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    SPX Pilates

    super duper workout!  i just can't get enough!

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    Indoor Exercise!

    Yoga, Pilates, Indoor Trampoline stadiums...

    15 commerces YAS Silverlake, Your Neighborhood Studio, 420 Yoga…

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    Pilates studios

    3 commerces Pilates Bodyshop, Mind-Body Fitness Pilates Studio, Project Pilates

    • O Z.
    • Los Angeles, États-Unis
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    LA Pilates & Ballet Bar


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    Mis à jour le 29/10/2013

    Buns of Steel

    Gyms, yoga & Pilates studios, and other physical activities I do in order to counteract the consumption of all this good food!

    25 commerces Mount Baden-Powell Trail, Castle Rock Trail, Rose Bowl Track…

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    Hikes & Workouts

    the great outdoors! mountains, hills, parks or ocean views. Gym, yoga, Pilates - all fun classes too!

    6 commerces Leo Carrillo State Beach, Gold's Gym Downtown Los Angeles, Millennium Park…

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    ClassPass in LA

    Gets me to try all sorts of studios and go to my long time favorites for only $99/month

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    Healthy Living

    I get easily bored with excersize classes, so I switch them up often, especially if I find a Groupon for it! Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Spinning, gyms... I've done it all.

    7 commerces Pilate-ology, Cardio Barre - Studio City, YogaWorks South Bay…

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    Working out in West LA

    so many classes so little time...but here are my favorites

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