Répertorier les correspondances pour Sports Wear à New York, NY

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    Mis à jour le 02/12/2012

    Sporting goods and rugged wear

    Just plain good; stylish is a bonus.

    6 commerces Army & Navy Bags, Capitol Fishing Tackle Company, Eastern Mountain Sports…

  • Mis à jour le 08/12/2014

    Bay Ridge

    I grew up just a neighborhood over, so it feels like home but I am still pretty weary whenever I step into a new spot here...you never know what you're gonna get!

    23 commerces Bridgeview Diner, Bean Post Pub, The Owl's Head…

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    Mis à jour le 24/02/2011

    Shopping is a Sport

    My favorite spots to shop in the states! These stores, along with TLC's "What Not To Wear", kick up my wardrobe.

    8 commerces Nordstrom, Brooklyn Industries, Lori's Designer Shoes…

    • Joi B.
    • New Orleans, États-Unis
    Mis à jour le 06/02/2012

    Shopping on a Budget, NYC

    It is not only possible, but for most NYC gals this is the *only* way to shop. It's practically a sport that we're all strive to succeed at...

    4 commerces Filene's Basement, Century 21, Beacon's Closet…

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    Mis à jour le 23/09/2013

    Wake & Bake

    These are my go-to spots to eat breakfast. After a long night or previous weak meal, there is no better thing to do than treat yourself to an awesome breakfast/brunch. I'm co-signing these.

    14 commerces Clinton Street Baking Company, Stephanie's On Newbury, Essex…

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    Mis à jour le 11/06/2011

    It's all about the Abrahams baby!

    Because when I'm not carrying around the Benjamins (hey, we're in a recession people), these are my go-to spots for getting my food fix under $5.

    6 commerces Ricky's Fish Tacos, Best Fish Taco In Ensenada, Vanessa's Dumpling House…

  • Mis à jour le 06/11/2013

    Where I Go Out

    If you're into the Meatpacking district, this is not the list for you.

    If you are a retired raver, but you still like world class house/techno or you have a weakness for great cocktails well this is the list for you.


    34 commerces Oulu, Studio B, Public Assembly…

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    Mis à jour le 22/12/2010

    Park Slope Baller

    Being young in a small town kind of neighborhood, it's hard to find hang outs sometimes less repetitive and dull. It's why you might head out to the city, or worse, Williamsburg. Hey, we're better than that! You're better…

    8 commerces The Chocolate Room, Brooklyn Public Library - Central Library, Beer Table…

  • Mis à jour le 30/10/2015

    South South Brooklyn

    Here we are now going to the South Side: Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Bath Beach, etc. Basically, if you have to take Fort Hamilton Parkway, New Utrecht Ave, Bay Ridge Parkway, or 86th Street to get there, it's on…

    81 commerces Faicco's Pork Store, Tenzan, Sushi Hana…

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    Mis à jour le 27/11/2015

    Yelp 100 Challenge 2015

    places I've experienced in 2015.  Trying once again to get 100 reviews for the year

    102 commerces T-Mobile, Ruthless! The Musical, Wanted…

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