salsa for cilantro haters

i am one of the unlucky ones that can't stand the taste of cilantro. maybe not cilantro free but damn close.
  • 3036 16th St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    4.0 étoiles

    this place has a great red salsa free of or at least not noticeable cilantro. and it has a good amount of heat. i taste some weird shit if i eat cilantro. they have a few others as well but i don't partake in those.

    one morning we needed some fresh tortilla's and wet refried beans. this place had the tortilla's fresh off the griddle and were the thicker kind. and nice runny beans. perfect for my father in law's chorizo breakfast.

    i can't say how the rest of the food is but i will stock my refrigerator with that salsa. 4 stars for the salsa.

  • 279 Columbus Street
    San Francisco, CA 94133
    3.0 étoiles

    i was going to give two stars but it is good enough food. this isn't the type of place i would normally eat at. but the place we originally wanted to get some food had a private party going on so we had to move on. my wife and i have had some bad luck with those private parties. we haven't been here in san francisco a year yet and this has happened 4 times.

    we were in north beach to do some drinking with a group of people and wanted to get a small meal as to not fill up and mess up drinking with our people. so pasta and pizza are out. la parrilla grill just happened to be right next to us when i said i am hungry and i want some food man. so in we went.

    we each got the chicken breast meal or really just the chicken. we thought we were getting a meal but all it came with was tortilla's. all is cool with that. we need room to drink later. the chicken was hot and only a bit dry which is almost normal when ordering breast meat.

    for those who read my salsa list: the green salsa at the bar was good. the hot red one was good. another had way too much cilantro so i passed on that one.

    we were the only ones in there and the staff was friendly. and they have beer too. but it was pretty much boring taste wise. we would not eat here again only because there are better choices out there. one reason some might want to eat here is it is cheap eats.

  • 2092 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    3.0 étoiles

    good burrito for under $5. that green salsa was good and i don't usually eat the green. typical pico de gallo with cilantro, and a red with cilantro.

    it is true they put the tortilla on a griddle instead of steaming them but then they wrap in aluminum foil which effectively ends up steaming them anyway. it was a good filling burrito and will eat there again but not until i try all the others in the 'hood. and that could take awhile. there is just so much great food in this city and in the mission particularly. but damn i can't find that gyro.

    for the folks concerned about the crack whores and meth addicts that this neighborhood has no shortage of. it takes the two of you to fuck the whore so that's your call and the same goes with the drugs being used and abused. so unless you fear you might fall off the whore and/or drug wagon you should be okay eating here. day or night.

  • 3071 16th St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    4.0 étoiles

    another one of those places that doesn't need my review. a whole shit load of people have already written how this place rocks one way or another.

    i love how the long ass line just moves along lickety split. before you know it you are at the cash register and salsa bar. some damn good salsa's to be had for sure. one of my favorite salsa bars in the city so far. it's all good man. i have had dinner plates, burritos, tacos, stewed meats, and on and on.

    big 'ol security guard to keep you from being shot at i guess. or maybe to keep a homeless person from raiding you plate when you head back for more yummy salsa. damn i'm getting hungry

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