ordered the reuben. We also got a deviled egg for each of us and cornbread. The entrees came with 2 sides, I opted for slaw and new potatoes. My mom got the house salad and broccoli slaw. The broccoli slaw was SUPER yum, I didn't care for the regular slaw. The new potatoes were tasty and very lemony. The salad was standard but could have been on a larger plate to make eating it easier.

    The deviled eggs were small and I didn't care for the taste. The cornbread was very good.

    The meatloaf was very tender but was missing...something. Very good nonetheless. I didn't try any of my husbands sandwich but he said the reuben was better than the version from his favorite deli in Buffalo. Best for last, my pork chop was phenomenal. Good sized bone in chop, expertly seasoned and the perfect amount of sweetness from the brown sugar and pineapple on top. So good that I want the recipe so I can eat that pork chop all the damn time.

    Jealous of my mother as she lives about 10 minutes away from this place. Excited to go back next time I'm in town. If anyone figures out what is on that pork chop, let me know.

    We also got dessert to go. My Mom had carrot cake, it was tasty but very rich. My husband got a chocolate chip cookie and enjoyed it. I had the buttermilk pie, first time trying this southern treat, and loved it. The pie could have been made so much better with the introduction of some fresh fruit topping.

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