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  • Orange, CA 92647
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    25/09/2012 Avis mis à jour

    I went to Anaheim's OC Fest of Ales and Beer Run 5K on Saturday, a super place to have a few, (bunch) of craft beers and a effing awesome lunch, or was it brunch, or linner. It don't matter I had me one great meal and a super time!

    OK, so I had a few, couple, dozen tastes of the many fine craft beers to be had for the fest. I might have had a couple, three, five, thirteen, or so tastes of the many ales, lagers, & IPA's showing their best combinations of hops, barley, yeast and ???  So somehow I got tricked into a great bratwurst dog. You see if you have a belly full of beer it only makes sense to marinade it in a bratwurst or is it marinade the brat in the beer? Who cares.  I had a terrific paring of a dozenish beers with my ODIN dog and Drunken Tots, (no relation to the author), screw the VIP parings I was tuned into the buzzed up parings of Viking  - vs - beer.


    Loki Doggy…
    Sorry ate some.

    Drunken Tata's…

    Yup I do remember, .... The Loki was a bad ass. A hot polish sausage with BACON, cheddar jack cheese, Sriracha, bell peppers, spicy brown mustard & V-ketchup.  4****Stars
    The drunken tater tots ....were crispy little logs of potatoes covered with cheese, jalapeno sauerkraut, bacon, bell peppers, cabbage, and V-ketchup. 5*****Stars

    These were both damn good. I had heartburn all night long. This is a sign of approval from a chili head like me.  

    Viking Truck I'll be back!

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    18/05/2012 Avis précédent
    I finished up my YL HS Truck stop with the Viking Truck.  me being a sausage lover I knew this was a… En savoir plus
  • Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678
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    OK first time long time..........had my eye on this truck for a long while, and while I don't go chasing trucks all over town like some folks, I like to partake in the when I see it looks good I eat it philosophy of mobile dining.

    Mobile dining rule 101 .... When in Rome do as the Romans
    See what everybody else is getting. Did they like it? Does it look good?  Don't buy a burger from a taco truck. Sum up the whole deal and don't rush.  

    You passed go to the next class.

    Mobile dining rule 101a .... Avoid goofy sounding concoctions that only appeal to drunk people. And be careful ordering buzzed!  Or you'll pay for it later. Trust me on this, I have learned the hard way!  A peanut butter bluefin ice cream may sound good when you've had a few, but you will suffer later.

    You passed go to the next class.

    Mobile dining rule 102 .... Pay attention to the paddy wagon. Does the truck look like its been rode hard and put away wet?  Would you order food from a dirty restaurant?  Why would you make an exception here? Truck Hygene = food hygene. Dirty truck = dirty food. You'll get cleaned out later if you'r not careful.

    You passed go to the next class.

    Mobile dining rule 102a .... Watch the staff! I seen a cook picking his ear once making sliders. Beware! Ear wax sliders may go down easy but will return to haunt you later! Pay attention!

    You passed go to the final class.

    Mobile dining rule 103 ....  talk  - talk  - talk. Get a rap going with the trucks workers. Cook, owner, driver these are the folks who'll be feeding you. I've never gotten bad service or food when I shoot the shit with the peeps. Often they'll make special order or custom dishes just for asking.

    Graduation Time. Cap & Gown? Naw, bib & napkin await you at the ceremony.

    Like I said I'd been eyeballing this truck for quite some time. And what a great time to find her at a wine tasting PYE at OC wine mart Outstanding. I'm still mad at myself for not having at least a bite or two of some of the other foods. That pizza looked awesome! My Calendonia Blue Prawns and pasta was sooooo tasty.…  The squid Ink pasta, roasted grape tomatoes, garlic & herb butter was fantastic! Super truck tapas. 4.5*****star mobile food!  

    Can't wait to try them again, hope we cross paths yet again!

  • 11540 South St.
    Cerritos, CA 90703
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    I've driven by this food truck event that happens every Wednesday in front of the Babies R Us in Cerritos many times but was never able to go give it a whirl until today. My kids have been buggering me to go for a while and I haven't had a good food truck feast in a pretty long while so it was  game on.

    So the kids and I headed to the Babies R Us wagon train. I was pleasantly surprised to see a fair number of food trucks. The Lobos Truck, White Rabbit, Cousins Maine Lobster, Belly Bombz, The Berlin Truck, Rockin Ice, The massive Street Kitchen truck, Cup Cakery, and several others I don't remember.
    We got there right at 5:00 and many of the trucks were still setting up so we only had about half to choose from. No worries because there were still ample choices of food ot grub on.  

    Howl Like a Wolf!…

    The Lobos Truck for me, my son and youngest daughter.

    I had the Lobo Burger.
    My burger…   came with two nicely seasoned 1/3lb  patties, several thick bacon strips, avocado slices, tomato, fried runny yolk egg, and a ton of pepper-jack cheese on a nice sized broche bun., that burger a monster of goodness! I really enjoyed it!  4.5 *** stars

    My youngest daughter had a bare bones plain old school Mac N Cheese less the green onions.…   It was a huge serving and it was gone in nothing flat. Inhaled by a 60lb Mac n Cheese eating machine! She gave it 5 *****Stars I tried it and thought it was more like a 3.75****Star deal.

    My son ordered the Buff Pig mac n cheese with buffalo wings, bacon, green onions, and ranch.…  He said it was the best M&C he ever had! 5*****Star from him.

    Bombz Away…

    My oldest daughter who is into all things Korean naturally chose the Belly Bombz truck to be her choice for dinner.

    She went for the sesame wings, mom's something on another.…  This one is a picky eater and surprisingly she ate every last wing and gave then 4****Stars I tried a bite and give it a 3***Star

    I also had her pick me up some garlic parm wings…  for me. They came with a little salad that I liked.  These were pretty good but a little soggy. 3***Stars

    Time to Rock!…

    We decided to have the cold choice of A Rockin Ice's shave ice and ice cream over the cupcake truck as our desert choice because it was hot and it sounded like a "cool" idea. Youngest had the Ice cream sandwich 3.5***Star, son had a rainbow shave ice 3.5***Star, and I had a strawberry lemonade slush 4****Star.……

    Next time I'm bringing chairs as there is limited seating and the tables were gross! Tons of parking. Chill crowd too.

    I'll be back

  • 3071 E Miraloma Ave
    Anaheim, CA 92806
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    Food for thought.

    Before there were "Gourmet Food Trucks" there were rolling food vendors known as catering trucks or as they are more affectionately known by "Roach Coaches".

    Some are established and licensed and work a set route. While others are renegade pirates that hit up construction sites and carnivals and can be risky. Now here is a new breed of "gourmet food trucks.

    I have eaten literally thousands of meals off of the trucks from OC Food Services over the last 25+ years. Often times a couple a day. But I swore them off last new year in an effort (tough battle) to try and eat healthier and not have to go back to the hospital for any more emergency heart artery stints. It was a hard habit to break and I still go out most every morning at work to see whats cooking and very occasionally I succumb to the sights and smells like a moth to a light bulb. When your hungry its hard to pass up a couple of Tijuana style bacon wrapped hot dogs for a wholesome breakfast.…

    Most folks who have never eaten or experienced the Roach Coach are scared of the unknown. I've had people comment and ask me things like:
    *   "Is it true that they really use road kill?"
    *   "I wouldn't eat that stuff, you don't know where it came from"
    *   "They don't wash their hands"
    *   "I've heard that they use dog food in the burritos"
    Sadly its all true .... Just kidding!

    But think about this. Do you know the person who is handling your food at say McDonalds or your local greasy spoon? I doubt it. The trucks that operate out of OCFS are inspected more often than your local McDonalds too. Both by the county health care org. and internal auditing. They use only approved meat and produce  suppliers and are regulated closely.

    I used to eat a meal or two a day off Tom (RIP) and Rosie's Munchie Mobile for well over ten years. I remember kidding Tom when he got a new truck that I probably made the down payment for him. He replied that I probably paid for the whole thing. I knew this guy and his cook Rosie personally. I trusted them and I never had a bad meal ever. Only once did I get a bad carton of milk out of thousands. This is 100 times better than I have fared at my local Vons. I also ate some super dishes that I've never seen anywhere else. Ever try getting credit at McDonalds?

    So don't fear the roach coach, embrace it and it can be your friend. Just be sure to stick with established companies like this.

  • 5800 Lincoln Ave
    Cypress, CA 90630
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    OK a friend of mine has been telling me for months of a Food Truck event that happens every Tuesday in front of the Home Depot in Cypress.  

    Finally, game on as my schedule has not let me go give it a whirl until last Tuesday. So the kids and I head to the Home Depot wagon train. I was pleasantly surprised to see a fair number of food trucks. Chomp Chomp Nation, Lime Truck, TJ's Wood fired Pizza, Ragin Cajun, Waffles de Liege, Dogzilla, Shortstop BBQ, a Hawaiian shave ice truck (forget the name)

    Dogzilla truck for me and the youngest,
    I had the Dogzilla, youngest had a bare bones plain dog. My dog came with onions, bacon bits, furikake, teri sauce and avocados on a nice sized bun, the dog was good  3.5 *** stars…
    I also tried the garlic parm fries (big order) 3***stars
    Daughter ate the whole thing so it must have been good 3 *** star PLAIN  hot dog

    Shortstop BBQ for the other two,
    Son got a pulled pork BBQ sammy, eaten (inhaled) in like 1.5 min he said it was OK 3 *** stars
    Daughter (80lb) got the 1/2 lb Angus Shortstop burger with grilled onions (picked off) cheese, and pork belly. I tried it 4 **** stars.…
    Youngest had the bubblegum shave ice, Jumbo for $5 although spilled 3/4 she still was happy! 3****star
    The other two had Waffles de Liege.I tried both(good!)
    One had the fresh fruit waffle with strawberries and bananas, chocolate syrup, carmel and whip cream 4****star
    The other had the Ice cream waffle chocolate syrup, carmel and whip cream 3.5*** Star

    Next time I'm bringing chairs as there is no seating.

    I'll be back

  • 1500 E Cerritos Ave
    Anaheim, CA 92805
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    Grabbed a beef burrito to go from the Calbi truck after a couple of beers at Bootleggers.

    Pretty tasty burrito, even if it was a little cold when I got home an hour or so later.

    The beef burrito had a good sauce, cheese, veggies, egg and??? I added a little Sararacha too I wished I had eaten it hot and fresh.

    I'll be back at BL to give it another go, this time fresh. The tacos looked pretty good too. Love the fusion tacos.

    I did notice it wasn't as greasy an Kogi trucks burrito. A+

    Solid 3.75 stars.   Rounded up

  • Fullerton, CA 92833
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    Had the kogi truck again last week.  I heard they were going to be a block from work at lunchtime last friday so I got a list from everybody. My auntie said she wanted to try the calamari taco and I said I dont think they have those but told her I'd get here one if they had 'em.

    I got to the spot and no truck, thought I'd have to suffer Carls JR again, but then I caught the Roja truck out of the corner of my eye. I followed them like I was circiling the wagon for a kill shot.

    CALimari tacos, wooo hooo I'm down to give 'em a shot. I opted for somthing diferent than I'd had in the past.

    This time i had the calamari tacos and all I can say is HELL YEA!

    I got two along with two short rib tacos. I wish I had gotten 8 cali's they were the bomb!  A must try!

    Only 4 stars 'cause these guys are never on time.

  • Orange County, CA 92845
    4.0 étoiles

    Deck the halls with balls of MOINK,   fa la la la la la la,
    When I sing this I am a dork,   fa la la la la la la
    Gimme those balls I don't need a fork,   fa la la la la la la
    Pass the jug pull out the cork,   fa la la la la la la

    I think I'll leave the singing reviews to the pros like Vince V. and Greg N.

    Found this truck doing a gig at my youngest daughters X-mas hula recital. Lucky me!…
    They were donating all the proceeds to the hulau (hula troop) Lucky them!…

    This was my second time eating off of this truck. and both times were good! They have a unique menu with loads of goodness that uses items like pulled pork, mac & cheese, meatballs and brisket in some non traditional ways.…

    Rancho A GoGo is not real BBQ in the backyard smoker sense of slow & low cooking I had hoped for when I first tried them. They've got some good food all the same. And they got a sense of humor too.…

    MOINK Balls (Moo-Oink)... 2 meatballs wrapped in bacon with BBQ rub & sauce served on a bed of cole slaw.…

    Monster (Rhino with bacon) ...  a pulled pork grilled cheese with mac n cheese and bacon.…

    MOINK Balls ... I loved these so much I got a second order, a tasty bacon wrapped meatball, whats not to love.  4.5****Stars

    Monster ... this was one big sandwich! 4 things in one. A grilled cheese, Mac& Cheese, Pulled Pork and a thick layer of Bacon. This sucker was messy and required a fork to eat but it was damn tasty!  4****Stars

    SERVICE: Very nice guys working this truck. Pretty quick too. Plus they were doing a solid for my kids dance troop. 5*****Stars

    I'd eat it again!

  • Santa Ana, CA 92704
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    Gave these guys a try while at Noble Aleworks last night on a whim.

    I bellied up to the bar for a pint of Red. Then went back outside to check out the food wagons. And see what they had to offer. There was Chomp Chomp, Waffle something or another and Garlicscapes. GS wins this time.

    They had a 2 slider deal w/garlic fries but the jalapeno poppers sounded good too. So I talked them into switching out the fries for poppers for a buck more. Wise choice.

    2 garlic sliders, nice sliders with caramelized onions and garlic sauce between a soft grilled roll. Pretty good but nothing special. **2 star

    Jalapeno poppers. Jalapenos stuffed with blue cheese and garlic then wrapped in bacon and grilled until the bacon was crisp and the pepper semi soft. These were awesome and went well with the beer. I almost went back for more. ****4 star

    I will have to try some other Garlicscapes food again sometime. Nice guy working the window.

  • 3.0 étoiles

    Got back from the YL HS Thursday truck stop.

    I finally got a chance to give the Bacon Mania truck a try. And after reading so many reviews about the BM trio I stepped up and ordered it. "Sorry all we have is the Mac N Cheese ball trio today" was the reply I received from the girl in the window. BIG bummer I had my heart set on it too. Oh well, give me the mac n cheese balls.

    Not bad but didn't have as much bacon flavor as I would have expected. I traded one of them to a girl for some of her garlic feta fries (delish) from Garlicscapes. So things worked out OK in the end. Would have been 4 stars but lacking menu brought it down. Still hungry so off to the Viking truck.

    I'll have to go back and try the sliders and stuffed jalepenos another time.

  • 3.0 étoiles

    Out walking my dog yesterday I hit up this truck at the Anaheim Antique swap meet thingy on Center street down town Anaheim yesterday.  I quickly browsed the Antiques and 7-8 food trucks and decided on Chomp Chomp Nation (stupid name). My dog was getting the hot foot on the pavement so the EZup they had was the deciding factor. Malay street food, why not!

    I had the Singapore Sloppy Joe and root chips. Not your usual sloppy joe from a can, it had all kinds of good stuff. Not even sure why its called a sloppy joe except it's kind of messy, but when stuff falls out on the ground my dog scores. A win bark win.

    To begin with it was some kind of seasoned shredded beef sammy with an Asian slaw on top. Whatever they seasoned the meat with was good and my stomach thanked me. And the slaw was equally tasty and made for a nice pairing. A little on the small side but it was 2pm and I was grilling later on so I did not mind. 3 stars (size)

    The Root chips came with a dipping sauce that was ok. I wasn't sure what most of the stuff was but it wasn't bad either just not what I thought it'd be. Does anyone make mushroom chips? Love me some fungi.  2 stars   just ok

    I liked the food and will try again. Maybe the shrimp or crab and for sure the saute with chicken beef and shrimp. But I'm kind of skittish when it comes to roach cock seafood. Just me I'm not judging.

  • 11824 Artesia Blvd
    Artesia, CA 90701
    3.0 étoiles

    Neato truck. Found it at the babies R Us Roach Coach roundup.…  

    Belly Bombz mobile Kitchen was one of a few of the trucks that was open at the starting time 5pm. And I like me some fusion food where the taste is scrambled between ethnicities.…

    My daughter and I ordered up some wingy stuff to try. Wish I'd had the poutine.

    She went for the sesame wings, mom's something on another.  ...  She is one picky eater and surprisingly she ate every last wing and gave then 4****Stars   I tried a bite and give it a 3***Star  Nowhere near as good as 'ba-chan's sesame wings.…

    I had the garlic parm wings  ...  They came with a little salad that I really liked. However these were pretty good but a little too soggy. An Ok good garlicky buffalo flava. The taste was there but the mushy wings were a no go for me. 2**Stars…

    I need to still give a few other menu choices a chance. The Poutine looks awesome!…
    As does the sliders and elote'…  and the sliders…

    I'll be back to try some more shit!

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