Carbs and Cheese...2 of my most favorite things :)
  • 5050 Newport Ave
    San Diego, CA 92107
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    ah man...i cannot get enough slices of that Hasselhoff...what is it they scoop on top of it?  ricotta cheese?  duuuude...

    this is such a great pizza joint whether it be for lunch time or 11pm after hopping a few OB bars.  I've always loved the pizza by the slice concept and they really do it right.  all the different names for the combinations are fun and the slice size is really generous for 3 bucks.  most of the time i only need one slice and I'm good.  $3 meal?  cant beat that!

    they rock.

  • 1956 Bacon St
    San Diego, CA 92107
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    i dont throw 5 stars out much anymore...but hot damn, i LOVED this place.

    what delicious pizza...what amazing beer. the memory of my recent experience kinda makes me want to ditch work just to have it all touch my taste buds again. holy cheesy moly, i think i found my new #1 OB pizza joint.

    i got the small ($8.50) garlic veggie pizza--just look at all the pics of it on here, its obv a fav! -- on whole wheat crust (no additional cost) and was amazed at the flavor. truly amazed. you can tell everything is high quality and, as a lover of garlic, i was thrilled to have it be so prevalent, yet in no way overwhelming. highly recommend the wheat crust...there is just nothing like it on pizza. moist and fluffy, it makes the pizza more filling and thus go a lot further. i only ate 2 slices and took the rest home. id definitely say its sharable to completely finish and that my friends is a cheap and satisfying meal!

    fantastic beer selection. i went with the scotch ale that was flavorful, creamy and delicious.

    everything about this place is on point.

    efficient - 2 lines, one for JUST food, one for beer and food,
    serve yourself supplies (plates, silverware, to-go boxes)
    affordable and high quality ingredients - we covered this pretty well...classics and lots of yummy specialty types that make it hard to choose
    can buy by the slice (though limited to cheese and pepperoni)
    fantastic craft beer selection
    large open space with plenty of seating - long tables to accommodate big groups, high booths, outside patio
    chill - as OB should be B-)
    delicious as left-overs


  • 3085 University Ave
    San Diego, CA 92104
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    delicious unique pizza?

    hell yes.

    Mashed Potato & Eggplant Parmesan should be the top of your considerations!!

    but always busy...terrible slow service...hour wait for a thin crust pizza?

    sadly, hell yes too.


    its tough to fault a delicious, lively pizza place that is is huge open space and massively popular. so i lean upward. but URBN, if you were in another major city where standards and competition are universally higher, yelpers of that city would be far less forgiving. you arent new, you know you are alway busy on the weekend...please get your act together.

    it should, in no possible situation, take 1 HOUR to get a thin crust pizza. im sorry, it just shouldnt. ive never been privileged to see your kitchen, but the only explanation is that there is a dorm room sized kitchen with a tiny oven that only allows for one pie at a time. thats the only explanation! and if that is the case... WTF URBN, expand you kitchen and staff to support your popularity.

    but to go even further, someone at our table waited over an hour for their salad. their SALAD. the manager had to be brought over and comp'd the food. nice, but does this establishment want to continue to give always food because of poor execution and scatterbrained servers?

    *shrug* its so damn popular, who cares what i think, right? I merely offer some constructive criticism because a good business should be reading these and care to *always* improve. and this wasnt a "bad night" - ive experienced the slow service and long cook-time, over and over. and forget having your server bring you beer - might as well take matters into your own hands and walk over to the bar to get it yourself.  if URBN could get the servers to handle groups better (given the layout encourages groups-- and takes reservations yay!), and figure out pumping pies out quicker...this would easily be a 5 star joint.

  • 623 E Adams St
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
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    i had heard this place is just a little bit famous...

    and consequently attracts herds of people and long waits (no surprisingly).

    but with time to kill before my flight home, 2:30 on a monday seemed like a safe bet to dine without the crowds they are known for. Success! the place was virtually empty.

    there is something magical about pizza cooked in a wood fire oven - it really has the best taste.  obviously that great taste stems from the organic ingredients and homemade mozzarella though! and on top of the wonderfully charred outer crust, it comes out in mere minutes. happiness for the A.D.D in us all :)

    you can never go wrong with margarita, but for something a bit more unique we decided to get the biancoverde - ricatto cheese on pizza is always a good thing, and the arugula piled on top only added to the deliciousness. It's traditionally served without sauce (server warned when we ordered, which was nice since we didnt realize), but they will add sauce to it if you like. im sure its great as its intended but i enjoyed it with sauce.

    we split between 3 of us for 2 slices each. decent for a small meal (since the crust is really thin). saw several people ordering a whole pie for themselves but i think splitting between 2 people is perfect to finish completely and be satisfied.

    i was kickin myself we didnt order the caprese salad that comes with their fresh baguettes sliced along with it. so bright, so fresh and delicious-looking.

    the chocolate shaved ice was a nice ending...light and airy.

    i loved the building, part of the historic buildings in Heritage Square of downtown phoenix. The little garden boxes out front and around the corner are charming.

    Free valet parking for customers.

  • 3827 5th Ave
    San Diego, CA 92103
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    who wants some healthy pizza!

    no, that wasnt a typo...its actually attainable here. and for those of you who crave that cheesy, carb-y devil as much as i do...the existence of pizza fusion might help you feel a lil less guilty about gettin' yer fix.

    ...if you dont feel guilty - hell, get your standard bleached flour -- pepperoni, dont-hold-the-cheese, in fact add some blue cheese to that baby, oh, can-i-get-some-sausage, ranch on the side too, please -- no shame pizza.

    thats the beauty of pizza fusion: it satisfies the needs of everyone. meat-eaters, veggies, vegans, gluten-intolerants, people *trying* to be healthy (me)....anyone and everyone, really. no pizza discrimination!

    ever since bookmarking ages ago, i had been eagerly awaiting the moment id get to try the farmer's market pizza with whole wheat crust. and people, IT IS GOOD. with their pizzas created in sort of a flat bread fashion, you can gobble up 5 or 6 slices and walk away feeling satisfied, but not gross =))) 3 of us shared the large one and polished it off completely. it was the perfect portion for 3 hungry yelpers.

    flat bread app is a pass...not worth paying for imo.


    i am completely disregarding our service in this review...but it should be known that what we experienced was awful. we were forgotten about on several occasions -- took probably 45 mins for the space cadet woman to figure out our order never got submitted, never got one person their salad, gave us the wrong bill....twice. took another 20 mins to resolve everything, and continually made comments which questioned her sobriety :-| but the pizza and company was very good so it cant taint my experience enough to not recommend.

  • 4207 Park Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92103
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    napoleon-style pizza! id never had it before. but quick and dirty is always a recipe for greatness, in my opinion, and that idea holds true with this authentic italian restaurant.

    *light bulb!* here is an opportunity to get the quickness of pizza by the slice...but as a whole fresh pizza. and given the 3 of us were pretty starved, it was a welcome discovery on an early saturday evening (Seriously, I think it only took 6 or 7 mins to get after ordering). the fast, super hot oven method of cooking gives the crust a wonderful charred outer rim while the rest of the pizza is a perfectly cooked cheesy deliciousness. and im a sucker for those slightly irregularly-round pizzas - it gives it an authentic, personal touch i appreciate, and i might even claim makes it tastier.

    I'm not one to eat pizza with a fork and knife, but after attempting to bite into the massively hot slice i decided to follow suit with the other patrons.

    we got the margherita ($12), which was said to be the most popular kind there. Pretty can't do wrong with that most times. I would definitely like to go back and try its cousin, the Bufalina, which is sans sauce.

    Given it's a very thin crust pizza, shared between 3 people was *barely* filling enough...but better to be less stuffed than more, in my opinion. for 3+ people sharing a pie I would suggest getting an app or 2 as well.

    Oh watch out for the wine by the glass! Friends ordered a total of 3 glasses of red and the price tag was exactly double the price of the whole pie. They liked it, but I had a sip and dubbed it "headache wine." Didn't catch the kind, but $8/glass of wine does not always mean the best option...Better to hit up the happy hour for wine  (i think Tues-Thurs 5-7. based on the website)

  • 3888 4th Ave
    San Diego, CA 92103
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    project pie has got it down: simplistic menu, flat price (thinking too hard while you are hungry never works out well),  total customization (we all like to feel special), or picking from their delicious specialty menu (again, thinking is tough when hungry), fresh ingredients right in front of you, fast cooking, delicious food. in the hustle and bustle of this busy hillcrest area, project pie fits in quite well.

    ive been a fan of upscale cafeteria style restaurants since their inception. sometimes you just want a quick bite -- but that doesnt mean you want to sacrifice freshness nor taste. the quick and dirty reheat of slices of pizza in the oven does just fine, but in the same amount of time Project pie with make a customized personal pizza JUST FOR YOU, right when you want it....for the same price point or possibly cheaper.

    we decided on their BBQ chicken pizza and a custom pizza of tomatoes, red onoins, mushrooms, and rosemary, with a garlic olive oil base. both were delicious! its hard to compare since there are so different, and only you know what your most epic pizza creation is. ill definitely need to come back and order a red sauce pizza to see how they handle that. the size of the pizza was perfect for me, but might be considered "small" to others, and the thin crust plays even ore into that. but i love thin and crispy crust.

    we also both opted to add a side caesar salad, which was premade in a box. nothing to write home about...

    all in all, great concept & great execution. they even embrace the current trend of social networking your meal, with a mounted ipad photo booth to tell all you friends how much fun you are having...

  • 539 Island Ave
    San Diego, CA 92101
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    after a night of dancing & drinking, i think i can speak for a lot of people in saying there are two gravitational pulls of cravings: greasy mexican or pizza. there is a reason the SNL skit for Taco Town has the chalupa wrapped in a slice of pizza...

    typically, the thought of late nite pizza in the gaslamp wouldnt even be an option for me, as it would yield mediocre at best...if not plain awful. but, oh HELLO berkeley pizza. i knew they had a store front now, but for some reason i didn't know it was right down in walking distance from the gaslamp bars and clubs. ahhh eeeehh, happiness :)))

    we strolled in around 12:30am on Sat. to no line and a friendly Danny the owner at the register. I was impressed he recognized me from ages ago when I chatted with him at the Queen Bee open party. Really nice guy, down to earth. I got a slice of the pesto garlic, which was ready in a matter of minutes and delicious. *kinda* on the small side but so fresh and tasty with fantastic flavor of quality ingredients. it was gobbled up way to quickly and i needed a 2nd. basically, you can't just have one slice...its way too deprivative, especially late at night. Sooo based on very quick recommendation comments to my check-in, I got the spinach and mushroom for a 2nd. again, quickly prepared and personally delivered by danny. and it was great. the pizza seems very consistent and late at night doesnt sacrifice on quality. so refreshing!

    at $3.75 (pesto) & $4.25 (spinach & mushroom) a slice, its a bit of the pricy side for the portion, but hard to complain when it tastes that good and has the convenience factor right in the heart of gaslamp, late and night, and quickly made to order by the slice.

  • 111 Washington St
    San Diego, CA 92103
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    Here is another pointless review for Bronx pizza.  BUT there is one difference: its the 464TH pointless one else can claim that!

    So this weekend I got to check this place out after hearing all the jazz about it on yelp.  All these reviews..."well it's not Bronx Pizza..." or "It's almost as good as Bronx pizza.."  yadda yadda.  Had to find out what everyone was talking about.  Luckily it was raining the night I went and I think that helped with there not being too much madness of a crowd.  

    So there you go...I offer one *possibly* unique tidbit for here...go during bad weather to avoid having to wait in a huge line.

    Was able to order right away, they throw the slices in the oven for about a minute and perfection!  Though they don't call out the order when they put it on the counter like some places I've been.  You better pay attention or one of those angry New Yorkers will carry it over and yell at you for not getting it.  That literally happened to someone while I was there.  ahahaha.

    I had the margarita and the spinach ricotta which were both awesome!  I'm a huge fan of NY style pizza...the thinner the crust, the better.  Great crust dude...such an awesome recipe. $2.50 for a slice of that pizza feels like a steal.  And all the selections!  I enjoyed the NY attitude and the many many knick knacks and photos of famous boxers.  Lot's of sitting area which surprised me.  It's a good thing I don't live in Hillcrest - prevents me from eating here too much.  'Nough said.

  • 2182 Avenida De La Playa
    La Jolla, CA 92037
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    impress. people. here.


    in an effort to be proactive, i had bookmarked Piattis with the comment "looks good for groups, possible dept. holiday option." back in April. Yep, 8 months before the holiday season. But Dec. 2010 would be my 3rd year in a row organizing said annual event, and i wasnt about to break my home-run streak by picking something mediocre, or gawd forbid BAD. no way, andres (id say jose but we are talking italian, ya? heh)

    I could instantly tell Piatti's is far from mediocre...looking all upscale and cozy in la jolla shores. i was really attracted to the courtyard patio, the pricing was fair for our budget, and there is an array of food options to apease all appetites. cant go wrong with comfort italian food.

    *As a group meal option - you can tell a lot about a restaurant [in terms of service and professionalism] based on brief interactions with the event coordinator. Since I'm always booking for a group of about 15 people it's handled through them instead of regular reservations. From beginning to end, my experience with Kasey left me completely at ease. Personable, competent, accommodating, and organized. in fact, after booking our luncheon i actually said "wow, that was the easiest reservation ive ever made."

    One really cool option they recently started is a 'family-style' lunch option for groups - $20.50/person. You get to choose 2 salads and 3 entrees, with included coffee, tea, and iced tea. They were very accommodating in adding on a $3/person (what a steal) chef's choice dessert tray per table as well, since I had extra money available. excellent. and went even further to substitute some requested ingredients on one of the pizza choices. oh and even included each of the pizzas since i couldnt decide. above and beyond.

    *food - The pasta dishes really shine here. i think i can say with confidence that the Penne Sorrentina (vegetarian) was by far the favorite of the group. such amazing flavors and not too heavy. Orecchiette Al Gorgonzola (sort of a richer, more robust mac&cheese was definitely good as well, but came in 2nd place. we got the caesar (super pronounced flavor, heavy anchovy)  and the D'Indivia Rucola (salad with beets) were both fine, but I wouldn't really pay for in regular dining. The desserts were friggin amazing. esp. the key lime tart with raspberry sauce.

    *service - outstanding. seriously. we were personally taken care of by the manager Kris in addition to our servers and really made to feel like VIP.

    All I heard were kudos from my dining guests and how they definitely planned to come back on their own. its great to not only look good in front of my co-workers, but bring in more business for a fabulous establishment who really earns it.

  • 1459 Garnet Ave
    San Diego, CA 92109
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    i used to frequent this area for my monthly indulgence of pedi's at Qticles next door. how had i never noticed it before!

    ...oh hell no, im not rhyming AGAIN. that was totally an accident. moving on.

    so hey - does someone at this restaurant own a pot belly pig??? i could have sworn it was right next door that i would see that cutie pie sunbathing in the front. lol. maybe im mistaken..

    anyway, went here with a friend last night for a bite to eat. pizza never goes out of style and always sounds good. pizza by the slice is a concept that all the smart joints seem to be embracing. love love love that. ends up making it more costly but the convenience factor rocks.

    i thought the tomato basil slices were pretty darn good. new york style to the max, barely holding its form in my hand and very om nom nom. i *might* say i liked it nearly as much as bronx.

    i thought the atmosphere was welcoming and cozy. plenty of booths and bench tables in the middle. lots of tvs visible from every position. dollar bill wallpaper up the wazooo (and on ceiling fans). pretty cool, i haven't seen that done me wondering about the worth of those walls.

    also got a pint of the firehouse pale ale which was flavorful and yummy. $3 per slice, $5 for beer...and $3.50 (i think?) for refills. Open till 2 am every night but monday (i think, again)...and delivers up to 2 am. For all these conveniences and decent prices, I don't think the quality is sacrificed. I'd go again! Probably more fun on a lazy summer afternoon or evening.

  • 3089 Clairemont Dr
    San Diego, CA 92117
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    01/04/2010 Avis mis à jour

    /// Have you ever noticed that  o n e  more slice of pizza turns into TEN more slices of pizza? It's like damn, where'd all this pizza come from!! ///

    this minor adjustment to the ever funny comedian Randy (Aziz Ansari) seems insanely appropriate for my recent dining experience. i laugh every time i see his cookie bit.


    I think one of the most dangerous combination of words is PIZZA & BUFFET.   I mean really, now? Could there ever be a greater test of self-control? Well, let me rephrase that...could there be a greater test of self-control against the draw of endless delicious speciality pizzas to sample would normally have to throw down double digits just to have ONE kind of? It's a bit like sensory overload...and we all know it takes quite a bit of time for the brain to register fullness after consumption.

    My first test of such a feat: FAIL. sensory overload took control. Ha, it didn't turn into 10 slices of pizza but it might as well have. i left so completely full.

    it was on a complete whim last nite that i finally got the opportunity to check out the all you can eat Pizza & Salad Bar they have every Mon. and Wed. 5 - 8pm. For around $8 you get as much pizza and salad bar action as you would like. Coming into it, I expected it to be just regular pizza (plain pepperoni and such) but was shocked to find my favorite - the Robber's Roost - sitting on the counter beckoning me. SERIOUSLY? They serve up all their specialty pizzas for the buffet? Oh man...

    I left a happy fat cow. Slightly disappointed in myself, and yet, slightly congratulatory at the same time for finally checking the buffet night out. The place is happenin, lively and chill, great time to meet up with some friends to hang out with a pitcher of beer and delicious food.

    I also noticed all these bottles of honey on the tables for the first time. I'm thinking...that is the oddest condiment ive ever seen at a pizza joint. What is it for? we asked. "The bones, of course" one of the girls answered. The bones? The leftover crust ppl usually leave behind. Honey on the pizza crust...FTW! Who would have thought.... genius.


    SIDE NOTE: if you aren't familiar with my comedian reference please check out the video. its hilarious. routine starts at (4:17) in the video:…

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    01/10/2009 Avis précédent
    i often sit and think, 'something is off in my life.'

    it's that indefinite void, you see, one which…
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  • 6133 Balboa Ave
    San Diego, CA 92111
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    Another case of mediocrity via a promotion (in this case, a purchased groupon).

    giovanni's is in my hood yet i never think to go there - in fact you see the giant sign from the road on balboa but its actually quite hidden in the corner of the strip mall). in any case, i had a $20 groupon I paid $11 for and figured it would be great to have for a pizza craving night.

    I ended up getting the garlic chicken (white) pizza, a large was just under $20 so there you go.

    ...this pizza is not worth $20. $11? was about as impressive as papa john's is, but PJ's large pizzas can typically always only cost $10 sans groupon.

    not impressed. next.

  • 711 Turquoise St
    San Diego, CA 92109
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    you really gotta appreciate the charm of a family-run italian restaurant. so much history here...and love and pride in what they do. id describe the environment as quirky and lively. with the huge open space it makes for a great large group meal...which is what I recently attended (friends birthday).

    this is straight-up traditional thin-crust pizza joint with all the typical varieties (cheese, hawaiian, meat lover, deluxe, etc. my friend got a 1-topping ham pizza that I really enjoyed. I thought I was the only one who ordered that instead of pepperoni!)  It's not "fancy" pizza, or "froo-froo" pizza, gluten-free, or what have you. Just the basic combos. the the shining element of the pizza. perfect crisp, great flavor. if im going to nitpick, I would say i wasn't in love with the sauce as it was a bit acidic.

    its no frills...the decor is was insanely hot and humid the night we went (their oooold ceiling fans didn't do much as we suspected they were on winter-mode, heh), but I had a lovely time. the pizza is good, the service is friendly and dedicated, and the "live music" rocks...e.g. Mr. Pernicano on accordion and piano throughout the night. thats what i meant about charm: the retired owner of this place is still hanging out, making his customers smile, while his daughters serve you.

    we had 2 birthdays during the night and he came over to start a group song and delivered bday gift baskets of the most random things - foam visor, single CFL light bulb, chapstick to name a addition to blowing up balloon animal balloons. i came so close to making the weiner dog i learned while working at party city...but they popped :/

    pitchers of beer are ridiculously cheap... something like $7 for a beer that was described as similar to sierra nevada (forgot the name). we all really liked. the "beer glasses" are those small plastic soda glasses but its all good :)

    there is parking in the lot next door for $5, but I found street parking on a friday night very easily.

  • 834 Kline St
    La Jolla, CA 92037
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    aw man i cant believe i forgot to review this place when i did my initial reviewing rampage!

    pizza joints are like sushi restaurants in sd, a dime a dozen.  so the goal is to find one that is special and unique that has something different to offer.  i really think extreme pizza achieves that.  not the cheapest, no, but if you are looking for cheap go to dominos and get their 3 pizzas for $5 or whatever nonsense they offer.  personally id rather pay a bit more for something delicious than something i need to choke down or tastes good while you are hungry but ends up making you feel sick 10 mins later.

    these guys have come up with a plethora of unique combinations, use SUPER fresh ingredients and plenty of them.  im a big fan of the 'peace in the middle east' pizza.  who would have thought hummus would make a good sauce base!

    i suggest everyone try this place at least once.  bring a coupon for sure to ease the dent in the wallet.  i guess they advertise in the dollar stretcher?  and also get one free magazine (you can print out online on their site).

  • 3416 Adams Ave
    San Diego, CA 92116
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    BLAH BLAH BLAH! Beer lovers unite!  4 stars just for their acronym being blah... :D

    Ok ok...I've been here 3 times now so I feel I can fully and appropriately review them.  We attended the grand opening and the experience was definitely not the norm of the place:  

    No seats to be hand holding a hand being given a salad plate...only one hand to eat with. WAIT! that's not right at all...i don't have 3 hands.  Sooooo you put it together.  Then we lost a heads or tails bet in the fight for a table opening up.  How sad is that?  We ended up having to leave with pizza and salad togo - to which the salad ended up warm by the time we trucked it back to UC.  eesh. 'twas a sad sad night.  No fault of BLAH though.  In fact, the girl serving us was very apologetic and quickly got everything boxed up for us.  But really, how can you apologize for a mega-successful grand opening of a new restaurant in the midst of a recession?

    So I says to Mable, I says...

    "I'll just have to go back on a normal day."  And that I did!  AHHH!  Seats to be found!  They have a good system of 2 lines:  One for food, one for beer.  The beer selection is impressive and covers many-o-ranges of flavor profiles that should suffice for every degree of beer enthusiast.    you got your pale ales...your lagers...your porters...

    The atmosphere is always fun and lively with a view of the outside Adam's strip.  It really is a great place to hang out with people.  There are long tables for a group, standard tables for the more intimate get together, bar tables to chill at with some friends.  The interior is inviting with brick detail and large pasted murals on the walls.  And I have a deep love of the flooring.  They did that whole acid wash cement thing that mimics marbling.

    Delightful place...yes yes.  My first experience with the food was a bit tainted so I'll leave an update for that when I try it again.

  • 2244 San Diego Ave
    San Diego, CA 92110
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    i feel like such a chicago-pizza hater at this point...because I keep trying the SD joints renounced as magnificent by the yelp community, and ive come away from it just feelin 'eh...' le sad. OK SO. most of my party got the massive-crazy-deep-dish-mania-mile high-meaty explosion chicago-style pizza. i just can't do all those artery cloggers combined together, and i knew one of my friends coming was veggie, so i suggested splitting the margarita (white pizza) in deep dish.

    false advertising!! the crust was of the normal pizza ratio. not skinny crust, NY style et cetera...but not deep dish. A price tag of 20-something-dollars for deep dish, I totally get and respect. but when our pizza came out looking normal and puny, i felt a bit ripped off. plus, i came here for deep dish yo! ill will admit it was tasty. but it was not deep dish :(

    Garlic knots are delicious...order those.

    massive-crazy-deep-dish-mania-mile high-meaty explosion chicago-style pizza....aka "The Big Rocco" was sampled and due to the nature of its preparation it is consumed more as a pizza first i thought there was no crust at all, but soon realized the crust turns back into a dough mixture with the pound of cheese layered in it. i dunno...maybe thats yer thang. not mine.

    all in all, its a cozy joint...was virtually empty the friday evening we went and spent a good 2+ hours in. I was surprised to get parking right in front of the entrance (that is sadly a rare occurrence in SD, and Old Town esp).

    *One comment to the chef: Yelling at the poor server girl who forgot someone's wing order (come on, we are all human) in front of the entire restaurant makes for an uncomfortable environment for your patrons...and is downright poor employee interaction. perhaps you should take an anger management class.

    quite the downer during out stay.

  • 1747 India St
    San Diego, CA 92101
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    I have never seen a italian restaurant be so generous with cheese.  thank you Filippi's, my cholesterol  just jumped 10 pts!  Man, oh man...the cheese.  I love this pizza.  And best of all, their pizza is awesome hot in the restaurant, and the next day cold too (yes, I am a cold pizza for breakfast kind of girl).

    The line to get in can get a little OOC...but moves surprisingly fast.  They have had an ongoing appetizer special - caprese salad - which is always a nice intro into the meal.  my only gripe is their bread could be a bit more of a wow-factor (thats actually a generous statement to make).

    The atmosphere is lively but dim, with the ceilings covered with hanging wine bottles.  Very down to earth, and typical of most businesses in Little Italy.  And what!?  They has a private lot?  How have I always missed this.

  • 32545 Golden Lantern St
    Dana Point, CA 92629
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    so after a disappointing round of "OC yelp steered me wrong," in selecting a 4-star restaurant that is apparently closed and deserted down in Dana Point, my g-ma suggested this place. she had quite the fond memories and said she hadn't been in years.

    located in a shopping center, it has that typical shopping center restaurant vibe. We came around 1pm and it was EMPTY. The employees got up quickly and were more than friendly and professional in serving us.

    I was a *bit* disappointed that this is an italian joint that doesn't serve pizza. the other place i planned on going to had several mentionings of delicious thin crust pizza...and you know how it is when you get an order in your head already. i guess way back when they did serve pizza but the oven hit the dust and they opted not to replace it. it's basically a pasta place, with a few entree items as well. They advertise a lunch special for $8 - any choice of pasta ("lunch size portion"), a salad and a drink. OR they had another special going for $11 for a selection of pasta listed and a salad (no drink) that is a dinner-size portion. We didn't care to have a soft drink and thought leftovers would be nice, so we went for that.

    Complimentary bread - I'm a mad carb lover and i found their foccacia style bread quite meh. it had a strange yeasty taste to it.

    Salad - awful. simple, truly, awful. bland, "cheap" and unimpressive. only option is house creamy italian made there - watery and unflavorful. and i see im not the first to say that! aka nick w's review.

    alla checca pasta - actually really good. good sauce on it, flavorful, loaded with cheese (that really can make any pasta good imo).  no complaints about it at all. garlic, tomato, mushroom, and cheese, a good pasta makes. not to mention the huge portion that ended up being 3 separate meals for me.

    but....$11 for a vegetarian pasta and pointless salad is not a *stellar* deal honestly.

    service was outstanding and professional - a bit unexpected for a shopping center restaurant. very attentive and friendly. and gma had a lovely time. but yeah, wasn't very impressed overall.

    Commentaire de hooshfar p. de Mario's By the Sea
    09/05/2010 Heather, Thanks for your feedback and review.  I use these feedbacks to try to maintain the best… En savoir plus
  • 4653 Mission Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92109
    3.0 étoiles

    ive noticed a trend with any place i visit because i have a deal...


    in this case, i had the option for a certificate to Amore. the overall yelp rating was promising so i gave it a go - afterall, $10 off a purchase of $15 or more isn't a huge loss if its not stellar. and thats pretty much how i felt.

    i got a slice of margarita and BBQ chicken pizza. maybe i was eating too slow, but the slices were just extremely dry as though it had been sitting out a very long time. ive had plenty of reheated pizza by the slice and it never was affected as much as it was here, esp for the BBQ chicken slice.

    thats really all i have to say. ambiance is lame and pizza is dry. i have a feeling the reviews are heavily skewed by late night drunk pizza cravings while bar hopping down in PB.

    lasting impression? i dont need to eat here ever again. there is far better pizza out there in this town.

  • 7748 Regents Rd
    San Diego, CA 92122
    3.0 étoiles

    I've gone here for a number of years starting with pizza delivery.  They used to advertise in the Get 1 Free magazine and had a good delivery special.  At the time (in college) I thought their pizza was the cat's meow.  I was stepping it up from Domino's and Papa John's and the quality and taste definitely surpassed them.

    However, as time has gone by, I've definitely had better.  The times I go now it's really hit or miss.  I blame myself for trying to be adventurous.  I've gotten their tomato basil pizza before and thought it rocked.  The other day, I got their greek pizza and was seriously repulsed.  The flavor combination was not good at all.  I guess broccoli, tomato,black olives, feta cheese, and peppers is NOT what makes a good pizza.  And I don't know what that dough recipe was.  Not good, not good at all.  I got a mini size pizza and managed to only eat one slice of it before calling it quits.

    It's not often I feel like I'm punishing myself for eating pizza.  Another notable time was in the Cabo airport for an $8 personal pizza they brought in by bulk in trash bags and threw in a microwave for 2 minutes.  ah man...but hey, i didnt get sick afterwards so i call that a successful cabo airport lunch.

    but i digress.  basically, leucadia can be a bit of a gamble.  i would stick to normal menu options - not the greek or hamburger pizza.  over-priced and undervalued.  bah.  

    service was fine, though.  Food came quick and our server was very friendly.

  • 4030 Goldfinch St
    San Diego, CA 92103
    3.0 étoiles

    lefty's is one of those build-up-in-you-head places. i came into it with such first legit deep dish pizza experience (based on the yelp community). honestly, i dont think id even had the style before and was eager to find out what all the jazz was about, and put the NY / IL match into the ring...

    ****On our right we have Skinny Crust Joe! (shuffle, shuffle, PUNCH) He may weigh less but makes up for it in size and flexibility! his lack of excess dough proves for unbeatable speed! [of consumption]

    :::Roar of Cheering, pepperonis flung into crowd:::

    ****And on our left we have Deep Dish Luis (Wam, Wam, POW) He uses his power of volume to keep his opponents down and believes you can still triumph when being a bit dense [crusted]

    DING DING DING! Who will win the Cheesy Belt for the Title!!!


    ....over 35 minutes later.

    honestly, it probably isnt a fair fight. i mean, light vs. heavy weight. its apples and oranges, right?

    all i can say is we got the gold coast and you might not have realized it with the lack of chicken. the first slice seemed fantastic...but when you are eagerly waiting over 30 mins for food anything does. i agreed that my 2nd slice suddenly became a bit lackluster, and i felt the sriracha sauce was really necessary to give the pizza enough complexity for my palate. This style of pizza is all about the crust, and i just found the crust ordinary and unflavorful.

    i will say though, that a 16" deep dish pizza from lefty's is the perfect portion for a group of four to completely finish and be satisfied - and you can't beat a $6.44 a piece dinner.

    might have been a slightly off nite, id be willing to try again...and maybe go all out with a stuffed crust throw down.

  • 11815 Sorrento Valley Rd
    San Diego, CA 92121
    3.0 étoiles

    I've eaten here a handful of time with some co-workers and I'm always pretty satisfied.  It's in a nice little restaurant spot along with some mexican and asian shops...and maybe something else too?  I can't remember.  In terms of place to go in the area during the work week, it's a nice spot with multiple garden patios and plenty of seating.  And if you are eating with people who can't decide on the same thing - this area covers a lot of bases that should make everyone happy.  "Okay, you get some taquitos and I'll get a sandwich and we'll meet up in the middle!"

    As many people have mentioned the Iron Man sandwich is a must try - you won't be disappointed.  Also, they usually have pizza by the slice which is decent.  Ask for their pizza lunch special (even if it's not advertised) if you are in the mood for pizza.  It's a slice of cheese or pepperoni, a small salad, and a drink for.... $3.99 I think?  Whatever it is, it's a good deal!

  • 3001 Beech St
    San Diego, CA 92102
    3.0 étoiles

    i can see the promise with this place but i shall wait to be more impressed than i was on my visit....

    for starters, the ambiance of this cozy traditional italian restaurant would imply the desire to "stay awhile" and sip nice wine with good conversation. but...its its strange of me to call this a fault...everything we ordered was brought out insanely too quickly. we hadnt even finished out apps before our salad and pizza were bought out to our small 2 person table. it just felt very rushed. just to be noted. but hey, if you are coming eager to eat, you will be happy to find out that your food will most likely come quickly!

    Petite Sirah - delightful, i enjoyed

    "Polpettine" Meatball starter - pretty good but didnt blow me away. it was 3 large beef and pork meatballs

    "Gamberi" arugula salad with shrimp and artichokes - i enjoyed but not very fond of the arugula becoming warm and wilted (intentional?) from the cooked shrimp

    "REGINA MARGHERITA" - margherita pizza and buffalo mozzarella. quite disappointing, to be honest. the style of this pizza (napoleon) should have had a wonderful crisp charred edge and our pizza was completely limp and slightly soggy. brunos does this pizza worlds better.

    for whatever reason most of what we got was just poor execution. the flavors were there and i still enjoyed my meal but my standards and expectations of this widely favored place was much higher than what i experienced. definitely worth another try, though.

  • 8657 Villa La Jolla Drive
    San Diego, CA 92037
    3.0 étoiles

    yesterday i fell victim to "no man's land eating time":  3pm.  Somehow breakfast and lunch were missed in running around doing errands and i reached starvation zone...where i had to just find food quick.  luckily i spotted z pizza!  what a perfect answer since they sell pizza by the slice and could instantly satisfy my hunger pronto.

    the man behind the counter was super friendly and informed me that all their ingredients are organic and the cheese is from Wisconsin.   i got my favorite kind, tomato basil, and it was very good.  maybe a little on the pricey side (one normal sized slice and a bottled soda was around $4.50) but good enough to not complain about.

  • 617 Pearl St
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    4.0 étoiles

    legit pizza by the slice location...kind of crazy i had never been here before. showing up aroun 9 pm on a...saturday i think...kinda limited my options. i had wanted a slice of the margarita. ended up with the greek (which was totally margarita just with olives on it), and also some other pepperoni & spinach type one. the slices are generous and fresh. id love to order a whole pie something to really get it in all its glory.

    i will say this, and i will recommend you listen to me and not the masses on here: the garlic knots are terrible. dont get them. they are relatively cheap and you can order in 1 item increments which migth leave you saying "oh well it was only __$" but let me save you the trouble and just skip them. they just taste doughy and flavorless.

  • 3934 30th St
    San Diego, CA 92104
    4.0 étoiles

    ive been a fan of berkeley pizza since it was so graciously offered to us at yelp events past. the location downtown is the best late nite by the slice option down there, in my opinion.

    finally got to check this new north park location after noticing a free slice (no strings attached) offering by the very personable, fan of the yelp community owner, Danny. Combine that with catching up with a good friend and a pleasantly warm feb evening (gotta love san diego) and it was a nice, brief visit.

    im not sure if it was the day or time, but it was so empty when we arrived around 5:30pm. granted not everyone gets off work as early as we do but no one showed up in the time we hung around - really people, passing up completely free pizza?? (maybe not many people saw the yelp event). located on the very popular 30th street drag, its a welcome addition to all the other successful businesses it surrounds...but possibly also the issue, due to competition.

    in any case, and emptiness aside, i always enjoy the pizza here. i typically get the spinach in mushroom and its reliably good. its one of those things where you either like the style or not. im on the fence about my thoughts on the crust, which is a flakey, almost phyllo dough crust. its in between NY and chicago in thickness, and follows chicago with sauce on top. i dont think anyone can debate its not fresh, satisfying and has a great crispness to it. but in the battle of the best pizzas, thats totally objective.

    we sat at bar height round table next to the front entrance that looks out to 30th street. its a nice relaxed setting and great meetup spot. i also got the mother earth cream ale thats been my fav for a while and i always order when i see listed on tap. thanks for the slice, berkeley!

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