1. A while back, this guy made a map of NJ that was color coded to pinpoint stereotypes based on regions within The Garden State.


    This summer, I would like to go to 3 towns in each region and make a documentary that dives into the accuracy (or lack thereof) of these stereotypes.  

    My question is...The Hipsters...my towns would be Hoboken, Union City and North Bergen. What is your definition of a 'hipster'? and would you find them here? And by 'here' I mean all those cities but Hoboken.

    • M B.
    • NY, États-Unis
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    there are no hipsters in New Jersey.

    for real.

  2. There are hipsters all over Jersey City.   Basically, the refugees that lost their jobs and are full-time bloggers... and can't afford W-burg.  
    There's also the hipster parents that couldn't afford the Carroll Gardens brownstones... so settled for Van Vorst Park area instead.
    I suppose there's probably others that were born and raised here and never left.
    Not nearly as much of a scene as BK... but definitely a strong representation around the Grove St/Hamilton Park sections.

    • Lou P.
    • Plainfield, États-Unis
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    I'll have to goto Alabama to compare but it is definitely country in that region of south jersey...

    • Ed A.
    • Jersey City, États-Unis

    hipsters: 1. downtown jersey city, 2 downtown jersey city, 3 downtown jersey city.

    i have never seen a hipster live anywhere in union city or north bergen.  the ones in hoboken are probably just there to take instagram shots of the old warehouses on Observer highway

    try the Barcade on Newark Ave in Jersey City on a Friday evening

  3. Maybe not, but wherever they ARE in Jersey is a sure sign that it's a place I don't want to be...

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    Hoboken is vanilla zombie heaven. All transplants from michigan, ohio and pennsylvania.

    Brooklyn hipsters can't afford my JC mortgage.


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