Sometimes a slice is nice

Where I eat pizza, well lately.
  • 641 Plainfield Rd
    Willowbrook, IL 60527
    5.0 étoiles

    My husband and I are systematically going to a different pizza place every time we go to Chicago. This one was convenient to our hotel so it made the next slot on our list.

    We were happy with the service and attention we got here. the waitress was super sweet and knowledgable, heck she even dished other pizzas with us fairly objectively. I liked that. She kept us in drink refills and was just great in general.

    We started with an antipasto salad which had nice big slices of meats and cheese, veggies, pepperocini and tasty olives with a good olive oil vinaigrette dressing, we also had some very tasty garlic cheese bread as waiting for stuffed pizza can take time (ours was about a half hour wait) and we were hungry.

    We ordered a small stuffed pizza with lots of meats as I was letting James pick. I especially liked the canadian bacon mmmm. I loved the crust and the sauce was just so freaking good. A cheesy meaty slice of heaven. One of the top pies in Chicago to be sure. We were both super happy.

    It is heavy, gooey, cheesy, dense and saucy so if you are not into that kind of thing then skip it, we loved it and found it to be an enormously happy thing indeed. Overall we are just really big fans of Chicago pizza in all their style variations.

  • 29110 Franklin Rd
    Southfield, MI 48034
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    Maybe its because I did not expect much given the up and down ratings of here, maybe its because I went during a rare slow moment but I really liked Pizzeria Biga. Trust me no one would accuse me of being hip but I felt comfortable and welcomed here. Even though I'm not much of a pizza fanatic, I would gladly return.

    I went with a friend who has navigated the waters quite a few times, she gladly guided me through any missteps I might have made. After a bit of discussion and some nods, mehs and enthusiatic oh yesses we ended up ordering.

    We went app heavy. The salumi selections of duck prosciutto and speck were paired with caprino cheese. The wood roasted beets were a must as were the risotto balls. We followed it with a chop salad and a mushroom ragu pizza. Everything was shared happily.

    I think we sidestepped the soggy issues others have had by going with a white pizza. I also have to say that the chevre and thyme were perfect mates to the mushrooms. Crispy and happy. The chop salad was so good, they had me at hearts of palm but they kept me with the delicious vinaigrette which unlike most places did not drown or overwhelm the fresh ingredients.

    The apps were all stars. Wood roasted beets, yeah can't go too wrong with that, adding some olive and walnut pesto though was genius. The caprino sharpness, the fatty richness of the duck proscuitto and the fun smokyish spice of the speck were a great combo. The risotto balls are awesome, the sauce is especially a star.

    All in all a good place with nice flavors. I would avoid the peak hours myself as I can see the claustrophobia potential. I will have to go back at some point though to see if trying more is as satisfying. Maybe a red pizza...

  • 621 S Main St
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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    Upon Dan's suggestion I gave Anthony's a shot the other night.

    My husband and I are both fans of Chicago stuffed so that is what we ordered. As the carnivorous option contained his kryptonite, mushrooms, we created our own meaty feast. He is anti fennel so we skipped the Italian sausage and went for pepperoni, canadian bacon, hamburger and ham. We were told it would be a thirty minute wait and the guy was dead on.

    Dining in is interesting, there are three tables and some odd lounge area with varying magazines. It is also very warm so be warned, I doubt I will be dining in come July personally.

    While we waited we took a tour of the mini mall. It is very convenient as all the stores are interconnected. Brazamerica, Copernicus and By The Pound all provided us with plenty of interesting products to entertain us for the half hour. The wait added rather than detracting from the experience.

    We got back just in time to feast on our pie. Meaty layers topped with gooey cheese and a dense deep red spice laden sauce. The giant height crust was deliciously crisp. One downside was the bottom was greasy but really what can you expect with all that meat. I could only eat a piece and a half before I cried uncle, James ate two and a half. It's extremely filling and we were both pleased.

    We swung by my parents on the way home with treasures from shopping and the rest of the pie. They both enjoyed a piece and still we were left with two for James' breakfast. That is great value.

    We will be back for more sampling as will my parents.

  • 2457 Russell St
    Detroit, MI 48207
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    I quite enjoyed this pizza, a thin crusted delight. I am not a huge pizza person, I never have been, but I do know what I like and this passes my test easily.

    My husband and I of course could not agree on a pizza so we opted for two ten inchers. He went basic with a pepperoni, I wanted the Supino. We also ordered a salad with lemon basil citronette.The pizzas both had great crusts, plenty of ingredients and were perfectly cooked.

    I really enjoyed the garlic, olives, chili oil and ricotta on my Supino. Surprisingly I also enjoyed the sauce, which I am usually not a huge fan of, it allows the ingredients to really shine rather than being the dominating flavor. My choice appalled James who thought the flavor combo was wretched.

    My husband liked the pepperoni a lot, they certainly did not scrimp on it either. He said he would have preferred a little more zip to his sauce but like I said, he went basic so you need a bit more pep in the sauce maybe for his palate. I personally did not notice a problem at all but his taste in pizza and mine is totally different. He did like the pizza at any rate, especially the crust.

    The salad was full of good greens and the veggies were fresh. I adored the dressing but James was iffy on it. He lives on ranch so I would take his opinion on a vinaigrette type dressing with a grain of salt. Next time I think I will get the red wine vinaigrette and he will probably still vetch.

    We were full and I even took some home myself as I ate most of the salad. Nice place, we will be back when we visit the market again.

  • 33605 Plymouth Rd
    Livonia, MI 48150
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    I finally took the husband to Buddy's. I am not a huge pizza fan myself except for when we go to Chicago so I had not been to Buddy's in over ten years. He loves the stuff but usually eats at his Toledo faves at least once a week at work so he is not as anxious to try the pizzas up here.

    This weekend though he decided it was time to give it a go.

    The place is nice inside. He loved the big screens showing Red Wing hockey, a good game to boot. Our waitress was slack jawed we were not familiar with Buddy's but seeing his Cubs shirt kinda got why not. She was very enthusiastic and sweet and we always appreciate that.

    We ended up going with the breadsticks and an eight square of the meaty pizza. I thought the breadsticks were a bit undercooked for my taste, super doughy but my husband likes that. The tomato sauce she brought with them was meh but then she decided to bring us out very good ranch dressing to try which was much happier.

    The pizza itself was great. Crispy edges, buttery but not really greasy. James wishes we would have gotten extra cheese but frankly I thought there was plenty. Good amount of tasty sauce in that it did not dominate but nicely coated between the dough and cheese. Pepperoni was properly buried under cheese, the rest of the meat was nicely crisped.

    I thought the pizza was a trifle overpriced for the size we got but I am not a pizza regular so I have no real clue about the going rate. Overall very nice though and worth a return.

  • 22022 Michigan Ave
    Dearborn, MI 48124
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    I have done this for carry out, delivery and dine in. All are good options in my book. If you are doing dine in and want a Chicago deep dish call ahead. Otherwise the 30+ minute wait will make you pissy, I have seen it in action here.

    I can't expound too much on the food here. I have stuck with pizza or salads. I also have done a soup and salad combo with the minestrone and have been decently happy. My fave salads in here are the antipasto and the Mediterranean (I add beets to it). The Greek is also decent. Always fresh and big portions. They do charge for any extra dressings though so be warned.

    The pizza is the star of the show. Not quite a match for my beloved Chicago Giordano's but it is quite good for Detroit. It will feed an army of course, cheesy, heavy and just dense. The sauce is happy and there is always plenty of gooey cheese. If you don't like Chicago style they do have other options, I don't recommend them at all but there are other options. Chicago style is just the way to go here.

    Service has always been friendly and orders are always accurate. Happiness.

  • 42970 Grand River Ave
    Novi, MI 48375
    4.0 étoiles

    We were in the area for a trip to the mall and decided to swing by and try it as it was on the way from the mall to one of my used book stores.

    I wasn't expecting much but I am a pessimist about pizza in general. The place was loud, so loud you cannot have a decent conversation. This also makes ordering tricky as you have to shout at the waiter and hope he gets it right. Luckily ours was on the ball. Its a nice atmosphere, very airy and spacious. They were full but it did not feel that way except for the noise level which is mostly due to poor acoustics. It was comfortable, you don't feel like you are on top of other people. You can bring a bigger group pretty easily too I would imagine.

    They had a deal where you got a salad for five bucks with a large pizza so we did just that. A pepperoni classico (extra cheese for James) with a antipasto salad. We threw in some rotolis which are a bread like form of crack, swimming in a bath of butter, garlic, parmesan and basil.

    The salad was terrific. Nice pinwheels of meat (pepperoni, capicola, ham, provolone cheese), chunks of feta, slices of tomato, green and black olive medley over nice green romaine lettuce in a good Italian vinaigrette. The pizza was nice flat foldable style with fresh mozzarella, a tasty almost creamy tasting sauce, mild but still flavorful pepperoni and little strips of fresh basil. It was a tad greasy on top but the crust had that happy bit of smokyish flavor and crispy crunchy edges you get with coal. I was very pleased.

    It wasn't a perfect ten or holy grail, it will not bowl you over or anything, but it was nice pizza. Super fresh flavors and pleasant surprises. My husband and I were equally pleased. Next week, Tomatoes Apizza. We are on a pizza kick.

  • 1070 S Main St
    Plymouth, MI 48170
    4.0 étoiles

    Very good deep dish square pizzas with crispy edges, not oversauced but a nice amount of cheese (we order extra cheese and mean it) which I like. Similar to Buddy's in my opinion. I always opt for the deep dish. Always solid, I have never gotten a bad pie. My husband declares it not bad....for Michigan... but he is a total pizza snob.

    They also have pretty good ribs for a pizza joint, tender with a nice sauce. Salads are meh as are the subs, I'd skip them. The cheese bread is good though.

    Service is hit or miss, typical of a carryout pizza joint. They run coupons in Valpak. Definitely where you want to order from if you are in Plymouth though.

  • 895 W Eisenhower Pkwy
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    4.0 étoiles

    This place is a bit hidden with a smallish sign in the Collonnade shops. The dining area is small and not impressive. The smell that greets you when you enter though is incredible. The service here is top notch and friendly too.

    We sampled the pizza ( NY style) and pasta both, we shared so we we would not have to choose. The pizza was crispy and had a slight char, a decent amount of pepperoni and tasty cheese. The sauce was nice with just enough coverage and spice level. It was a very well balanced combination that allowed each ingredient to shine, simple but extremely well executed.

    The pasta we picked was the sorrento, marinara with fresh mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan and basil. As much as I liked the pizza, I liked this equally as much. Again, it was a nice mix of flavors and the pasta was al dente happiness. Just done right.

    If you are looking to impress this is probably not your place. If you are looking to eat solid, well prepared, unpretentious Italian food then you are in the right locale.

    We will be back to sample more :).

  • 2101 Menard St
    Saint Louis, MO 63104
    4.0 étoiles

    Awesome thin crust and thick crust pizzas. The thin is lovely and crispy, the thick has good crisp to chew ratio. Both have a great sauce. I have had great italian sausage, veggies and yummy roasted garlic on them too. Joanie's is easily my fave pizza in St Lou.

    I prefer sitting upstairs where the ambiance is a little less smoky. Service is generally friendly if a bit slow. Dress is strictly casual.

    The only other things I have gotten in here is salads in the house vinaigrette and very tasty cheesy garlic bread. It is hard to resist the pizza.

    Try Joanie's, it's a gem.

  • 44938 Ford Rd
    Canton, MI 48187
    4.0 étoiles

    I have been going to Palermo for years, it was a particular fave of my high school best friend. My father is a fan of the pizza and my mom likes the pasta. My husband who is a gigantic pizza snob believes this is the best pizza outside of his beloved Toledo places Ginos and Vitos.

    I actually enjoy the pizza here quite a bit, even though I am not a huge 'za fan as a general rule. I do like it but I am so incredibly picky it is a rare thing for me to eat. My favorite here hands down is the the Meat Lover. The meat here is incredibly good, perfectly cooked and layered onto the pie. I have had single toppings and veggie combos here too and have never been disappointed. I would however avoid the Grilled Chicken Alfredo with its jarred sauce flavor. It's popular here but I find it a gooey heavy flop.

    The pasta is nice as well, again avoid the alfredo. The optional meatballs are good but the Italian sausage is even better. It's definitely home style type pasta. I like the cheese tortellini with marinara sauce but everyone else seems to stick with spaghetti, especially with the baked mozzarella option. I on very rare occasion will have some aglio olio with the mushroom sauce option but I have to be in the mood for it, it is a bit oily for my stomach and unless you like that sort of thing I would not recommend it.

    The salads are large. I like the antipasto a lot as well as the Greek. Always fresh and good. The antipasto is a good option for meat lovers, the Greek is full of nice veggies and zesty dressing. The side salads are basic but happy. I usually get greek, italian or olive oil and vinegar dressing, always get it on the side if you want to avoid too much as they have a heavy hand with it. I have never tried the soups, but the minestrone is a favorite of a friend of mine.

    Sandwiches here are decent. The only one I have gotten personally is the Italian sausage with the optional peppers and onions and it was a delight. Friends have been quite happy with other options but frankly I stick to pizza or pasta, I am a firm believer in eating specialties of the house when faced with a choice.

    If you are looking for a good pizza, this is top notch. The extra large with a big salad (they feature coupons for this deal regularly) can easily feed five or six people and that is a cheap meal for a crowd.

  • 715 N University Ave
    Ann Arbor, MI 48113
    4.0 étoiles

    Every now and again I misjudge my husband's comfort level. Sometimes it is on purpose or I would never manage to review half the places I do. My husband is a stated skeptic of anything organic, he thinks it is a crock to overcharge hipsters for food. I knew he would not be jazzed with the place so I left organic out of the discussion of where we were eating. He was just happy it was going to be pizza.

    The cat was out of the bag when we got here. Eyerolls ensued. The menu was not his cup of tea, way too veggie heavy. At one point he demanded, tell me they do actually have pepperoni here woman. If they had not I think we would have had to make a discreet exit. I had not checked that because I did not care about it myself. I am a bad wife like that.

    Adding to his displeasure was the service and general atmosphere here. It is really not his kind of place and our wait time was wretched. It is slow food but they also do not make you any happier while you have to wait. It is chaotic really and one of the people taking care of us was not all there in my opinion.

    The toppings are not heaping here but that did not bother me as much as him. I had a sausage and rapini and was quite pleased indeed. It is a fabulous flavor combo. Garlic, zippy red pepper flake, a bit of bitter green, zesty and tasty sausage paired nicely with the sweetness of the tomato sauce. I was happy with the properly crisped crust and a bit of gooey mozzarella too. Yum as a whole.  James shuddered at the mere idea of a sample.

    He went with a Hawaiian and added pepperoni to the ham and pineapple. He was happy enough but not wowed. He said it was bland and nothing special at all but hey it was still pizza. He also stated he thought it was low on amount of toppings and therefore overpriced. James is also not a fan of when he does not get enough cheese, even when he asks for (and pays for) extra.

    Luckily for Silvio's I am writing the review here. If you like a more traditional type crust topped with some less mainstream super fresh ingredients you will really enjoy trying Silvio's. If however you like typical pizza chain type ingredient combinations on thick doughy crust, you will likely hate Silvio's.

  • 2122 Whittaker Rd
    Ypsilanti, MI 48197
    4.0 étoiles

    I have to clarify I went to the Whittaker Road location and not the one in Depot Town.

    I went to their website first at and they sent me a coupon for a free appetizer when I joined their e club. I would suggest doing the same. They also ask for important dates for all of the family, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I imagine you get freebies then too.

    I like the look of Aubrees. We mostly went as they have NTN trivia which I am addicted to. If you are an NTN Fan, they have tables with mini tv screens just for you. My husband and I loved that as we could play and not have to look around to find a screen.

    We decided on boneless wings for our appetizer as we planned on pizza and did not want to overload on starch. We got the chipotle barbecue variety and were quite pleased. It was a generous portion with carrot sticks, celery and ranch for dipping. As my husband loves celery and I love carrot it worked out nicely. The slightly smoky sauce was very tasty and the wings were small and crunchy yet still meaty and juicy inside.

    For our dinner we wanted completely opposite pizzas so we ordered two. Our waitress kind of acted like we were being piggish which pissed me off. We were taking home major leftovers but at any rate it was just none of her business.

    I had the Chicken, Goat Cheese and Mushroom bistro specialty pizza on a whole wheat crust. It has roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes and red onion on it also. I asked for pesto rather than tomato sauce and they were nice enough to make the switch for me. It was lovely but the sundried tomatoes got a tad burnt on top, they should have stuck em under the cheese. The pizza other than that was perfect. I could only eat three pieces and took the rest home.

    My husband had the Mighty Mighty Meat pizza, featuring chunks of italian sausage, bacon, spicy pepperoni, ham and ground beef. He was not a fan of the big chunks of sausage but I like that sort of thing personally. Other than that he thought the pizza was good. Not nearly as good as Toledo pizza, but that is what he says about everything up here. He ate about half his pizza and took the rest home.

    We went back as I liked the place quite a bit food and trivia set up wise, we have enjoyed half priice calzones during happy hour and scored some free drinks through trivia play.

    I want to go on the weekend during football season sometime as they have tailgate buffet for just 7.99 with a variety of 'za, brats, dogs, chili, potato and macaroni salad and the like. What a bargain.

    My birthday gift this year from Aubrees was a free large specialty pizza. We had the Big Kahuna minus onions (James is a baby) and man was it awesome! The Frog Island BBQ Sauce is just yummy. The chicken is in good chunks, slices of nice ham and nice accent of bacon. His half also featured pineapple chunks. Pizza bliss, free trivia, even live free trivia woohoo and all we had to pay for was drinks.

    So give Aubree's a whirl. It is tasty.

  • 870 Briarwood Circle
    Ann Arbor, MI 48108
    4.0 étoiles
    04/06/2012 Avis mis à jour

    Swung by on a mall trip again.

    The habanero carnitas pizza was very nice indeed. I love that pink salsa! A little goes a long way but the spice level is perfectly tingly without overwhelming everything if you go light on the application of it.

    My husband went for the BBQ chicken pizza, no onion, with bacon. Happily balanced.

    As we had a five dollar off coupon, we splurged on a piece of lemon cake. Six layers of spongy cake and lemon custard frosted in a marscapone based frosting with some lemon sugar sprinkled on the top. Not too sweet but perfect and a great share.

    Iced tea is brewed in house and is really stellar, that always matters to me. No need for a lemon wedge even.

    Yep it's a chain but consistent. Spendy but pretty damn good. Reliable food at the mall is fairly priceless. I do not drive out of my way to eat here or anything but I am always happy for this option.

    4.0 étoiles
    09/11/2009 Avis précédent
    The service here is excellent. Fast, friendly and even helpful. We generally get a good staff member… En savoir plus
  • 350 S Main St
    Plymouth, MI 48170
    4.0 étoiles

    This is a cute little restaurant with solidly tasty food. Service is generally friendly and attentive.

    My parents come in here regularly for lunch. I like lunch with my work hours and it is cheaper to boot but I have been in for both lunch and for dinner with James.

    My mom usually gets the baccala, which is good fish with bread crumbs and tomato sauce, my dad orders just about anything. I like the capellini amore, the grilled italian sausage and the penne alla anna with or without the blackened chicken. Sometimes they have a pasta with hot peppers that is really good. I still miss the salmon pappardelle they used to have on the menu too. James likes the lasagne, chicken parm, tortaloni or a calzone. We also like the tenderloin tips diavolo or calamari as an app sometimes.

    At the bar from 4-6 weeknights they have half off beer and house wine with freebie brick oven pizza which is nice. Join the e club and they will send you coupons and deals for here and their sister restaurant Fiamma Grille.

  • 44675 5 Mile Rd
    Plymouth, MI 48170
    4.0 étoiles

    This pizza does have a very similar style to Palermo's. Of course I like it. I figured if Liz R did, I would at any rate. Some reviewers you can just trust like that and I know we have similar taste.

    I split a Larietta hand tossed style with my dad and found it very happy indeed. Very nice combo of tastes that blend into deliciousness. The garlic is just utterly droolworthy and the sausage adds zest. My husband found a simple pepperoni to be more his speed. He was pleased with his choice.

    Even my mother's order of the appropriately named Mother's original salad passed the tastebud test. Covered with chicken, green pepper, red pepper, banana peppers, olives, cucumber, onion and tomato. It's served with a nice red wine vinaigrette.

    Plenty of freebie bread with sweet-ish red sauce and ranch made us eat way too much. It's definitely tasty. I do love a freebie. Wow is this place loud though and yep it is one of those joints that will remind you that birth control is a wonderful option.

  • 618 Church St
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    3.0 étoiles

    It's late, you are hungry. Pizza House is open. That works for me. With my husband's work hours anything open late is happy.

    I sampled a Michigan cherry chipati, a salad stuffed into a big pita basically. Tasty but way overpriced. I do love a dried cherry, walnut and gorgonzola combination. It hit my taste buds well.

    James had a calzone. He actually wanted a Chicago stuffed but did not want to wait for it so he is saving it for another time. The calzone was decent and stuffed pretty full of three cheeses, pepperoni, ham and salami.

    Neither of us were blown away but we liked it well enough. We will be back to try again.

  • 243 Main St
    Belleville, MI 48111
    3.0 étoiles
    Premier à donner un avis

    It's late and you do not want to go out. Fine. You are in Belleville. Ummm.

    It is well documented here on Yelp that the choices in Belleville are limited to say the least. Yes Jet's is a chain but it will do in a pinch. The deep dish is reliable enough, the wings drenched in hot sauce work well for drunkenish binging. Highlights also include the meatball Jet boat,, the turbo bread which is a meal in itself and the decent salads.

    It is not going to rock your world but they generally get the order right and the food usually meets or ever so slightly exceeds expectations. I also appreciate that the drinks are actually icy cold if you add them to your order.

  • 45530 Cherry Hill Rd
    Canton, MI 48187
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    This place is not too awfully far from us and we miss Papa John's from time to time so we are willing to trek a bit to sample some. My parents were over the other night and we decided to get a couple pizzas to share while on a break from wrapping presents for the grandkids.

    The double bacon six cheese is an artery buster with canadian and regular style bacons and a happy combo of cheeses and so that was what we picked. Everyone loves bacon and cheese so it is a no brainer. Deliousness! My parents went with a works and that was a nice pick too, not that my husband was jazzed with it but he hates mushrooms and olives.

    My personal fave here is the John's favorite, with pepperoni, Italian sausage and herbs topped with the six cheese blends. I also am willing to get a garden fresh or a BBQ chicken. My husband is a fan of the Hawaiian BBQ chicken but I am meh on pineapple topped pizzas myself.

    Its a nice example of a Papa Johns, solid and rarely messed up. The big draw for us is the garlic sauce dip cups, the peppercinis and the jalapenos for my husband.

    If it was close enough for delivery or open past ten PM I would add a it is it's a mere three.

  • 27424 Warren Rd
    Westland, MI 48185
    3.0 étoiles

    I love it here but I grew up on it.

    This restaurant does skew towards an older crowd but that doesn't upset me in the slightest. It's a mom and pop joint and the clientele are mostly people who live or used to live in the neighborhood. The food is solid and tasty.

    They have a special in here called the due combination where you can get two entree selections with two sides of your choice for 11.99. It's a whole lot of food and a deal. If you get it opt to pay an extra dollar and get the antipasto salad which has great meat and veggies and is a delight. Your other side should be spaghetti, period.

    I love the broasted chicken, the sausage and peppers, spaghetti, mostaccioli and the pizza. I am not too big on the ravioli.

    They have great deals on wine and beer here, limited selection but I am no wine snob when I'm eating Italian .

    The cannoli is nice for dessert. I also like their spumoni.

  • 51390 Willis Rd
    Belleville, MI 48111
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    This is a place I could never go to before the smoking ban took effect. It was just too smoky. We have been now a couple of times since that and found the place a bit hit or miss, food and crowd wise.

    The pizza is obviously the specialty here and its decent. They also do calzones and apparently are a local fave for Friday fish fries. The place always seems to be doing a great business and the crowd seems to be mostly regulars and locals.

    Our first pizza here was a hand tossed with the meats and I was happily surprised. Good texture, plenty of toppings, pepperoni under the cheese as requested.

    The second visit in here was to sample deep dish which was an odd combo of under and overcooked. On that night we were treated to some very loud and obnoxious patrons as well. Not the restaurants fault although they certainly did not do anything about it or seem particularly taken aback.

    We would have said something about the pizza but we ended up taking nearly a whole pie home to get out of the place and did not feel like returning. It was edible after a reheat at any rate.

    I am sticking with a three rating because I feel like it was a one off issue, I still am sticking with the hand tossed option here though.

  • 24369 Halsted Rd
    Farmington Hills, MI 48332
    2.0 étoiles

    This is the first place yelpers have sent me to where I have honestly felt like people on here were f-ing with me. Seriously a five star? For this?

    We got there at around 6:30 on a Monday for their only nighttime buffet. The place was a ghost town. It was us and one family of parents, grandparents and obligatory unruly small child no one could control. We picked a seat and a few minutes later a *waitress* moseyed in and asked us what we wanted to drink. Drinks were plopped on the table without a word and there we were left.

    No music, no TVs. Nada. You feel like your voice echoes...

    The salad bar was tastier than it looked. Odd to have no Italian dressing at a pizza place but I prefer balsamic at any rate so I was happy. Ok start, not jumping through hoops but decent.

    Then came the pizza. They had precooked about 12-15 pies, all were pretty stone cold, cardboard-y. We took our bites and almost started to laugh. "What is the rating here again" my husband inquired. I mean it was bad, so freaking bad, worse than Cicis. We were starved though and I told my husband that he could request something. He did but it took a minute to actually ever get anything.

    At some point I said something about maybe getting a margarita pizza made to our waitress who was strolling by. She pointed at the warmer and said there is one. I said ummm its not hot, its really old. She shrugged and said something about it being dead in there and so that was what was there.

    Ok I get that. I am a paying customer though and it is not my fault your restaurant made 15 pizzas a long time ago that no one ate. I should not have to settle for them. I think I was overheard because a couple minutes later she was sullenly taking the old pizzas off the tables and suddenly new pizzas started to slowly make their way to replace them.

    I should not have had to say anything. If I hadn't they would have just had us eat crap. The hot stuff we had at the very end was promising, not 5 star by any stretch but solidly pretty good pizza.It was too late for me, I was just kinda disgusted by the general attitude and lack of care here. It was sad. I wasted money in gas and got shit.

    I guess you need to come here at peak hours or or be prepared to accept cold old pizza, no pasta anywhere to be seen and dried out disgusting desserts....

    Oh and James wanted me to add his requested pizza actually emerged pretty black, not just on the edges, it was just burnt.

  • 21142 Ecorse Rd
    Taylor, MI 48180
    2.0 étoiles

    I think the pizza is probably the way to go here and I have a feeling if we come back that is indeed what we will get.

    This time, however, we both had pasta dinners. They came with garlic rolls and butter and your choice of soup or salad. The garlic rolls are good, next time we may opt for a cup of sauce to dip into though. The minestrone my husband had was canned flavored and utterly forgettable. The plain salad I had with the house made Italian dressing was a much better choice.

    It was a bit of a wait for the entrees but they kept us in bread and pop so I was totally fine. The waitress was uber apologetic and generally on the ball so it was hard to be annoyed at all.

    I opted for the chicken piccata. It had a lovely brothy lemon butter sauce, lots of my fave artichokes, plenty of capers and quarters of button mushrooms. The chicken was in huge chunks and had very nice flavor. The fettuccine it was served on top of was flavorless and past al dente and the sauce was not really working with it. If I got it again I would either ask for angel hair or a different side altogether.

    My husband had the fettuccine alfredo with shrimp. Again he really enjoyed the sauce and the shrimp part but found the pasta itself a bit underwhelming. Of course he thought they should have doled out more shrimp too but he needs to wrap his head around the fact that five is pretty much a standard with pasta really. I wish he would just order chicken instead.

    The atmosphere is nothing to rave about, a bit old and run down feeling. It is very family friendly even in the smoking section bar area so if you do not like kids you might want to avoid Pia's altogether.

    We each finished all of our entrees except for the meh pasta. Usually we have leftovers when we go Italian but not here.

    We also decided we had enough room for dessert. I highly recommend the cannoli, it was fresh and crisp, richly stuffed with a thick vanilla filling and garnished with lots of chocolate chips.

  • 221 Parkdale Ave
    Manistee, MI 49660
    1.0 étoiles
    Premier à donner un avis

    Told this was the best pizza in Manistee I happily ordered some with my husband to sample the wares.

    First off I think someone needs to explain to Big Al what Chicago style pizza is. His version was not even true deep dish, more like chewy bread with canned sauce, grease covered cheese and limited toppings.

    Honestly though I think even had we been expecting regular type pizza we would have been truly disappointed. When my husband throws away over half a pizza it is truly bad pizza.

    We ended up leaving our cozy cabin in the battering wind and rain coming straight off Lake Michigan, on a winding road that opens up to the lake at some points, risking a deer and car collision as we drove in the pitch black to go to BK for burgers back in town. Everything else was closing for the night and we were starved.


  • 849 Penniman Ave
    Plymouth, MI 48170
    4.0 étoiles

    Cozy and romantic looking setting if a bit noisy. It works if you are into wine, salad type items and some pizza. We sat in a half booth and were happy.

    We started with spiedini, oven roasted prosciutto wrapped fresh mozzarella served on a bed of arugula. Mmmm fresh and tasty. Nice to sip some wine and relax a bit with. I had a bit of something called Barbara (a happy recommended red) and I thought it paired nicely with the various items I ate but my husband scoffs that no one in Italy drinks wine with pizza. He stuck with a diet Coke. Pffft.

    For my main I had the Bufalina pizza - San Marzano tomatoes (a must!), imported mozzarella di bufala, fresh basil.  Having read Liz R.'s review I asked for extra basil up front and they graciously accomodated me...I am a basil hog. Crispy enough and full of flavor. I liked. I was tipsy though so keep that in mind.

    James went with a Misto Salumi and requested no sausage, no problem they seemed to have given him more of the other items as his pizza was well topped. Extra cheese as requested as well. Gosh we are troublesome but they did handle special requests well. He liked his too.

    Not cheap but quality. It made for a nice night out.

  • 45490 Ford Rd
    Canton, MI 48187
    4.0 étoiles

    Mmmmmm tasty. I am not huge into pizza as a general rule but this place is one of my exceptions to the rule. Its totally fun fusion.

    The chilli chicken pizza is quite delish. The garlic definitely makes its presence known which adds to the complex spice. Really dances across the tongue. I liked the texture too. My friend is veg only and went with the aloo gobi. Hmmmm, not really working for me in the same way. It was ok but nothing I need to have again. Just too much and yet oddly not enough. Sorry for the description but that is really how I felt, texture odd, flavor just not as exciting as the other choice and therefore disappointing.

    Sadly my husband has declared this to be the one place he will not partake in pizza from. Ever. He needs to stop the hate on Indian food already. Boo. I will come back without him.

  • 341 E Liberty St
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    4.0 étoiles

    This place makes me a total glutton.

    We have been twice now and I see the way to go here is pizza and apps. The pasta I had was smaller portioned and not as impressive as the rest of the fare. Staff seems on the ball at both lunch and dinner. Everything you eat is fresh and quality. You have to like that.

    The salumi and the cheese plates are both winners so I can only imagine the mix works. The pickled tomatoes are freaking addictive and an absolute must! The pork belly is delish but c'mon it's pork belly, it would be a shocker if it were not.

    The zuppa di primavera and arugula salad work. They make a nice combo for lunch with one of the pizzas for 12.50 (not recommending the gnocchi), they call it The Italian Job and it's a good deal.

    The wild mushroom and ham pizza is pretty terrific. The gnocchi was skimpy in all ways and I would not get it again. My husband liked both the pepperoni and the margherita pizzas (and I enjoyed my bites). Basically if it's pizza it works :).

    I will return again and again. I hope to explore the salads, especially the beet one but man is it hard to not get pizza.

  • 8975 Marketplace Dr.
    Birch Run, MI 48415
    2.0 étoiles

    Meh. Especially for the price.

    If you dine here, stick to the pizza. We came up here on the spur of the moment to shop so we were not necessarily in the mood for pizza. Ok I was not in the mood for pizza, my husband can always eat pizza but he hates individual deep dish as it's just too much crust and too little toppings.

    So it's my fault we weren't happy here.

    I went with a special. Chimichurri cap steak. Ordered medium rare, delivered medium. It was not horrible and we were not in any mood to wait so I kept it. Besides in the back section we were in every other table got a freebie and the manager? was running around apologizing to all and sundry as well as strongarming an idle bartender to get off her ass and help the waitstaff.

    This manager definitely needed a anti anxiety med, she was none too subtle about her frazzled state to everyone she encountered. As we were leaving staff was flocking to her asking what they could do for her and she was saying quite loudly to pick things up as they come up in the windows. Based on what I observed and ate I would say our food sat awhile under the warmers.

    My steak was overdone, my mashed cauliflower was dried out and not hot and my husband's pasta was past al dente and the top was dry and cold when delivered. Luckily our paltry portioned salads were at least tasty. Breadsticks were too. Our waiter seemed overwhelmed but was very friendly and made sure to get us refills on pop.

    I will not be back. Probably not even for pizza, three were complained about for one reason or another near us. Yikes.

  • 500 E William St
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    3.0 étoiles

    I am not a huge pizza fan but when I like a pizza I really like it.

    This was good, not great. It seems to have a bit of confusion as to what it wants to be. Not thin or crisp enough to be NY or traditional, certainly not thick enough to be Detroit or Chicago style. It was just pizza. Small complaint though, my main issue was with their execution of their vision. A bit uneven in cooking and yep my pizza was cut quite sloppily as well. I hate when you pull a piece and the toppings slide off in a big heap.

    It was tasty, just somehow poorly done. Soggy in places, trying to reassemble your slice after disaster obviously did not help us any. I do appreciate the San Marzano tomatoes and the topping options (goat cheese, arugula and rosemary chicken rocks as a combo added to a red marinara pizza btw). Being a picky pizza person though, the tastiness did not make up for the pain in the ass nature of the actual eating experience. In my book toppings should stay in place and pizza should have a certain crispness. At the very least it should be able to maintain at least one of the toppings on board. Period.

    Also create your own works for me more than my husband. When he does this for multiple items he just ends up with items tasting roughly the same. He tends to get frustrated with the numerous options rather than being inspired. I'm sure he is not alone in this. More creative types will do better here though obviously.

    I saw sandwiches here that looked tasty and I definitely am interested in a salad. Hopefully the rating will go up when I give those items a whirl. I will be back but I am not rushing.

  • 10784 Belleville
    Van Buren Twp, MI 48111
    1.0 étoiles
    Premier à donner un avis

    Take cardboard, add tasteless sauce and cheese then sprinkle a random seasoning on the edges. Yes pick some random seasoning, blindfold yourself so you do not accidentally get what you might have wanted. Call some arbitrary teenage stoner and attempt to have a rational convo with him, you must stay on the phone until you achieve some type of coherent response. Wait one hour after that convo. Nuke cardboard for 45 seconds. Throw ten bucks out of your window into a stiff breeze. Now try to eat the cardboard. Yep. Same experience as pizza from here.

  • 31100 Palmer Rd
    Westland, MI 48186
    4.0 étoiles

    Went on Nichole's recommendation. First try had a slow heating pizza oven so we bailed. Second was no problems, all good.

    This place is charmingly old fashioned. The music takes me back to my early youth, its all classic rock. Not my thing but inoffensive. The people are uber friendly and service was pretty speedy. They have a lot of big screens to watch the game on and it's very middle aged man friendly overall. Clean and calm, not the typical dive bar atmosphere.

    The four dollar large pizzas on Tuesday were what we were there for. All the toppings you want, which works. Extra cheese will set you back $1.50, if you need a to go box it's an extra .75¢. Not half bad pizza, much better junked up than not so be sure to get all the toppings that you actually like. We were impressed enough we are debating trying them on a Thursday for the $2.00 half pound burgers.

    Drink specials seemed fun. They had four options that ran 4 bucks. All juiced up alcohol with fun monikers. Blue curacao seemed to be a big star of them but I was most tempted by the one with grapefuit juice and tequila. They also had a pile of 3.00 mixed shots. Free refills on fountain pop, which is rare in a bar and much appreciated by me. Beers seemed pretty mainstream domestic but I was not inquiring or anything.

    We will come back. Cheap, no frills but definitely happy enough. No douchebags or drama.

  • 9860 Haggerty Rd
    Belleville, MI 48111
    3.0 étoiles

    They have very flabby regular chicken wings here. Just not crisp at all. The boneless work really well though and I love the chipotle BBQ sauce too. Rib tips are better and a bigger portion than Happys but the shrimp and fish are pathetic cheapo style freezer bag specials here. The fish is eerily similar to a really big fishstick. Yikes.

    Pizza is actually very good, particularly deep dish. The husband is more inclined to it than I am though. This is as per usual for us.

    Anything mexi works. The quesadillas and the mexisticks in particular. If you are going for it ask for both ranch and salsa for either. The chicken sammies and subs are really nicely portioned. Nothing that will turn your world on end in either direction but they are solidly reliable.

    Carry out is usually correct and delivery is painless. Perfect for those nights where you don't want to go out, you don't want to cook and you want more than just pizza as an option.

  • 4469 S Telegraph Rd
    Dearborn Heights, MI 48125
    3.0 étoiles

    Cheap and greasy but gosh does this work in a pinch. Easily the fave delivery place of my coworkers. Super fast and accurate with free delivery over ten bucks? Winning. When we get company paid pizza, its from here.

    I like the just plain cheese deep dish myself. It really works in a nostalgic way for me. Reminds me of being a kid. The sauce is solid and the cheese is thick and has the right amount of chew for my taste. People like the breadsticks but I'm not wasting carbs on that. Two pieces of cheese deep dish and I am set baby. Salads all seem to make me reasonably happy too, yay! My only beef? Greek salads should come with pepperocini, just saying. They will give you the pepperocini AND extra beets if you ask though, so it's a very small beef.

    I'm still exploring the menu but from what I have seen the other items go over a-ok with the crowd. They have just about everything, even middle eastern fare. Crazy big menu, so you will likely never grow bored.

    Not mind blowing but a solid pick if you are not looking for totally diet friendly.

  • 23922 Cherry Hill St
    Dearborn, MI 48124
    3.0 étoiles
    Premier à donner un avis

    Yay for online ordering. I loveeeee being able to spell out exactly what I want and schedule it ahead of time. If only all takeout and delivery type places would provide me with this kind of scheduling happiness and ease I would be a much more agreeable type reviewer.

    This is solid if not terribly spectacular pizza. The main attraction of Toarmina's is the giant pizza that is the size of Italy and can serve an army. Two pieces of this super large version is like four of any other. This is so handy at work. You can all pool your money and get a super cheap lunch. I am a fan of the garlic crust they do here but the toppings are just fairly standard.

    We have never gotten a bad order and they seem to arrive fairly fast. I did carryout one night and they were friendly and had my pizza sliding out of the oven exactly at the time I specified for a pickup. Delivery people are also courteous for the record.

    Overall I'm happy.

  • 303 Main St
    Frankfort, MI 49635
    4.0 étoiles

    In a nutshell: Decent gazpacho, very good pizzas, terrific jam covered brie, excellent fish pate and a clunker of a charcuterie plate.

    Swung by here with a large group (my parents, sister, nieces, nephew, husband and myself) to nosh and sample. The restaurant is pretty damn casual. You have to order at the counter and with a group, this was not easy. After the app round they finally came to us and that helped. The meal was a mish mosh of getting up then having stuff brought, etc. I did not love the style but the staff was super friendly at any rate.

    The apps were hit or miss. The fish pate was mild but super tasty. Served with everything crackers and oven toasted pita, it was creamy and satisfying. The brie was ooey gooey and comes with your choice of jam. My niece Claire and I would have preferred the hot pepper varietal but as it was for everyone my niece Olivia opted for the sweet slightly apple-y/blueberry jam on special (I forget the name of it but it was really good). The brie was enjoyed by all with more pita and some Carr's water type crackers. The bowl of gazpacho my mom sampled was quite nice, not my fave ever but certainly respectable.

    The charcuterie was ummm interesting. The meats were fine, the pickles, triple cream cheese, mustard and peppers were downright awesome. The spicy jellied aspic was again, interesting. The raisiny chutney was good-ish. The onions were too curried to go with anything. The pate was a very odd shade of dark grey and tasted crumbly and metallic. I ate some to be a sport but it quite frightened the rest of the table, including my parents who are firm fans of liver. My biggest beef was that nothing was harmonious on the platter, the mixing and matching produced bad combinations of flavor. Also for a large serving it did not feed much at all, overpriced and just too many ick items that either tasted nasty or did not cause any harmonious pairings. Just a disappointment. Skip this, as a charcuterie fan I say just give it a pass.

    The pizzas were all good. The star of the show was the Thai shrimp one with the peanut sauce drizzle. Win to my mom, everyone at the table wanted to steal hers. James and my nephew stuck with the kiddo, a plain cheese and pepperoni deal. My dad opted for the stormavore and was thrilled, meats and mushrooms, hard to hate on that. My sister and nieces went for riders on the storm with goat cheese. The apple and sausage paired really well on it. My pick was the root with roasted beets, parsnips. turnips and corn, carmelized onion and garlic, topped with goat cheese and a horseradish sour cream. It was absolutely awesome but definitely not for everyone. I was in heaven but no one wanted to trade slices with me, sigh, kids.

    The drinks were good for all. They had lemonade that made the nephew happy, Northwoods soda Lake Effect (a pomegranate lemonade soda) for my nieces, who even got a couple to go. The beer sampler option rocks but take my advice and just order the beach Buddha. Clearly a star of the beer. The rest were good enough but that recommended beach Buddha is what you will crave later.

    Definitely a place worth a whirl. Avoid the charcuterie and you will likely five star it.

  • 3050 Washtenaw
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    2.0 étoiles

    It was ummm ok. I was hoping for so much more.

    I think I was most annoyed by the pricing. Our drinks (2 beers and 2 glasses of wine) were supposed to be half off (happy hour) and were not. My husband paid, not me and was sticker shocked. Later when we were in the car on the way home and discussing the meal he mentioned the bill and I was like WTF and doing the math together we realized the drinks were charged to us full priced even though we were within the allotted time frame. Highly miffed but I was exhausted and did not feel like calling then you just forget so we ended up eating the cost. Regardless it was wrong on their part, felt like bait and switch. Probably an honest mistake but it still irks us enough we will not go back.

    The food for the most part was good. Not mind blowing but happy. We had some prosciutto and melon. Always a great combo and it was indeed tasty, the prosciutto is really f-ing awesome. James had a pepperoni pizza that made him very content. Neither of those items are a very big whoop for a chef though. Easy dishes. My gnocchi was not a dream. I wanted to bitch but our server was nowhere to be found. Probably lingering so she could charge us full price for the drinks? At any rate by the time she wandered up my husband was done with his and she didn't seem to care/notice that I had barely eaten any of my dish. Hell she did not even ask if I wanted a box.

    So yeah the late sticker shock thing was especially annoying. Had I known at the restaurant I would have surely bitched. Both about my dish, which I should have bitched about anywho and the lack of promised discount.

    Yeah I think we just won't be back. Tip to Bigalora, wait staff matters. They can cost you business and ruin your reputation. Some customers won't bitch, they just won't ever come back.

  • 5724 N Telegraph Rd
    Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
    4.0 étoiles

    I am mostly familiar with delivery here but I have also swung by for a pickup.

    They are awesome. Every order I have gotten here has been correct. They listen and get it right. I am often ordering for several people and I have even had to call back and add items to an existing order and they never give me guff. Just yes ma'am and thank you ma'am and what can I do for you ma'am. I love that. They show up on time and are polite.

    My fave thing here is the Italian style chicken dinner with marinated grilled half chicken plus wedge fries and bambino bread (covered in garlic butter and parm). So much food, you can split it. Really delicious. The pasta salad is great with tri colored rotini and fresh veggies, the Italian dressing wraps it all up well. The lettuce based salads are all good. Again, the veggies are fresh so it is hard to f it up. The steak and cheese sub is tasty with the thinly sliced mushrooms, red onions, seasoned chipped steak and plenty of cheese. I ask for a bit of Italian dressing to drizzle on it and it makes it utter happiness. The pizza is standard and I do not order it much.

    Definitely one of my fave places to order from at work :).

  • 2160 Rawsonville Rd
    Belleville, MI 48111
    1.0 étoiles


    We had not been here in years and yet I was lured back with a deal for a large any topping pizza for eleven bucks. I figured why not?

    Ordering was a breeze online. We added a Hershey's cookie for dessert (think old school chocolate chip cookie bars). They gave it to us for a buck off for ordering a pizza online. It was only a 15 minute wait for a pickup time. A bit sad we are STILL just outside the delivery area, but so far so good.

    We arrive and the place had been redone since our last visit 10 years or so back. The staff was super nice and accommodating. Even advising us on their lunch buffet when we inquired about the setup table we spied. I wanted to like the place. I really did.

    Got the pizza home. Ummm the middle was uncooked. Like eating raw dough uncooked. At this point we are just done. I mean we probably should have carted the damn thing back but it was a cold night and we were not even loving the cooked parts. We just shoved the thing into our oven, figuring that's all they were going to do anywho. We ate the results and were not terribly impressed.

    The cookie? Yummy, a solid three star. The pizza? Never again, wish there were negative stars. Tasteless underdone dough, flavorless toppings. Yikes.


  • 4832 Greenfield Rd
    Dearborn, MI 48126
    4.0 étoiles

    This pizza is deliciously different and happy. I knew if Rodger W and Neil Y were fans I was safe. Do not expect typical Detroit style, this is a crunchy crisp Italian bread type crust. The pizza also has that soft chew to it as well. It is really quite addictive. It is handy for a work stop or to take with and bake it up at home.

    The sauce is a bit zippy, tasty and plentiful. There is plenty of cheese and there is just something tasty about the pepperoni. I am not normally a fan and maybe it is the searing hot oven but this pepperoni makes me happy. If they have meat lovers featured on a day you swing by, grab some It has a bunch of smaller pieces that cook up in such a great manner! This pizza is probably quite unlike anything you have ever tried unless you are a downriver native.

    The pepperoni rolls? Yeah my husband is a fan. I prefer a cheese roll. The pepperoni is better on top of the pizza in my book. If you think to call ahead the Italian sausage is a good pick. You must get cheese and sauce in your roll. It makes the roll. The meatball sub is good too.

    Swing by Capri, eat in or get a to go. It is definitely worth a whirl!

  • 8261 Telegraph Rd
    Taylor, MI 48180
    2.0 étoiles

    Maybe it was an off day. It was cheap. It did not cause me the issues that Jayne's pizza did. It was just not anything I'm itching to have ever again.

    Service was a bit distracted but not rude. The pizza was under sauced which bothered my husband but I am fine with. The toppings were not sparse but they were not overly generous or anything. It was food, it was hot and it was fresh, it just did not wow me.

    This place has been hanging out waiting for me to review it for forever. I just cannot really come up with much to say about it. If you are hungry it works but I would not make a special trek. I myself will likely never return. I don't have anything wretched to say or anything but it was uninspired.


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