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    11/11/2015 de Tabitha R.
  • Yelp removed the review as it plainly violated the Terms of Service.
    15/09/2015 de Matthew A.
  • I find that Yelp does not help de Sandra M.

    Alimentation 1 réponse
    Sandra - it sucks that your review isn't recommended, especially in an area like VT that really…
    04/09/2015 de David M.
  • Cleaning service? de Nan J.

    Questions locales 1 réponse
    I have previous cleaning experience for businesses, I will message you my email address so I can…
    24/07/2015 de Rikki R.
  • Local affordable masseuse de Rikki R.

    Questions locales
    I offer professional massage, Sliding scale/barter Currently in Hartford, Vt More info available on…
    24/07/2015 de Rikki R.
  • I want a sled that is around $500 de Jason P.

    Shopping et services
    For next year
    12/02/2015 de Jason P.
  • Immature service men de Ashley O.

    I go into a dealership to get my car inspected. I get hit on by this very young man who later down…
    01/09/2014 de Ashley O.
  • Yelp Doesn't Work de Nick S.

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    I believe the reviews don't count when coming from new Yelpers that only have a post or two.  See…
    28/08/2014 de Kathryn L.
  • Why bother writing reviews? de Frank L.

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    Keep writing once Yelp figures out your not a bot they will become unfiltered. No one knows the…
    05/08/2014 de Judy K.
  • Eyebrow Threading in Upper Valley? de Erin M.

    Questions locales 2 réponses
    Yeah... I love Burlington, but I'm not there often enough to go for regular threading,…
    07/01/2014 de Erin M.
  • I recently moved back to Vermont from Los Angeles, and am DYING to find a good hairstylist here.  So…
    15/07/2013 de J G.
  • Driving through NH- RT 89 de Emily D.

    I'm visiting Vermont for a couple days with some friends. We'll be heading back to Boston on…
    19/02/2013 de Emily D.
  • Yelp useless de Dawn K.

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    The good reviews for a local store don't show up, or show up 'filtered'. The one really badly…
    18/02/2013 de Dawn K.
  • ALL of my reviews (10+) have been filtered by Yelp de Yelp Is Worthless F.

    Questions sur le site 3 réponses
    Are you sure you wrote them on Yelp.com? Another website perhaps? It is pretty hard to NOT to lose a…
    12/10/2012 de Matthew A.
  • What the bleep is this? de Jeremiah W.

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    ? WHY ?
    05/08/2012 de Jeremiah W.
  • jewelrybycharlene.com de Charlene H.

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    Hand created beautiful unique jewelry made in NH. Now selling from 2 wonderful shops in the little…
    29/05/2012 de Charlene H.
  • Why  is Yelp filtering my comments? de CMan B.

    Autres 9 réponses
    Hi Amanda,  I really appreciate your taking the time to reply to me repeatedly.   At your urging, I…
    16/08/2010 de CMan B.
  • nyc nightsout de Roxane F.

    My friends and I want to have a night out in nyc but one is only 20, does anyone know anywhere we…
    25/03/2010 de Roxane F.
  • Help me get drunk... de Skeezy B.

    Questions locales
    So some friends and I are heading Plymouth way this weekend for a bachelor party. Now, we are mainly…
    17/07/2008 de Skeezy B.
  • Hot Lesbian Action de Dawn E.

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    Are the lesbians pervs, or am I a perv for reading this thread?
    25/05/2008 de Andrew B.
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