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  • 2940 N Broadway Ave
    Chicago, IL 60657
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    15/08/2008 Avis mis à jour

    The Air and Water Show is TODAY!
    What better way to celebrate than a rooftop pool party? So what if it isn't my rooftop... or my pool... I'm bringing delicious, delectable Crisp chicken to share and wearing a cute bikini- this city is MINE! Bill Murray is going to have to skydive into it... Move over Daley, there will be some chicken for you too... but don't hurt my self esteem by paying more attention to the chicken. I know... I know... the challenge!

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    13/06/2008 Avis précédent
    One of the owners here Jae, is the son of Mr. Lee of Budaki's on Damen!

    Now you KNOW that means I…
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  • 1769 W Sunnyside Ave
    Chicago, IL 60640
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    I'm an Italian-American. I know my good food.
    My boyfriend lived in Italy for a year: He still has dreams about a cherry-tomato pizza he ate in Rome. Simple, clean flavors, no "grease" or mounds of dairy gooey enough for Cleopatra to bathe in- just the transcendent pinnacle of flavor for simple local ingredients.
    He cried when he ate the Margarita here. We liked it so much we brought his co-workers, then my girlfriends, and then the architecture firm (my girlfriend's) man works for... and then our families... no one has ever been disappointed. When one of the architects tried his pizza (the illustrious prosciutto) he demanded a moment of silence.
    All those present bowed their heads in reverence of the master craftsmanship, the awesome culinary ecstasy....
    At this point, the owner must have mistaken our silent, worshipful study as sullen disappointment because he came over to introduce himself- I think there may have been handshakes, then bowing... because at that point he pulled out a bottle of Limoncello to toast and yes, it too was delicious!
    I am pleased someone had the ambition to actually go to Italy, to learn about every aspect of the craft, to send actual Italian Craftsmen to build out a wood-oven for an unsuccessful storefront and make miraculous cuisine! Try the luscious Buffalina pizza, and the Fidelis Red (bottle or glass- your choice) then thank me later.

    ASIDE: We've lived in this neighborhood for five years. For those of you unfamiliar: This used to be a blackened, bombed out HOLE where homeless would sleep beside the rotting carcasses of various creatures (rats, birds...) and masses of garbage-strewn weeds...
    I would consciously avoid walking past this storefront in broad daylight for fear of catching the flea-borne plague. It was THAT scary.  And it is all gone! No more lurking Thriller-zombies!
    What the owner takes pride in, he has great reason to. This place has done wonders for the community, and has seriously added safety to my neighborhood. What an honor to have it around the corner of where I live!

  • 4736-38 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
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    My new home-away from home. The ultimate anti-sports bar.

    It's quiet, small and cool... you get a stack of intellectual reading, a good glass of coffee or red wine and something chocolate in addition to actual literary recommendations (Other than: You like to read? Have you read this book called the DaVinci code? True experience.) from friendly, not-pushy staff that does -gasp- read something other than this month's UsWeekly!

    More than once I've gone in for a present for my hard-to-shop-for-stoic-father or my 2 1/2 year old niece and walked out with the equivalent of a shelf, gift-wrapped and packed in bag...

    I'd bump this review to six stars if I could for the doggie bowls and biscuits located outside...

    Also, The big ol' lounge cushions are perfect for making out with your boyfriend behind bookcases. After a couple glasses of red, natch.

  • 4325 N Ravenswood Ave
    Chicago, IL 60613
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    It is a glorious space.
    And I'm not just saying that. One of my BFFs was the architect. There were two spaces- one a vacant lot, another a worn building. In a stroke of genius they put it together into this brilliant, singularly remarkable space. Go inside, look around- That exposed brick? That was the exterior. They installed the sleek new bridges and stairs and to connect the two spaces as a metaphor for the contents... a fusion of old craft and new modernism.
    And what's inside... museum-quality pieces of stone and woodwork salvaged from old Chicago and around the World.
    Magnificent sabers, swords and blades from Asia.  Marble sculpture.
    Antique lamps, chandeliers and lighting.
    Century-old doors with engraved hinges and inset stained-glass.  
    Hand carved armoires from Argentina engraved with ancient Greek goddesses... Craft like this no longer exists. Truly, it is an experience to behold and indulge- please, please take someone you love and play for an hour or two. Even if you can't afford the salvaged marble gargoyles- the history is beautifully fascinating!

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    28/11/2008 Avis mis à jour

    Bartending on the night of a major holiday is necessary public service. Like a fireman, police officer or a doctor.

    And why isn't it listed here?… It's family-friendly, calm and reliable. Essential.

    At least, in regards to how I feel about the holidays... or visiting family during the holidays... the pub is a recovery necessity! And this one is open on Thanksgiving evening!

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    10/04/2008 Avis précédent
    Lets just say you met a really cool guy and are looking to impress him... but still appear… En savoir plus
  • Wilson Avenue & Simonds Rd
    Chicago, IL 60640
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    LOVE taking my dog here! Typically we buy burgers, deli sandwiches or tacos and picnic beachside while watching our big baby girl exhaust herself running, jumping, playing, chasing and digging along this shallow-water beachfront! I have taken anyone who has ever visited Chicago here- it is a unique fun place to go that will bring out the kid in you (and the puppy in your dog)! Truly unique and adored!
    Bring a couple of bucks (cash only, the vendors are old-school) to buy a popsicle or an ice cream sandwich for your honey (okay, maybe one for the pup too, if she's into that sort of thing)
    On that note, if you are afraid or hostile to dogs that run up to you or crash into your beach towel, what are you doing here? Move a few feet past the fence to the dog-free part of the friggin' beach! Also,
    Am I the only one sighing with utter relief when the City of Chicago truck is parked at the entrance gate? Attention: If your dog is Not Fixed, aggressive and/or hostile, and worst of all- if you cannot be bothered to watch and also pick up after your dog--- Please spare the rest of us the trouble of yelling at it and you! You are making this beach a bad experience for the rest of us who watch, train and pick up after our pets!

  • 1900 W Montrose Ave
    Chicago, IL 60613
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    Premier à donner un avis

    At this tiny little Starbucks is everything I adore about my nieghborhood: It's next door to the glorious Hazel shop, has a Big outdoor eating area with water bowls and places for your puppy, big bright windows, small clean space, half-dozen papers to choose from for reading (including the Wall St. Journal and the NY Times), proximity to the El, plus the coolest baristas that remember your name, what you like and even name of your dog.
    A few of the people who work here (Marissa, April, Dan the uber-friendly bearded guy with the sunny southern accent who reminds me of home...)  should be not only be photographed by but also as teach classes in customer service to the majority of the retailing masses: For instance, I was late for work and hadn't eaten anything all day. April said "This ham and brie sandwich is yummy, but the turkey has less fat- depends on which you  want today, but the ham will taste better with your latte" SOLD! Naturally- I became enamored with the fatty ham and brie and have been buying it ever since.
    I and my expanding thighs thank you and think corporate should give you a raise and promotion!

  • 4337 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60618
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    First you have to find out if Oscar is working- he is the best server, always smiling, knows names, honest (Is THIS special any good?), and fast. He remembers everything you have ordered before, even drinks! Give the man a big tip, and raise!!!
    Then you have to request outdoor eating on a lovely summer day. Bring the dog- the staff will bring water, treats and many, many pettings.  Princess is treated like royalty...
    Last: The order: There are some options like the pastas, salmon burger, veggie burger and the tuna steak my boyfriend favors, and you cannot beat the weeknight dinner deals.
    This is one of the few places i trust to serve me a steak/burger rare and bloody and you must try the onion rings. Mmmmmm... Happy stomach? Happy Boyfriend? Happy pooch?
    Oh yes, we will be back. Give Oscar a promotion, or a raise, he makes the whole experience worthwile!

  • 4639 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
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    It's a little dirty, it's small and can get cramped when shopping on weekends... Laurie's is a fantastic institution, and an endangered species (independant seller in a time of downloads). Laurie's staff is great with special orders and i've never experienced any disrespect.  You always find things you never expected- and there is literally something here for everyone. On our last visit: My boyfriend picked up a VHS copy of Tuff Turf, M.I.A.'s new release and the new White Stripes (I talked him out of the M.C. Hammer poster). I got a used DVD of Cat on on a Hot Tin Roof; our Dog, as always when we shop here, was indulged with many pettings and buscuits.... she was eyeing a William Wegman DVD....

  • 1605 W Montrose Ave
    Chicago, IL 60613
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    31/08/2008 Avis mis à jour

    Go here on a Saturday and it is as though you are the only people in the world. The plates were beautiful! Highly enjoyable and recommended.

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    08/08/2008 Avis précédent
    Umaiya, forgive me, for I have sinned.
    Though you are less than a block away from where I live, I…
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  • 1548 N Damen Ave
    Chicago, IL 60622
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    Ahhhh... the Grape Drop Martini was so potent and delicious I can't precisely (or even vaguely) remember what followed... but if the hangover and the pictures on my cell phone are any indication, yessir, it was a GOOD night!

  • 4514 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
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    I cried when i had the Pepper Calamari. Openly Wept.
    When the server stopped by to see why the hell the cute chick was bawling;  I told him the truth: I hadn't had calamari this good since my Nana died.
    She was Italian-from-the-Old-Country-Italian. She would not have touched sushi (squirming squid? YES, but Eat raw fish? Likely no), but even she would enthusiastically concede this was phenomenal!

    You could only taste fresher fish if you are a mermaid- which wouldn't be healthy in Chicago- six-eyed fish in polluted Lake Michigan and all...

    Plus I liked the ambiance, the cool blue lighting, the sleek minimalist decor. My boyfriend liked the scrumptious goat-cheese tempura with green apples and favored the fruity drinks. Try the Greet Hornet- it might just kick a** harder than your favorite kung-fu flick.

    Lastly, Tank is my dog's favorite in the summer. We go for walks in Lincoln Sqaure and the diners ask "Does she like maki?" Duh. I'd beg for Tank maki! I'm not sure who enjoys it more.... now, every walk Princess tugs me here....

  • 3408 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60657
    4.0 étoiles

    I don't know about "hipster-magnet" but this is where I go with the girls on Sunday to gripe about the men.

    When you see the good-looking brunette chicks with cool shoes talking dirty over obscenely large mugs of frothy Zombie coffee served with tasty brunchy items like the Breakfast Burrito (yum, not quite southwest authentic, but yum) or French Toast with Crispy Bacon... that would be us... you've got some hot evesdropping ahead.
    Plus- ladies, this is not to be ignored-  the waiters tend to be cute, flirt-a-liciously so and will join in on the competitive bitching. The winner earns the "prize" of a warm, dense, syrup-doused brownie....

    The messy disorganization of the space is somewhat comforting...  and the ritual is faster and cheaper than therapy.

    Oh yes, you WILL be warned, the raunchy talk has escalated enough to scare some rambunctious guys recovering from an all-night bachelor-party (I don't know if we sufficiently terrified the groom from lifelong wedlock- but it is entirely possible).
    Decent food, good coffee, generous servers plus workings of the female mind make for Good times!

  • 1829 W Montrose Ave
    Chicago, IL 60613
    5.0 étoiles

    Great Martini after a particularly tedious day at work!
    Bonus: If you are doing laundry (next door), the bartender will give you a box of Tide for each drink you buy!
    No joke: As a straight female clotheshorse who now seriously wishes for a higher tolerance... sadly, I am merely 5'3" and exactly one and a half drinks have me keeling (not just with embarrassment, or because i'm not quite as good looking as some of the hot gay men here!) ... but I am dilligently working on that issue... and on my dart skills.
    Yessir yelpers, with this place getting me loaded at the same time as my whites (and I have reds, darks, delicates besides...) I am buzzed, smell sweetly clean and feel happy!
    You've got to Go!

  • 4760 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
    3.0 étoiles

    To be fair, my boyfriend adores this place. He would rate it a fivestar!
    Every couple weekends or so Garcia's becomes the holiday entertainment of champions as we get together with some other gringos to order the killer-strong Margarita pitchers, eat some greasy, gargantuan-portioned food and get so completely wasted we spend the rest of the night: atempting to speak Spanish to the waitresses who roll their eyes in disbelief, going to the German Brauhaus next door to request that the yodeler sing classic Michael Jackson tunes, trying to figure out who was the designated driver, getting a cab followed by more greasyness from Taco Bell or Golden Nugget THEN back to Lincoln Square where we patrol to find where the heck everyone's cars are located. Hence my rating, nothing personal. I actually like the mole sauce... and the limeade is the BEST Chicago has to offer... but geez this scene gets old...

  • 4739 N Damen Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
    4.0 étoiles

    Sometimes I have a bad day. I get stressed. I scream and throw things when I get stressed. Stuff gets broken. People get scared.
    It's like the Hulk- but done by a 5 foot Italian girl...

    My Boyfriend being the brilliant, chivalrous, sex-machine of a gentleman that he is, decides to spare me the additional pressure of making dinner (Usually he's afraid of what i might put in his food).

    So he takes me here- the finest of Chicago eateries- it's the greasiest, hidden dive of a fast-food joint and it is DELICIOUS. Do not hesitate. Everytime I open the BLT people stop and gape. Occasionally, when the crazy-gleam is gone from my eye, they ask what it is that I am devoring like a starved refugee.
    It's the BLT. It's the pinnacle of crisp, golden, buttery, greasy, bacon-y goodness!
    And it should come with a complimentary angioplasty.
    I order a Dr. Pepper.
    And it never fails to make me happy!

    If a vegetarian can man-up enough to buy me a BLT you can do it too!
    Bring the dog for outdoor eating, 'cause something is going to fall under the picnic table...

  • 4613 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
    2.0 étoiles
    05/03/2013 Avis mis à jour

    You know what sucks?
    Spending in the double digits and not being able to sit anywhere to eat your purchase. Getting outside in the snow and ice or walking all the way home with now-cold goods is not yummy either.
    And I look forward to the menu including the colorful pastry case, the awesome staff, the great service (three stars there) but the total lack of table turnover or seating for hungry, paying customers never fails to piss me off and make me wish to have ordered somewhere, anywhere else where a bench, bar or table might allow dining.
    Lots of tables- all taken, I get it, web browsing is fun, working away from a cubicle and all that... But damn, paying $7-8 per sandwich plus coffee and having to take it elsewhere or eat on the street like a bum SUCKS.

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    24/09/2008 Avis précédent
    Best, most craveable croissants in Chicago. They'll warm one up for you (props for service).… En savoir plus
    2.0 étoiles
    29/07/2007 Avis précédent
    Ahhh... how much would i genuinely adore to give this place more stars? I am in love with the… En savoir plus
    Commentaire de Tara S. de The Grind
    06/03/2013 Hi Katarina.  Thank you for coming out to support The Grind.  I'm sorry you left feeling pissed off.… En savoir plus
  • 2024 N Halsted St
    Chicago, IL 60614
    5.0 étoiles
    27/01/2010 Avis mis à jour

    I am quite excited to celebrate my birthday here with friends this year- for the record, it is waaaay better than a bunch of flowers with a "wish you were here" postcard tacked to it or a broken tape-deck boombox. (Winners of the worst birthday gifts ever!)
    Though those worst ever gifts are really funny after a pitcher of cava champagne sangria....

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    06/09/2007 Avis précédent
    My boyfriend's mother is insane. I love my boyfriend. I've accepted that once a year, we have to… En savoir plus
  • 5.0 étoiles

    Didn't blink when I ordered the Vegetarian Curry Pot Pie with a side of wait, DO NOT MISS THIS Pork Belly Bacon Sausage. I even shared- it was delightful!

    In fact, Boyfriend wanted me to order a slice of pie as well... So I would be too full and he could claim it as his own.
    He was disappointed because I stole his pie and his coffee (after devouring my own).
    This tends to, by routine, go the other way...
    And lemme tell you, order the extra pie and the giant size of a human-face Sourdough Cinnamon Roll too, then try take whatever is left (if there is anything left and you aren't arm wrestling on the walk like hungry maniacs over the last bite) home because it is phenomenally, crave-ably good.
    They have coffee yummy enough you can drink it black.
    They sell charming mason jars of the wholesome baking ingredients and flour they use. Look, toasters ready on every single table plus an entire platform ready with every creative butter, preserve, jam and topping you can fathom!
    Yes, I wanted to try every single one. You should enjoy one of everything just to be able say which is your favorite.

    The company includes the incomparable Tim R, formerly on yelp, I mean, c'mon, you can't miss this!

    I went home to a houseful of beagles and immediately made them mini-chicken-pot-pies and peanut butter puppy cookies followed by two ginormous curry chicken pot pies for people. My pot pies were crisp and buttery but flat- not nearly as lush, fluffy, photogenic and pretty as those here at Baker Miller's.
    Fret not, I am inspired and will be back to try one of everything, bring it home and try to crack their tasty secrets.
    You should too... If only so I can steal your slice of pie.

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