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  • Mis à jour le 29/12/2014

    Milestone Reviews

    Proof that I spend way too much time on Yelp.

    16 commerces base flying, Skydive Hollister, Kostnice v Sedlci…

    • 121 amis
    • 16 avis
    Mis à jour le 10/01/2010

    Top Restaurants

    Some of my favorite dining destinations in the city.

    1 commerce Old Range Steakhouse

    • Ann S.
    • Carson City, États-Unis
    • 4 amis
    • 26 avis
    Mis à jour le 01/08/2011

    The Restaurant "A" List

    The best grub around

    7 commerces High Sierra Brewing Company, Texas Roadhouse, Saw Shop Gallery Bistro…

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    • 406 avis
    Mis à jour le 01/08/2014

    Eastern Sierras and Reno

    This is where you will find me gambling, eating, enjoying festivals, hiking, fishing, boating, and just enjoying the great outdoors.

    39 commerces Ahwahnee Dining Room, Twin Lakes, June Lake…

    • 1023 amis
    • 589 avis
    Mis à jour le 13/01/2012

    Hellooo Lake Tahoe/Reno!

    I've been to Lake Tahoe and Reno a kajillion times throughout the years. Here are the spots I've been to...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    16 commerces The Ridge Resorts, American River Cafe, Elevation Spa…

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    Mis à jour le 12/12/2013

    Epic Fails

    Well aren't you just a waste of space!

    56 commerces Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi, Trudys Brides & Special Occasions, Tep's Villa Roma…

  • Mis à jour le 29/07/2015

    Yes, I'm a Tourist (Restaurants)

    Touristy places that I've been to.

    72 commerces Ad Hoc, Bishop Burger Barn, Brooks' Bar & Deck…

  • Mis à jour le 24/11/2015

    Yelp 100 Challenge for 2015

    Starting off 2015 with 918 reviews and 5,435 UFCs. Any reviews appearing after my review for the city of Reno counts.

    275 commerces G Willikers Toy Emporium, Ology, Yelp Gives Back #6 - Lunch For The Hungry…

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    Mis à jour le 28/10/2013

    Wombat Eats Things

    ... both delicious and disconcerting.

    115 commerces Picaro, Psycho Donuts, Fahrenheit Restaurant & Lounge…

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