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  • 488 N Allen Ave
    Pasadena, CA 91106
    5.0 étoiles
    09/10/2011 Avis mis à jour

    Came back to Little Britain for dinner, this time towing my mum behind me. There were *plenty* of patrons for the evening, and I was really happy to see it.

    Some new notes:

    1) If you're interested in dessert, ask them what they're serving that day/evening. I asked and was told that the evening's dessert was a homemade cheesecake. I'm not a big cheesecake fan, but my mum LOVES the stuff, and so we ordered a slice to share.


    Definitely a homemade cheesecake.
    Definitely a freaking *delicious* homemade cheesecake.

    Just a slice of plain cheesecake, a drizzle of a berry sauce on the plate, two squirts of whipped cream and VOILA! Tasty! The texture was perfect, the crust did not try to impose itself on you at all. Chilled, not overly sweet, and just delightful! A nice finish to the meal.

    It's a testament to how they are really interested in serving their customers good and tasty food, and I love them for it.

    2) BYOB! ... Little Britain still doesn't have their alcohol license yet, but you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages. Either bring it from home, or stop at the liquor store next door and buy yourself some booze to sit down with. Guinness, anyone?

    Dinner was a hit, and I was glad to see parties of 6+ shoving themselves inside. I remain a fan!

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    03/08/2011 Avis précédent
    Brits is back with a new location, a new name and tinkering with a new menu.

    My housemates and I had…
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  • 111 W Green St
    Pasadena, CA 91105
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    I have a feeling that I will get a lot of use out of my Yelp Bottle Opener keychain at this store.

    Stopped in for the first time ever recently, and the first thing my friend pointed out to me was the British sweets by the door.

    I admitted defeat before I was in this store ten seconds.

    ... Damn.

    After putting my sweet tooth in a corner, I wandered the store and took everything in. Bins of wrapped old-fashioned candies. Older sweets I'd never heard of. Hard candies. Taffies. Ribbons. Gums. Chews. Everything. And then... bottles. Glass bottles in lines and rows and squads, ready to do battle for your gullet.

    Legions of fizzy bottles of glory. Ginger beers. Root beers. Cream sodas. Flavoured sodas. Cokes. Shirley Temples in bottles. Apple Beer. Izze. Batches of fizzy brews from far and wide.

    Seriously, this is a carbonated sugar kid's dreamland.

    I'm coming back to assault the ginger beers and to get licorice candy for my housemate's holiday stocking (it's as tall as a small child - I may get several bags).

    Good grief!

  • 105 N Hill Ave
    Pasadena, CA 91106
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    As my friend says, "Why are all the great dog places in Pasadena?"

    Answer: Because they're close to me.

    There's Slaw Dogs, introduced to me by Kevin C. ... And then there is the Dog Haus. Came here at 9pm on a weeknight with my friend, and the place was pretty unbusy (they've only been open for two weeks), but that didn't make the staff any less attentive. It's flipping freezing outside and rather well into the evening... Everyone wants to keep their toes warm, but that was just fine with me.

    Being so close to my house, I couldn't not try this place. The place was pleasantly clean with a modern feel and an interesting set up. The menu is basic and unencumbered - about three chalkboard slates with all the info you need about their dogs, burgers and sides (and a small one next to the register telling you about the special).

    Our Order:
    1 Frieburger + bacon
    1 Cheeseburger + bacon
    1 Snap Dog + cheese + mustard
    1 Chili Cheese Fries
    2 small fountain drinks

    Everything was tasty and delicious. Though I'm not big on eating raw onion, it fit perfectly in my Cheeseburger. My friend also devoured his Frieburger (this thing has a fried egg on it, my friends). We absolutely love that it's served in a Hawaiian Bread bun. Absolutely won us with it. The Snap dog was also served in Hawaiian bread, and I loved the casing! Always a fan of a good casing (though, they have SKINLESS, if you hate casing). Though the fries were pretty generic, the chili and cheese on top were great, and my friend couldn't help but use his fingers, plucking up gobs of cheese and chili and shoving them into his hungry mouth.

    Stoked that this place is in walking distance where I can walk off the feeling of gluttony after devouring the weight of a newborn. I'll have to come back to see how they dish up their tater tots and try out their brat.

  • 577 S Arroyo Pkwy
    Pasadena, CA 91105
    4.0 étoiles

    Taco Tuesday or Taco Friday, whatever it is. If there's tacos and margaritas, it's awesome. I'm seriously a big fan of their margaritas.

    Note to Self: Do not be BROKE in the future if you want two double margaritas and a billion tacos!

    I tried Calvin C.'s chorizo torta on my outing, and it was pretty delicious, but I was a fan of the carnitas and pollo tacos, especially when you get them with onions (either the fried up slices or the raw diced), a little salsa and a bunch of cilantro. Asada was a little tough and dry in my opinion, but the other two MORE than made up for it.

    Pay inside at the counter for your stuff. if you order tacos, take it out to the guy and hand him your receipt and tell him what you want.  Seating is PACKED. It's practically like a  fire hazard there. And it took a while to find a spot and get comfortable, but once we'd all situated and had a little to drink.. a little to eat, we completely relaxed.

    Hell, we made a few nameless friends, and - bless Calvin's unafraid and bold heart - I had a slice of deliciously light and fluffy birthday cake from a large family celebrating a young son's birthday.

    It's loud and cramped and a little messy, but it's delicious and pretty fun.

    Definitely need to come back.

  • 1526 Mission St
    South Pasadena, CA 91030
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    Lived in this town for 8 years, and I never visited! No time like the present to try the Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fountain! When you enter, the theme you'll notice strongly-- aside from one of sweet, American apple pie nostalgia -- is a distinct tribute in merchandise to the following three people: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and James Dean. Want a lunch box with one of these three? You will find it!

    There are a lot of things to get nostalgic over - they've got a small wall of old-fashioned candies (I've never seen gummi army men before!), and a lot of things you'd think to find in a tourist shop in Hollywood dedicated to the old movies.  The woman I talked to said that everything they currently have isn't even a representation of their full stock and they were getting more next week.

    Also, she told me to visit during Christmastime. There's even MORE merchandise... AND! They somehow manage to fit in 12 decorated trees! I think it's 12. Maybe it's nine. But still! More than five! Wow!

    They do have an actual pharmacy here, and they even have a separate room for beauty products (so you can get your girl on). And they have their soda counter where you can order from their menu.  I think the menu could be a little bit more clear, but when you're playing with the idea of getting something with ice cream in it, your brain's already in a freeze anyway.

    This time, though, I did NOT get anything with ice cream. Instead, I settled for a flavored coke (cherry) and a chili cheese dog. Their kitchen was backed up with about 15 orders for a group of women that called in ahead of time, so I wasn't about to order something too involved.

    The chili dog was all right. I totally had to use a knife-and-fork the entire time, though. No way I was gonna pick that up and get chili all over myself! The cherry coke was awesome-good. Free refills! I had no idea.

    I overheard a patron say their sandwiches and salads are good, and I saw another patron order a chocolate malt to-go. Damn. I almost wanted to order one, too. It looked gooooood. That's what I'm going to get the next time I'm in there. And maybe some gummis.

    By the time noon hits, this place gets hopping. I mean it. When I arrived, there was one soda jerk behind the counter working the joint. By the time I left, there were a handful of them busy seeing to patrons and getting orders and taking care of checks.

    Note: I would recommend bringing cash (at least to cover yourself if you're with a group), though they take card. I think maybe their system gets a little finicky.

    Definitely looking forward to visiting again.

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    02/07/2010 Avis mis à jour

    I'd been in bed for most of the day. I was lazy, bored, and in need of a tiny walk and a lot of fresh evening air. I also needed some dinner.

    Enter the Novel Cafe.

    ... Wait a second. That opener sounds familiar! Wh--- oh! Because I've been here before! Well, clearly, this place is still great.

    I've tried their California Rosemary Turkey Burger, and it was delicious with onion, tomato, lettuce, avocado, bacon, mustard and mayo, your choice of cheese and bun (no pickles, please!). You can get it with your choice of fries or organic mixed greens. With an 8oz turkey patty, you can cut this giant sucker in half and save half of it for the next day.

    Even my dear ole mum still likes this place, having had the opportunity to visit a second time and try their High Protein Salad with white albacore tuna and fresh hot chicken and loads of veggies including carrots, sprouts, tomatoes and broccoli. My mother couldn't even get through half of it, there was so much. You definitely get bang for your 10 dollar buck on that salad.

    I still have yet to venture very far into the menu for things like breakfast and pasta, but I look forward to more opportunities.

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    10/01/2010 Avis précédent
    I'd been in bed for most of the day. I was lazy, bored, and in need of a tiny walk and a lot of… En savoir plus
    4.0 étoiles
    03/01/2010 Avis précédent
    I commend the employees that worked the thankless hours at the Novel Cafe on New Years Day with the… En savoir plus
  • 801 S Pasadena Ave
    Pasadena, CA 91105
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    12/01/2010 Avis mis à jour

    It's been a while since I've been by, but I feel like I need to express the gratitude I have for Rose Tree Cottage's own tea: English Village Tea.

    When I was first exposed to this tea, my friend fondly referred to it as Crack Tea. No, there's no crack, but this tea is addictively good.

    My typical routine at work, when I am caffeine-deprived and sleep-deprived, will always include brewing up a cup of delicious English Village Tea.

    I always do this in the Chesire Cat mug that I bought myself at Disneyland. It's whimsical and evil and fabulous with that chesire cat grin, and when combined with this tea, my day gets brighter.

    And whenever a co-worker is sick (or spent), I will grab my clean mug and, if they say yes, prepare them a cup of this delicious tea however they prefer. If they protest and say to use a paper cup, I will frown and attempt to rescind my offer.

    You will not have my English Village Tea in a stinking paper cup! It ruins the experience! You will have it in a mug or a teacup! I'll prepare it any other way you like: Milk & Sugar; Milk only; Sugar only; Black & Strong.

    But a paper cup is not worthy.

    Everyone I've made it for falls in love with it. I've sent it to friends in other states as a tea-package present, and it always goes down a treat.

    My favourite tea. Absolutely.

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    07/08/2008 Avis précédent
    I'm changing my review completely because the last one was very long and all about something that is… En savoir plus
  • 235 N Lake Ave
    Pasadena, CA 91101
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    Stepping inside didn't make me feel like running away, and that was nice. I always get intimidated by new places. What should I look at first? Do I ask for help? Do I scuttle around, trying to be invisible but really just sticking out like a sore toe?

    This place is smallish, but well-stocked and organized. They know what they're about, and they clearly cater to their clientele very well. My short visit let me know that these guys take care of their customers.  It's not just when they fit you for shoes, but how they handle customers that are CLEARLY frequenting patrons of the store. Some of them know each other easily by name. For others, they know exactly what the customer is looking for.

    In here, I got an education about my arches and how feet swell when you use 'em. I knew a bit about both, but it was nice not being talked down to. They just relate to you, and they listen to you. Jose was very nice and was kind enough not to remark and/or snigger at the fact that I had just realized, while pulling off my shoes, that I was wearing two different socks.

    I didn't know whether to blame the laundry or blame my inability to pay attention, but he didn't say a word. I was sized up by the feet and made to walk. I, for a moment, felt like I was on the catwalk of crappy walks, but it was all for the betterment of my feet.

    I got a pair of shoes I was comfortable with, as a matter of fact, I'm wearing them right now. I'm eager to break them in, and, if for any reason I am unhappy with the fit, I can bring them back within 10days and see what we can do to rectify my choice in footwear.

    I felt well taken care of at Run With Us.

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