The Skin I'm In

Sometimes you should spoil yourself - give these spots a whirl.
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    This place is so hard to review because while I hate walking in, I love how close it is to my house and I LOVE my stylist Kathleen.

    Why do the employees have to look and act so snobby?  It's weird, because they're not outright unfriendly, but their immediate vibe is pretty chilly.

    Kathleen's got personality and I'd tell everyone to go to her but then I'd never get an appointment booked.  Sure, go request her, but not when I need her, okay?

    Oh, and they also sell clothes.  Really really really expensive, sometimes organic cotton clothes.  I try to look and walk straight ahead to the salon part of the store.

  • 3117 Fillmore St
    San Francisco, CA 94123
    5.0 étoiles

    Update: The owner wrote me a nice note thanking me for the review and explained the (apparently "below average") pricing in comparison to other salons in the area.  Very professional move.  Thank you.  My boyfriend recently went to a much cheaper place and was not nearly as happy with his haircut.  We'll be back to you next time, Dre Holder.  I'm sure of it.
    The nice tattooed guy gave my boyfriend a damn sexy haircut - and last minute at that! Thanks!  If I wasn't faithful to my gal at Aveda I'd try Dre Holder out for myself.  Four stars for scheduling same-day after you'd received a cancellation, and for your friendly service.  Minus one star because the price was pretty steep ($55).  Guess that's SF for ya.

  • 685 North Point Street
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    My first spa experience in SF; I came here for Spa Week and tried both the Shirodhara (hot oil poured on your forehead) and the mini facial.  The Shirodhara was extremely relaxing, but it took no less than 8 shampoos to get the oil out of my hair.  I called in a panic and the super nice staff said that was unusual.  Eventually the oil came out, but I really couldn't go out in public without a hat for 24 hours.

    The facial was good.  No extractions because it was a "mini" version, but the nice guy (I forget his name) talked me through it since it was my first facial.  I came away with healthy, soft skin.  

    The ambiance is very basic, but the staff's friendliness completely makes up for that.

  • 2500 Clay St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
    5.0 étoiles

    I've only done the sauna here, but I've gotten hooked.  You will sweat a LOT - so much that you can't read a book or magazine 'cause you'll drip all over it!  Sit back, think soothing thoughts, and relax to the classical music playing on the stereo.

    The staff is extremely friendly and hospitable.  They are great about scheduling and everything else.  On two occasions I felt bad... 1)  I was stuck in traffic and had to cancel appt last minute, and 2)  I emerged from sauna to pay and had forgotten my wallet! ... each instance the staff was understanding.  

    There is no snootiness about this place, which can be a problem at other spas.  Oh, and watch out so you don't step on Johnny, the tiny dog running aroud.  He's adorable!

  • 1971 Sutter St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
    5.0 étoiles

    Le Creme has never failed to impress.  I wandered in last fall for my first time and was instantly impressed by the cute, girly decor and comfy chairs and couches.  There is soothing music and a little water fountain that provides tranquility on a somewhat sketchy corner of Sutter and Fillmore.  This is a little gem that I drag all of my friends to and everyone loves it.  I've always just walked in and gotten seated right away.  I've only had pedi's, but they do waxing too.  

    Bonus:  You can rent the place out for larger parties.  I did this for a friend's bachelorette party and Le Creme let us bring munchies, wine, and champagne.  

    I'm not that into nails, but this place is so adorable I find myself shuffling in every so often.  Plus, they offer yummy peppermint tea in big mugs.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for big mugs.

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