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    I like coffee sometimes, I'm slowing adding to this list.  Let me know of places I should try.

    39 commerces Espressamente iIly, Coffee Bar, Hydration Coffee & Tea…

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    33 commerces Bellano Coffee, 3 G's Cafe, Zombie Runner…

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    Coffee Socialites

    Been drinking Coffee longer than I've been drinking Milk Tea. Here are some nifty places for you coffee snobs! ;)

    13 commerces Voltaire Coffee House, Starbucks, Philz Coffee - Los Gatos…

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    There are several ingredients that make a great coffee shop - beans, ambience, and the skill of the barista.

    6 commerces Chromatic Coffee, Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, Bellano Coffee…

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    coffayyyyy. Sometimes you just need a morning wake up cup of joe. Sometimes you need a $5 cup of well-crafted espresso to enjoy over a book or with a friend.

    32 commerces Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, Pinhole Coffee, Big Mug Coffee Roaster…

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    Coffee, Coffee Everywhere

    ...or at least in the Bay Area.

    13 commerces B2 Coffee, Bean Street Coffee, Chromatic Coffee…

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    Restaurants and Coffee

    Good food and good Coffee

    19 commerces The Coffee Cup, Aqui Cal-Mex, Peters' Bakery…

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    Falling in love at a coffee shop

    Falling in love at a coffee shop-Landon Pigg. That's the song that comes into mind whenever I think about coffee shops. Whether it be cute first dates (or second, or thirds...), catching up with old friends, studying,…

    25 commerces Bel Bacio Imported Italian Coffee, Bitter+Sweet, Hannah…

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    8 commerces Philz Coffee, Cafe Strada, Bitter+Sweet…

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    Coffee and Tea

    A list of coffee and tea bars I've been to.

    9 commerces Tea Era, Starbucks, Starbucks…