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  • 641 Pennsylvania Ave SE
    Washington, DC 20003
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    I have reached my place of Zen, thanks to Katie and Capitol Hill Yoga.  

    I had never tried yoga before, so I signed up for the Gentle Yoga class on Wednesday afternoon with Katie (also offered on Monday afternoons).  First things first, the studio is spacious and clean.  You feel like you have adequate space to stretch and spread out and air out!

    Katie was just wonderful!  She opened class with a personal story, leaving us with something to think about...a lesson or moral to take home with us.  I appreciated this as it provided me with guidance and direction as I let myself go in the different stretches and poses.  In crazy, fast DC, it's important to slow down and give yourself a chance to think for once!

    And did I let myself go!  What I enjoyed about this class is that it's designed for beginners like myself.  I didn't feel intimidated.  Because it was a small class, Katie was able to talk me through some of the stretches and poses and gave me helpful feedback.  There's no mirror, so it was helpful to hear from her so I knew what I needed to change to get the maximum benefit from each stretch or pose.  

    As a runner, I don't stretch enough and I think I may have found the best complement to long-distance running!  I'm now curious about yoga-run clubs out there...

    I discovered this place just as I was on the verge of moving to Maryland, so I'm pretty bummed.  But, I will definitely keep CHY in mind should I find myself in the DC area and able to squeeze in an hour and 15 minutes for some much-needed yoga!  I can be nervous about trying new things, but trying yoga for the first time in general here was a hit.  I'm thankful that I took my very first yoga classes here as it left me with a positive experience and I'm looking forward to exploring more yoga and find out how limber and strong I will become in say the next 5 years...

  • 1007 E St SE
    Washington, DC 20003
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    21/11/2011 Avis mis à jour

    This review is for the massage services.  I decided to treat myself for my birthday.  So, I booked myself a 60 minute signature treatment with Sandy and she worked wonders on my tense muscles and tight spots!

    You definitely get what you pay for and it was top-notch service!  Sandy was fantastic.  She doesn't talk too much (which I always appreciate) and works with you in assessing which areas you'd like work on.  She spent quality time focusing on my problem areas, and I never realized how certain muscles work together.  She gave me some at-home tips and remedies for continuing to work on my lower back since that's where I feel the most soreness.  Overall, I felt she did a thorough job and I enjoyed every minute of the experience!

    The spa gives you a 15-minute period post-massage when you can take use the shower in the bathroom connected to the massage room, as well as refresh yourself with cold water, cheese, crackers, strawberries and cookies.  The facilities are clean and pleasant.  Although you are in DC, you feel like you've escaped to a much more serene atmosphere.

    Definitely one of my more enjoyable and positive experiences with massage treatments.  I expect to be back!

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    I received a $50 Spafinder gift certificate as a bridal shower gift .  I found that this place… En savoir plus
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    Today, I ran the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon and had such a positive experience!  The outpouring of energy and support from the Marine Corps and community was awesome.  I must admit - with Marines cheering us on and motivating us...I felt like I was part of the Marine least for a couple hours.  ;)

    This is a smaller run...there were about 5,000 registered runners, so compared to much larger races, it sure was nice and easy getting around.  It actually started in 2008 and seems to be growing.  I think it's an excellent way to bring the spotlight to Historic Fredericksburg and its inviting and friendly community.

    The Healthy Expo was very easy to get to and navigate.  We didn't have to search long for parking and the expo itself at the Fredericksburg Convention Center wasn't crowded.  So, we got to take our time to pick up my race bib and wander around to each of the vendors.

    Race day went very smoothly.  If you're not staying at a hotel near the start line (where the Convention Center is), there are a bunch of hotels you could stay at off of I-95.  We stayed at the Days Inn off of exit 133, which was on the recommended list of hotels for the race (got to take advantage of special room rates that way).  We got up around 5:30 am, grabbed some quick breakfast at the hotel lobby and drove and parked at the Commuter Lot on Warrenton.  The morning shuttles from the Commuter Lot to the Start Line were a breeze to get on to.  Beware -- the later you get to the Commuter Lot, the later you'll get on a shuttle and therefore you run the risk of missing the Start (which I saw happen to a number of runners).  We got on a shuttle by about 6:20 or so (after waiting in a line for a short bit) and I made my way to the Start just a little before 7 (just in time...whew!).  Before I knew it, it was 7:04 when I officially started.

    The course offers a number of hills, with the highest climb being around mile be prepared!  Also, the Southern humidity can mess with you a bit if you're not used to that sort of thing.  I lived in San Francisco before moving out to DC where I live it took some time for me to adapt to the humid conditions.

    Throughout the 13.1 mile course, there were about 6 water stations, one food station (with Sports Beans), musical entertainment and plenty of cheering fans...including the Marine Corps.

    Overall, I'd recommend this race to anyone who has an appreciation for the USMC, US History and the Civil War era.  The race has made me more aware of Fredericksburg as a fun weekend spot to visit now and then.  I thought it was very well-organized and as a civilian, it felt very cool to be running alongside Marines and being cheered on by Marines!  Ooh-rah!

  • District of Columbia, MD 20848
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    This is one of the most beautiful runs I've ever done!  Love mile after mile of cherry blossoms...really wonderful way to kick off the Spring running season.  :)

    I think this race is well-organized from start to finish.  It's easy to figure out where you need to be at the beginning and the water and aid stations all throughout the course were adequate.

    The expo the day before can be somewhat of a headache.  Line to get in was very long, felt like I was in a herd of cows.  The vendor area was nice though with plenty of vendors to check you can learn about other races to run in the area.

    I didn't spent much time after the finish checking out food or treats, but from what I could tell, the price of $40 or so registration fee was well worth the experience.  I believe a course that's in or around the monuments is beautiful no matter what!

  • Union Square
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    My 300th review is for the Nike Women's Marathon 2009, which was my first full marathon!  :)

    I will preface by saying that this was my first marathon, so I don't have any other marathons to compare NWM to.  But, after having done several shorter-distance races, including half marathons, and having run both the NWM Half last year and Full this year, I feel I have a substantial amount of information to share.

    The registration process began with a lottery that required me to submit my name and wait to see if I'd be chosen.  20,000 runners participate every year and it's always filled to capacity, thus the need for a lottery system.  When my name was chosen for this year's full, it was a way to push me to do the race...just in time for my 30th birthday in November!

    This is a very woman-friendly event and so I encourage any woman out there to sign up for this race.  The race is held in San Francisco, so if you live in the Bay Area, I strongly encourage you to participate in the local Nike training program either in SF or Danville.  I took advantage of this free program and met some wonderful women this way - running buddies for a lifetime!  The training is well organized with training routes planned in advance, sustenance provided and support and tips provided to runners.

    The race week is jam packed with events for race participants.  A Nike shopping pasta party on Wednesday, Ladies Night on Saturday, Expo in Union Square on Friday and Saturday, Race Day on Sunday and a post-race Brunch on Monday!  Goodies, treats, running support, advice and product trials are all part of the days' events.

    The course can be difficult as there are a number of hills as part of the route.  But, an intense and rewarding challenge nonetheless!  

    Race day itself is very well organized with aid stations at every 2 miles.  The Finish Line Festival is wonderful with the Tiffany's finisher necklace presented to each runner and a variety of resources for finishers, including a stretching/yoga station, massages from Kaiser Permanente and running snacks and beverages.

    The only area that needs improvement is the marathon's website.  Information is presented in a blog format, which can be quite confusing and difficult to navigate at times.  I'd recommend tabs and links that are detailed for runners to click on.

    I am considering running the race again in the future to conquer the hills and improve my race time!

  • 1801 Bush St
    San Francisco, CA 94109
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    Therapeia partners with the Nike Women's Marathon in giving complimentary massages to the runners after the Nike Saturday training runs.  They also provide a complimentary membership which entitles clients to 20% discounts on treatments.

    I had been training for the NWM when I was in need of a massage treatment, so I decided to take advantage of my complimentary membership with Therapeia.  

    The facility itself is located in a part of town that isn't too crazy, so it's pretty easy to get out there and possibly look for parking.  It's located in a building that is home to other wellness services.  The venue has such a nice, calming ambiance and I felt in complete serenity when I stepped inside.  The front desk staff was so friendly and my massage therapist, Lara, was awesome!  She had met me a few minutes later than I expected (I started to think maybe the staff forgot about me, hehe), but when we met and she got me set up, I was good to go!

    I requested a one-hour deep tissue massage as I was about 4 or 5 days from my big race (first marathon), and since I had time to spare, I went for the deep tissue treatment per the recommendation of my physical therapist.

    Lara did an awesome job!  She took the time to feel out my tight areas, which mainly were in my upper back and the back of my neck.  During my massage, she gave me a lot of helpful and encouraging information about my training, stretching and taking care of myself.  The soft lighting, classical music and oils all added very positive effects to the experience.  I almost fell asleep during my treatment, and that's how I know it did wonders!  :)

    I will definitely come back (maybe for my 30th birthday) as a post-marathon treatment and TREAT to myself.  Lara made an excellent point - when I revealed to her that it had been more than two years since my last massage, I explained that I had always looked at massage as a way to "pamper" myself.  With my increased activity as a runner, Lara recommended that I begin to shift my mentality and incorporate massage into my lifestyle as more of a "necessity" rather than a "luxury."  She had said "Well, would you rather see me and take care of yourself or would you rather see me later when you're in pain?"  Very good point.

    I enjoyed my service at Therapeia because I felt like Lara was a sports massage therapist, which is so important considering my hobbies as a runner.  I will continue to run half-marathons and marathons, and massage therapy will help keep my body in shape and prevent injury.

  • 1590 Bryant St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    This is a great Sports Basement!  What I like about it is that it's community-friendly, offering the locals organized activities and such.  I came here for a shopping party that my running buddy, Mimi L. won.  20% discount and food/booze provided by the store.  You can't beat that!  So I came to check it out and bought some new gear for the Nike Women's Marathon I was about to run in.

    The store itself is ahuge for a store in the city!  I loved it!  From what I remember, there are about 3 or 4 floors of merchandise.  Of course, I made my way to the running attire.  They also have a great stock of energy snacks and drinks.

    The store also has a small parking garage, which I think is great for a store in the city.  I came on a Friday night and it wasn't packed at all.  

    Check it out!

  • 278 Post St
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    This morning was my first long run with Nike Run Club SF, and I'm so glad I did the group run!  I'm currently training for the Nike Women's Marathon this October - my first marathon!  

    I ran with the 12:00 minute pace group and my pace leader was Nanette.  We did the 12-14 mile run starting at the Marina Green.  The course was pretty hilly, but was good preparation for the actual race since we ran what I believe are parts of the race course.

    Nanette and the other women in my pace group were very supportive and friendly.  There were Aid stations every few miles or so with water, electrolytes and Luna bars/gels.  Very, very helpful!

    I missed the stretch session at the beginning, which I highly recommend for any one considering the run club.  A post-run stretch session is also offered along with snacks, such as water, Gatorade, bagels, bananas and string cheese.  

    Just a couple thoughts - if you're planning to do a lot of the runs, bring your frequent runner card to qualify you for some goodies.  Be sure to get your card stamped though before your run because you can't get your card stamped after!  (Which I learned today....eeek.)  Also, the actual Nike Rub Club website can be a bit tricky to navigate.  I've always had to spend more time than I feel should be required trying to find the Run Club info, schedule and map.  If the website was a bit more user friendly, that'd be great!

    Overall, wonderful run experience!

  • 819 Kapahulu Ave
    Honolulu, HI 96816
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    I accompanied a friend who needed to buy a pair of new shades, so I actually didn't purchase anything here.  But, 5 stars for a great selection of running gear (shoes, clothes, snacks, etc.).  The woman who worked there took the time to help my friend make the right decision in choosing his sunglasses.  The store promotes the island's (and state's) major races, such as the Great Aloha Run and the Honolulu Marathon (which Mimi L. and I are *hoping* to promises just yet...).

  • 980 Los Coches St
    Milpitas, CA 95035
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    Okay, who here has had the chance to do the Soulja Boy dance whilst roller skating?!?!  Oh yes...yours truly...

    I came here on a Sunday afternoon for a children's birthday party!  One of my mom's daycare kiddies celebrated her 8th birthday party here, and I think it's a pretty fun joint for the young ones.

    As for us much more seasoned party animals, you may want to steer clear of this place during the weekend.  There were a bunch of other kids' birthday parties going on when I arrived, so it was a bit hectic and overwhelming.  Kids were just flying by me left and right on and off the rink.  But, it's all good.  I'm not a bad skater myself, although it took me a while to warm up and not depend on the railing!  

    I think the pizza is overpriced for the quality, but hey what can you do?  If you want to throw a birthday party here, I'm pretty sure you have to order their food and drinks.  Nope, I don't think you can bring in your own!  They have a snack bar, gift counter, arcade and a couple of small private birthday rooms for the kids to have their pizza, drinks and cupcakes.  I'm pretty sure you can rent out the rink for a private party, but I have no first hand experience with that.

    What's cool is the staff keeps the entertainment fun and lively by organizing games on the rink.  They also play a good variety of songs.  You know I got all hyped up when they played Fergie's "Clumsy," Flo-rida's "Low" and Snoop's "Sensual Seduction."  I did appreciate when they cleared all the youngins off the rink and limited skating to the 18+ crowd and played some old school jams.  Oh was a moment of calm and serenity enjoying that rink all to myself....with a few others!  I kinda felt like I was in that one Jessica Simpson video minus the booty shorts (although I do envision renting out a rink someday for myself and close family/friends just for the exclusive purpose of roller skating and booty shorts...yes I'm calling it right now).  

    Overall, enjoyable experience and I'd come back if I was invited to another kids' party or want to have a fun date.  Yes, the man of my dreams has to be able to roller skate if he wants to get with this!  J/K.  No I'm not.  ;P

  • 2305 South White Rd
    San Jose, CA 95148
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    I would definitely do it again next year.  I will definitely wear warmer clothing because it was painful at the beginning, but I survived!

    I thought the course was laid out nicely.  Signs on where to go were helpful.  All the volunteers were super friendly and motivational!

    Some suggestions for the future...

    -Signs for registration and where to go first (pay first at one table, then submit registration/waiver forms at another table).  It got a little confusing at the beginning.

    -Since the finish line is in a pavilion with a grill, I say...have a BBQ next year!  The event ends close to lunch time, so as Mimi L. had suggested to me, perhaps the organizers could charge an extra $5 or so to participants who'd be interested in hanging around afterwards for a BBQ or something like that.  Maybe a live band afterwards?  I liked the community vibe going on, and I think live music and food always makes events more fun!  Plus, I dunno about the other runners, but after I finish a race, I loooooove to eat!

  • 2880 Mead Ave
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
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    Awesome spot for some family fun!

    I came here one night with about 20 or so cousins and it was crazy fun yo!  Cost is $8-$9 for one hour, which is MORE than enough time to spend on the trampolines.  You can get wiped out pretty quickly.  I suggest a friendly match of extreme dodgeball.  Imagine 20 or so cousins taking their frustrations out on each other?!  Good times!  Remember, don't eat right before!

  • 10123 N. Wolfe Rd #20
    Cupertino, CA 95014
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    Cool hang-out.  Drinks are a bit pricey.  But, there's fun here for everyone, no matter how old or young you are.  Full-service bar, bowling, pool table, air hockey and arcade.  Pretty sweet.

  • Mountain View, CA 94043
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    Great trail for a long run.  It's 4 miles long one-way.  My running buddy and I ran back and forth, with a total of 8 miles in prep for the upcoming Rock N' Roll San Jose 1/2 marathon.  Be sure to park at the Yuba Drive entrance, which is the beginning of the trail in Mtn. View.  I believe the trail ends up in Palo Alto.  Nice, peaceful run.

  • 5200 Glover Rd NW
    Washington, DC 20015
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    Alright folks, I'm back after a 3-month long hiatus!  I'm back in my hometown in the Bay Area (No. CA) for the year ahead, but I still have plenty of reviews to do for the DC metro area (a place I'd also like to call HOME).  I came to this park for a Sunday afternoon walk after an awesome brunch of pecan pancakes, sausages and fresh fruit that a good friend of mine (thanks Gracie!) made for friends and me since it's within walking distance to her studio in the Adams Morgan area.  It was a nice sunny afternoon (back in April, I believe...haha) and folks were out about going for bike rides or runs.  We went for a 30-45 min. walk along the trail.  I wouldn't give it all 5 stars b/c it's not the 'safest' place to go for a walk or run.  You have to be careful about traffic (there are some parts of the trail where you're walking along cars zipping by), plus there could be some pretty remote areas so I wouldn't advise females going for an evening jog by themselves in these parts.  But, it's a great escape from the city!

  • 40645 Fremont Blvd
    Fremont, CA 94538
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    I organized an event here this afternoon for the youth group of a Filipino American organization and it was very successful!  The staff at the front desk and food counter were all very pleasant and helpful.  All those who attended the event seemed to enjoy themselves on the lanes and the refreshments, as well.  I would recommend having your group event or family party here!

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