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  • 668 6th Ave
    San Diego, CA 92103
    5.0 étoiles

    What an awesome time I had today! How can you go wrong when you are greeted with a Hello Drink? Caipirinha I can say was the "STAR" of the beverages.  Their house wine was also awesome but I much prefer the Caipirinha!  On the table eloquently placed was a small basket of pão de queijo (warm cheese bread) and that was fluffy, soft and delicious.   When it was time to eat we started table by table.  This was done in an orderly fashion.  The servers there were amazing, especially the girl who took care of our table. We wanted for nothing! Glasses were full and taken away immediately when empty.    The Salad bar was pretty amazing as well.  My favorite was the "Brazilian Hearts of Palm"  along with the artichoke bottoms.  There was only two things I did not really care for in the salad bar/hot plate area,  those were the Portobello Mushrooms and then there was a coconut fish that was just OK for me.  When back at the table I flipped over my cherished Green/Red coaster to the green "LETS DO THIS"!  I do not remember the order that the meat was served so I am just going to post in my order of favorites.  I did ask for a side of horseradish and they only had the creamy kind but I was still happy they had it.  

    Cordeiro (Lamb): THIS WAS MY VERY FAVORITE OF ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
    Picanha (Top Sirloin): Amazing. It was like butter literally and the garlic stood out.
    Filet Mignon: Was a tender slice of meat that deserved a standing ovation.  
    Beef Ancho (Rib Eye): Was good enough to make you cry!
    Alcatra (Top Sirloin): This was extremely tender and I enjoyed it.
    Linguica (Sausage): This was juicy and tender.
    Lombo (Pork Loin): I did not like this one. It was very dry for me

    I did not try any of the other meat because I was just not really interested.  The seating was pretty cool and I actually like the decor of the dining area. One major plus is that I did not have to walk up or down three flights of stairs to get to the bathroom and it was really clean.  I wish there were more fish options here! Otherwise I had a wonderful time enjoying the food and the company! My Hats off to you! Literally! :-)   Thank you Fogo de Chao for an awesome afternoon.



  • 411 Market St
    San Diego, CA 92101
    5.0 étoiles

    Thank you so much for your hospitality tonight K7!
    Tonight was truly amazing at a Elite Yelp/ Brad and Estephanie event @ Kamikaze Seven, Let us go through our check list of events.....

    Hot security dude checking id's? Check~
    Great table with awesome friends? Check~
    Amazing drinks being served in a timely manner? Check~
    Food being brought to the table that was awesome? Check~
    Cool table set up? Check~
    Awesome service? Check~
    DJ freaking amazing for event? (Karlton Reed)  Check~ Happy BLACK HISTORY MONTH BABY!
    Servers: Tiffany & Hannah Beyond amazing!!! Check~
    Rich "The Manager" rocked it! ~ Check~
    Michelle and James the Sushi chefs amazing? Check~
    Brandon running around helping everyone! Check~

    The Yelp Swag was amazing! A deck of cards, Sunglasses, Shot glasses, Mints and Chapstick!

    We were served:
    - Spicy Tuna Roll
    - California Roll
    - Veggie Roll
    - Edamame Guacamole: Soy beans, avocado, house-made taro chips
    - Blistered Shishito Peppers with Yuzu dressing and K7 salt
    - Green Tea Chicken Thighs - Jidori chicken yakitori , matcha tea blend spice, green tea kewpie

    We drank:
    - Asahi Beer
    - Cold Sake (on draft)
    - Hot Sake
    - Sake Bombs

    Happy Birthday Brad!  

    The ambiance was pretty amazing even though it is small.  The DJ freaking rocks!  I met a bunch of new friends. I had a wonderful meal as well as had amazing Sake bombs for the first time.. The company was priceless!  Jack, Elle J, Mel, Vin, Steve, Ali, and Mari~!  

    Make sure to check out pics that are normal and the Kamikaze lobster baby with the Yelp chicken purse :-)

  • 1515 2nd St
    Coronado, CA 92118
    5.0 étoiles

    This place has a business building outside.  Once you enter through the double doors of the entance hall there is a cozy, colorful lounge/lobby area. The red chairs pop in color and uniqueness.  Next you can immerse yourself into a tri-frame wall covered picture at least that is what it appears to be.  Once you look at it for a bit longer you will realize it is real.  All three frames are connected to a live cam.  It is truly amazing.  The decor of this complex is extremely versatile.  They have game rooms with scrabble and cards.  There is a blinko game in the center as a wall separator.  It is all ocean themed rooms.  After a few Michelob libations we decided to take the tour.  They have cabanas that have a flat screen TV in each one.  The huge heated pool and beautiful Jacuzzis are awesome but they did not steal the show.  They have a few magnolia trees properly spaced out with circular wooden balls that have dimmed lights in each.  They have movie nights on an outside projection screen.  The seating for the movie nights are all multicolored and looked comfortable.  They have several wooden horses that were made from recycled grapevine wood.  That was spectacular!  

    The tour next took us upstairs (but elevators are available) to a single room suite.  It was very nice.  Each unit has their own stacked washer and dryer in an appropriate place and sliding french doors for privacy.  Next we got to see the gym.  The gym includes authentic gloves and a sparing rink.   They have what you need to keep in shape.  The complex houses 540 units.  

    There is a woman on-call that does massage therapy for $65.00 an hour.  You do not need to live in the complex to sign up for one.

    We saw the woman's sweat room as well as a golf simulation room.  If you are in a wheelchair no worries because this room includes a wheelchair lift.  This room was awesome.  While walking back from the tour "The locals" all shouted out and welcomed us.  The bartender they had at this event was super sweet, quick and efficient.  The food was great!  I tried the ahi tuna as well as the steak tar tar with capers... I could have eaten that all day.
    Yelp community, Brad, Perstephany along with Todd as our host were amazing as always!

  • 1429 Island Ave
    San Diego, CA 92101
    4.0 étoiles

    Came in for the Yelp elite event.  We had a barrage of pizza available and I ask of you to review my pictures. The libations that were served were amazing! I am not truly a fan of their pizza.  I am a fan of their lamb meatballs! They were amazing.  The mac n cheese was ok.  I really enjoyed their Burrata & Pomodorini.  The beer was awesome.  The stars were their servers and bartenders.  The owners Kris and John sure we were taken care of.  The chocolatini's were indescribable.  I will be back for more!

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