• Happy thanksgiving yelpers de Mark H.

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    Had to work double time and half but hope yours ways good Mark
    Il y a 14 heures de Delia S.
  • What a miserable day... de Ed A.

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    I can tolerate the winter and welcome it if it was most of the time how it was today.  Maybe even…
    23/11/2015 de Ana S.
  • Happy Sunday morning! de Ed A.

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    U can always watch Fox....CBS Sunday Morning is a classic newsmagazine show. 36 years now. Kuralt…
    15/11/2015 de Curt L.
  • Anyone going to be up late tonight?? de Ed A.

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    I think it's hard to find a case. There are a lot of really ugly ones- not many that are nice to…
    08/11/2015 de Katarina X.
  • You do house sitting?  Umm... does SHE do house sitting?  I should be resuscitating some of my…
    05/11/2015 de Dwyer W.
  • I have always laughed at this stuff:  -So the holiday itself is "Halloweenie" to some.  -And the…
    01/11/2015 de Dwyer W.
  • Need friends for yelp lol de Iraim S.

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    Apparently I am here to help you.  Who knew!
    27/10/2015 de Dwyer W.
  • Am I Doing Check - Ins Wrong ? de Delia S.

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    Usually you check in when you go to a place.  Many times I check in as I'm leaving a business, which…
    26/10/2015 de Victoria H.
  • Headless horse? Did your beagle eat it?
    07/10/2015 de Katarina X.
  • LOL I bet he does
    15/09/2015 de Number Six ..
  • Yes, Spencer was schizophrenic on the evening walk with all the bunnies and squirrels teasing him
    15/09/2015 de Ed A.
  • Inspiring Quotations de Ed A.

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    Chemistry is a class you take in high school or college, where you figure out two plus two is 10, or…
    09/09/2015 de Paul Z.
  • Riverwalk... de Ed A.

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    The Pig is on Michigan.  It's close to the river and is good.  Have yet to check out the walk.
    04/09/2015 de Double L.
  • Songs in your head now. de Ed A.

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    Since when Ed A. transformed into Trump. Here, https://youtu.be/1­rFSIzQE56c it's a new version.
    01/09/2015 de Jimmy R.
  • What did I miss? de Ed A.

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    Donald Trump is still running for POTUS
    26/08/2015 de Crystal N.
  • Dems are running out of lies and other folks $
    16/07/2015 de T M.
  • UYE de Lauren K.

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    I would be up for that!
    31/05/2015 de Angela P.
  • Hi there yelpers! de Lauren K.

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    I knew about the L. When I visited Chicago for work with prior jobs I used to take it from the…
    21/04/2015 de Lauren K.
  • Songwriter de Emily J.

    I have down syndrome and I'm a songwriter, does anyone know a great deal without the smoke?
    02/04/2015 de Emily J.
  • Unhappy customer de Michelle M.

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    Yeah, you could write a review about it.;)
    19/03/2015 de Leah O.