In Pompano or is it Compton?
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    Houston's is one of my very favorite restaurants if not THE Favorite!

    This is the best Houston's location too..its right on the intercoastal water, perfect for snack time when boating.  
    The bartenders are always attentive and make a great drink, the hostess does not let you make reservations at this location...the one in Boca does offer reservations.

     The waiters are great also pay enough attention to get the order right and leave you alone...a perfect balance.  In the woman's bathroom there are Barbie photographs very for the consistently delicious food...
    The Grilled artichokes are steamed then grilled with the nice char flavor and sprinkled with salt and pepper..I always ask for NO butter on the artichokes its unnecessary fat...and the remoulade sauce is tasty.
    The Smoked salmon is AMAZING and comes with toast points and a smoked salmon steak cooked perfectly that flakes off nicely with a fork or knife to enjoy with the triangular toasts and remoulade mmm

     The Tuna salad is great seared sushi tuna with the nice baby field greens and vinaigrette with pickled ginger.
      The Steak salad is nice and tasty has big noodles in it and and Asian favor kick really good.
     The Grilled Chicken salad is my favorite salad at the moment it has mixed baby field greens and shredded veggies with a creamy lime dressing that is just perfect and they always put the right amount..never over saturated , tossed together perfectly. I order the peanut dressing on the side and dip my fork in it to try with some of the chicken..I also omit the tortilla strips on the salad to reduce the calories.
     The steaks are always cooked perfectly the Hawiian ribeye is with pineapple, the cedar Plank salmon is one of the best salmons Ive had and ALWAYS consistent!

    The fries here are deadly good and you will eat a lot of them.

      You will not be disappointed you might just be a future fan...

  • 800 North Federal Hwy
    Pompano Beach, FL 33062
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    On the way to the Beach and Yelped a good food place nearby .. Zona Fresca showed up.  I've been to the one in Ft-Lauderdale and Miami , I was pleased so it seemed like a perfect choice.

     My fiance and I went up to the counter and I ordered the Chopped Nopales
    chopped salad of grilled nopales cactus, lots of avocado, cucumbers, onions, and mixed greens tossed in a oregano vinaigrette ($5.95) chicken or steak, add $2.30.  It was delicious and vinegary.

    Cali-wrap charbroiled chicken or steak, melted jack and cheddar cheese, diced Haas avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro and lettuce, tossed in lemony dressing ($7.75).
    He ordered the Steak and very small pieces, not much steak, maybe you get more with chicken?

     Overall the order was ready really fast and the food was healthy and tasty, perfect before heading to the beach.

  • 1406 N Ocean Blvd
    Pompano Beach, FL 33062
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    I came to Seaside Grill for a celebration and heard they have some of the best Hamburgers and Sundays has Live Music , well it turns out THAT's at the TIKI Bar outside at Lighthouse Cove.

     My Fiance and I just came from a short breather at the beach and headed over to the Seaside Grill where we found out our party was outside by the Tiki Area under an umbrella listening to the Band play with Guitar, Sax, Drums and Keyboard, vocals I thought they were great, Sinatra- like and yes they played that too.

     It seems this place is an Older Pick-Up joint and Im guessing this place has been their Sunday Place for some time because around 6PM on you see the Older crowd (in their 70's-80's) stroll in or Strut their stuff dressed to the nines (They dress better than People our age..) and make their "hello's" all around the bar and tables. Then they go to Nick's in Lauderdale.

     We enjoyed the live music and ordered beers and waters, my GF has the Margarita and she said it was "delicious".  The waitress seemed to run the bar also and she was still more efficient than a lot of servers I have seen in South Florida.

     Burgers come with Fries were ordered at the tables, I saw wings and fries too. My GF and I both ordered the Mahi-Mahi Blackened salad, and my Fiance ordered the Angus Burger Salad. It came out on Styrofoam plates, the forks and knives are all plastic containted in a plastic bucket on the table, and napkins are from a roll of paper towels.
      The lettuce served was pre-cut Iceberg (What Mixed Greens??) with some shreds of carrot and red cabbage, you know the kind, eww. The dressing came in Packets on the side the kind you'd get at McDonalds.  

     Well the Mahi-Mahi was probably from a package too and the blackened seasoning was unbearable salty, I guess Grilled is better.  

    The Angus was tasty and yet perfectly round disk which means again from a package.  

     Its a Tiki Bar what can you expect. Its more like a Dive Bar.

    The Music again was great and they made some special announcements and sang for us which I thought was special and Def brought the stars up in this place.

    Come here if you're Older or know someone older and needs to mingle, the people seem very open and friendly.

  • 235 S Federal Hwy
    Pompano Beach, FL 33062
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    Bru's Room's are great for their Baked wings! Super good but as far as this Bru's Room goes this location is the Dive of them.  

     You can play Darts here and enjoy a buck of beer with friends.  Its a laid back place and the waitresses are scrambling around to try to serve you best they can.

     The outdoor patio is great too, but my friends spent most of the time playing games inside.

     There's plenty of Flat Screen TV's here which makes watching games easy.

    If you're in the area its more the atmosphere you'll get from this place than decor or Food.

  • 1490 NE 23rd St
    Pompano Beach, FL 33062
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    J Mark's is a great steak restaurant on the corner of the strip mall setting of Copans and Federal highway.

     This location offers a private Sunroom where you can soak it up.

    I came here for lunch after hitting Gold's Gym (less than a mile away) and sat right at the bar.  The service is great here, on par with Hustons Restaurant, quite similar in a few ways, decor too.

    Ordered the Ahi Tuna Appetizer. Its Sushi-grade Ahi Tuna, Cajun crusted, seared rare & drizzled with wasabi pesto. Garnished with pickled cucumber & Soba peanut-noodle salad. Fresh and delicious complete with chopsticks.. Great choice app.

    I also had the Chopped Salad. Freshly chopped Romaine lettuce tossed with lime-marinated grilled chicken, diced apples, tomatoes, avocado, roasted corn, bacon, crumbled blue cheese &  balsamic vinaigrette.  The chicken is flavourful and quite a tasty salad, I omitted things like bacon and blue cheese it still was delicious.

    They made sure my food came out as specified, perfect!

     Attentive service throughout the lunch.

     You can come for the Midday Menu where from 2-5PM special pricing on the popular menu items.

    The steaks offered here are  28 day aged Certified Angus Beef. Their steaks are hand cut & trimmed in house daily. They are consistently tender, juicy & flavourful. You can't go wrong ordering any kind of steak.

    There's also a Brunch offered on the weekend till 3PM

    Great food , great service J Mark's hits the spot!

  • 1955 N Federal Hwy
    Pompano Beach, FL 33064
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    This Gold's location is Closed and now Pompano Fitness Health Club…

  • 1955 N Federal Hwy
    Pompano Beach, FL 33062
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    Pompano Fitness Health Club is in the back of Pompano Square mall.

    Probably one of the hardest gyms to find, maybe that why Gold's didn't make it here.

    The inside is set up like a Golds gym and bright yellow colour  too.

    They offer a vast cardio equipment selection on a platform so you can see the view of the weights floor.  Behind the cardio is the Ladies and Men's locker rooms.

    They  have a huge variety of machines and free weights well organized.

    I ran into friendly faces , got my workout on

    Great pump in this gym

  • 1909 E Atlantic Blvd
    Pompano Beach, FL 33060
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    Love love LOVE this store!  
     Off Atlantic road in Pompano just East of Dixie on your left beside an Italian Coffee shop is The custom swimwear  store Pango-Pango.

     Here you'll find all your beach needs from AA swimwear tops to the more busty F cups.  There are themed bikinis for fishing, biker-chick (think what would you wear on a Harley?), full coverage bikinis,  micro-thong, and any bikini-contest bikini.

     There are all sorts of cute cover ups from sheer Pants, to skirts, beach bikini wraps, and skirts, short shirts if you can flaunt it.

     The best thing about this store is Joni the owner. If she hasn't already made the perfect suit for you on the racks filled with almost any imaginable design, she can Custom make you a bikini of your Dreams.
      Yes I'm saying dreams because I once had a dream of wearing a particular bikini, and BAM, I walk into the store and she had my Dream suit on her Store Rack! And I have dreamt up a suit and she made it perfectly for me, took my measurements and it came out Perfect!

     Expect to see photos on the walls of past Pageant winners from Hooters Calendars, Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Florida, and the very own Pango-Pango Swimwear catalog.  Expect to hear the 'whirring' sounds from the sewing machine, yes the suits are made in-house.

      Such a fun-great store I love amazing craftsmanship and the fact that what you Want can be Custom made PERFECTLY is enough for me to rave about.

    Thank you Joni! I love my suits!! And yes I will be back to shop for more!

  • Pompano Beach, FL 33062
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    Premier à donner un avis

    Yummmm never would I have expected amazing Asian food to be coming from a food truck!

    Very professional they had food coming out quickly. The presentation of the food was beautiful!  I really wouldn't expect an edible Orchid flower to be coming out of a food truck?!

    I tried their Gluten-free Crispy chicken, glazed with sweet chili sauce, jasmin rice, and broccoli florets , it was topped off with crunchy Rice noodles, and served on a nice Black plastic plate.
     The crispy chicken was Delish and the glaze was perfect. The rice was just plain but did a great job at accompanying the dish. The broccoli was also perfectly steamed and yummy. The crunchy noodles reminded me of China Grill they love that stuff.

     Ide say I've tried more mediocre than Good out of food trucks, and Inspir-Asian really impressed me with flavour and presentation.  

    Ide love to try them again!

  • 360 E McNab Rd
    Pompano Beach, FL 33060
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    Friendly owner and staff. This place is between Dixie and Federal highway. He told me we just missed the lunch rush (5pm Sunday) and mentioned that they had a wait time 2 1/2 hours, wow happy I missed that!

    You seat yourself and we choose a nice booth seat.there ate also high top tables and a bar in the other room.

    They have several craft beers on tap, my guy ordered the Shock top and it came with an orange slice.

    Burgers are made to order can be Chicken or Turkey meat, and come with fries, a 1$ up-charge for Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Fries, or Mac and cheese.
    I ordered the Smuggler Burger with Sweet Potato fries (11.95) drizzled with honey, my man good the Chuckie Burger with the seasoned fries (12.95).

    As we waited I saw quotes on the walls and clever signs and photos. I also saw a new feature it's a modern juke box you can order song's to the playlist from your phone and by visiting the website through the barcode. I heard Country music, the Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera to name a few.

    My Smuggler Burger came on a huge wheat looking bun, and was pretty dry and seemed to crumble. It had "hash browns" which were fries sauteed in oil with onions(not caramelized, just sauteed), a patty, cheese, ketchup, bacon, and a fried egg with maple syrup. The maple syrup was real and tasty throughout the burger. I enjoyed the char taste to my burger. I did order it medium rare, and it was closer to medium-well.

    My mans Chuckie Burger was huge one pounder of meat with some cheddar cheese (not generous cheese like other places), lettuce, tomato, red onion and bacon. I like the bacon here, it's very crispy. The burger was medium rare and came out closer to well done. I never saw him as ketchup to his burger, and he told me he had to to make the burger more juicy. I tasted steak spice on his, again a nice char flavor to the meat. The fries are seasoned similar to Char hut.

    oops I forgot to mention the Yelp check in discount, but it's okay. So check in and remember to get a discount I'm sure it's worth it.

    Friendly Hard working staff. Oh and there's a burger not on the menu yet..The Challenger Burger- 3 grilled cheese sandwiches, between the patties and with fries for $14.95. The leading record is from a guy who ate it in 6 minutes and 45 seconds...he won a T-Shirt. I think I would try the Challenger.

  • 1410 University Dr
    Coral Springs, FL 33071
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    YES!! Thank you Blue! Thank you Zona Fresca for throwing such a great Yelp event!

    We got really cosy with our new yelp friends, sitting 6 in a booth, great conversation and fun.

    Stuffed, yes that def ran through my head before all the tastings were passed out.  I heard many others say the same.

    The garden salad with char broiled chicken, avocado, tomato, sweet fresh corn, cheese and a really great vinegarette, I would order this salad as a healthy choice here.

    The fish tacos ( I read in reviews on yelp they were really good), were amazing! Crunchy slaw, fresh tomato, and the sauce was outstanding. Like a lemony sour cream ranch sauce, with big pieces of fried grouper, nice breading, such a great ALL around taco, yum! A great contender for ** best fish taco

    We were served so many plates like quesadillas, chicken and steak burritos, steak tacos, pulled steak tacos, just all really tasty.

    My second favorite dish was the shredded beef tacos. The seasoning was yummy and I liked how tender the meat was. A winning dish.

    We were all given free range to the soda machine, and the beers they had available, also Zonarita's their version of a (week)  margarita so I heard from many ladies saying it as lacking..punch.

    The Mexican wedding cookies reminded me of an Italian cookie, I like the nuts and the taste the soft- flakey cookie.

    The manager made a speech, it was nice and friendly, offering specials and cevice that is not on the menu but always available.

    Thank you again Blue I had a great time and met some new yelpers and some old friends .

    See you Saturday at the Yelpies, other than you College football fans!

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