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    I'm thinking of finally taking the plunge and buying a (cheap, used) SLR camera. But I don't know how to use one! Also, I've never taken a photography class, and I think it would be cool to learn some basics.

    So I was wondering, are there any places around here that offer short, inexpensive photography classes? Even a two-hour, "this is how to use an SLR and make your pics halfway decent" class would be cool.

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    Check out National Camera Exchange

    where ever you decide to take classes, write a review and let us know how it went!!

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    This is a great question, I would be interested in the responses.

    I loved photo in college, and took a few classes. I don't want to setup my own dark room, so I think finding a class would do me well.

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    Dude. There is this program called PCTV. Stands for Phillips Community Television. I use to go there. You go and talk to Michael Hayes(tall white guy). He knows almost everything about photography. They have camera's for use and even a dark room.

    Oh. And it's FREE!


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